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/ Stowaway
« Last post by DaraJaney on Today at 04:37:44 PM »
Joe was fed up with life in Victorian Liverpool.  Although just a young teenager he was working on the docks.  With the British strict class system his prospects of ever getting anything better were slim.

He often heard that life was much better in the United States.  People from poor backgrounds could lift themselves up there.  But there was no way he could afford a ticket on the sailing ships that took people to America.  He had a plan though.

Somedays he got work on the small boats, bring supplies out to the sailing ships.  He decided he could stowaway.  He knew the risks were great.  He’d heard of stowaways being found and simply being thrown into the sea – lucky to be thrown a plank of wood to cling to.

He got an opportunity one day to sneak below decks and find a cupboard to hide in.  It was full of rope and paint tins and he could see out through the slats in the door.

He observed as a lady was shown to her cabin on that corridor and had her cases moved in by a porter.  He noticed some baskets of food being brought in too.

The ship set sail and shortly after leaving the docks the lady left the room presumably to take some fresh sea air.  He carefully sneaked into her room and looked around for the food.  He was hoping to build up a stash.  He was rummaging in one basket when the door opened.

He looked up and saw the lady there.  She jumped with the fright but quickly closed the door behind him.  “Are you a stowaway?” she asked.  She seemed a little excited by the thought.  Joe considered denying it but why else would he be looking for food in her cabin.  He thought it was better than being considered a pure thief.  He nodded and must have had a look of panic in his eyes.

“It’s ok.  I won’t report you if I don’t have to”, she told him.  He relaxed a bit but wasn’t sure what she meant.  She appeared to have an idea.  She smiled at him.  “Of course if you are found out, they will throw you overboard.  Are you a good swimmer?”  She could tell from the look on his face that being thrown overboard was not going to go well for him.

“Well, if you do as I say, then there would be no need to tell them.  You could sail all the way to New York and not be found out.”  He was intrigued.

“My daughter was supposed to travel with me but she got sick yesterday and can’t travel.  My sister is looking after her and will send her on as soon as she recovers.”  Joe was puzzled.  What did this have to do with him?

“I have got one trunk of her clothes with me though and a spare bed in this cabin”, she told him, tapping the trunk in the corner of the cabin.  Joe still had no idea what she was getting at.  “I could disguise you in her clothes and you wouldn’t get caught.”

Joe stared at her wide-eyed.  Dress as a girl?  There was no way he was doing that!  “Thanks Lady but I don’t think so”, he sniggered.  Her face turned pompous.  “Well I shall have to turn you in then.”  Joe held up his hand “no please don’t”.  Being thrown overboard would be the death of him.

She smiled.  “Well then, you know what you have to do.”  She opened the trunk and Joe looked down at the pretty dresses folded neatly inside.  He winced.

She took out a blue dress with white lace trimmings and held it up in front of him.  “This should fit nicely.”  Joe sighed heavily.  “Or I can turn you in”, she said heading for the door.  “No! Please don’t”

He had no choice but to do as she said.  He removed his shirt.  “You’d better wash first” she told him gesturing towards a basin and jug.  She made him strip down to his underpants and then wash.  She gave him a towel and helped him dry.

Then she threw the blue dress over his head and pushed his arms into the sleeves.  Joe couldn’t believe he was in this predicament as she buttoned up his dress at the back.  It wasn’t what he had envisaged as a stowaway.  He had seen himself cleverly concealing himself during the days on the voyage and nipping out at night to find food.

She reached down into the trunk.  She pulled out a pile of white cloth.  When she flapped it all out it turned out to be three layers of petticoats.

Joe gave her a pleading look but she arranged the petticoats under his dress and tied the sash at his back.  Then she produced a pair of long bloomers with rows of lace above the ankles.  Joe squirmed on seeing it but could do nothing to protest.

He looked in the mirror and saw how his skirts and petticoats came to just below the knee showing off the rows of lace on his bloomers.  He wanted to cry.

She slipped boots onto his feet.  They had a slightly higher heel than he was used to.  Then she took a large bonnet from the trunk and placed it on his head tying the ribbon under his chin in a big bow.  “There!”

She turned him to the mirror again.  He winced at how convincing he looked as a girl with his boyish hair hidden by the bonnet.  There was no way he was dressing like this!  He turned around determined to confront her to see her gather up his boy’s clothes into a neat bundle.  She went to the side of the cabin.  He assumed she was going to put them in a drawer but she reached for the handle on the porthole.  “No!” he pleaded and tried to run towards her but his heavy petticoats and heels slowed him down.  She threw his clothes out the port hole into the sea!

