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Author Topic: Protecting little sister  (Read 9645 times)

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Re: Protecting little sister
« Reply #14 on: November 07, 2015, 02:55:14 PM »
Chapter 8
Old ennemies

The next day, Jane and Lucas saw each other during morning break. They discussed about several issues, like when he stood for Thomas against the bullies. Jane told him that he was very brave for being the only boy who did so. She added that she found him very attractive. He returned the compliment. Eventually, they kissed.
Thomas spend the break with kids of his class. Thanks to Lauren and Zoe, he was accepted by his classmates. Lauren took him aside, she wanted to invite him to a party at her house the next saturday. She she could not invite every students, so she told him not to speak about it. He agreed and was very proud to be invited to a “restricted party”, whereas since it was in this new school, he had never been invited to any party.
He tried to found Jane to tell her the news. Mia and Lisa pointed his sister and Lucas kissing. He jumped and shouted with joy. What a beautiful morning and what a great start of week! And indeed, it was a very good week for Thomas, and even more for Jane and Lucas. Thomas was proud of himself. Proud to have played Cupid with her sister and Lucas. Proud to be integrated into his class and to be invited to a party.

On saturday night, he arrived early and very excited at Lauren. He had spent time in his hair, choosing his clothes: neither too classy, not too casual. He was stressing a little, fearing of not having a pretty cool behavior in front of the other kids...
He rang the doorbell. He heard footsteps. He stood straight, confident, ready to have fun. When the door opened, he became livid.
“Well, well, well... Look who is here! Hello my sissy pet, did you miss me?”, exclaimed Greg.

Thomas stood speechless. He wanted to leave, but Greg grabbed him by his shirt.
“Oh no, you're not going anywhere my little bitch! You're going to spend the evening and night with me. We have so much to catch up! Aren't you excited Sissy?”
Greg slammed the door. Lauren stood behind him, holding his waist lovingly. “I think the little sissy is being rude by not answering you, don't you my love?”, she said.
“Yes, I think so. Maybe is he surprised? Maybe he thought he got rid of me? Maybe he thought you were truly become his friend?” They both laughed.

“But... but... You... you can't... the grown-ups, at school, and your parents... and mine... they told you to stop and...”, Thomas stammered.
“Yes Sissy. You are right to remind me that I have to punish you for making me get into trouble. Not that I had forgotten. This week-end will be lot of fun... for me and my friends, not for you!”
“Please! Let me go home! Please, you can't humiliate me anymore!”
“Yes Sissy I can. Actually, I know you don't need me to humiliate yourself! Look at those pictures: those nice family pictures Zoe took at your uncle and aunty's house while baby-sitting your cousin. And, even better: look at this pictures your silly sister sent to mine. By the way, you can thank her for letting her mailbox open!”
Greg made photos parade on his phone with his finger. They were all there: pictures of Thomas in diapers, in dresses, playing with dolls, drinking in a baby bottle... And it was clear that he was not acting under any constraints.
“You see my pet? If you tell anybody about what we're gonna make you do this week-end, not only this pictures are going all over the Internet, but in addition how will you prove that you were not willing?”
“So now Sissy”, Lauren added, “greet your master and mistress properly, undress and puts this pretty maid dress! You have half an hour before the other guests arrive, I want everything ready for your party!”
“One last thing”, Greg commanded. “You're going to call your parents and tell them that you will spend the night here. You will be back tomorrow in the morning. Make sure they don't worry!”

The dress was black, with lace in the collar and cuffs and a white apron directly sewn. It had a pretty big neckline. After putting very frilly panties, Thomas put on a large billowing ruffled petticoat. The dress was short and with the petticoat, the skirt did not hide his knickers. Although he loved wearing beautiful dresses with his sister and her friends, he felt ridiculous and wanted to cry. Lauren added stiletto heels to his outfits. He had never worn high heels. He tries to walk with difficulty. After a few steps stumbling, he managed to stand better. After walking a few minutes he was able to move normally.
“You're such a natural girl, Sissy!”, Greg laughed.
“Yes Sir, I am Sir, thank you Sir”, Thomas answered while curtseying.

