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/ Re: Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s Cousin
« Last post by Sylphie on Yesterday at 09:30:49 AM »
Thanks sooomuch Darajaney.  I think your one of the best authors ever!
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/ Re: Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s Cousin
« Last post by DaraJaney on July 17, 2018, 06:19:52 PM »
Episode 2

Sabrina arrived home all excited still wearing her softball uniform.  “We’ve reached the final!”  “Oh well done!” Hilda congratulated her.  “When will the final be?”  “On Saturday.  I can’t wait!”

But Saturday is Granny’s birthday.  We’re going to visit her, remember?  Sabrina sighed heavily.  In her excitement she’d forgotten.  “Do I HAVE to go?” she pleaded.  “I’ve been training for this all year!”

Eric came into the room.  Sabrina frowned.  He had a knack of always turning up at the most awkward moments?  “Yes you have to!  You have to wear that dress she sent you for your birthday.  She hasn’t seen you in it yet.”

“But Aunt Hilda, that dress is so dumb!  You can’t make me wear it.”  Eric was enjoying this.  “Don’t be ungrateful” Zelda scolded her.  “Your grandmother naturally has old-fashioned tastes.”  “But an 8-year-old wouldn’t wear it!”  “Now Sabrina.  We are going to your grandmothers on her birthday and you are wearing that dress.  That’s an end to it.  Family comes first.”  “That’s right”, Eric teased, “family comes first!”

Sabrina sneered at him.   “And I suppose that includes cousins does it?”  “That’s right!” he confirmed.  Sabrina winced but then had a thought.  “includes cousins” she muttered to herself.  Eric gave her a puzzled look as she passed him and went upstairs.

Hilda and Zelda were pleased that Sabrina didn’t argue the point any further that week.  She appeared to have accepted that she was going to have to miss the final.

On Saturday morning Zelda was getting dressed when she heard the front door bang shut.  She looked out the window to see a girl in a softball uniform jogging down the driveway.  Surely it wasn’t Sabrina, she thought.  Perhaps one of her team mates was checking one last time if she was coming.  Zelda couldn’t see the face from above because of the peaked cap.

She left her bedroom and marched down the corridor calling “Sabrina!”  When she heard no answer she had to assume that it was her niece who had just walked out the front door in her softball uniform.  So she just opened the bedroom door and walked right in.

She was surprised to see Sabrina standing there in the pink flouncy dress, white opaque tights and  pink Mary Janes.  A large pink bow was pinned in her hair at the back.  The dress appeared to be shorter on her than Zelda remembered when she made her try it on first.  But it was very surprising that Granny had found such a childish dress in such a large size in the first place!

Sabrina flinched as her aunt entered and was clearly mortified.  But if she was so embarrassed why had she so willingly dressed up already?  And where did those cute pink Mary Janes come from?  Sabrina never possessed anything like that.

Then she realized that the bright red embarrassed face wasn’t quite right.  “Eric?”  The boy’s eyes searched the carpet in embarrassment.  “Please get me out of this”, he begged, holding out the skirt of the pink dress, revealing the layers of petticoats underneath.

Zelda sighed.  “Will you never learn to stop teasing her?!”  Eric grimaced, realizing that it was his teasing that led him to this predicament.  Sabrina had been relatively nice to him since the girl scout incident and he’d assumed that she had listened to her aunts’ admonishments not to use her magic on her cousin.

Zelda turned him around and reached up to the top button on the back of the dress.  There were buttons sown in but they couldn’t be opened.  “Sorry but it can’t be taken off.”

Eric stomped his pink Mary Janes frustratedly and his petticoats fluttered prettily.  Zelda tried not to smile.  “Perhaps you can get the tights off?” she suggested trying to be helpful to the poor boy.  He reached under his petticoats and pulled them up.  He found that was wearing pink frilly pettipants.  “Ugh!”  Zelda had to put her hand up to her face to conceal her laughter.  Hilda walked in to find Eric standing in the pink dress, holding his petticoats up and showing off his pink pettipants.  He dropped his petticoats quickly and squirmed.

