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/ Re: Ashley's Babysitter
« Last post by Jemina004 on Today at 12:39:07 AM »
New chapter! Winkles really does sound like a fun place to shop.

Sara got out of the car and went to open the backseat. After a second, she unstrapped Ash from his car seat and paused.

“Sweetie, do you want to walk in with me, do you want me to carry you?” Sara said, looking very much like she would prefer to carry him.

“I want to walk! Please, Auntie Sara!” Ash begged. He would look way more conspicuous being carried by his aunt.

“Okay, but let me know if you get tired.” Sara said with a tiny frown.

Sara grasped Ash’s hand and firmly led him into the store. As they entered, a young woman in a blue polo shirt and tight tan pants greeted them.

“Welcome to Winkles! All baby shoes are 50% off today!” The young woman said in a pleasantly excited tone. Her sales pitch was directed at Sara, so she didn’t immediately notice Ash.

“Hello...Lexi! I’m here with my nephew and we’re going to buy plenty of pretty dresses! Say hello, Ashley.” Sara said to Ash, reading the young woman’s name tag.

“Hi.” Ash said shyly as Lexi took in his appearance.

Lexi’s eyebrows rose at seeing Ash’s short blonde hair, yellow nightie and pink diaper. A second later however, she smiled at Ash and bent down to talk to him at his level.

“You want some pretty dresses, huh? You came to the right place!” Lexi said, grinning at Ash.

“The girl’s section is to the right.” Lexi said to Sara as she straightened up.

Ash led himself be led into the girl’s section, glad that it wasn’t as big of a humiliation as he thought it would be. Sara immediately ooo’d and aaah’d over the selection. She grabbed toddler dresses off the rack and placed them up against Ash. She seemed to reject none of them, and placed them, one atop the other, on her arm as she strode through the aisle.

Ash wasn’t paying very much attention to Sara however, as there was another family at the other end of the aisle. A mother was browsing idly and hadn’t noticed him, but her daughter, a cute girl with dark pigtails who looked to be about 6, was looking at Ash curiously. She was wearing a tiny t-shirt and a tutu and didn’t appear to need a diaper or pullups or anything. She drifted away from her mother and came closer to Ash, who was blushing and hoping that Sara would realize she had enough dresses for now. But both adult women were focused on shopping.

“Hi!” the little girl said excitedly to Ash.

“Hi.” came Ash’s shy response.

“I like your dress. Um, are you a girl or a boy?” the little girl asked with a whisper.

“Um.” was all Ash could answer with.

By now Sara had noticed the conversation taking place below her. She bent down and decided to help her nephew out a little.

“Ashley’s a boy, but he’s as cute as any girl. Don’t you think so?” Sara asked the little girl, who nodded immediately.

“Yeah!” she said excitedly.

“Megan!” the girl’s mother called from the other end of the aisle.

Megan turned around to head back to her mother, but not before looking back at Ash and giving him a friendly wave, which he returned at Sara’s urging.

“You made a friend! Aren’t you glad you came shopping with me, sweetie?” Sara asked him with a smile.

Ash nodded uncertainly. Megan seemed very nice and he thought he could be friends with her, but seemingly friendly girls had teased him before.

“I think I have enough cute little dresses here. Let’s go to the changing room!” Sara said, grabbing Ash’s hand to led him there.
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/ Re: Ashley's Babysitter
« Last post by Jemina004 on Yesterday at 09:42:34 PM »
I have no intention of making Ashley miserable, but a little humiliation is always a plus for these kind of things, as long as it doesn't go too far.

In no time at all, Ash found himself being carried to Aunt Sara’s car. He had begged her to let him change into shorts and a t-shirt, but Sara flatly denied that. After all, what would be the point of changing into boys clothes when they were going to be shopping for dresses? The only somewhat boyish thing Ash got to wear was his white sneakers, but Sara assured him that they would fix that too.

Ash expected to have to sit in the back seat, but when Sara opened the car door, he saw a car seat placed there.

“Auntie Sara, I don’t need a car seat!” Ash whined loudly.

“Sorry honey, but I checked the state guidelines and you’re still a few inches too short to not have to use a car seat.” Sara said, strapping Ash in.

Ash felt constricted by the car seat, but it wasn’t very uncomfortable. The problem was that elevated him so much so that people in other cars could see him through the window. Well, Ash would just have to ignore them, that’s all.

“I had to borrow a friend’s car seat before I got here. Her little girl just outgrew hers on her 7th birthday. Lucky us, huh?” Aunt Sara said with a smile as she buckled herself in.