Lauren feared that someone denounces them. Many students had expressed regret or criticism about what they had done to Thomas. So she only invited Zoe and Greg only invited his friend Jeff.
Before they arrive, Thomas had to sweep, put pizza to heat and put drinks out of the fridge. Greg and Lauren watched him sitting on the couch and laughing. Then, he was made to open the door for the guests, to curtsy, make them enter and kiss their feet.
He fetched drinks and food to his tormentors and had to thank them when they slapped or pinched his bottom. Greg had told him to keep smiling no matter what, so he forced himself. Lauren took several pictures of him, smiling in his maid dress, serving them. They gave him orders in the same time. For example, Greg ordered him to get him a cola, while he was massaging Zoe's feet. And she forbid him to stop. When she finally decided that he was done, Greg punished him by beating him up and kicking him in. He did not let him catch his breath: “now, Sissy, this is the time for your big punishment. He grabbed him by the hair and pushed him up on the couch. He made him kneel and lowered his panties. He showed him a whipping strap.
“What is this Sissy?” he asked.
“This is a whipping strap, Sir.”
“And what is it for Sissy?”
“This is it for for whipping naughty people's botty, Sir.”
“Yes, and are you a naughty sissy?”
“Yes Sir, because I escaped your domination whereas I am your sissy slave, Sir. And you have been punished by my fault by your parents and by the school, Sir.”
“So you deserve to be punished?”
“Yes Sir, please Sir, may you punish me Sir?”
“And do you think I am the only one who should punish you?”
“No Sir, I believe that Miss Lauren and Miss Zoe and Mister Jeffrey should punish me too, Sir.”
“Well, will you beg me to punish you Sissy?”
“Yes Sir! Please, Sir, please, please, please, pretty please... May you punish me for being a very bad little sissy? Please? Will you whip me?”
“With pleasure Sissy. How many strappings do you deserve?”
“I don't know Sir, maybe... fifty Sir?”
“That sounds good. What do you think guys? Fifty for each one of us, that will make two hundreds strappings. Someone will have troubles to sit down for a few days!” he laughed.
He started to strap him. After about thirty hits he asked: “Did someone counted?” Everyone said no.
“Ok Sissy, I'm going to start again. And this time you will count the strappings. And you will thank me for each, understood Sissy?”
“Yes Sir...” Snap! “One, thank you Sir!” Snap! “Two, thank you Sir!” Snap! “Three, thank you Sir!”

At the end, Thomas was weeping bitterly. He tries to rub buttocks, but Lauren stopped him: “What do you think you're doing Sissy boy?! You're not allowed to touch your butt to make it feel better. You must suffer for your faults. Thank us by kissing our feet and go kneel in the corner! I want you to stay with your nose on the wall, holding your dress vertically with your arms. If you move or drop it, we will start the punishment again!”
“Yes Miss Lauren. Thank you Miss Lauren. Please forgive for touching my botty me Miss Lauren...”
Staying in the corner was very difficult. “Fortunately” for him, his bullies were eager to torment again, so they put an end to this punishment.

“Come here fag”, Greg called.
“Yes Sir...”
“Have you ever seen a man's coc-k?”
“Well, yes Sir, I have seen mine...”
Greg slapped him. “I said a man's coc-k! Do you have a man's coc-k?!”
“No Sir, I don't have a man's coc-k. I am not a man Sir, I am a sissy, Sir.”
“And do you have a big coc-k like men?”
“No Sir, I have a tiny... willy Sir.”
“Go get a banana in the kitchen. I want you to show me that you're a good coc-ksuc-ker, Sissy.”
“Yes Sir!”
Thomas ran in the kitchen and came back with the banana. He knelt and gave it to his master.
“Hold it with your two hands and suc-k it like as if it was your master's dic-k. Go faggot, suc-k it, show me what a sissy slut you are!”
“I guess you dreams of having a real one in your sissy mouth, don't you Sissy?”, Jeff asked.
“Yes Mister Jeffrey...” Thomas answered while blushing.
“Hey! Our little sissy bitch is blushing!”, Zoe shouted. “He really dreams of giving blow jobs to real men!”
“Of course he's a fag!”, Jeff exclaimed. “He even admit it to his sister and her friends! That bitch Lisa told me it!”
“Really?!”, Thomas thought...
“Yeah, Sissy, looks like she's not very good at keeping secrets. Or she just trust anybody! But remember that you're the one who told her that she can be my friend! You're the sissy dumb!”
“So, as you're a fag, will you beg Greg and Jeff to suc-k their dic-ks Sissy?”, Lauren asked.
“Well...”, Thomas said sobbing, “Please Sir, please Mister Jeffrey... May I suc-k your gigantic magnificients sticks? Please...?”
The boys burst out laughing.
“No way faggot! We're not sissy queer like you!”, Greg answered and he slapped his face.

“I feel you insulted me Sissy”, Jeff added.
“Oh no, please Mister Jeffrey, I didn't meant to! I know you're no faggot like me Mister Jeffrey. I just wanted so much to suc-k a real men's coc-k that I forget that I am not a real girl, but just a sissy, Mister Jeffrey...”
“Well, I want you to kiss my feet to apologise.”
“Yes Mister Jeffrey.”
“And as my feet aren't faggots neither, I want you to beg them to be allowed to kiss them.”
“Yes Mister Jeffrey... Oh, please, please Mister Jeffrey's feet... May I kiss you so Mister Jeffrey can forgive me?”
“You have to beg them one by one, Sissy”, Jeff said.
“Yes Mister Jeffrey. Please, Mister Jeffrey's right foot... May I kiss you, so Mister Jeffrey can forgive me?”
Jeff gave him a kick in the face with his right foot. “This means yes, in my foot's language!”
“Thank you so much, oh Mister Jeffrey's right foot...” and he kissed his foot. “Please, Mister Jeffrey's left foot... May I kiss you, so Mister Jeffrey can forgive me?”
Jeff pushed his face with his letf foot. “That means yes.”
“Thank, Mister Jeffrey's left foot...” and he kissed the other foot. When Thomas was still leaning, Jeff gave him a big kick on the chin.
“I think my left foot would like a massage Sissy.”
“Yes Mister Jeffrey, I do it right now!”
When Thomas was massaging his left foot, Jeff gave him a kick with his right one.
“I think my other foot is jealous. You should massage it too!”
“Yes Mister Jeffrey!” and Thomas started to rub the other foot.
“I think you should take my sock off. And use your teeth, Sissy.”
“Yes Mister Jeffrey!”, and he catched the sock with his mouth.
“Now, lick my foot Sissy!”
“Yes Mister Jeffrey!”, and Thomas obeyed.
“And don't forget to do the same to my left foot, or it will be jealous!”
“Yes Mister Jeffrey!”, and Thomas started to remove the other sock and to lick the other foot.

