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/ Re: Wife Takes Charge
« Last post by Sissy Poopsie on Today at 11:30:02 AM »
I to would love to see more parts to this wonderful story.

Sissy could be teased during his din dins and getting readied for bed by mommy as to how much she is looking forward to her date with a !! real man, !!
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Wife Takes Charge
« Last post by MissyJ on Today at 07:26:09 AM »
I'd like to see this story continued especially the details of putting Traci to bed at 6 so she she could entertain a "date". Well written.....

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/ Re: Left Behind
« Last post by Andlat on Today at 12:43:03 AM »
Sounds like Frank could soon have some friends that can relate to his developing predicament.
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/ Re: Movie Night at Betty's
« Last post by Betty on May 20, 2017, 04:33:42 AM »
I've just added the entire first season of the hit comedy, The Big Bang Theory to our TV section of our private viewing area.

You can watch them streaming, but they are also downloadable to save. Each episode is only 20-25mb each, so they don't take up much space, & can easily be stored on your portable devices. The entire first season of 17 episodes is only 427mb in size.

The older episodes are played into the ground in reruns everywhere, but these have the advantage of watching them in order or on demand, or saving for your collection without breaking the bank on hard drives to keep them all. I can probably fit the first entire 8 or 9 seasons on a single ordinary data DVD in this form.

If you live outside the USA, censors have edited out some lines, & scenes in many episodes. A few episodes are banned/blocked outside the USA. These are complete & uncut for those who can only see the censored versions or missed the banned episodes.

(only visible to Betty's Pub members)
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Left Behind
« Last post by DaraJaney on May 20, 2017, 03:52:01 AM »
Frank could only suc-k desperately on his soother as he stood in his soiled nappy outside the changing room at the Mall trying to ignore all the sniggering passers-by who wrinkled their noses and went ‘Ew!’ if they got too close.

Eventually a mother and baby left and they were able to get inside the door at last.  He was now faced with a line of smiling mothers and puzzled babies.  It was clear that he was creating the largest stink of them all.

When the next lady was finished one of the others said “I think the big baby should go next.  It seems like your need is much greater.”   All the others nodded in agreement and Frank’s mother led him to the front thanking them.

As Frank climbed up on the changing table the mothers gathered around and it seemed obvious to him that their main motivation for letting him go first was to watch him having his nappy changed.  But he was desperate to get his dirty nappy off so he had no choice but to go along and obediently raise and lower his bottom in the now familiar changing routine.  It was also obvious to the mothers watching that this was a regular routine and that the child must have been kept in nappies for some time.

His mother removed his frilly nappy cover with much tittering from the mothers.  One of them held it up and the others ran their fingers through Frank frills and giggled.  Then his mother peeled off his pink tights.  “Gosh, you’re using old fashioned cotton nappies and plastic pants!” one mother observed.  “I was thinking that the nappy seemed very thick.”  “And it keeps everything in ok?”  another asked.  His mother pushed Frank’s legs up in the air so she could show all the mothers how his elasticated plastic pants kept everything in.  They all leaned in for a really good look and were suitably impressed.  Frank looked up at the ceiling through his bonnet and just kept suc-king on his soother.

His mother then removed his plastic pants and the real force of the smell hit them.  They all stood back.  As his mother unpinned his nappy, Frank wondered if the mothers knew that he was actually a boy.  Well, they were about to find out.

“Oh my goodness!”  “It’s a boy!”  The mothers all looked at his pink frilly dress, his matching nappy cover and tights again in a new light.  “What is that?” a mother asked pointing at the chastity device.  His mother twiddled with the little padlock.  “Well lots of the girls in the neighbourhood love babysitting for Baby Francie and love changing his nappy.  Unfortunately, his little thing seems to enjoy it too so this keeps it out of mischief.”  The ladies all giggled.  “Where do you get them?  I have a teenage son who could do with one of those!”  A number of the other mothers sniggered agreement.

So Frank had to turn over and be wiped and powdered and have his new nappy and plastic pants replaced in front of the audience of mothers.  Then his mother pulled his tights and frilly nappy cover on and helped him down off the changing table.  He stood in front of the ladies as his mother repacked his changing bag.  Finally she straightened his bonnet.

“Isn’t he adorable!”  “Where did you get such a pretty baby dress in his size – with the matching nappy cover and bonnet and everything?!”  His aunt lapped up the praise for her dressmaking skills and needlework.  She gave out her number to some of the ladies and Frank wondered if some other poor boy was about to end up like him.

