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Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Wife Takes Charge
« Last post by Tiny Johnny on Today at 11:28:13 PM »
Part 25

When I finally woke up, my large pink pacifier was strapped around my head and in my mouth.  Traci was fast at work on her phone.  I tried to get her attention.  “Can you hold on Jane?  My little girl is making that pee pee face of her’s, I think she may need to go potty.   

Traci turned her attention to me and said in a very loud voice,  “Sissy John, do you need to go pee pees?”  I shook my head up and down.  “Do you want me to take you to that nice pink potty chair over there?”  I shook my head no.  “So then you have decided to wet your diaper then.  Well if you do, it will be a few hours before I will be able to change you, unless we can get one of the other ladies to do it!”  I shook my head no even faster.

“Well then, you better hold it until I finish my call.  You can do your little potty dance if you have to.”  She immediately turned back to her call and started to chat again.  “We are trying to use the potty when she can Jane, but most of the time she just wets her diaper.  I will keep making her try though.”

I was able to hold it for a while without any movement.    A short time later it was getting harder and harder not to move.  I started to make anxious groaning noises.  Traci just turned around in her chair gave me a big toothy smile and waved.

I held out for another five minutes before I started to wiggle around.  Traci made sure the baby reins were secure and ignored me while she kept talking on the phone.  Within ten minutes, I was up with my legs crossed and jumping around.  Traci stayed on the phone a few more minutes.  When she was done she looked right at me.  “Oh so you want to dance do you?”  She went to her computer and started to look for music to stream.  She found the “Chicken dance” , turned it up and started to clap along. 

After everyone was laughing watching me jump around, Traci said, “ok, time to go sit on your pretty potty”.  She undid the baby reins from the desk and pulled me toward the potty in the middle of the room. Unfortunately, I knew it was already too late as I felt my diaper’s warmth and wetness.

When we got near the chair, she made me lay down and put my legs up.  By that time, everyone had gathered around and were looking down at me suc-king on my pacifier.  Several had their camera phones and were snapping pictures and videos.  Every few seconds, Traci would move her shoulder out of the way so they could get a full shot of my face, along with hers which had a huge smile on it.  After she lifted my dress up she turned and smiled.  When she pushed my petticoat up, she turned and smiled.  When she started to undo my fairy princess diaper, she turned and smiled.    She wanted no doubt as to whom it was that she was changing and was dressed like a baby girl in diapers.

When she undid the diaper and took it down, exposing me, she did one more pose for the camera.  All the women thought it was adorable and told her so.  Then Janice said “Traci, I think she wet herself!”  Traci turned and confirmed it for everyone.  She turned to me and shook her finger in my face.  “Naughty girl, you wet yourself instead of using the potty like mommy told you.  When are you going to be a big girl and tell mommy when you have to go?!  Well at least you didn’t make brownies in your panties, so let’s get you on the potty and see if you need to.”

Traci pulled up my petticoat and lowered my dress without putting a diaper back on me.  She walked me over to the potty and lowered my petticoats around my ankles.  She made me sit down and told me I had better stay there until lunch time to try and go, otherwise, the next time she has to change me it will be in the lobby when everyone in the building was leaving!  As I sat there sobbing in embarrassment, she laughed and began streaming potty songs as everyone watched me and clapped along.
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Revenge of The Babysitter
« Last post by cutepatti on Today at 01:22:30 PM »

"Guess I'd better get you in something because mom's going to bring Tammy in here soon." Susie pulled out a pink garment of some kind and brought it over so I could see it. "I wore this a lot was one of the things you got me that was OK because I do love sleeping in stuff that feels silky next to my skin. Of course I've not worn this for a few years, but now it's yours! Perfect for a sissy boy...or sissy daddy."

It was a shorty nightgown that had two layers of inner one that was a shiny, sleek pink color and an outer layer that was a sheer light pink, drizzling with lace at the top and around the bottom hem. It was sleeveless with two thin straps and a big satiny pink bow just below the neckline. Even I had to admit that this was, indeed, a sissy garment, and she helped me sit up to where she could slip it over my head. As the cool, sleek nylon touched my skin I got goosebumps and as it slid down my body and made contact with my sensitive turgid nipples I let out an audible gasp.

"Doesn't that feel heavenly on your lil' boobies, daddy? I can tell it does. Just wait til we get all that ugly hair off your chest...and everywhere else. Things like this are gonna feel SO good on your hairless body. I'm gonna get you addicted to silks and satins just as easily as I did Andrew."