Of course, when he was done, he had to do the same with Greg, and then with Lauren and Zoe. Then, Greg lit a cigarette. What better way than smoking to show that you are a real man?
“Look Sissy, while you're still playing dress-up and tea party, I am already smocking, and I am two years younger than you, you're useless Sissy. But don't worry, I'm sure I can found a value to you. Open your mouth Sissy, you're gone be my personnal ashtray!”
Thomas opened his mouth and started to swallow the ashes... The taste was terrible. He remained on his knees, mouth open, crying. When the cigarette was almost consumed, Greg pretended that he was going to stub it out on Thomas's chest. Thomas screamed in fear.
“Shut up Sissy!”, Lauren shouted, “You deafen us!”
Greg put cigarette butt under his face and told him to put it out with his saliva. The cigarett was well off, but a little saliva ran down the Greg's hand.
“You little piece of shit! How can you spit on me!”
“Please Sir, I'm sorry Sir, I didn't want to, please, please forgive me Sir!”, Thomas cried.
“Open your mouth Sissy”, Greg commanded.
“Yes Sir.”
Greg spat in his mouth and he threw the cigarette butt. “Chew it and swallow, Sissy.”
“Yeth Sir...”, Thomas answered while obeying.
“Now, Sissy, open your mouth!”, Jeff told him. “I'm sure you would like to wash the taste of ashes, don't you Sissy?”
“Yes Mister Jeffrey...”
“Then, don't move!” and Jeff, sitting on the couch, a few steps from him, spat right in his mouth.
The other tormentors laughed. Greg went away to spit and reached the target too.
“Let me try!”, Zoe exclaimed. She spat and missed the mouth. Her saliva dripped on Thomas's face.
Then, Lauren had a try and reached the corner of his mouth. The boys tried again, from differents positions and distances, and the girls made new attempts too.
Greg offers to play the “Sissy game”: “A player starts spitting into Sissy's mouth, sitting where he wants. If he succeeds, the other players must do it from the same spot. Everyone who failed get the letter 'S'. Then, an other player spit from a different position and if he gets the target, the other ones must do it too. And if you fail again, you get the letter 'I', and then the letter 'S', and 'S' again and finally 'Y'. When you got 'SISSY', you're eliminated. Of course, as consolation prize, you can spit a big gob directly into Sissy's mouth. The last not to have 'SISSY' is the winner.
The game was an opportunity for big laughs for players. Thomas'face was covered with spittle. Finally, Greg won the game after over an hour and a long final against Jeff.
To celebrate his victory, he took a marker and wrote on Thoma's chest: “Greg's spittoon”.

Lauren suggested to undress Thomas in order to draw and write with permanent marker on his back, stomach, legs, butt and genitals.
He ended up with two big pink hearts on the buttocks. Above, there was an arrow with written: "diaper". On his back, they wrote: "baby", "giryl", "princess", "Barbie", "dolly" followed by hearts ... on his thighs, the boys drew pen-is and testicles pairs. On his chest, the girls drew a bra with the strap on his back and over his shoulders...
“You won't go to swimming pool anytime soon!”, Zoe laughed.

Eventually, his masters decided that they were too tired to continue. They told him to put his dress back and to clean the house. Then they authorized him to lie on the terrace, with no mattress or blankets... or diaper. When he woke up after a very short night, he had peed himself. This made the tormentors laugh a lot. Just like the pictures they had taken, and on which he was smiling in his dress. Those pictures, took with each one cellphone, were already on each of them's mailbox.
“As your dress is wet, keep it. I stole it to the theater club anyway. Nobody knows where it is. Go home with it and keep it. We might demand you to wear it again. And remember: we have the pictures to prove that you love dressing up as a girl and that it is not the first time you did!”, Lauren told him before dismissing him.

He sneaked home. His parents were still asleep. When entering his bedroom he woke up Jane.
“So it was fun?” she asked without looking at him and without seeing his clothes.
He collapsed in tears. She jumped out of bed and took him in her arms.


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Re: Protecting little sister
« Reply #15 on: December 19, 2015, 09:47:49 PM »
Chapter 9
New humiliations

Jane called her friends to tell them about what Greg and his gang had done. But with the blackmail and the fact that they couldn't prove that Thomas was forced, they decided to act as if they didn't knew anything about what had happened.

Lisa was supposed to go to Jeff's house in the afternoon. She wanted to cancel, or to go and beat him. But it was wiser to just go there, like it was planned. Jeff had deliberately left a packet of cigarettes ostentatiously in his room, so that Lisa would see that he was a smoker, which in his mind meant a big man.
“Do you smoke?” she asked.
“Oh, I didn't remember I had left this here”, he lied rather ridiculously. “Yes, I do smoke. Well, especially at parties. But I can't help but to smoke in the evening before I go to bed...”
“Did Greg taught you? I know you often act like him...” she said.
“No he didn't! We started together, in the same time! Actually, I am a bigger smoker than he is. He is the one who acts like me!”, he defended himself.
Lisa had found the right words to stings him to the quick. This could be useful, she thought.