Finally they were done and Frank could waddle out of the changing room in a nice clean nappy.  If he felt any relief it was short lived as his mother opened the door revealing the crowded mall.  He took a deep breath.
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ 4 more crossdressing films added
« Last post by Betty on May 19, 2017, 06:21:01 AM »
I've added 4 more crossdressing films.

The first film of this set is a B&W musical from 1942. A college boy dresses as a girl at a girls college for a prank & revenge, but falls in love there instead. Nominated for 2 Academy awards.


Our second film in this set is a B&W Russian film from 1942. A boy has to disguise himself as a girl, but seems to have way too much fun doing it. Sorry I couldn't get or make subtitles to this, but you can follow the basics of the story without knowing the language.


For our next film we turn to the dark side. This is a 1972 horror/murder mystery about a teen boy who's mother made him live all his life as a girl. But I just gave away the end, because you weren't supposed to know that until the very last minute of the film. I'm also disappointed that they cast a real girl to play the boy dressed as a girl.

The film got bad reviews for being so dark that in many of the dark scenes you couldn't see what was happening. This was deliberately intended to be that way in an effort to make it scarier. But if you can't see the film, it might as well been a radio show, or a book. No reason to film it if you can't see the important stuff. They also blurred a lot of the scenes for the same reason. The DVD release made no effort to clean up these mistakes, plus as usual with older DVD & VHS releases, they boost the warm colors so most of the film looks horribly orange. I tried to fix the film here as best as I could.


Our final film of this set is also on the dark side. It's another horror/murder film. Plus it has some of the worst acting I've ever seen. This 1983 film is about a boy raised as a girl by his aunt, & then goes to summer camp as a teen. Once again though, I gave away the ending a little because you aren't supposed to know Angela is a boy until the last few seconds of the film. Don't bother watching the sequels of this film. They don't even acknowledge that Angela was a boy in the sequels, except a brief line in the second film that mentions she had a sex change, so is all better now. This is a low-budget drive-in movie style movie, that tries to imitate Psycho.

Once again though, I'm very disappointed that they cast a girl to play the character of a boy dressed like a girl rather than use a real male actor.


I've also just added the 1948 version of Oliver Twist to our classic movies in our movie section. There's a few brief scenes of him in Lord Fauntleroy outfits with ruffled collars that look cool.


They're all at our private viewing area at the bottom of our front page of our main site in the movie section. If you are not a member there, you won't see it. Being a member of our Story site does not automatically make you a member at our main site (the pub). They're independent from each other on separate servers.
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Left Behind
« Last post by Andlat on May 17, 2017, 03:17:35 PM »
I appreciate how the narrative slows down at times to really emphasize how he's feeling in the moment.
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/ Re: Left Behind
« Last post by DaraJaney on May 16, 2017, 06:32:02 PM »
Frank’s mother pushed him towards the main road which was busy with cars and pedestrians.  A neighbour intercepted them by trotting quickly down her driveway.  “Oh is this Baby Francie that I’ve heard about?!”  His mother tugged him to a halt with his harness so that the neighbour could properly admire him.

Frank stood mortified on the footpath as the neighbour complimented his baby dress and matching nappy cover.  “What a sweet bonnet!”  Frank suc-ked on his soother and she laughed.  “Oh Baby Francie loves his doh-doh!”  Frank was momentarily relieved when his mother finally let him walk on but then he saw the busy main road again.

It must have taken a full hour to get to the Mall.  Everyone seemed to be out on the main street.  His mother stopped and chatted to everyone who wanted to hear more about Baby Francie, the teenage boy in a thick nappy and baby dress – and that was everyone.  Frank could only stand and endure the comments about his pink tights, very thick nappy and changing bag.

The Mall provided no relief.  It simply meant that he had reached another stage in his public humiliation.  He waddled down the first row of shops to the central atrium trying to ignore all the astonished looks.  Then he realised that his mother was leading him to the child-minders right in the centre of the Mall.

“Can we leave Baby Francie with you while we shop?” his mother asked.  When the lady in charge finished laughing she said they would be only too delighted to have him.  She took Frank’s harness and led him over to the babies and toddlers on the large play mat.  At first they looked up agape at the teenage baby.  Even they burst out laughing and pointed most indiscretely at his bulging nappy and soother.

Frank had no choice but to flop down on his nappied bottom on the play mat.  His mother and aunt had gone and left him in this place.  He looked around, which again required maximum turning of his head due to his restrictive bonnet.

