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/ Re: Escape to Victoria
« Last post by Ahiru on Today at 02:56:16 PM »
A more interesting twist would be to have the authorities find him, the legalities would be interesting to see his seemingly scheming guardians navigate.
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/ Re: Secluded Cabin Sissy
« Last post by babycakes on Today at 09:45:57 AM »
Congratulations on an outstanding story so far.  I think the theme is fairly unique in the genre (my bad if it's not but then references appreciated) and has long been a fantasy of mine.  So, thank you.

The introduction of the "surprise nursery" was perfect and you are now one of my story heroes.  You did hint that more was to come at the car stop when Mom introduced the yellow rumba panties after saying the pink plastic panties were the only ones that weren't ripped but you did a wonderful job of introducing it.  My only very, very minor criticism is the crib bars being too tall is a bit of a stretch (no pun intended).  A 12 y.o. boy on average should have about 5.5' - 6' of reach, without jumping.  So, for bars to be too tall they would have to be over 6' above the mattress (unlikely) or too close to ceiling to squeeze through.  Sorry for the detour but I like to put myself in the situation and think it through.   

Also agree with others that Mom had this well planned and a "new baby girl" is soon to appear.  Not sure if Jessie was fully aware of plan since she seemed surprised at the rumbas but she'll clearly be an enthusiastic participant.  Would love to know the backstory, otherwise Mom comes off as a bit sadistic in her treatment of Jack.  Doesn't seem like this is about Jack's somewhat weak bladder.  Also, why is Jack not fighting back if he doesn't feel he deserves the punishment?  He seems to be too easily resigned to his mother's control.  I tend to opposition myself unless convinced otherwise.
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/ Re: Secluded Cabin Sissy
« Last post by pierrylouys on Today at 07:45:53 AM »
Oooooohhh I think someone is gonna be a cute baby girl heheeh poor jack ou it’s Baby Janice hehe I think his mommy already planned this in advance hehe
Beads of sweat formed on percy's eyebrows. Tina Gilbert continued to tease and taunt Her hapless sissy victim. She encouraged percy to explore Her lacy Petticoat layers while She ordered sissy timmy over to where percy already was standing  in front of Her. "Come here, sissy timmy, and join percy and me." "Please, Miss Tina...oh puhleeeeze...don't do this to me. Not here...not now...not in front of Percy. He will make fun of me. He will call me a weak he always does. Please don't do this to me." Timmy's stunningly beautiful Mother, however, spoke sternly to her weak, limp-wristed sissy son, "Miss Timmy, how dare you question a Girl. You know very well a sissy always obeys Llittle Girls and is required to respond immediately to their requests, You heard Little Miss Tina...I shall not ask you again. Do as she!" "Yes, Mummy," the weak-willed sissy meekly responded. "It must give you much pleasure to see that your little sissy girl is so obedient, Ms. Johnson," a clearly impressed Ms. Prim commented." "Thank you, Ms. Prim," Ms. Johnson kindly replied. He knows better than to question Miss Tina. Perhaps a stronger dose of Petticoating is necessary to reinforce his Feminization." "I see, my dear Ms. Johnson," Ms. Prim answered. "Are you planning to Petticoat him permanently?" Ms. Prim  glared menacingly at little timmy. When recalcitrant sissies are put in Frilly Dresses and Petticoats permanently, it reinforces their obedience to all Women and Girls." Little timmy stopped in his tracks and looked at his beautiful Mother, imploring Her to "Please don't Petticoat me permanently, Mummy. Oh please. I promise to obey you..." "Shush!" Ms. Johnson harshly responded." Little timmy minced over to Tina Gilbert and was now standing directly next to percy, whose right hand still was held tightly by Tina. She squeezed percy's weak effeminate hand until he squeeled, "Ouch! You're hurting me!" She laughed at the weak sissy, "Take little timmy's hand, Percy. I want to see the two of you holding hands while I play with my Petticoats. And then the two of you are going to arm wrestle...and the loser will be Petticoated. Isn't this just going to be so much fun! I need to squeeze your hand even harder, sissy percy, or are you going to take miss timmy's hand hand and hold it...just like two sissies should do. Hmmmmm….? And then She squeezed it even harder. " hurts..." Percy was begging. "Percy, look at sissy timmy and ask his permission to hold his hand...go on it!" 
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/ Re: Escape to Victoria
« Last post by Andlat on Yesterday at 11:01:07 PM »
On the plus side, by the time his contract is up, surely the authorities will no longer be looking for Victor!
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/ Re: Escape to Victoria
« Last post by krystalasbaby2017 on Yesterday at 10:54:33 PM »
lovely continuation looking forward to see how Victor unable to stop from teasing the men in his short skirts.
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/ Re: Secluded Cabin Sissy
« Last post by Andlat on Yesterday at 10:50:14 PM »
By some strange stroke of luck, his mom came out of the restaurant without Jessie, making a beeline for the car, carrying two cups in her hands. She got in and looked back at her son, who was sitting there in disbelief, his soggy diaper pressing against his skin. He took his drink from her and took a sip, feeling tears well up in his eyes.