The next day, Thomas had to wear girly panties, a bra, lacy socks and a blouse under his clothes. So, in order to hide it, he couldn't remove his pullover, which was very uncomfortable in classrooms where there was heating... On PE time, he had to pretend that his ankle ached, in order to avoid to remove his clothes and to let students see the drawings and writings on his skin.
But at least, his tormentors couldn't give him new humiliating orders. Lisa had decided to spend her day with Jeff, which meant that she also was with Greg and Lauren. On her side, Jane spend a lot of time with Zoe. They had a special gym workout to prepare a great competition that would happened in the end of the following week. This way, Thomas was free to stay far away from his bullies.
After lunch, Jeff suggested to his friends to go under the bleachers so he could smoke. Greg asked him for a cigarette too. Jeff gave Lisa a wink: like he had said, Greg was acting like him. When he had finished his cigarette, and as Lisa wasn't looking, he saw Thomas afar. He made a gesture to pretend that he was going to crush his cigarette on him. Thomas was very afraid but it finally didn't happened.

Zoe was suspicious about Jane: how could Thomas have hide his condition to his sister, as they slept in the same room and since he surely returned home crying like a little girl?
But if she had known, Jane would have immediately reacted. On the contrary, she had come to say hello normally. She was very relaxed and had even exchanged jokes with her and the other girls. There was no way Thomas had snitch on them. He certainly was too ashamed of himself, even to tell his sister to whom he usually said everything.
At the end of the afternoon, Thomas saw them together chatting in front of the gymnasium and laughing. This picture made him sick. He ran to his home, and collapsed on his bed. Jane found him a moment later.
“Why are you crying?”, she asked.
“I saw you having fun with Miss... I mean, with Zoe!”, he sobbed.
“So what? Do you think I would betray you?”
“Well...” yes, that was what he had thought, but now that Jane had said the words outloud, this idea seemed completely silly. “No... I know you wouldn't...”
“I just acted like we have decided, and so did Lisa. We don't have an other choice but to gain your tormentors's trust.”
“I know Janie...”
“We need to figure out an escaping plan. But this might take a few time. Do you trust me bro?”
“Yes of course I trust you. You're my beloved big sister...”
She kissed him. “Everything gonna be alright, I promise sweety.”

The following days passed in the same way. They cornered him occasionally for just a few seconds, when they by any chance crossed him in the corridors of the school. They made fun of him and checked his underwear. Zoe and Lauren also made him pass mocking and insulting little notes in class. But nothing more. So ended the week. Thomas was very grateful to his sister and Lisa for sacrifice themselves by spending time with those unpleasant people.

But the following Monday, Lisa was sick. During the first break in the morning, Lauren grabbed Thomas. “You see Sissy, your guardian angel is not here today. We will finally be able to enjoy ourselves as we want with you!”
They found Jeff and Greg under the bleachers where they now smoked at every recess. Thomas knelt and kissed their feet. Then he went down on all fours and let them beat him.
Seeing that Lisa was absent from school, Jane realized that her brother was in danger. She tried to found him, but she only saw him at the end of the break, when he returned to class. She saw that he had been crying, but she couldn't talk to him. At lunch, she waited for him at the exit of the building so she could take him to have lunch with her. Lauren could not intervene to prevent it. At the end of the day, Jane was again in gym training. Mia and Lucas waited for Thomas outside of the building to stay with him, until the bullies were gone. Once the danger was past, Thomas thanked his sister's friends. He told them that they could go home. He decided to wait for Jane outside of the gymnasium.
As he was waiting, reading a book, he was grabbed by Jeff and Greg. “I told you”, Greg said, “the little sissy need his big sister to walk him home!” They took him under the bleachers. “For trying to escape us today, you will be punished,” Greg announced. “I'll burn you with my cigarette!” Jeff exclaimed “Hey! Let me do it dude! It was my idea after all!” And Jeff approached the poor crying and kneeling Thomas with his cigarette. Greg was looking at his friend like as if he was stealing his toy. Thomas didn't noticed it. He was so scared that he peed himself. Lauren arrived at this very moment. She laughed when she saw Thomas and she said to Greg and Jeff to let the Sissy go. Cigarette burns might be too showy and could put them in trouble. She added: “We will have plenty of time to torment him next Saturday when he comes home! You heard me Sissy? Next Saturday, you will come to my home all afternoon! Aren't you happy, bitch?”
“Yes Miss Lauren, thank you Miss Lauren”, he said, crying.
The tormentors left him. He waited for his sister on the way home. She found him wet and crying. He told her everything. “It's time to accelerate your escape plan”, she said a serious tone. She sent text messages with one hand while she stroked her brother with the other arm.

Tuesday, Lisa was cured. “Hey, what about going somewhere else, just the two of us, for once?” She asked Jeff during recess. Greg and Lauren were alone under the bleachers. It was a safe place. No adult ever came there. Never... except that day. A sports teacher and a supervisor passed by and found Greg smoking! “It's not possible. Someone must have snitch on me!” He thought.
He and Lauren were summoned to the principal. Greg denounced himself to save his girlfriend. The rules were clear and they were applied. He should be excluded for two days. But as he already had a reprieve for his bullying on Thomas, he was excluded for an entire week. Lauren, even if she had committed no fault, was also on probation. The headmaster gave her a kind of community service. For the next month, she would have to monitor the chemistry club during lunchtime. It was good news for the headmaster, as he was looking for someone to take charge since September. It was always an older punished student who was put in charge. But he didn't had to give community service since the summer...
Olivia and Mia both prominent members of the club were happy when they heard that they would resume their activities on next Thursday.