“Sabrina up to her tricks again?” Hilda sympathized.  Eric just sighed.  “Here let me see”, Zelda said as she reached under his petticoats and pulled them up.  Eric stood mortified as she revealed his pink pettipants again.  She put her fingers inside the waist band of his pettipants.  There was something sown into the band.  She ran her fingers around to the back until she felt something. She couldn’t help noticing how cute Eric’s butt looked in the layers of pink lace.

She found a little padlock.  It held the thin metal chain that was sown into the waist band.  “I’m afraid that your frillies are locked on to you.  No way you can get your tights off.”  Eric looked crushed.

Zelda lowered his petticoats and was just wondering how he was going to go to the toilet when she idly put her hands in her pockets.  She felt something that wasn’t there before.  She recognized the outline of a small key.  But she left it there.  Poor Eric was going to have to go to Granny’s in Sabrina’s place.  Fortunately Granny was a little short sighted and probably wouldn’t notice Eric’s slightly different face.

“I suppose the bow is stuck in place too”, Hilda sympathized.  Eric reached up to the bow at the back of his head.  His dress rode up and his aunts could see the lower frills on his pettipants peeking from below his petticoats.  Zelda was going to say something but then decided that perhaps he was better off not knowing.

“We’d better have breakfast”, she suggested instead.  Eric looked crushed.  He was clearly stuck in the pink dress and white tights until Sabrina freed him and she was nowhere to be found.  He slouched along the corridor.

“Now dear”, Zelda stopped him.  “We’ll have to work on your deportment if you are to convince Granny.”  Eric was shocked.  “You’re not seriously going to make me go like this?!” he clutched his skirts in panic.  “We have to!  We can’t get the dress off you and somebody approximating Sabrina is going to have to appear in front of Granny in that dress.”  Eric was speechless.

“Let’s practice going down the stairs for a start” Hilda suggested and she trotted down to the bottom.  She turned and looked up at Eric standing at the top looking at the stairs dubiously.  Zelda nudged him from behind.  “Come along now.”  Eric clutched the bannister with his left hand.  He couldn’t see the steps beneath his voluminous petticoats.  He searched tentatively with his pink Mary Janes for the first step and went down.  He figured out the spacing of the steps and moved a little more quickly.  His petticoats and skirt started to flutter upwards.

Hilda, looking upwards, put her hand up to her face to hide her amusement.  She could already see his pink pettipants before he even started descending and his ballooning petticoats revealed a few more layers of lace but she said nothing.

Eric was relieved to reach the bottom of the stairs and smooth his petticoats down.  “Now walk across the room.” Zelda ordered.  Eric carefully moved forward his arms held out daintily hovering above his petticoats.  “Very good!”  Hilda went off to prepare breakfast.

He had to be taught to gather his petticoats neatly under his bottom before sitting and then carefully smooth them out after standing to ensure that they weren’t sticking up and revealing his pink frillies.

When Zelda picked up her car keys and said “let’s go then” Eric cringed.  She smiled sympathetically.  “You just have to stop teasing Sabrina.”  He sighed.  She opened the door.  He eyed it cautiously but flounced forwards.

He gathered his petticoats carefully when sitting in to the back of the car.  He had great difficulty finding the seatbelt slot under all his organza and satin.  Hilda reached in the door.  “Here are some of Sabrina’s old books to help you get into character.”  He took the books and shuffled through them.  “My Little Princess”, “The Little House on the Prairie” he sighed heavily.

“I’m going to drive by the softball park and give Sabrina a piece of my mind!” Zelda announced.  Eric squirmed in his dress but just sighed.  They pulled up at the side of the road closest to the practice nets.  Sabrina was using the automatic pitcher.  She saw the car and walked over.

Eric glared at her red pants gloomily and then looked down at his pink dress and white tights.  He folded his arms crossly on his petticoats.  Sabrina leaned down at the window.  “I’m going to have words with you young lady!” Zelda said angrily.  “You can’t keep doing this to your cousin!”  “I was only following what he said”, Sabrina countered.  Eric looked up curiously wondering what she meant.  “Family comes first - including cousins!  Thanks for stepping in for me when I needed it … cousin!”

“Well”, Zelda concluded looking back at him, “I suppose he did bring it on himself to some extent.”  Eric just looked down at the floor and his pretty pink bow at the back of his head perked up.  “Wish your cousin well in her match”, Hilda ordered him.