His jaw fell open as he realized that his clothes were gone.  He looked at his reflection in the mirror.  This pretty dress over layers of petticoats and his lacey bloomers and bonnet were the only clothes he had now!  He tried to remember how long the voyage was due to last.  Eight weeks in good weather somebody said.  He squirmed and clutched his skirts nervously.
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: Hen Do
« Last post by Ahiru on Yesterday at 08:00:07 PM »
I feel like I've missed something, when did he become husband? I hate to sound critical, the situations are very good, but the story has felt rushed since the actual hen party ended.  It's felt like a different tale.
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: Hen Do
« Last post by krystalasbaby2017 on September 18, 2018, 11:24:27 PM »
definately different. Unemployed hubby should now be trained as a sissy maid.  Made to answer doors maybe
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: Display
« Last post by krystalasbaby2017 on September 18, 2018, 11:17:36 PM »
Just got caught up on it too.  As a sissy baby myself sometimes i have images of me in a mall dressed like our  baby is.  The humiliation he is going through right now.
Looking forward in the future to keeping up with this story to see what is happening. Great Story
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: Display
« Last post by babycakes on September 18, 2018, 07:10:40 PM »
I can't believe no one else has commented so I must say, well done!  Keeping two stories active simultaneously is some accomplishment.  I don't write, so I cannot say I understand how hard it is to even generate one story but I imagine the time commitment alone is formidable.  So, thank you for your hard work and sharing your creativity.

I do hope our "victim" in Display is in for some better treatment as I'm sure his skirt lifting days are long gone.  Maybe a reprieve of some sort for being "man enough" to submit to his punishment.  Also, even though this is a sissy site, one could hope that Sally Foster might get some comeuppance.  Or, at least, another "guilty" boy might join our "hero".
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: Hen Do
« Last post by DaraJaney on September 18, 2018, 01:01:29 PM »
The next time Alan visited Hannah she wanted to show him something else.  She could see how he liked being teased – he didn’t disagree – so she locked his tackle in a chastity device.  His pen-is was held in a small hard plastic tube which curved down to counter any erection.  It was locked on with a plastic ring behind his testicles.

He was once more dressed in his maid’s uniform.  This time she collared him and attached the collar to the wall beside the bed.  She chained his ankles to a ring in the floor and handcuffed his wrists behind his back.  As she gagged him she told him “this time you’re going to be part of the act”.  It was too late for him to object, though his muffled whimpers could be heard through the gag.

She placed a leather blindfold over his eyes and strapped it tightly in place.  “I won’t make you watch it though.  Let’s leave it to your imagination.”

Then she took a tray and chained it to his collar and around his waist so that it rested beneath his big boobs and just above his apron.  “Somewhere to keep our drinks.”  He flinched and whimpered when the doorbell rang.  She hadn’t been joking.

He heard her leave the room.  He struggled against his restraints but he was securely attached to the wall by the neck and by his ankles to the floor and there was no give in his handcuffs.  Her client was led in to find Alan wriggling, whimpering and squirming helplessly which Hannah was pleased about.

“This is my useless unemployed husband”, she explained.  “At least he has plenty of time to do all the housework!”  He heard the man chuckle.  “Hold these for us dear.”  She placed two tumblers of whiskey on his tray.

They sat on the bed.  “Don’t worry, he can’t get any enjoyment out of this.”  She lifted the petticoats of his maid’s dress and pulled down his frilly panties revealing his locked up bits.  He heard another chuckle.  She left his panties around his chained ankles.

Alan could only hear it but that made it worse.  The last time he hadn’t seen her allow her client to enter her but it sure sounded like something like that was happening.  His member pressed against his chastity device but he was denied any arousal.  He continued to whimper and tug on his chains, not sure himself if it was real or if he was putting on an act.

The next time she chained him at the end of the four-poster bed with his wrists locked to the top of the posts and his ankles locked to the bottom.  He was gagged but not blindfolded this time.  His panties were pulled down his legs to show his chastity device.

“I want my useless husband to see how it should be done”, she told her client who was only too keen to oblige.  This time there was no doubt that she was engaging in full sex.  Alan tugged desperately on his chains in what was definitely not an act.  However, she unlocked everything and gave him a good seeing to afterwards so he seemed to forgive her.

The next time the client entered to find him dressed in his maid’s uniform, chained ankles and wrists in the open wardrobe.  A tube was attached to his pen-is which was vibrating away.  “This is my useless unemployed husband.  This way I get something worthwhile from him which I can sell to the sperm bank.  I can’t bear to do what is necessary to him to extract this stuff myself but this nice machine does the job.”

Alan groaned through his gag as the tube pumped away on him.  She held up the narrow plastic tube which led to a bottle about one third filled with sperm.  “Just a few more times to fill it dear!”

After a few minutes he came and she turned the machine off.  She looked after her client very well as Alan looked on, still panting from his orgasm.  As her client was leaving, she turned on the machine again.  Alan groaned in protest but was soon distracted by the pumping on his pen-is.

It took longer and longer for him to come each time.  She’d leave him for an hour and come back and turn it on again.  Despite his groans and pleas she actually seemed determined to fill the bottle.  She picked it up and examined it.  “You really need to produce more each time dear or we’ll be here all day”, she told him turning the machine on again and leaving him there chained up in the wardrobe groaning in protest as she left the room.
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: Display
« Last post by DaraJaney on September 14, 2018, 01:47:05 AM »
On Friday afternoon the girls had no homework and asked if they bring could Baby Stephanie into town with them.  Mother Superior readily agreed.  The straps from his high chair could be removed to become a very effective harness.  Steven whimpered through his soother as his harness was strapped on tightly over his pink baby dress.