Ash fidgeted in the car seat as Aunt Sara drove down the suburban roads around their house. Sara noticed his silence and tried to engage Ash in conversation.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be there last night, sweetie. But I hear your mommy got your friend Emily to watch you for the night. Did you have fun with her?” Sara asked, looking at him in the rear-view mirror.

“Yes, Auntie Sara. It was really fun!” Ash said earnestly.

“Oh, cool. But she wasn’t more fun than me, right?” Sara asked him with a pretend pout.

“Um, no Auntie Sara.” Ash said after a moment. In truth, Emily was a lot more fun than his Aunt, but he didn’t think she wanted to hear that.

“Hmm. I’ll just have to work harder to make it fun for you then, sweetie. What do you think about getting some ice cream after we finish shopping?” Sara said offeringly.

“Okay!” Ash said with excitement. It wasn’t exactly what Ash would have asked for, but ice cream was something he rarely got, as his mother tried to limit his sugar intake as much as possible.

“Good! Now how about we put in your CD?” Sara said as she popped it in.

The CD was full of Disney songs, and “Let It Go” led off. Sara began singing the lyrics and eyeing Ash in the backseat. Eventually he relented and started to sing them with her. It was surprisingly fun to do, and before Ash knew it, they had pulled up to a small store that had the name ‘Winkles’ in glittery writing. There were baby toys in the windows and tiny mannequins showcasing toddlerwear. As he watched, a woman walked in the door with a baby on her hip and a somewhat older daughter trailing her.
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/ Re: Ashley's Babysitter
« Last post by Plateguy on Yesterday at 06:06:44 PM »
What a wonderful story.  Please keep it sweet and not succ-umb to making little Ashley sad and miserable.  He is such a sweet little baby.  I bet he would enjoy playing with Emily's little sister.
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/ Re: Ashley's Babysitter
« Last post by Jemina004 on Yesterday at 03:15:49 PM »
Indeed, Ashley is going to learn how babies spend all of their time either safely kept in a confined space, or under an adult's supervision.

“Come here, honey. I’ll change you real quick.” Helena told him, holding her arms out at the edge of the playpen.

Ash waddled forward (he might have wet himself more than he thought) until he reached his mother. Helena scooped him up and carried him upstairs to his room.

When Helena reached the changing table in Ash’s room, she laid him gently down on it, then took a breath.

“Are you wetting yourself more, honey? It’s not a bad thing, but we might need to think about putting another changing table in the living room.” Helena said idly.

Ash squirmed as his mother removed his wet diaper and began to clean him with baby wipes. Once again his little pen-is hardened, and he decided to ask his mother again about it.

“Um, mommy?” Ask asked hesitantly.

“Yes, honey?” Helena prompted.

“Should my pee-pee be...bigger?” Ash asked while blushing deeply. Emily had told him he needed to refer to it by that name, after all.

Helena blinked and looked at Ash’s pen-is. She looked at it as if it was the first time she really saw it, and was unable to immediately suppress an amused smile. Then she remembered that Ash was her son and she should not make fun of him like that.

“Well, maybe. But it’s nothing for you to worry about right now.” Helena said lightly.

“But-” Ash started.

“Shhh. I think you need a nap before Aunt Sara gets here. I don’t want you getting tired and cranky when you go shopping with her.” Helena said with finality as she finished diapering Ash.

“I’m not tired!” Ash whined.

“I know you think that honey, but you need a nap. Just trust mommy, okay?” Helena said, scooping Ash up once more.

Helena moved the covers on Ash’s bed to the side and dropped him down onto it. She pulled the covers over him and kissed him on the forehead, ignoring the resentful look on his face.

“I’ll come back in a little while. Try to sleep, okay?” Helena said as she shut the door.

Ash kicked the blankets around for a moment and thought about getting up from the bed. He didn’t have stay in bed, but most things he could do in his room would make noise. And any noise would probably result in his mother coming to check on him. Ash was about to get up anyway when he yawned. His bed was actually feeling more comfortable by the second. Ash decided to close his eyes for bit and quickly fell asleep.

“Hello, Ashley!” came a chipper voice that woke Ash up.

Ash blinked and looked up to his Aunt Sara was standing beside his bed. She was a few inches shorter than his mother, who was fairly tall for a woman. In exchange, she was a little curvier. But she had the same blonde hair, the same color of eyes, and the same smile.