Eric squirmed.  “Good luck in your match”, he muttered ungraciously.  “You have a great day too!” Sabrina smiled sweetly at him.  “You’re certainly going to remember it!”  Eric cringed as Zelda pulled away and he was driven off to his Granny’s in his pink dress and white tights.  He watched Sabrina hitch up her pants and stride back to the practice nets.

Eric stood nervously on his Granny’s doorstep as Zelda rang the bell.  He clutched his petticoats anxiously as both aunts looked him up and down from head to toe wondering if he would be convincing enough.  From his pink hair bow, down the frills at the front of his pink dress, to his ballooning petticoats, snow white tights and his pink Mary Janes.  They could both still picture his pink frilly pettipants from his earlier exposure.

The door opened.  “Hello!” his Granny called out happily.  He tried to smile.  “Come in, come in!”  His aunts went first and Eric flounced in after them his petticoats rocking and in danger of exposing his pink frillies.  She quickly tried to steady them.

“Oh you’re wearing the dress I bought you!  Wait until I get my glasses!”  They all looked at each other nervously hoping that, even with her glasses she wouldn’t be able to see anything odd.  She slipped them on and looked Eric up and down.  He tried not to squirm too much.  Zelda was amused to see him smiling in his pink dress.

“Oh my goodness!” his Granny made an awkward face.  “That style of dress is rather young for you isn’t it?”  Eric wanted to say “you said it!” but Zelda looked at him crossly and shook her head.  “Oh no Granny, I really love it!”  He almost choked on the words.  “My goodness how tall you’ve grown!” she commented looking at his long legs in his white tights.  Eric was concerned that his pink pettipants might be showing and tried to push his petticoats down but they were so springy they resisted.

“Shall we sit?” Zelda suggested.  “No”, Granny went for her coat.  “I’ve booked a nice restaurant for us.  It’s new and very popular but I managed to get the last table.”  Eric cringed.  He was going to have to walk into a crowded restaurant wearing a flouncy pink dress that he now knew that even his Granny thought was too sissy and short!  Hilda smiled sympathetically at him but showed him the door.

The waitress tried to be professional and hide her amusement.  “Follow me!”  The restaurant was packed and the tables were crammed in close together.  At several points Eric had to gather his petticoats and push through.  He cringed again when he saw the waitress go up a few steps to a raised seating area in the centre of the restaurant.  He might as well have been in a shop window.

He tried to ignore all the amused looks around him and concentrated on the menu.  Despite the crowds the restaurant never rushed its customers and each course seemed to take an eternity to come.  Perhaps it just seemed that way to Eric who felt he was the centre of attention.

When they pushed their deserts away, he felt that the end was in sight.  The lights dimmed and from the far corner a waiter appeared with a birthday cake with many many candles.  Oh no, he thought.  The waiter headed straight for their table.  All heads in the restaurant turned towards them.  Eric cringed.

His Granny stood up to let the waiter put the cake on the table in front of her and accept all the applause.  Zelda and Hilda politely stood up too.  Eric scrambled to his feet.  He tried to smooth down his petticoats but those in the tables below him could see up his dress anyway and tittered at the pink frills.

His Granny started a speech of thanks.  He winced.  He desperately wanted to sit down again.  Eventually he was able to gather his petticoats and sit.

He leaned over to Zelda.  “I need the bathroom”, he whispered.  And looked down at his waist to remind her that he was locked into the pettipants and tights.  What was he going to do?  Zelda tried to give him a reassuring look and reached into her hand bag.  She held her hand out to him under the table.  He looked puzzled but reached out and felt the key.  He was initially relieved but then thought about it.  She could have released him from his frilly pink pettipants and snow white tights if she’d wanted to.  Zelda just shrugged apologetically.

He sighed but pushed his chair back and braced himself for the walk to the toilets.  “They’re at the back on the right”, Hilda directed him.  They would be.  He went down the steps quickly and his petticoats ballooned.  Once again he had to gather his petticoats, trying not to expose any pink frills and squeeze between chairs to very amused looks.

He finally reached the corner where the toilets were and smoothed down his petticoats.  He pushed the door open and without thinking reached out to push the Gents door open.  Then he froze, looked down at his pink dress and quickly headed for the Ladies.