“Don’t forget to take this”, Mother Superior reminded them holding out a changing bag with a large baby bottle of milk in the side pocket.  “In case he soils himself.”  “He probably will when we walk him down High Street and into the Mall!” someone joked and the girls all laughed.  Steven’s reins were tugged and he waddled off down the driveway with six giggling girls around him.

He knew how this would go and he suc-ked hard on his soother in anticipation.  A person meeting them on the street would first of all notice his big pink baby dress, bonnet and pink tights.  They would wonder why this teenager was dressed like this accompanied by girls in their school uniforms.  Then they would see that he was suc-king on a large soother and that would amuse them more.

As they approached closer they would see that he was actually wearing a thick nappy –since his short baby dress did nothing to cover it.  That might provoke shock but they would almost certainly laugh in the end.   Then the significance of the changing bag would strike them and they would realise that this child was actually expected to use the nappy!  And they could see that Steven was being bottle-fed.

Seeing this big baby strapped into a harness being held by a girl no bigger or older would provide further amusement.  They might or might not realise that the mittens were designed to make this child helpless – unable to take off the harness or the baby dress or nappy.

They would still at this stage assume that it was a girl in the big pink baby dress and frilly nappy cover but the girls would make sure to say something to give away Steven’s true sex.  Once again the person would be shocked briefly before convulsing in laughter.  They would realise just how humiliating it must be for a teenage boy to be out in public in a pink dress with layers of petticoats, a bonnet, pink tights and frilly underwear, clearly visible to all.  Not to mention wearing a nappy and being led by a bunch of girls on a tight rein.  Presumably these girls were responsible for changing his nappy and feeding him his bottle too!

The girls would be quick to tell the stranger how often he needed his nappy changed and how often he needed feeding.  That he spent twelve hours of his day in his play-pen and the other twelve hours in a secure cot.  “It must be really nice for him to get out and about so”, the stranger would snigger sarcastically as Steven squirmed in his nappy which would now be soaked with pee.

And so it proceeded.  Stephen lost count of the ladies they encountered on the way down High Street.  He could only suc-k on his soother and look down at the pavement and endure.

Then outside the Mall they met Sally Foster and her friends.  “Ha!  This time we don’t need to lift your skirts to see your frilly undies!” she sniggered and the girls all laughed as Steven cringed.  “Can we take him into the Mall?” she asked his classmates.  “Sure!” they readily agreed handing over the changing bag.  Steven whimpered through his soother on being transferred to the care of the very girl who had got him into this mess.

Meeting individual people on the street was bad enough but in the Mall there were crowds of people.  They nudged each other as Steven was led along.  “That must be the boy from the shop window!”  “He’s actually using his nappy!”  “My goodness look at those layers of petticoats.”  “And the tights!”

They brought him to a coffee shop and that at least got him in from the crowds.  Sally took his bottle of milk and handed it to the lady behind the counter.  “Could you warm up his bottle please?”  “His?” the lady looked astonished at Steven in his pink baby dress and bonnet.

After their drinks they made sure to walk him around each level of the Mall.  Eventually they need the toilet.  They walked him into the Ladies and found a long queue.  They brought Baby Stephanie to the row of sinks and tied his harness to the pipes.  “You wait there while we queue.”

Steven was in full view of the ladies in the queue.  One of them looked beneath his baby dress and said “Lucky you!   You don’t have to queue for the toilet!”  They all laughed as Steven peed more into his nappy in mortification.

When his harness was finally untied and he was led back out of the Ladies, he was acutely aware of the heavy sogginess of his nappy and the excess pee sloshing around in the bottom of his plastic pants as he waddled along wherever the girls led him.  People must surely notice.  He wondered would he be better off producing a poo and getting his nappy changed.  But he really didn’t want Sally Foster to have the ultimate triumph of changing his nappy in a Mall baby-changing room.  So he clenched his buttocks, suc-ked hard on his soother and waddled through the crowd just praying for it all to be over.
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: Hen Do
« Last post by dolly bo peep on September 12, 2018, 10:12:47 AM »

I'm really enjoying this story and you are really pushing the right buttons on a number of my fantasies about being forced to dress as a maid and being chained under a woman's control.

I'm looking forward to reading your next chapter.
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: Display
« Last post by dolly bo peep on September 12, 2018, 10:00:29 AM »

I'm catching up and guess that Stephanie will assist in advancing the life skills of the girls attending the school so they will know how to properly change a baby, and make proper frilly outfits for a baby girl.

I'm glad that you put in your classic line about pee sloshing around in his plastic pants.

Will the boys at the other school build baby Stephanie a properly sized stroller so he can be secured in to be pushed out around town for the amusement of Sally Foster and the other townspeople?
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: Baby Alex
« Last post by dolly bo peep on September 12, 2018, 09:51:42 AM »

I hope you are feeling better now and will be up to adding another chapter in the near future.

Baby Alex is really getting what's due him for teasing his cousin so long ago. I'm looking forward to reading what will happen next.
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