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Active Sissy Stories
« Last post by krystalasbaby2017 on May 13, 2018, 07:02:02 AM »
Thank you for the update, hoping he chooses a cute sissy panties so he is in a cute sissy dress.
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/ Re: Susan's Three Way Revenge
« Last post by krystalasbaby2017 on May 13, 2018, 06:57:02 AM »
Thank you for the new update.  I still wondering if the new sissy will still end up at least part time in nappies....giggles
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/ Re: Susan's Three Way Revenge
« Last post by Sissy Ballerina Boy on May 13, 2018, 05:48:20 AM »
(I deserved to be spanked by all of you for taking so long to update. Very sorry)
The rest of the day was relatively quiet. Janet didn’t baby her son like she did the previous days and even let him pick his own TV shows to watch. He asked to go to the bathroom several times which his mother helped unpinned his diaper to do so and stayed dry the entire day. The day turned to night and soon he was going though his now normal bedtime rituals. He still winced getting his Tammy temperature taken. Still would get horribly embarrassed having his mom clean his private areas. She pulled up his plastic panties and placed his nightie over head head. Feeling such shame that his mother thought he loved wearing it.  “Now Johnny, I know what you told me today feels like a big deal but it isn’t really. It’s ok if you like girl things or want to wear dresses. I will never judge you. If you been holding on to this feeling for so long that could have been one of the reasons you became a bed wetter. Stress adds to bed wetting honey. Just know that I love you. If you wet the bed tonight I won’t make you wear diapers to school honey. That was very mean of me, I was just frustrated and wanted to scare you straight. I love you no matter what. Good night sweetheart” and with that she kissed her son on the forehead turned the light out and left.

Josh sat there is disbelief. He admitted that he was a sissy to his mother so he didn’t have to wear diapers to school but then in the end it was all just another trick. How could this keep happening to him? What was his after school life going to be like now? Would panties become the new normal? Would his teen life ever be normal? Since starting High School he has been in diapers, dresses and getting his Tammy Temptures. He laid there in the darkness and felt dread knowing it was only going to get worse.

“Barb, I had no ideas he had these feelings. I don’t understand where it came from but I’m not upset at all. In fact, I’m kind of happy”. Janet talked into the phone to her now best friend Barbara Stall. “ You mentioned before how you took him to the ballet, how you wanted to give him lessons, I bet overtime he knew you wanted a girl and this is his way of pleasing you. Making you happy. He’s doing this because he loves you.” Barbara told her planting more seeds to grow in making John’s life miserable. “I’ll come over tomorrow and bring some of Susan’s old things over.” She added. “Barb, I just really gotta thank you. Moving to a whole new town wasn’t easy but with friends like you it makes great.” Janet replied as they soon changed subjects.

John awoke the next Monday morning 10 mins before his alarm went off. He noticed he wasn’t wet. While he was happy he was dry I’m sure his mother will think the reason is that he admited he was a sissy.
His mother came in 10 mins later. “Good morning sweetheart. Are we a dry Danielle today?” John nodded his head. “Oh wonderful. See look what I told you. Telling  me about your girly side relieved so much stress for you. I’m sure your going to find life more enjoyable!” She said happily. He was unpinned from his diaper while he changed and walked out the door for school. As he walked to the bus stop Susan waved enthusiastically and gave him a big bear hug. The other 2 students laughed at seeing John be so roughly handled and the fact his best friend was the biggest loser in school. John though about it and he might actually be the biggest loser in school.

All day John found it hard to concentrate. He kept wondering what was waiting for him when he got home. The day crawled by but eventually he was on the bus home. As he walked up to his front door he was both relieved and dreading what was gonna happen.

He walked though the front door, he wanted to move quickly and just get to his room. Maybe his mother forgot all about there talk yesterday. He quickly said hello and went up to his bedroom. He entered ,closed the door and breathed a sight of relief. The relief was short lived when he noticed a small pink shopping Bag in the center of the bed. He slowly moved towards it trembling. He noticed light pink tissue paper at the top of the bag. As he took out the tissue paper his worse fear came true. Inside the bag were panties. Seven pairs of panties in a mixed range of styles and and Materials. His legs got weak as he pulled out each pair. Silk, satin, cotton. Noticed colors like pink, purple, white. Bikini, full bottom, thong. Seven pairs and all for him.