“Dude, did you snitch on me?”, Greg asked Jeff on phone.
“What?! Are you crazy man! I would never! We're bro! And even if we weren't, I am no sissy tattletale!”
“Look Jeff, there is never an adult in this corner, never. And this day, as if by chance, you're not there and the teacher come. How do you explain that?”
“It's just bad luck, man! The adults never come there, but they do know that we do shits in there. The teacher must have wanted to punish a punk!”
“Yeah, right! And why weren't you here anyway?”
“I was with my girl man, she wanted to go somewhere else, just the two of us, fore once.”
“Dude! Are you blind or stupid? If you didn't told on me, so she did! She's friend with the sissy's sister! The little fag must have told her about us and so she tricked me!”
“Man! She's my girlfriend OK? She wouldn't trick me!”
“She's manipulating you! She don't love you! She loves the little fag!”
“No she isn't and no she don't! Why would she have spare me if she wanted to protect the sissy?”
“Because she knows that I am the leader. If I'm not there, he will be left alone. You have to drop her before she drops you dude.”
“You're not my leader man! And you don't tell me what to do. fuc-k you dude.” And Jeff hung up the phone.

The sound of the explosion rang throughout the school, Thursday during lunch time. All the students and teachers ran to the chemistry lab. Fortunately, the noise was powerful but the explosion was harmless. As in cartoons, students had black marks on their faces and on their white lab coats, due to the heavy smoke coming from the chemical room.
“What happened?” The headmaster asked to the crying Mia.
“I don't know”, she said sobbing. “We just made the preparation. It wasn't dangerous, unless if someone had had bring a flame...”
“And no one did?”
“I don't think so. We put it in the back room while we were doing another experiment.”
“Who put it in the back room?”
“The supervisor, Lauren. But she came back just five minutes later...” She said innocently.
“Sir! Look what I found in the back room!” A teacher said. He had in his hands a lighter and cigarettes. “And that cigarette butt, right next to the table where the mixture was placed! All it took was a smoldering embers to make everything explode.”
“I know this lighter! This is the one I confiscated to Gregory...” The principal said, looking at Lauren. “I gave it to his parents when they came to get him.”
“I have nothing to do with that! It's not me...”, she said, starting to cry.
“Sure! And who else could have gone at Gregory and take the lighter?”, the principal asked.
“I do not know... maybe... his sister! Of course! That's it, I'm sure!”
“And why would his sister do that? And where is she now? I only see you here.” The headmaster said.
“Because she is friends with...” Lauren realized that she had to shut up.
While a supervisor took her to the principal's office, Olivia spoke to the principal. “Sir, I think you should not be too harsh with her. I believe she was protecting her boyfriend. If this is Laura's brother, Greg, I saw him at the beginning of lunchtime behind the school. It may be him who did...”
“Very well, thank you for the information.” The headmaster replied.

It was impossible for Greg to prove that he had not moved from his home. As Laura knew, he was home alone because their parents worked during the day. It was just as impossible, of course, to prove that it was not him who had take the lighter and cigarettes back and brought it at school, but his little sister!
It was impossible, finally, once the headmaster had decided his permanent exclusion and once his parents had confiscated his phone and his computer, to call Jeff or Lauren to talk about the plot that he was the victim of. And from now, his parents would never leave him alone. They would take days off or call his grandmother to take care of him permanently. Facing the same sentence of exclusion, Lauren's parents took the same decision. They even send her in the country side, to an old aunt, who didn't have any internet acces. In half a day, Thomas got rid forever of two enemies.
“If you had seen Lauren's face! And headmaster's!” Mia roared to laugh.
“But... But... Are you insane?!” Thomas shouted. “This was very dangerous! You could have hurt people and yourself! And destroy the school! And you lied to the principal! You built a plot against innocent people! Just for me! I don't worth it!”
“First of all, yes you do worth it Thomas”, Mia answered. “Secondly, if you call Greg and Lauren 'innocent people', so you're the one who is insane. Thirdly, this was not dangerous at all. We know what we do. Olivia and I are quite good at chemistry. So, yes, I'm sorry we lied to the principal. But come on, this was fun!”
“It was a good script with everything planned: from the teacher finding Greg smoking to Laura who filed the lighter and cigarettes in the back room ... Passing by the headmaster that Lauren force to monitor the chemistry club, and Mia and me playing little girls in tears. It was perfect!”, Olivia added.
“But wait for tomorrow's sequel”, Jane told him. “I'm sure you will love the end of the story!”