In this new age of transparency the baby minding room in the centre of the mall’s main atrium had glass walls, presumably so that concerned mummies could be sure that their little ones were being well treated.  In Frank’s case though, it ensured that the maximum possible number of people could stop, look and laugh at him in his pink baby dress and frilly nappy cover.

The restrictive bonnet had one advantage.  Frank looked down at the baby toys and started playing with them closing out the view of the laughing multitudes.  Within a few minutes the lady in charge was not having this and insisted on feeding him the bottle from his changing bag so he had to look up and suc-k on it.  He could see people were highly amused by his bottle feeding and were nudging each other and pointing to his changing bag.  He didn’t need to be able to lip-read to tell that they were telling each other that he must be actually using his nappies.

Looking beyond the circle of grinning people he could see that the atrium was the location for several coffee shops and eateries and most people sitting at the tables were similarly enjoying the floor show.

After what seemed like a couple of hours he finally saw his mother and aunt approach the atrium.  Before they got to the child-minding area, his mother nudged his aunt and pointed to one of the coffee shops and they both went to relax over a beverage.  Frank sighed.

His stomach rumbled again and this time Frank realised that there was no putting it off.  Now he just wanted to die.  He was about to soil his nappy in the baby-minding area of the local mall in front of an audience of several hundred.

The toddlers nearest heard the flatulence that accompanied Frank’s poo.  They first looked at him and then up at the child-minding ladies.  “The big baby has done doo-doos!”  One of the ladies came towards him immediately but recoiled when she got within smelling distance.  People outside the glass walls were getting the idea.  Some people were doubled over laughing.

His mother and aunt noticed the commotion and trotted over to the child-minders.  His aunt threw the changing bag over her shoulder while his mother reattached the reins to his harness.  A path opened in the crowd as he was led out.  He looked up and saw the sign for the Gents, Ladies and Changing Room.  As they passed through the crowd the people closest cringed when they got the smell.

Frank was now desperate to get through the door to the changing room.  His aunt pushed the door back to reveal a queue of ladies with their little charges.  They all turned to look at Baby Francie.  There was no room inside the door.  His mother held his harness tightly as they had to wait outside the changing room for the queue to move on.
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/ The final Star Trek season (season 3)
« Last post by Betty on May 16, 2017, 02:55:04 AM »
Finally, at long last, we have the third & final season of the original Star Trek series at Betty's. All 24, 50-minute episodes in near HDTV quality!

It's at our private viewing section near the bottom of our main board in the TV section. You have to be a member there to see the private section. Our main site & stories are separate sites on separate servers. Being a member here, does not make you a member there. You have to join to see our TV & movies... except for the ones we have on our YouTube channels.

It takes a very long time to tweak the quality up on these, & then compress them down to a manageable, uploadable/downloadable size. Due to lack of support, I've had to do more cutbacks. I'm now on the slowest "budget" DSL internet connection available. So it takes hours to upload large files. Meanwhile, almost all my communications with the outside world, & the management of Betty's/PSK/UG free sites & services is also done through this slow DSL connection.

So I simply can't tie up my internet connection on long uploads as much anymore unless we get more donations so I can upgrade to a higher internet speed again. That stuff suc-king up my connection even hinders my phone calls & text messages. During those long uploads, I can't really do much else online or whatever I try is painfully slower than a dialup connection when it's tied up with uploads. I don't have cable TV, so I even rely on my internet connection for TV.

I've also been running into hard drive problems again too. It's not that I made bad choices in drives or abuse them. It's just they're very old & well used. When I warned not to buy used or refurbished drives (or at least not paying much for them), I also bragged about just getting more drives. But those drives I got broken or removed out of old equipment for free, but were good enough for my uses.

The solution is that we need more support for Betty's than just from a few who regularly do. Without that support, I can only deliver what I'm able to on the budget our users provide.

My drives have 26,000 to 43,000 spin-time hours logged on them. That means if they were spinning 8 hours a day, it would take about 9-15 years to log that many hours of spin-time. So the hard drives were exceptionally long lasting.

Which one last the longest? Many will argue the point, but from decades of fixing & using computers I see clear winners. Western Digital makes the best longest lasting drives. Hitachi is a close second. The Hitachi hard drive division has merged with WD. Third place goes to Toshiba. Their hard drive division is now "partnered" with WD. So the top 3, share a lot of the same parts, technologies, & designs.