Once inside a cubicle he reached up under his petticoats at the back and unlocked the padlock.  He pulled his pink frilly pettipants down to his ankles and then pulled his white tights down.  The cool air on his skin was such a relief.

He had great difficultly gathering his petticoats to sit on the toilet.  He remembered that he couldn’t take the dress off and the petticoats were attached.   Eventually he was able to pee and poo.  Wiping his bottom was a nightmare.  He was terrified of getting stains on his petticoats.  Eventually he felt clean enough to pull his tights up again.

He looked at his pink pettipants and wondered did he really have to wear them.  But he had nothing to carry them in and thought he’d be in trouble if he just discarded them.  Reluctantly he pulled his pink pettipants up over his tights.  At least he didn’t have to lock them on again.

He reached around the back to ensure nothing was exposed where he couldn’t see.  He felt the hem of his satin dress and was satisfied.  He opened the door and walked towards the sinks.  He looked at himself in the mirror.  His petticoats had lost none of their spring and projected out widely at the sides.  He washed his hands and braced himself for the walk back.

As he pushed through the chairs he felt that the laughter was even greater than before as he passed.  He grew more and more concerned as he ascended the steps.  As he passed Zelda who looked equally puzzled she went “Oh sweetie!”  She reached behind his back and pulled the hems of his petticoats out of the waist band of his pettipants.  He realized that the full bottom of his frilly pink pettipants had been on display as he walked across the room.  He had felt the back of his dress but his petticoats had been caught.  He should have checked more thoroughly in the bathroom mirror!

Eric just wanted to die at that point.  “Why had he teased Sabrina?!”
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/ Re: Bound for bed
« Last post by Sissieann on July 17, 2018, 11:48:49 AM »
 8) Hi I just love this story can't wait for next part Kevin??  ;D
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/ Re: ~Ruffled White Lace & Pink Satin Bows~
« Last post by petticoated on July 17, 2018, 01:16:18 AM »
Perce...poor little completely mesmerized at the pretty Petticoated Tomboy slowly lowering Herself into the narrow straight-backed chair...Her petticoats and pettilace captivating the hapless sissy-in-waiting. And meanwhile little timmy, the self-professed sissy boy, watching the ultrafeminine...yet domineering Tomboy glaring at poor percy, as if to dare him to say anything to Her. Miss Prim studied the scene as it played out, finally taunting little percy, "My dear little percy, Miss Tina is making quite an immodest display of Her Petticoats, is she not? And yet I see where you simply are unable to take your eyes off of Her frilly lace. Perhaps... you, percy...are wondering what it might be like if it were little one...struggling to control your pettis while being admonished by me? Hmmmm…? Rest assured, young 'man,'" Her voice dripping with sarcasm, "You would learn quite forcefully how to comport yourself in a frilly party dress and petticoats...of dear can be certain..." And then, directing Her attention to little timmy, Miss Prim addressed the hapless sissy, "My dear timmy, you do sooooo envy Miss Tina, do you not? Hmmmm…? Would you like to have a closer look at Little Miss Tina's exposed petticoat lace since it is impossible for Her to conceal Her lacy layers of net and taffeta? You are such a pretty and compliant little sissy...unlike percy. My little sissy, you may go over to where Little Miss Tina is sitting and have a closer look at Her pretty party dress and petticoats. You're a sissy...a pathetic excuse for a boy...yet you are obedient and respectful of Women and Girls. You acknowledge our Superiority. You envy Miss Tina, don't you, sissy? You wish YOU were wearing a frilly party dress...and oodles of petticoats...all lacy and swishy...hmmmm….? Go ahead, Miss Timmy, and if you are a polite and respectful sissy, Miss Tina may allow you to play with Her Lace...while little Miss Percy watches...envious of you...and even more envious of Little Miss Tina," Miss Prim laughed both sissies.
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/ Re: Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s Cousin
« Last post by sissykimmy1 on July 17, 2018, 12:51:46 AM »
Really digging it so far. Can't wait for more. The magic approach is different from your other stories and it really opens up a ton of possibilities. Looking forward to what you come up with!
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/ Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s Cousin
« Last post by DaraJaney on July 16, 2018, 02:30:56 PM »

Episode 1

Sabrina’s cousin Eric came to stay with them for the summer holidays because his mother had to go and care for his grandmother.  Sabrina had always thought he was a pain.  The family resemblance was strong, though he had dark hair and, being male, had none of the family’s supernatural powers.