Jeff had not spoken to Greg since their argument. He had no idea of the whole conspiracy. He had convinced himself that Greg was just unlucky and quite a foul for coming back to school with his cigarettes and lighter. Learning that his friend would not come back, he had thought that he would become the new boss of the playground.
During all friday, he walked into the school swaggering. Little did he know that the rumor had started according to which he was the one who had denounced Greg. Greg having no more way to communicate with students, except his sister, he could not establish the truth.
In the end of the day, Lisa offered him to go in the locker room that was empty. “Now that you are the school's new boss, I want to move to a higher stage with you”, she said in a sultry voice.
They shut themselves up. She told him to undress. Jeff was excited as ever. So much so that he had definitely put aside the little thinking he was usually able of. She stroked his chest and put her lips to his. “Close your eyes Jeff. Relax. You'll know sensations you've never experienced...” she whispered. She stroked his thighs. “Don't move, just stay relax, don't open your eyes...”, she said.
Jeff's excitement grew up more and more. He heard sounds of clothes slipping on the ground. “Oh gosh”, he thought. “This is the time . I don't want to spoil it.” He kept his eyes tightly closed.
Then he heard the door slam and the sound of the lock. He opened his eyes. There was nothing on the ground and in the room. More no clothes ... no more ... except a little pink panties, decorated with Hello Kitty. He ran to the door. “Open! Open!” Then he regained his senses. The door could be opened from the inside ... He just had to turn the latch. But the problem was that he was naked.
What is the most embarrassing? Go outside naked or in girl panties? Jeff looked between his legs. His excitement was gone. So much gone in this cold locker... So much that it became embarrassing... He grabbed the panties and put it on. His plan was simple: run up to catch Lisa, get his clothes back and make her regret her acts for the rest of her life. He stormed out.
“Pretty panties!” Lisa cried.
He ran toward her. He didn't saw the dog dirt on the ground. “The universe wants our plan to work”, Lisa thought, as this slide was not planned. The crowd of students gathered around him already.
“Stop laughing at me! Stop laughing at me!” he cried. “I can beat everyone of you!”
“Please, no! Don't touch me! I don't want to smell dog shit!”, some kid replied.
“Shut up!” He shouted.
“Or what? You're gonna tell on me and make me fire of the school?” some other kid retorted.
“What? No! I didn't! I never... This is not true!”
“Hey! The little girl is going to cry!”
“Hey, don't call me a little girl!”
“Why not pantywaist?”
“Pantywaist, pantywaist, pantywaist, pantywaist!” the crowd repeated in chorus.
Only Thomas didn't participated to the clamor. Jeff saw him. It was the only thing to do! He had to remind to the students that he was not the school's sissy, Thomas was!
“Hey Sissy! I'm going to beat you! I'm sure this is all your fault!”
Thomas stepped back. Lucas stood before him.
“He is the only one who don't harass you here! Why don't you want to fight me?”, Lucas said.
“Yeah! Show us what a tough guy you are, now that you've made your mentor fired!” some kids added.
“Go on! Go Pantywaist! Go!”
Jeff couldn't hold his tears anymore. He ran to the exit of the school. “Hey, don't forget your clothes”, Lisa shouted. He turned around to take them. She let them fall on the dog muck and pressed with her foot.
“Bye-bye shitty girl!”, some kids cried.

“And that makes three!” Lisa said.
“Three what?” Thomas asked.
“Three enemies less!” Lucas clarified.
“Ok, I must go home.” Lisa said. “But I count on you to call me tonight to tell me the end of the plan.”
“Do not worry”, Lucas said.
“The end of the plan?” Thomas wondered.
“Yeah, you saw Episode II, but there is still another continuation.”
“You want me to walk you home?” Lucas asked.
“Are you sure it doesn't bother you?” Thomas replied.
“Of course not. Anyway I was coming to your home tonight to see Jane after her gym competition.”
“Thank you, Lucas...”
“What for ? Walking you home?”
“Yes... I am still a bit scared after all the events. But above all, thank you for helping me! And also... Thank you for making Janie happy...”
“You are thrice welcome!”
There was no one at home. They sat in the living room. Thomas brought drinks and cookies. He sat on a chair in front of Lucas, on the couch.
After a rather awkward silence, Thomas said: “You know... Even if I am older, I considere Janie as my big sister...”
“Yes, I know. But she said that your much more wise and good at school...”
“Yeah, but she's so confident, and she's so mature... Anyway. If she's my big sister, that makes you kind of my big brother.”
“Wow, it's really nice to say that to me!”, said Lucas blushing.
“I'm sorry, I didn't wanted to embarrass you... I just... I don't know how to thank you.”
“Well, just come sit on the couch and give me a hug”, Lucas said.
“Is that not weird?”
“What's would be weird about a big brother hugging his little brother?”
Thomas joined him and they cuddled.