"Want to go shopping with me, cutie?" Aunt Sara asked him.
Oh stevie! You deserve to have your Auntie and Uncle ( or your Mummy) to give you a good OTK spanking with a wooden backed hair brush and to have your bedtime brought forward for months! You have been so naughty writing such a wonderful story and then leaving your readers in suspense as you have done. I know that if I did such a thing I would be punished like that!
Now, please, let's have no more nonsense. Tell us what happened next. Did your mummy come back? Who is the new person coming into the bath room to see you and Master Kenney? Did you say sorry to him for not playing ducks and worms properly? Do you play it at each bath time now? It is a great game for the bath and I love it!
There is so much more we would love to know. Please carry on writing!
 I have been noticing that when attempting to send a reply to one of new writer, Jemina 004's
posts that is a red check mark on the remove box.  When I click there it is asking if I want to delete my message.
I don't think there is anything I am submitting that is not in compliance with this site's rules.  Please advise why there is a red check mark and how it can be removed.  It is bugging me.
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/ Re: Ashley's Babysitter
« Last post by patticakes on Yesterday at 01:02:10 PM »
It dawned on me that Emily's mom may have saved some of Emily's dresses and tops that she wore while growing up. Some of these could fit Ashley who is so delicate and small. 
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Ashley's Babysitter
« Last post by Sissy Poopsie on Yesterday at 12:52:13 PM »
( Blushes ) Thanks Patticakes. I just love this story it has so much potential.

The author deserves all the praise for her delightful story.
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Ashley's Babysitter
« Last post by Sissy Poopsie on Yesterday at 11:18:56 AM »

Thank you for more chapters I love them all. Ash is learning more and more what his new sissy baby life is going to be like.

Being strictly supervised by adults at all times which of course babies need.

Will mommy's new boyfriend find out about her sissy boy? Does he have children who might tease baby Ash, especially if their younger but have more freedom?

Emily's little sister might donate Ash some hand me down toys she has grown to old for. Or maybe even some of her baby dresses and clothes.  :P :

Looking forward to the next instalment of Ash's new life. x
Active sissy and ABDL stories
/ Re: Ashley's Babysitter
« Last post by Jemina004 on Yesterday at 03:21:21 AM »
New chapter once more!

Helena came back with Ash’s apple juice, but in a container he wasn’t expecting. It was a sippy cup, but one even more childish than the one Emily had given last night. It was shaped like a sippy cup, but had a soft nipple that required him to suc-k on it to get any juice out.

“Here you go, honey. I saw the sippy cup in the sink and I was going to use that, but you might knock it over in there. With this, you can’t spill it at all!” Helena told him brightly as she handed the babyish sippy cup to Ash.

Ash blushed at the cup, but decided that he was thirsty enough to use it anyway. He immediately began to suc-k on the rubber nipple and was rewarded with the taste of apple juice. Helena watched Ash fondly for a few seconds, then left the room.

He suc-ked and drank until he was no longer thirsty, then Ash dropped the sippy cup on the floor to see if nothing really would come out. Just like his mother said, the juice could only come out of the rubber nipple at the top.

Ash played around with some of the toys a little bit. It was surprisingly fun to make different sounds on the xylophone with the soft baton. But he quickly went over to the dolls. He knew the stories for all of them from the little booklets that came with the dolls.

Ashlyn was the princess of the bunch. She had long dark brown hair and skin that was the same shade of hot cocoa his mother would sometimes give him as a special treat. She wore a pink tiara and a pink tutu and was secretly his favorite.

Willa loved animals and her clothes reflected that. She wore ladybug-colored boots and a pink-and-red top that had cat whiskers on it. Willa’s hair was in pigtails and was the exact same color of blonde as Ash’s hair. Aunt Sara had naturally assumed that Willa would be his favorite, but Ash was scared of most animals.

Emerson was a dancer and had maybe the prettiest clothes of them all. Her skirt and top were a combination of purples and pinks and red. She had long dark hair with pale skin and reminded Ash of Emily. By the time Aunt Sara gave him the dolls however, Emily was way too mature to want to play with them.

Ash quickly started to have fun pretending all 3 of them were friends and were having a sleepover. They would tell each other stories and brush each other’s hair and watch TV shows that Ash’s mother wouldn’t allow. He was having so much fun that he didn’t notice that more than an hour had passed. The only reason he noticed anything at all was that his mother had returned to check on him.

“Having fun, honey? I just need to see if you have to be changed. Lift your skirt up for mommy.” Helena instructed him.

Ash blushed and lifted his skirt. It occurred to him that he should look to see if he had wet himself without knowing, and was surprised to see the flowers on the front of his diapers had bloomed.
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