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Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: One Mother's Solution
« Last post by Baby Bobby on Today at 11:20:12 AM »
His mom was oblivious to their presence as she looked along the shelves for the diaper rash cream.
Another woman was coming up behind them and she bent down to look closer at Francis.
“Well hello, little sweetie!” she exclaimed as she beamed at the cringing youth.
His mom turned around to see the smiling woman gazing at her son’s thickly diapered hips.
“My son is a bedwetter too,” she confessed breezily to him, “Do you also wet during the daytime, honey?”
Francis blushed furiously and shook his head, unable to stammer out a response.
“The poor dear had his jeans still in the dryer after his nap so this was just out of convenience,” his mom explained as she patted his fat, rubber-pantied bottom.
Francis groaned with shame—not only was this strange woman seeing him in his humiliating diapers but now she knew he had just taken a nap like a little child.
“How do you like the rubber panties?” she asked his mom as she looked down at his snug yellow panties, “My son wears plastic...I’ve never tried rubber before.”
“I think they’re wonderful,” she replied, happy to dispense advice to a fellow mother, “They’re very soft and make for a good seal around his legs, which is so important when he wets at night.
“I only wish they came in more variety.”
The woman nodded, appreciative of the information.
“Have you had any difficulty finding diapers in his size? My boy is only six, so the larger Gerbers diapers and plastic panties still fit him okay.”
“Oh—it’s no problem. I get mine online from various sites. Francis is twelve now, so the Gerbers would definitely not be an option for me.”
“—Twelve? Oh, I thought you were ten, sweetie,” the woman chuckled at the blushing boy.
His mom smiled understandingly as she went on to cite the different websites she used where diapering supplies could be obtained for bigger boys.
All this talk about wetting was starting to have a predictable effect on Francis, who began shifting from foot to foot.
“Mommy,” he whined as he tugged at her sleeve, “I hafta go to the bathroom.”
“We should be going,” she told her new friend reluctantly, “but it was nice chatting with you.”
They said their goodbyes and after getting some more baby powder, they headed to the checkout counter. He was dismayed to see they only had one checker working and a short line had developed.
Francis was shifting in his feet, fighting the urgent need to go and trying unsuccessfully to avoid everyone’s stares when, without notice, a random woman in line behind him decided to take the opportunity to squeeze his amply diapered bottom.
“Oh!” he squealed with surprise. His shock caused a hot stream of pee to suddenly flood uncontrollably into his diapers, quickly soaking the front. The trauma and stress of the day had finally caught up to the beleaguered sissy and his weak bladder couldn’t take anymore.
“Sorry honey—I just thought you looked so cute,” the woman apologized with a bright smile.
Francis bit his lip as he felt another urgent stream follow the first one, only adding to the warm wetness embracing him. Fortunately, the snug rubber panties did a wonderful job of keeping it all in and his diapers only sagged a little from the additional weight.
The female checker behind the counter gave him a knowing wink as she rang up the diaper rash cream and baby powder. Francis’ efforts to pull his t-shirt down failed miserably to cover up his embarrassing diapers and there wasn’t a person nearby who wasn’t watching him.
At last, after the trying ordeal of the store, they drove the short distance to their house. Francis was seething with resentment and frustration as he sat in his warm, wet diapers. The pee had seeped up into his seat where the soggy cotton cloth was clinging closely to his bottom.
“Mommy, I wet my diapers,” the poor sissy wailed at last.
“That’s okay, honey. We’ll get you changed once we get home,” she assured him.
Francis was surprised to see his aunt’s car in the driveway which, he realized, could only mean certain further embarrassment for him.
Although he was hoping to slip in and go straight to his room, as fate would have it, his aunt caught them in the entryway of the house, greeting them with a huge smile.
“After a brief hug and kiss with his mom, his beautiful aunt bent down and hugged her nephew tightly.
“Hello there, sweetie-pie jr.!” she exclaimed cheerfully.
As she hugged him, her free hand reached down and squeezed his rubber-pantied bottom.
“Looks like my little guy wet his diapers today,” she announced.
Francis blushed a bright red. Even under normal conditions, he found his pretty aunt Jordan intimidating, with her beautiful black hair, full lips, and generous bosom. She had always treated him special, and Francis had a huge crush on her.
“Yes, I had to make a detour to the store which took a little longer than I thought,” his mom explained.
“Come on honey,” she told her embarrassed nephew, “why don’t we get you out of those wet diapers.”
As they made their way back to his bedroom, Francis reasoned that he would at last be rid of his infantile underwear, at least until bedtime. He was used to Jordan babysitting him and to be fair, this was not an entirely new experience for him.
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/ Re: One Mother's Solution
« Last post by krystalasbaby2017 on Yesterday at 12:09:12 AM »
Now the teasing will start from the girls and boys.  If Francis has not had accidents in the day when up and awake, might just happen with the teasing?
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: One Mother's Solution
« Last post by pierrylouys on February 14, 2019, 11:43:50 AM »
Poor Francis !! Hehe I think someone it’s gonna get diposable pampers to use outside hehehe
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: Secluded Cabin Sissy
« Last post by babycakes on February 14, 2019, 10:29:50 AM »
I have to say you are keeping me on the edge of my seat wondering what picayune thing Jack does or says will cause Diane to inflict more sissy punishment and the severity of that punishment.  Especially like the carrot and stick approach of Jack being required to be a little girl in a dress but allowed to keep his boxers.  Then the stick again of Jack needing to wear diapers at night and Jessie as a partner with Mom in making that decision.  Love the more mature and superior role Jessie is growing into and Diane's encouragement of Jessie's position as the "older" sister.  Very realistic given sibling rivalry with Jessie not being too involved at this point and very well written. 