Meanwhile, at the long-awaited gym competition, Zoe was desperately looking for her gym outfit. She had put it in her gym bag the day before. She had not let her bag go of during the day. And yet, she only could find her training outfit. How was it possible? She began to cry. Click! It was the sound of a camera: Jane's one.
“So how does it feel?”
“What's going on here ?! We are late”, the coach shouted, entering the locker room. “Zoe what's going on?”
“Jane stole my outfit!”
“Not at all! How could I? Did you saw me approaching your bag today?”
“No, but I put in my outfit inside yesterday to try it during training. And I have not touched it since.”
“So what ? I did not touch it yesterday neither! Did you check your bag this morning?”
“No, but I didn't opened it since yesterday, when we undressed in the locker room...”
“Zoe, it's too late to get your outfit”, the coach said. “You should have checked at your house this morning. Now we will have to find you a spare outfit. At least you have your shoes?”
“Yes coach”, she sobbed. “Jesus Christ! This are not my shoes!”
“Of course if these are your shoes! I recognize them!”
“I swear they aren't. These are the same but they are not my size! They are at least two sizes smaller.”
“Shoes do not shrink in one night! So put it and put on that outfit before I get angry!”, the coach shouted, throwing her a set of clothes, also too small.
“You'll see how it feels to be humiliated in public”, Jane whispered. “And I already have pictures of you.”
“It's you! I don't know how you did it, but it's your fault!”
“Maybe, or maybe not. Anyway, you can never prove it.”
Zoe's performance, with her lack of concentration, her uncomfortable outfit and her too small shoes, was a complete disaster. And it was fully recorded by several students. The coach decided to replace her by other girls of the team and she spend the rest of the competition crying on the bench. No one took pity on her. I must say that she did not usually had pity when her teammates had failures. Height of humiliation, her team won the competition. Her substitutes had managed to clean up her mess.
After this fiasco, she wanted to call Lauren, but she had no cell phone now and her parents did not want her to talk to anyone. To let off steam, she sent an SMS to Thomas.
“Meet me at school now”, she wrote to him.

Thomas got the message and showed it to Lucas. “I have to go. She still has pictures of me...”
“Okay, the plan is working. Tell her that you will come.”
“Yes Miss Zoe. I will be here in a Few Minutes”, Thomas wrote, and he got up to leave.
“Sit down”, Lucas said quietly. He sent text messages with his phone. “I told Jane and Olivia. The plan works like clockwork.”
“Olivia? But why?”, Thomas asked.
“You'll see Tomy, you'll see.”
“But I have to go, Miss Zoe will...”
“Do not worry. Zoe will... nothing.”
“Anyway, even if Zoe don't publish the pictures, Lauren, Greg and Jeff will...”
“What pictures?” Lucas asked.
“I thought you knew... Zoe, Lauren, Greg and Jeff blackmail me with those pictures of me...”
“Yes, I know, I saw those pictures.”
“What? How did you seen it? When?”
“I saw them when I deleted by hacking into their computers and email.”
“Well, I didn't act alone. Laura found the Greg's password easily. And Lauren consulted her mailbox at their home. Laura was able to read the password when she tapped it. Then Olivia managed to take Zoe phone during one baby-sitting evening. She took it a few minutes. Zoe was watching TV and didn't notice it. She had just time to empty the memory. And Lisa was able to go to Jeff's computer when she was at his home and to delete everything discreetly. Finally, she removed all of his phone's memory earlier when he ran in panties!”
“Wow! It's an incredible story! You are geniuses! But... Are you sure there is no more pictures anywhere?”
“100% sure and certain. I retraced all their e-mail and multimedia messages exchanges. I know what they send to each other and when. And we erased everything.”

Zoe was surprised to see, instead of Thomas, Olivia.
“What are you doing here?” She asked.
“Did you liked my prank? Removing your outfit and changing your shoes for smaller ones... It was funny, right? You should be more careful when you baby-sitt me, instead of spending your time on the phone or watching TV.”
“It was you who... You're gonna pay!”
“No, you're gonna pay! And you will really pay if my parents see those pictures of you stealing their money. I can send them to you. Photo storage of your phone is completely free since I deleted Thomas's pictures you had. Now, if you don't want my parents to see them, you'll definitely stop to babysit me.”
Zoe was ready to hit her with all her might.
“Between Olivia's pictures of you stealing and mine, with you falling and crying in your small outfit, I would not do that in your place”, Jane said.
Zoe ran away crying.

Lucas received a confirmation text.
“See? It's over”, he announced to Thomas.
“Oh my God! That's awesome!” Thomas exclaimed with emotion. Without thinking, he kissed Lucas's cheek. “Oh my! I'm sorry for that!”
“No problem sweety”, Lucas answered smiling.
“Why are you so good to me?”
“I don't like those who take pleasure in humiliating and make others suffer. I don't like Greg and Jeff. They are pretentious and stupid. And I love your sister.”
“Well... Thank you so much. I have to say... I know it's weird to say that... And I don't want to make you unconfortable. But I love you. Not like a lover, even if you are very beautiful and attractive, but like a grown-up who is nice to me. Like Daddy or Uncle Joe...”
“Well... Thank you. This is very nice and sweet. And I am not unconfortable with that. I am not gay, but I think you're very cute. I love you too Tomy. I know Jane dated me because you told her that I was in love with her...”
“Well, you are the best couple in the world...”
They hugged each other. Lucas gave a kiss on Thomas's cheek. “Thank you Uncle Lucas”, Thomas said. Lucas laughed and kept hugging him.

“So! What shall we do, until Jane or your Mummy and Daddy come home?”, Lucas asked.
“Well, usually, I make my homework... But now, I'm not really in the mood...”
“Yeah, we will make homework later. Why don't you show me your toys?
“But, I only have girly toys. You don't want to play with dolls and have a tea party!”
“Why not?”, Lucas asked.
Thomas went to his room and took his doll and plush toys and a tea set. They sat down on the floor in the living room and started to play.
“May I go to the restroom, please Uncle Lucas?”, Thomas asked after a moment.
Lucas laughed. “Why would you need permission?”
“Because, it's polite to ask the adult in charge...”
“And what if I told you no?”, Lucas asked.
“Well... I would try to hold it. But I may have an accident, and so you would have to change me...”, he answered with a grin.
“Then, let's go to the restroom”, Lucas laughed.
“Thank you Uncle Lucas!”, Thomas said and he kissed him on the cheek. He went to the toilet, still holding Suzan in his arms.
“Do you want me to hold your baby?”, Lucas offered.
“Yes please Uncle Lucas. Thank you very much!”
Lucas took Suzan. Thomas entered the toilet and sat down without closing the door.