“Sabrina!”  Zelda shouted up the stairs.  “You really need to get started selling those girl scout cookies!”  Sabrina came stomping down the stairs.  “No way!  I’m too old for that”, she insisted.  “Now you know that Hilda’s charity benefits from the money raised so you just have to get changed and go out and do it this one last time.”

Eric was lounging on the sofa.  He always jumped on an opportunity to tease his cousin.  “Yes Sabrina.  You must do it for your aunt!”  He smirked annoyingly, enjoying her discomfort.

“You do it then!” Sabrina told him.  “What?” he gave an incredulous look.  Sabrina pointed a finger at him and twirled it saying “Sell them for me, don’t be bold”.  He harrumphed.  “You can’t change back until they’re sold!” and she jabbed her finger in his direction.

Eric saw stars for a moment and when the air cleared he was standing up!  He looked down to see that he was wearing a girl scout uniform!  His cream blouse bulged a little at the breast and his blue skirt came to just about his knees.  He was holding a tray of cookies held up by a strap around his neck.

“What the hell!”  “Language!” Zelda scolded him.  Eric was stunned because the words came out in a girl’s voice – just like Sabrina’s.  “Sabrina! I warned you about using spells on your cousin.  It’s not fair.”  Eric squirmed in the skirt and felt nylon tights on his legs.  He looked below the tray to see he was wearing black t-bar shoes.

Sabrina scoffed and started to climb the stairs.  “Sorry but he bugged me.  The spell is cast.  He’ll be like that until he sells all the cookies.”  Eric tried to find a zip or buttons on the skirt but there were none!  It was tight around his waist with no way of getting it off.  There were buttons on his blouse but he didn’t dare undo them.  He could see the top of his white bra cups and would be too embarrassed to reveal them.

Zelda came over and put her hand on his back.  “She’s right you know”, she told him as she steered him towards the door.  He passed the mirror and saw that he now had blond hair styled just like Sabrina’s and with a blue girl scout cap.  “You are stuck like that until the spell’s conditions are fulfilled.  You have to go out and sell all those cookies.”  She opened the door.  “The neighbours on this street are usually pretty good about buying them.”

Eric was stunned at the idea of going up and down the street in a girl scout uniform selling cookies.  He stumbled along in his t-bar shoes which had a little heel on them.  He stuck his right foot out to have a look.  It had a strap around his ankle but there was no buckle on it.  There was no way he could get the skirt or shoes off and he wasn’t going to unbutton his blouse.  He cringed.

Zelda pushed him out the door.  He felt the breeze swirl up his skirt and turned to plead one last time but Zelda closed the door and he was stuck outside on the street now.

Sabrina pulled back a curtain and watched from an upstairs window.  Eric walked very gingerly down the driveway.  He looked up and down the street desperately hoping not to be seen.  There was a lady walking away about a hundred yards down the street but it was otherwise clear.  He scampered along quickly to the next driveway and went in.  He was constantly looking over his shoulder and twitched nervously if there was any sound like a door opening.  He paused before walking up to the door.  He clearly had to prepare himself for his first public encounter as a girl.

He stepped forward and rang the doorbell.  Sabrina could see him cringe again, realizing that there was no going back now.  She could see his frightened look as he obviously could hear footsteps approaching the door.  It opened and he tried to smile.  She almost felt sorry for him, he looked so pathetic.  Almost.

There was a brief exchange and the door closed.  He winced, clearly having failed to sell a cookie.  The wind rustled his skirt again and he scampered off to the next door.  Sabrina let the curtain go and went back to her book feeling very satisfied with her solution.

It was lunchtime when Eric knocked on the door.  Zelda let him in. Sabrina came trotting down the stairs.  Eric walked in looking forlorn.  Zelda looked at his tray.  He hadn’t sold even a tenth of the supply.

“It’s going to take me ages to sell these” Eric protested, stomping his t-bar shoe on the floor.  “Come in and have lunch” Zelda said, helping him raise the strap over his head and taking his tray of cookies over to the table.