Still trying to figure out Michael's role in Jack's sissification and regression and his motivations.  Finally, I can understand Kyle's standoffish attitude to Jack not wanting to be associated with a sissy but I don't see him as just the alternative real boy to Jack's sissy.  I still think there is something in store for Kyle but even if not he's a great character to highlight Jack's descent into little girl status.

Thanks for writing and keep up the great work.  You may have noticed that with 17+K views you have a lot of people's attention.
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/ Re: One Mother's Solution
« Last post by Baby Bobby on February 14, 2019, 10:26:36 AM »
The boys were awakened by the arrival of Francis' mom, who walked into the bedroom along with Stephanie as they rubbed their sleepy eyes.

"Thank you so much for taking care of Francis," she was telling her friend. “And I’m so glad you took the extra precaution.”
"Better safe than sorry, was my thinking," Stephanie replied.

"Hi sweetie!" his mom said as she came over to his side of the bed, "Come on, stand up so I can check you," she instructed her red-faced son.

Francis was crushed with shame, having to stand up before the four of them, dressed only in his t-shirt and embarrassing diapers, whereas the other two were in their boyish pajamas.
His mom bent down and slipped her fingers inside the leg holes of his soft rubber panties.

"Still dry--that's my good boy," she said proudly as she hugged him close.

"Oh!" Stephanie exclaimed, "I just realized--Francis' jeans got muddy today and I threw them into the wash. Unfortunately, I got busy this afternoon and completely forgot about them--they still need to go into the dryer."

"It's no problem," his mom said with a shrug, "We're just heading home--I can swing by and pick those up tomorrow."