This surely was a funny picture to see for Jane when she came home and find her boyfriend watching Thomas peeing while rocking his dolly.
“Uncle Lucas was keeping me compagny!”, Thomas explained her.
Jane laughed more. She kissed Lucas on his mouth. Thomas stood up and ran to hug her.
“Thank you so much my big sister. You're the best sister in the world. I love you so much! I love you, I love you, I love you!!!”
“You're welcome and I love you too baby”, she answered.
“Have you finished doing your pooh and pee honey?”
“Yes I have.”
“So maybe could Uncle Lucas wipe you now?”, she said joking.
“You say that as if I was not able to do it!” Lucas exclaimed. “Come here sweety”, he said to Thomas.
Thomas came and bend over to let Lucas wipe his behind. Jane watched to make sure he was doing a good job.
“Ok, you're all clean now. Go wash your hands together!”
They went to the bathroom. Thomas was still bare buttocks.
“Should I put his pants on?” Lucas asked.
“No. It is time for his bath.” She replied.
Lucas finished undressing him while Jane turned on the water. Thomas let him do, he was too happy. Lucas rubbed, soaped him, made him play with his doll...
Thomas looked at his sister and “uncle”. “You are soooooo beautiful!”, he told them. “Would you like to kiss like Mummy and Daddy?”
They agreed and he watched them kissing. He was so happy.
Then Lucas got him out of the bath, wiped him with a towel, took him to his room, he put on his pajamas and his pull-up.

Thomas asked permission to call Lisa, Mia, Olivia and Laura to thank them for everything they had done.
While he was in line, the parents returned. Their mother proposed to Lucas to stay dinner and he accepted.
During the meal, Thomas explained to his parents what had happened. He emphasized the heroism of Jane Lucas and friends.
Fifteen minutes before Lucas' father come get him, Thomas announced that he was tired. He asked his mom if he could go to bed
Thus, Lucas could tuck and kiss him on the forehead and wished him good night.
“Thank you Uncle Lucas. I love you so much!”, Thomas said.
He did not see his mom and dad were still on the doorstep. They looked at each, smiling tenderly.
Before Lucas leaves, they thanked him. Jane and Thomas's dad shook his hand, their mother took him in her arms. And of course, Jane kissed him a long time on the mouth.

“I will never be able to thank you...” Thomas told Jane.
“I just did for you what you did for me in the first place...”, she answered.
“What do you mean Janie?”
“Protecting my little sister!”


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Re: Protecting little sister
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One week before Chritsmas, the whole family went to a ballet, and then they went to a restaurant. It was the gift of Joe and Samantha to Thomas, to thank him for helping Olivia with her homework.
“Did you like it?”, his father asked him.
“It was so magical! Everything was so beautiful! The princess... She was so pretty! And her dress was... unbelievable. And the prince... He was so awsome! The princess is so lucky to wear such outfit and to have such a charming prince! I wish I...” he stopped himself suddenly.
“You wish what Tomy?”
“Nothing Daddy...”
“You wish you were the princess. Is that right Tomy?”
“Yes Daddy...”
“You wish you could wear a beautiful dress Tomy?”
“Yes Daddy...”
“And you wish a beautiful prince would kiss you Tomy?”
“Yes Daddy...”
“You know that there is nothing wrong, that you hurt nobody with your wishes?”
“Yes Daddy...”
“And you know that I love you very much, no matter what?”
“Yes Daddy... I love you too!”

On Christmas morning, Thomas opened the first gift, it was a big box and the label indicates that it was from his mummy. It was a pink princess dress, like Thomas had dreamed a lot of times.
“May I try it?” he asked.
“Of course, you have to!”, his mom answered.
“Oh, I love you so much Mummy!”
“I love you too princess!”
They hugged and kissed. He suddenly thought that his daddy was watching. Even if he was smiling, Thomas was convinced that he made him feel sad. He was his only son and he was a sissy princess. He hugged his mommy tighter to try to expel bad thoughts.
Jane extricated him from the hug.
“Open my present now!”
It was a make-up box.
“So you can be the prettiest princess!”, she said when he saw the gift.
“Oh thank you Janie! Thank you so much! I love you sis! You're so great!”
They hugged quickly, but she wanted him to try his new make-up.
“And now, for my gift”, his daddy announced.
Thomas looked him. “Aren't you disappointed?”, he asked.
“By what? Open your gift instead of talking nonsense”.
The package was smaller. What could it be?
“Oh my God! A tiara!” Not a toy. Not a plastic one. No, a true one, purchased from a jeweler. “Thank you Daddy! So, you don't mind if I am a sissy, and if I like to dress like a princess?”
“Of course not sweety.”
“But Daddy... This is too beautiful!”
“Nothing is too beautiful for my sweet princess.”


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