Eric was relieved to have the weight taken off but looked down again at his little breasts nestling in his blouse, his unremovable skirt, the brown tan of his tights and the buckleless shoes.  He sighed heavily.  “Please let me out of this Sabrina”, he begged.  “I told you there is nothing I can do”, she insisted and Zelda didn’t contradict her.

“Well that’s not entirely true”, Sabrina continued thoughtfully.  Eric looked up hopefully.  “I can’t cancel the spell but I could do something to help you sell them more quickly.”  Eric’s face displayed mixed emotions about that.  “What do you mean?”

She pointed her finger again.  “The odds are poor according to the bookies, so help poor Eric sell more cookies!”  She zapped him.

When the stars cleared Eric looked down.  His breasts had swollen and now stretched the buttons on his blouse.  Another button was undone and the lace top of his bra peeked out.  He had to stretch his neck to see below his breasts and saw that his skirt was now half as short and pleated.  When he looked down, blond curls dangled at the edge of his vision.  He tried to walk over to the mirror and almost fell forward.  His shoes now had four-inch heels.  He looked down in shock.  They were still strapped to his ankle with no buckle.  His tights did not appear to have changed though.

He composed himself before trying to walk again.  He had to adjust for the weight of his bigger boobs and the high heels.  He tottered forward and felt a strange stretching up under his skirt.  Zelda was now behind him.  “Ooh!  Seamed stockings!  Nice touch.”

When he faced the mirror he saw that he was fully made up with scarlet lipstick, fluttering false-eyelashes, eye-shadow and liner and blush.  He put his hand up to his face in shock.  Bright red nail extensions were glued to each finger.  “You’ll definitely sell more looking like that”, Zelda confirmed.  “But I’ve already knocked on every door in the street”, he protested.  “Try the mall next”, Sabrina added calmly as she went back upstairs, “that’s what I would do”, she tittered.

Zelda gave Eric his lunch and then helped him on with his tray of cookies.  She tried not to laugh at his bulging blouse.  “The mall is only half a mile away.  Turn right at the end of the street.  There will be lots of people in the afternoon.  You’ll sell loads of cookies!” she tried to reassure him.

He cringed at the idea of appearing like this in front of lots of people!  She looked at his high heels and realized that the mall was not “just” half a mile away.  It would seem a lot further to poor Eric.

She opened the door.  Eric winced and then minced out in his heels.  By the time he reached the footpath he realized that walking half-a-mile was going to be agony.

When he came limping up back up the path, Sabrina could see that he had sold more than half the cookies.  She came bounding down the stairs as Zelda let him in.  He immediately headed for a chair reaching out to steady himself.  He lowered himself into the chair gingerly.  His skirt rode up and Sabrina sniggered on seeing the tops of his stockings and the suspender straps.

He sighed.  “There are still 8 cookies left to sell.”  “You’ll have no problem selling them at the mall this evening.  Lots of business men go there after work”, Sabrina told him brightly.  He sighed again but clearly realized that he was going to have to go back after his dinner and sell the rest.  She was right – he would sell them eventually.

Zelda helped him on with his tray after dinner.  Sabrina came up behind him.  “Your seam is crooked sweetie.”  She lifted the back of his short pleated skirt and he gave a little jump in surprise.  She slipped her fingers inside the top of his stocking and tugged it until his seam was straight.  “There!”  She lowered his skirt again and gave it a little tug.  It was still firmly secured around his waist.

He turned to face her.  “Thanks”, he muttered with an ungrateful frown.  Zelda opened the door.  He braced himself again, clutched his tray and minced out the door.  The more persistent breeze had blown up and his skirt fluttered up when he went.  Sabrina caught a glimpse of the lace-trim on his panties that he was unaware of.

He tried to smooth his skirt down with his right hand but the tray almost tipped over so he had to grab it again.  He had no choice but to walk down the street clutching the tray and resigning himself to the fact that the breeze could play freely with his short skirt.

As he approached the mall having now walked a total of one and a half miles in the high heels he noticed that the high building was creating even bigger gusts.  Sabrina was right though.  There were lots of men in suits.

