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/ Re: Happy Betty's Day!
« Last post by Betty on Today at 01:50:24 AM »
Thanks. Next spring will be the big one... 25 years online. Our hit counter will have turned over to 50 million hits since 2004 long before then... maybe by Autumn.
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/ Re: Wife Takes Charge
« Last post by sarahpenguin on Yesterday at 11:48:53 AM »
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/ Re: Happy Betty's Day!
« Last post by sissy servant 737-820-633 on March 20, 2018, 08:16:54 PM »

24 years of living next door to Alice..
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/ Re: Happy Betty's Day!
« Last post by sissykimmy1 on March 20, 2018, 08:10:28 PM »
Thanks for all your hard work and sacrifice, Betty,  And thanks to all the contributors and donators who have keep this place active and fun too. :)
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/ Happy Betty's Day!
« Last post by Betty on March 20, 2018, 04:01:01 PM »
We moved from our usenet newsgroup (before the internet, we had the usenet), to the new fangled internet, officially going online as "Betty's Sissyboys" on the first day of spring 1994. About a month or 2 later, we started our story site because our main site got flooded with stories.

We've been continuously on the internet for 24 years now.

Happy Betty's Day!
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/ Re: My first attempt at a story
« Last post by Sissieann on March 20, 2018, 10:45:16 AM »
 8) Whow what a great start can't wait 4 next part?  ;D
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/ Re: My first attempt at a story
« Last post by robertson on March 20, 2018, 09:34:53 AM »
Part 3 of becoming Angela

The journey home took about twenty minutes, and we pulled into the driveway.  I made an attempt, in my way of thinking, of getting my mother to see sense.”
“Mum, “ I started.  She interrupted.
“You know, I think you need to speak like a little baby.  It’s not, “mum”, it’s, “mummy”, from now on, and this is, “mummy Susan”, she gestured at my sister, “and this will be, “Auntie Melanie”, pointing at Melanie.  “If you don’t speak with respect, and call us all what I just told you, then it’s another smacked botty.  Do you understand?”
I blushed and looked down.
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, er, mummy”
“Good boy.”
She got out and I reached for the door, but she put her head back in the car.  “No, no, just wait a minute”, she said.  She turned to my sister and Melanie.  “Can you get all the supplies out and put them in the living room, for now?”  She walked round the car and opened the door, next to me.  To my horror, she reached in and picked me up, then put me on her hip, and walked towards the house, carrying me, like a baby.
“Mummy, I can walk”
“Hush.  Little babies get carried by their mummies”
She took me in to the house and took me straight to the living room, where she deposited me, gently, on to the couch.  “Now just sit here, for now.  I have to get lunch ready, with the girls.  Little babies stay where they are put, so stay there and don’t move”
She went into the kitchen.
“Susie, in all the excitement, do you know what we forgot at Mothercare?  Yes, the bottles and dummies.  How are we going to feed the baby?”
“Oh!  Actually mum, it might be ok.  Do you remember Auntie Jane visiting us, and she had that cute little baby of hers, Samantha?  Well, I am sure she left some supplies behind, and I think there are some bottles, dummies, and even a sippy cup.”
“Oh, what a relief, can you go upstairs to check, and Melanie and I will get lunch ready”
I heard my sister go upstairs.  “Yes mum”, she shouted down, “they are all here, and there is even that old cot and play pen, so I think we are sorted.”
“Wonderful, but how big is the cot?”
“Oh, well, let me see, yes, it’s four foot eleven inches long.” replied my sister.
“That’s good.  He is only five foot one, so he will fit in it with slightly bent legs.”  I cringed at the thought of being put to bed in nappies, in a cot, suc-king a dummy, after being fed from a bottle, like a baby.  A picture of what life will be like was emerging in my head.
My sister came back downstairs; carrying what looked like wooden parts to a small fence.  She started to build it, in the centre of the room, and, as it emerged, I could see it becoming a baby’s play pen.  She finished assembling it, and tested the gat a few times, then came over to me.  She picked me up and carried me over to the pay pen, then put me inside.
“Now you just stay there, till we get your bottle ready.”  She reached behind her and brought out a dummy, which she put in my mouth.  She then went into the kitchen and started talking with mum (now mummy) and Melanie (now my Auntie).  A few minutes later, all three came back in, my mum carrying a baby’s bottle full of milk.
Mum said, “Melanie dear, would you like to feed him?  It will be good practice for when you are babysitting him.”
“Certainly, I would be happy to!” Melanie said, taking the bottle off her and setting it on the coffee table, in front of the couch.  She walked over to the play pen and picked me up, then carried me on her hip over to the couch.  She sat me on her lap, and leaned me back, rubbing the rubber teat back and forth, across my lips.
“Come on, open up for Auntie Melanie.” she giggled.
“Open up, Ian!” said my mother, sternly.
I opened my mouth and Melanie inserted the teat.  I started to suc-kle, like a baby.  The milk seemed to have some sugar in it, and was quite warm.  I found it disgusting.  While I was drinking it my mother, my sister, and Melanie started to talk about me.
“You know”, said my mother, “Ian is not really a suitable name, for a little girl baby, let’s rename him, while he is being punished.”
“I think, I’ve got it,” said my sister, “how about, “Angela”?  That way we can shorten it to, “Angie.”
“Sounds ideal,” said Melanie.  She beamed down at me, “Come on baby Angie, finish your milk, like a good little girl.”
Somehow, I got the milk down, and Melanie sat me up and put me over her shoulder.  She started to pat my back.  “Come on little baby, burpies for Auntie Melanie.”
“My goodness, you think of everything, Melanie,” My mother said, “I can see you will make a great babysitter!”
Melanie the lifted my dress, and started to check my nappy.  “He’s still dry; I don’t think he needs his nappy changed yet.”
“That’s good,” said my mother, “I think I will put him down for a nap now.  He will probably need changed, when he wakes up, after all that milk.  Did you assemble the cot, as well, Susie?”
“Of course, mum, I even found the lock for the side access gate.  It’s child proof, meaning it can’t be opened from inside the cot.”
My mum walked over, and picked me up from Melanie’s lap, “let’s get the little baby down for beddy byes.  Say goodbye to mummy Susan and Auntie Melanie.”
“Bye.” I said, miserably.
My mum started to carry me upstairs.  She said over her shoulder, “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes, girls, and then we can have a nice lunch.”
She carried me upstairs, and took me into her room, where a cot had been assembled.  She laid me down in the slightly too small cot.
“Now be good.  Later on, when you wake up, one of us will change your nappy, and change you out of that dress, in one of the skirts and tops I bought.  Then we a can all go out for a nice walk.  Night, dear.” She kissed my forehead, and walked out, shutting the door behind her.
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/ Hawking's TV & specials
« Last post by Betty on March 19, 2018, 12:39:28 AM »
I've posted some of Stephen Hawking video & specials in our private member's area.

Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places 2016-2018
Stephen Hawking stars in and narrates this award-winning series, in which he pilots a Computer-generated imagery space ship across the Universe, making stops at some of his favorite places and discussing the scientific significance of each location. This 3 part series is only less than a half hour per part, so I've combined all 3 into 1 episode. This was his latest video, with part 3 scheduled for release in April, but has been rushed into an early release.
266mb, HD quality, 79 minutes

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking 2010
(AKA Hawking's Universe, but not the 1997 PBS special with the same name)
In this comprehensive cosmology 3 part series Stephen Hawking looks at the entire universe, from aliens, the Big Bang, to the end of time. Nominated for 2 Emmy awards.

Part 1 - Aliens
227mb, HD Quality, 43 minutes

Part 2 - Time
208mb, HD Quality, 43 minutes

Part 3 - The Story of Everything
372mb, HD quality, 86 minutes

A Brief History of Time 1991
This is yet another biography of many. The title derives from Hawking's bestselling book A Brief History of Time, but the book is an explanation of cosmology, & the film is a biography of Hawking's life, featuring interviews with family members, colleagues, and even his childhood nanny.
142mb, DVD-HD quality (in parts), 68 minutes.

They're in the TV section of our private viewing area for Betty's Pub members only.

I have lots of Stephen Hawking's stuff. Come back to check them out after I process & upload them. All of these have to be processed for the maximum quality out of the smallest file size & bandwidth consumed possible. Processing is a multi-stage operation to get them down to these remarkably small file sizes, & still keep them looking good. But even uploading them in a compressed state can take a long time on my slow cheap DSL connection.
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/ Re: Happy New Year
« Last post by sweet baby katie on March 13, 2018, 09:28:20 PM »
The usual wonderful start.  Mary Beth never disappoints.  Thank you.
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/ Re: The Prissy Princess Correctional Club
« Last post by mimikitten on March 13, 2018, 04:42:06 AM »
That's such a lovely colour!
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