SSDs are a strange trend. Benchmarks of the newest best ones are showing lifetimes far longer than mechanical drives. But in a clean test-lab under perfect conditions, climate control, surge protectors, & probably with the best well regulated power supplies, they are not imitating real life use in those tests. Randomly writing, reading, & deleting lots of ones & zeros in a row for weeks in a perfect environment is not how real hard drives work in the real world. In the real world I'm still seeing a 2-5 year lifetime on the best SSDs, depending how hard you work them & the devices they're in.

With an SSD, boot time may be 23  seconds instead of 49 seconds. Opening a program may take 0.3 seconds instead of 0.7 seconds. But does all of that matter if at any time, without warning, that drive could start loosing your data, pictures, doc-uments, or just suddenly & unexpectedly just die? Even if you don't have the software to check on the health of your drive, with a mechanical drive you can hear, & sometimes even see when it's going bad, then save your data before it dies.

Beware where you get your drive. I see a lot of bad reviews for WD drives. They were sold used drives as new. If you find a place or seller (even at Amazon) selling a drive for more that $10 less than the average "good price", it's probably a used drive with possibly 30,000 or more hours on it.

When you drop your stuff off at a recycler place, they re-sell them or their parts to people who sell them as "new" or refurbished. When you see reviews for that model of drives at other sites dating back 3 or more years, it means it's an older model. They are selling used drives clain they're new or refurbished.

Absolutely nobody is refurbishing drives. There's no such thing. You may be able to fix a cracked connectoer on them, or set an old one up to run a lot slower to squeeze a little more life out of it, but that's not refurbishing.

Nobody is sitting on unused "old stock" of good drives for 3 years in a warehouse either. The older the model is, the less it's worth, so they would sell the new drives ASAP. They would not "warehouse" unused drives for years unless there's something wrong with them.

There's a lot still liking Seagate drives. They're garbage. I have yet to see any Seagate drive last more than 10,000 hours except for a few, & those few running showed lots of bad clusters by then. That means even though they were still running, they're losing data & don't have much time left before they fail. There's a reason they're regularly cheaper than the rest. They only last 1/4 as long, so how much money did you really save if you lose data & have to buy another one much sooner than you expected.

I even had Seagate representatives argue that point in an online review that I wrote. They argue that Seagate drives survive better in hot, rough, & extreme environments than the rest. Nope, even in roughly handled & dropped devices, or ones that got very hot because the internal fans died, Seagate still failed much more than the top 3.

Of course Microsoft & Apple insist you should be replacing your devices ever 2 years. That's bullshyt! Thats not economically or ecologically feasible, but it would certainly make them very rich... especially if they're putting cheap crap drives & parts in them that aren't designed to last very long anymore.

Getting back to SSDs... They may boot or open programs twice as fast, but running & processing stuff is done by your processor & RAM not your drive, so it is just as fast running & processing stuff no matter which type of drive you use. There is an exception, that if you don't have enough RAM to run your programs from once they're loaded, they may run them directly off the drive instead of the RAM. But if that's the case, it may run faster with an SSD, but you'll kill the SSD very fast by over-usage -- get enough RAM. Also, if your drive is failing, it may slow things down because the programs are loading with errors, or missing data.

32 bit, single core machines need 2gb of RAM. 64 bit machines or dual & quad core machines need 4gb of RAM. If you're a hard core gamer with massively large programs to run simultaneously, double that amount. And of course if your running a massive program for a particle accelerator in a lab, you may need even more. If you need more RAM because you're leaving dozens of browser windows/tabs open at the same time, the solution is to not leave that many browser windows open at once, not get more RAM.

If while doing the most intense operations you could, check your RAM usage. If you never use much more than half the RAM installed, getting more RAM will not help anything whatsoever. Adding too much RAM may even slow it down. Extra RAM draws more power, that your processor could need to run fast. The processor has to work harder addressing more RAM. And all of that creates more heat inside the device. When the power supply is working hard or your device gets warm, it will throttle back the processor, reduce power to protect itself & try to keep it cooler.

What good is a quad core 3.6ghz device with 32gb of RAM, if the computer is throttling it back to 2ghz when it gets warm, or when it's using too much power? A quad core 3.6ghz device will usually run much better & faster with 4-8gb of RAM than 16-64gb of RAM overloading the system. Don't overkill. Just get what you need, not all that could fit in it.

Anywho, back to the enhanced Star Trek final season. See it like you've never seen them before. Enjoy!
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Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Not quite ready
« Last post by Sissy Poopsie on May 12, 2017, 09:37:16 AM »
Just love this story and hanging on the edge of my frilly sissy knickers waiting on the next instalment. :D
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