He took a deep breath and strode purposefully towards the mall entrance, feeling more confident now in the heels.  His skirt fluttered wildly.  He could only console himself with the thought that it would help him sell his eight remaining cookies ever more quickly!
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/ Re: Bound for Bed
« Last post by Bertha on July 15, 2018, 10:23:24 PM »

“Wait a moment while I tuck your cute jammie top into your plastic baby pants. Yes, I know that makes you look silly and babyish but mummy wants the girls to get a good view of you in your nappies and plastic pants. Come with mummy, good boy, don’t your plastic pants make a lovely rustling sound when you toddle Babykins? It’s because you have three fluffy white nap-naps on, the bulky material makes you walk like that, goodness you do ask a lot of questions don’t you. I know, mummy will pop your dummy in and you can be quiet for a little while, you love your dummy don’t you, mummy will pin your dummy onto your jammies so you won’t lose it, there we go, now, open wide Babykins.

That’s better, some peace and quiet. Look, here comes your sister Melissa and her friend Harriet to see you. What’s that behind Melissa’s back, can you guess? It’s teddy!
Isn’t that kind of your sister to bring her older brother his cuddle bear to take to beddy-byes?

Naughty baby! Don’t ever throw teddy away like that again. You know what happens when you have baby tantrums, don’t you? What a scene you’re making in front of the girls, throwing teddy away and spitting out your dummy. Well, mummy knows how to deal with naughty babies.

Yes, there is a red mark where mummy slapped your leg. Now I want you to go and pick teddy up, go on. Now, tell teddy you are very sorry for throwing him away and give him a big kiss. No, kiss him again, I want to see a big sloppy kiss, that’s better. Now tell teddy you love him in a big loud voice so we can all hear you, in your baby voice mind. Well-done Babykins.

Girls, that was very unkind, there was no need for you all to snigger like that, although it was funny wasn’t it? Babykins, as punishment for your disgraceful behaviour you will stand on your naughty stool so we can see what a naughty boy you are. I will use the pink ribbons to tie your dum-dum into place so you can’t throw it away in a baby tantrum.

Have you calmed down now? I should hope so too. Say sorry to your sister, don’t whisper, yes I know it’s difficult to speak with your dummy tied in but you can try.

Yes, it did sound like “sowwy” didn’t it Melissa? He does speak like a baby when he has his dummy in. What, make him use his dummy all the time? That is a good idea, Melissa.

Your sister is right Babykins. You’re obviously overtired and you need to go straight to beddy-byes. Melissa, pass me his jammie bottoms, will you? Yes, you’re right Harriet, they are babyish for an eighteen-year-old but you’ve seen how he behaves. I’m afraid he will never learn to be a good boy so he’ll be mummy’s little baby for a long time yet.

Come along baby, hold on to mummy’s shoulder to balance, that’s a good Babykins, put your left leg in first, no don’t shake it all about, well done, now the other, clever boy. Yes I know your jim-jam bottoms are too big for you, mummy had them made like that on purpose. What’s that? Well maybe you do look silly in oversized jammies but mummy has her reasons and I am sure none of the girl's minds what naughty babies look like in their pyjamas, do you, girls?

They think you look all cuddly-wuddly weddy for beddy-byes. Don’t you think so Harriet?
See, everyone thinks so except you, and your opinion doesn’t count in this household does it Babykins?

No, hands off! Never mind what the ribbons sewn to the side of your pyjama bottoms are for, they are for mummy to know and baby to find out about.

Oh dear not tears again, what a crybaby you are. Very well then, I’ll tell you. Remember why mummy replaced your bed with your lovely new cot? You kept getting out of bed after mummy had put you down for the night, didn’t you? Yes, I know you think “theven” o’clock is too early a bedtime for you but mummy knows best and your special cot stopped all that nonsense, didn’t it?

But what happens now? Baby cannot be trusted not to remove his jammies once he is tucked up in beddy-byes and mummy worries that he will catch a chill. So will you promise to keep your jammies on for mummy Babykins?

It’s all very well saying, yeth mummy, but I don’t think you are being truthful at all, so mummy is going to put your handy-pandies into these lovely soft lambswool mittens that your sister knitted for you. Isn’t Melissa a generous sister to her older brother?

No good shaking your head, Babykins, it’s bedtime mittens for you from now on. See how the yellow wool matches your jim-jams.

Why Harriet thank you, I didn’t realise you could knit too. A pink set of mittens would be lovely, yes he has some pink jammies so they would be perfect.