"Of course he doesn't wear THIS kind of stuff much anymore. But
you are so much more femmy than he is with all those girly hormones you
have flowing through your veins.'re gonna be one sweet
little sissy baby girl! And I'm going to be your mommy! Aren't you lucky
to be staying in my old's perfect for my sweet baby, we need a name for you precious....hmmmm, how about CupCake!"
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Chris and Christine
« Last post by babygaz on Yesterday at 12:40:36 PM »
can't wait to hear more, the poor little thing is not going to have fun, but I would swap place with him

Even without fully knowing what lies in store for him?

Oh yes, its so much fun not knowing what will happen
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Chris and Christine
« Last post by Bertha on Yesterday at 08:37:41 AM »
Thomas the Tank pj's and early bedtimes last time, my goodness I do hope that continues this summer!
Very enjoyable Andlat.

Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Susan's Three Way Revenge
« Last post by Sissy Poopsie on August 16, 2017, 03:47:07 AM »
Oh my four bottles all with laxatives in them poor sissy baby Johnny.

After all that baby food and mixed with the laxatives baby is going to have a very full nappy. :-[ ( LOL )

I hope Susan remembers to get baby's windie poos up after all them baba's of milk.

Thanks for another great chapter. x
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Susan's Three Way Revenge
« Last post by Sissy Ballerina Boy on August 16, 2017, 01:04:16 AM »
Barbara returned to the dinning room holding a pink plastic bowl and a baby's bottle which looked like milk inside of it. John noticed the content of the bowl contained a greenish colorful mush that did not look good at all. John who was starving at this point frowned looking at what he knew was going to be his dinner.

"Babies  need to grow up big and strong, even little sissy babies like you. I went shopping earlier today and got you some nice baby food that will help you grow big and give you some firm poopies." Barbara said in a babyish tone. Susan laughed out loud when her mother mentioned the firm poopies. "I hope your hungry Johnny because we have about 10 jars worth here." John's eyes grew wide at the sheer number of baby food jars he would have to consume. Susan got up from her chair and took the plastic bowl. From her mother. "Mom, I can feed the baby if you wanna clean up a bit". Mrs. Stall gathered up the dishes and returned to the kitchen while Susan began to feed Johnny.

"What a lucky baby you are. Getting 10 jars of baby food. I'm sure you will have a nice big poopie later from it." Susan told her new baby as she was pushing globs of baby food into John's mouth. Baby food was quickly sticking to John's mouth as he was chocking on the nasty taste of it. One large amount made him gag so much he coughed up a big amount that went all over his bib. "Such a good thing we got you into this bib. I'm sure a big baby like you would have ruined my pretty dress with baby food if you weren't wearing protection. I'm sure your used to protection now after wearing diapers for so long though." Susan smiled widely as john was trying to eat the baby food as quick as he could. "Hahahah you look so funny with your make up mixed with the food all over your face. You look like a little Clown. Oh Johnny,  I know I told you before but this is the best day ever. I'm going to learn so much about babysitting from you.". John hung his head after eating the last bite.

"Time for milk baby"! Susan rammed the teat of the bottle in John's bright red lips and food covered face. "I'm not sure if your full or not but you got 3 more bottles after this one. We wanna make sure baby is nice and full." John was nursing a baby's bottle. He felt awful and exposed before but this was the worst. He honestly felt like a baby now. The first bottle was done quickly and Susan all ready had the 2nd bottle ready. While john drank away the rest of the bottles, Mrs. Stall was in the kitchen smiling happily. She looked down in the recyclables and laughed when she noticed the large bottle of laxatives. The bottle was now empty and it's contents were in every bottle they fixed for Johnny.   
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Chris and Christine
« Last post by Andlat on August 15, 2017, 08:12:48 PM »
can't wait to hear more, the poor little thing is not going to have fun, but I would swap place with him

Even without fully knowing what lies in store for him?
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Movie Night at Betty's
« Last post by Betty on August 15, 2017, 08:08:14 PM »
I've added season 7 of the Big Bang series. Funny stuff!

It's in our private viewing section. The link there is for the folder of the entire season. When you get there, click on the episode you want to watch or download. On some browsers or devices, you may have to double click to view or play them.

These are in only VHS resolution, in a highly compressed format so we can deliver many episodes. They look best on small screens & devices, but are watchable on a big screen.

Each of the 24 episodes are about 21 minutes long, & only about 21-27mb in size. Th entire 7th season is only 571mb is size.

Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: The Perfect Solution
« Last post by cutepatti on August 15, 2017, 03:55:34 PM »
Have you ever wished for this? Then I could make my own milk! Sweet.   ;)
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: A Good Boy
« Last post by Bertha on August 15, 2017, 10:15:00 AM »
I would say 95% of the letters posted by Susan were genuine, plus her own articles and features. Sometimes though, she wanted a variation of styles and substance.
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