“I got you a pair for each day of the week sweetheart. Do you like them?” He heard his mother’s voice behind him. He held several pairs in his hands. Afraid to face his mother. No he did not like them. He hated them. He wanted to get inside Girls’s panties, not wear them. But he knew what he had to do. “I love them mommy.” And he turned around and hugged her.
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: PETTICOATED! (#202)
« Last post by petticoated on May 12, 2018, 01:34:04 PM »
The delicate sissy male quickly helped himself to another glass of the sweet concoction the beautiful older Woman had called "Feminade." And despite what the sissy had been warned about its side effects, he simply couldn't resist another glass. In the corner of the TV screen monitor was a clock, the seconds ticking at 57 minutes and 44 seconds, Under the clock was the title "Panty Selection Time Remaining." And then the beautiful older Woman reappeared on the screen. "I am Madame Chadwick, Sissy Justine, the world's foremost authority in Petticoat Punishment and Sissification of Bad Little boys...much like yourself. I am proud to tell you that every single sissy who had been brought to me has had his masculinity...or what remained of it...crushed and extinguished. But I am highly selective in my choice of suitable candidates...and I am not cheap. But I am well worth it. My rules are simple: Strict obedience to ALL Women and Girls...NO exceptions. If you resist...even slightly, your punishment will be severe. My choice of switches usually is hickory. However, Celeste, your very own Personal Maid, prefers willow. Birch is another personal favorite of Mine. In the small greenhouse on our estate, all of our trees are grown here so that the switches can be freshly cut from a tree. Occasionally, you, my little sissy man, will be charged with cutting your own switch before it is used to 'redirect' your behavior. Now...for your selection of your Panties which you will be wearing at our delightful little tea party. Should you dare and choose the little sissy suit, pantaloons must be worn because your little sissy shorts are quite tight. On the other hand, should you choose a frilly party dress, my personal favorite, you should be wearing a gorgeous pair of rhumba style sissy panties. All of my sissy panties...or should I say your sissy panties...are cool dreamy satin, resplendent with row after row of ruffled pink and white lace and adorable pink bows...similar to the pink bows adorning Celeste's petticoat...the one She is wearing just for you. Satin sissy panties, as you already know, give sissies a certain "tingling' feeling when they experience the rustling of layers of stiff pettis against the cool satin. And, of course, when a sissy is properly frocked and you soon shall be, my dear, well, the sheer ecstasy a sissy feels...combined with that delicious Feminade...makes a sissy so adorably girly and vulnerable. That absolute submission to Women and Girls allows us so many opportunities to shame you as you are emasculated. may browse the channels with your very own pink Sissy Immersion Network channel guide for a few minutes. When you use the guide and browse the many wonderful channels we just know you are going to love, the Panty Selection clock freezes at its current time. However, you have only one hour to explore today. I wonder..." the beautifully mature Madame Chadwick laughed, "Which channels will you try first? Oh my, Sissy Justin. Decisions...decisions..."
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: A New Beginning
« Last post by sissynappyuser on May 12, 2018, 11:07:23 AM »
what a great story, hope there will be more to come
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: A New Beginning
« Last post by Dancer4Fun on May 12, 2018, 04:49:12 AM »
Teddi, what a wonderful chapter. I would love to know how much fun Timmy and Stephanie have playing dress-up and other stuff with Eric. I'm extremely curious to know what the two women have in mind for Eric's entry into government sanctioned sissy classes at school.
Please continue this great story.
Active Sissy Stories
/ Spring Break
« Last post by Betty on May 08, 2018, 10:17:15 PM »
Many of our posters & authors are on a spring break. In the USA, Canada, & a few other areas we've had some pretty crappy spring weather. Now that the weather has finally become more spring-like for most of us, many are outdoors more enjoying it, or catching up on outdoor projects.

Another quiet time at Betty's is around summer vacation time from just before to just after July. But recent summers have been busier than usual. I guess because sometimes more than half our visitors are on phones or pocket tablets (7" & under screens) in modern times, they can still visit us while still on vacation now.

But if you're just out on a nice day in the yard, porch, biking, hiking, at the beach, or doing outdoor chores, you probably won't be spending much time surfing on a pocket device. We're also competing for time on those pocket devices. They're getting text messages, phone calls, Facebook or twitter messages, & instagrams on those things. You are more likely to respond to a Facebook post from a family member or friend from your yard or on walk with a pocket device, than visit Betty's.

By the time they tap out "likes", "shares", or replies to all that stuff, it leaves little time left to visit or tap out something here until they actually sit down to visit us.
Active Sissy Stories
/ Why?
« Last post by sissy servant 737-820-633 on May 08, 2018, 09:35:28 PM »
What is a story search doing in this place?
~Susan's three way revenge~ is the story over?
I sure did love the read, like jelly on bread.
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: Susan's Three Way Revenge
« Last post by sissykimmy1 on April 27, 2018, 11:23:52 PM »
Johnathan/Susi has retired from writing stories but is still around and reading, as far as I know.  That's fine.  The stories they wrote are an inspiration for all of my own and an inspiration for great stories like this one.  Let the next generation keep the tradition of great stories like this going.  If anyone who wants to write is looking for help or encouragement, reach out to me or others in the community.  We are here and we want to help. 
Active Sissy Stories
/ Re: Susan's Three Way Revenge
« Last post by Betty on April 27, 2018, 08:04:25 PM »
Well, this is my lucky day... I'm on a roll!

I just found "Home from Home" By DaraJaney in our 2009 Wayback archive.

I also re-posted it in our older section.
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