Without another thought, she bent down and began tying Francis' shoes for him.
He shook his fists in helpless frustration, angry and mortified to think he would be going home now with his humiliating diapers fully on display instead of being changed into his big boy clothes.
They said their goodbyes as Francis kept his gaze averted from them, too ashamed to look his friends in the eye.
They drove the short distance home and were nearly there when, without notice, his mom suddenly diverged from their usual route.
“You know what—I just realized you’re out of Desitin,” she remarked, “This will only take a sec.”
Francis’ heart lept into his throat--this day only seemed to be getting worse for the diapered sissy!
She parked in front of the store and made ready to go inside by herself when she reconsidered her actions.
Shaking her head, she changed her mind and came around to the other side of the car.
“Sorry Francis—I’m just not comfortable with leaving you alone in the car—this will only take a second,” she repeated.
“N-no!” he wailed, “I can’t go out like this!”
“Sweetie—I know it’s not the best situation but we’re also low on baby powder too,” she explained, as if that would somehow assuage his concerns.
Taking him by the wrist, she pulled him out of the car and he gulped with fear as they stumbled into the store awkwardly.
Once inside, he scanned around to see if anyone he knew was there and sure enough, he recognized Mikayla Peterson standing with her mom. He blushed bright red as she looked up and caught sight of him, trailing behind his mother like a toddler as they made their way to the baby section.
He could only imagine what she would be telling her friends in the next few days!
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: One Mother's Solution
« Last post by krystalasbaby2017 on February 14, 2019, 03:44:23 AM »
definately liked the way this starts, would also love to see a wet bed and one of his friends being  nappied as well.
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/ Re: Secluded Cabin Sissy
« Last post by moms.cross.dresser on February 13, 2019, 09:02:11 PM »
  Please more it great story
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/ Re: One Mother's Solution
« Last post by moms.cross.dresser on February 13, 2019, 01:44:17 PM »
oh yes nice story i  think   onesie would be nice
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: One Mother's Solution
« Last post by Sissieann on February 13, 2019, 12:26:14 PM »
 8) Baby Bobby another great start can't wait for next part Baby Kevin???  :P
Active Sissy Stories
/ One Mother's Solution
« Last post by Baby Bobby on February 13, 2019, 12:07:50 PM »
The warm, summer sun shone beatifically down upon 12 year-old Francis and his two young companions enjoying the swing set in the back yard. An hour earlier, his mom had dropped him off to be babysat for the afternoon, along with hIs friends, Jimmy and Tommy, who were 2 and 3 years younger respectively.
After a lunch of PB&J sandwiches, they had run outside to play in the mild summer weather.

Francis was both small for his age, and slight of frame, which made his younger friends seem more like peers than they might otherwise have been. They played lightheartedly for the next hour, giggling and enjoying the seasonal school break.

"Okay kids," his friend's mom, Stephanie, called from the back porch, "time to come inside."

The three sighed as they reluctantly stopped playing and walked slowly into the house. They all knew what was coming--it was 2:00, after all, and the boys knew it was time for their afternoon naps.
Nevertheless, Francis chafed at the notion and he grumbled with barely concealed resentment under his breath. The fact was he was almost a teenager now, and although his friends were younger, it was galling to him to be subjected to the same childish routine.

Francis trudged down the hall after his friends and followed them into their mom's bedroom.

Stephanie bent down to address him, an enigmatic smile on her face.
"Francis, I've talked to your mom, and we both think it's best if you wore'protection', for your nap," she told him.

The youth blushed red, knowing exactly what she was referring to, but mortified for his friends to learn about it in this way. So far, he had been largely successful at keeping his embarrassing bedwetting habit a secret from his schoolmates.

She began untying his shoes and removing his jeans as he stammered awkward and weak protestations. His friends were clearly very interested in what was about to happen, particularly since a fluffy stack of snowy white diapers and waterproof panties had already been arranged on the bed.

"B-but, I p-promise not to w-wet the bed," Francis whined bitterly. Tears of shame were misting in his eyes.

"That's fine, but just to be sure, I don't want to take any chances," she replied as she lifted the half-nude boy up and situated him onto the waiting stack of soft diapers.

Francis' checks and ears burned hotly as he whimpered and squirmed, his feet kicking instinctively. His friends watched closely as she grasped his ankles and lifted his feet up over his head to coat his little rump with diaper rash cream. It wasn't lost upon him that his younger companions weren't required to wear diapers and he felt deeply humiliated.

After generously powdering his front, Stephanie pulled the thick, bulky cotton cloth up between his thighs and pinned the sides tightly around his hips. A stretchy pair of soft, yellow rubber panties soon followed with his friend's mom carefully adjusting the fit to get all the cozy Birdseye diaper inside his panties.
After a quick dusting of baby powder between his legs, she began putting the diapering supplies away.

Francis blushed in shame as the boys watched him in silence, only now realizing that their sissy friend was a bedwetter.

As the two brothers spoke in hushed, excited, whispers to each other, Stephanie pulled the sheets back on the master bed.
Soon, the boys were tucked into bed, the door closed and before long, the room was quiet.

"Do you wear diapers at home?" Jimmy asked his friend curiously.

Facing away from them, Francis bit his lip in uneasy frustration.

"Go to sleep," he replied, feeling very humiliated.

"I didn't know you were a bedwetter," 9 year-old Tommy said tactlessly in his small voice.

Francis didn't respond, hoping they would just leave him alone and go to sleep.

After a while, they all fell into restful slumber and the afternoon passed uneventfully.

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