Say thank you to Melissa and Harriet Babykins, a big hug and a kiss each I think, good Babykins. Yes, fank oo Mewissa and Howwiett, was a good attempt wasn’t it girls.

Handy-pandies please, that’s it, yes all your fingers are squished together, that’s the idea of the mittens you silly goose, now put your arms by your sides, that’s it. See, now I can tie your wrists to your pyjamas, yes, that’s what the ribbons are for. Perfect!

Now Babykins, time to give your sister her birthday present. Yes, that’s puzzled you hasn’t it. No, I know you aren’t allowed to have any money anymore but you still have something to give her, you’ll never guess. Shall I tell you? It’s your bottom!

Melissa wanted to give you your bedtime spanking as your present to her and how could I refuse, especially as she will be babysitting you soon.

Tears again! But she hasn’t started yet. Yes sit on that chair Melissa and take him across your lap. Use both hands to pull him tightly onto your lap, that’s it. You see with his hands down by his side he can’t struggle. Now put your right leg across both of his legs and drag them toward yourself using your heel, well done!

Now you can pick up the paddle and begin. Oh stop whimpering, It can hardly hurt Babykins, after all, you are wearing thick towelling nappies, plastic baby pants and heavy flannel pyjamas.

Keep going Melissa, I know, it does tire your arm, take a rest. Pull him toward you again and don’t forget to scold him while you’re spanking. Tell him what a naughty little Babykins he is. That’s it, excellent stop now if you’re tired.

No, Melissa, I don’t think Harriet can take a turn at spanking your brother, perhaps another time. I think our eighteen-year-old baby needs putting to beddy-byes, don’t you?

Wave night-night to the girl’s Babykins. Good boy, mummy will bring teddy. Careful now, I know your pyjamas bottoms are too long but if you fall over mummy will make you crawl upstairs like the little baby you are. I know it's hard to balance with your handy-pandies tied to your side but do your best. That’s it, into the nursery. Yes I know it is very dark in here, all the better to help you sleep, my dear.

Mummy will just check your dummy is properly tightly tied in place otherwise you just spit it out, don’t you? Too late for promises I am afraid, now hold still while I tie the ribbon behind your head a bit tighter that's it. Breathe slowly and your dum-dum will bob in and out and you will soon get used to it and the rhythmic action will calm you and help you to sleep.

I’ll just lower this rail and mummy just has to give Babykins a little push and he topples straight into his cot, in you go. No, I’ve told you, babies don’t have pillows just lie still. Now you will know why mummy made your jammie bottoms so long. See, I just tie the excess material together and your footsies will be as helpless as your handy-pandies. Mummy can be certain you will be staying safely tucked up in your cot pinned snugly into your nappies, wearing your mittens and baby lamb jammies.

Mummy will tuck you in good and tight and snugly. Babykins won’t be getting out of beddy-byes tonight will he? Now, shall I tuck teddy in beside you? Don't you want your teddy? Well, mummy thinks teddy will be sad to find Babykins doesn't love teddy anymore so mummy is going to tuck teddy beside you in any case.

What’s that? Mummy can’t make out what her eighteen-year-old baby is trying to say. You don't want to be mummy's baby anymore? That's a shame because mummy can't imagine you not being her Babykins. Mummy thinks you will be her Babykins for a very long time yet. Now, you just gurgle away babyishly while mummy sits with you until you fall fast asleep.

Can you hear the girls outside playing and laughing while you are tucked up in bed? You can, good. Now Babykins must go to sleepy-byes.”
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/ Re: Trevor in the Hood
« Last post by Andlat on July 15, 2018, 02:21:35 AM »
A minor update, everyone. It took me the longest time to figure out what to have Courtney's sister Chloe wear as her Halloween costume, but I have finally gotten past that particular obstacle, so I hope to have part 2 up in the near future.
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/ Re: Forced Into Frillies and Frocks by Johnathan
« Last post by krystalasbaby2017 on July 14, 2018, 09:27:15 AM »
I have read this on another site, it is still a very good story and so are other stories by the author
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/ Re: Bound for bed
« Last post by krystalasbaby2017 on July 13, 2018, 06:53:33 AM »
Ty nice story, it appears you left it open in a few spots to expand.  I hope you do
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