“I wondered if you might do that now that you're alone.” She said simply. “Let’s get you cleaned up before your sister gets back, hmm?” She came around to the door nearest him after grabbing a nondescript bag from the trunk. “Lie down across the seat.” She instructed. He complied bashfully, feeling the diaper squish under him as he shifted positions. “I’ll make this quick.” She slipped a towel under him and then pulled down his plastic panties.

Jack stared up at the ceiling of the car, trying to ignore the fact that his mom was currently cleaning his most delicate areas with baby wipes after he had wet himself. He felt as though he might die of humiliation, but at least Jessie was still inside. He raised his head enough to look to make sure she was not coming back.

“Almost done.” His mom said, genuinely working as quickly as she could to get him all set before Jessie returned. “I guess I didn’t diaper you too thickly last time, so we’ll stick with that.” She slipped the triple thick diaper under his raised bottom, powdered, and then pinned it around his waist. She took a moment to gather the sodden diapers and plastic panties into a waiting plastic bag. “Those plastic panties are soggy, so I hate to break your heart, but you can’t wear them again.” Jack almost felt relieved, but then he saw the new pair he would be wearing shortly.

If the second pair of plastic panties had been identical to the ones he had been wearing, Jack would have accepted it. Honestly, since they were yellow instead of pink, if they had been even a little more lacey than the first pair, he would have done his best to just grin and bear it. What his mother revealed, however, was something he could not have even imagined. She held a pair of yellow plastic panties with white lace around the legs and rows of white lace ruffles on the seat. On the front were two little yellow roses and an enormous white bow.

“Aren’t you glad I went with the pink ones first?” His mom asked, trying her hardest to lighten the mood. Jack remained silent, his feelings about them more than apparent by the mortified look on his face. “I promise, we’ll take these off the very minute we get to the cabin.” She said, slipping them up his legs. “There.” He got off of the car floor and sat back down. Even the still unfamiliar sensation of the padding under his bottom could not hide the sensation of the lace ruffles.

Jessie returned to the car with the food and immediately noticed her brother’s new plastic panties. Her mom smiled, ready to restrain her daughter’s teasing, if need be. All the same, she knew that it would better to just let her get over it right away.

“Jack, show your sister the back.” She said. Jack shifted on the backseat into almost a crawling position, quickly returning to sitting after giving his sister the briefest glimpse of his prissy rump.

“Rhumba panties, mom?” She exclaimed in ecstatic disbelief. “Where did those come from?”

“My co-worker Denise, same place the rest of Jack’s diapers came from.”

“They’re not my diapers.” Jack muttered, but his mom and sister ignored him.

“Her daughter’s all grown up, so this was quite a while ago. Apparently she loathed having to wear plastic panties like those, that’s why they’re in such good shape.”

“I can relate.” Jack mumbled, staring out the window.

* * *

Once Jack had eaten, he felt a little better, but he kept catching glimpses of the humiliating plastic panties he now wore, the bright yellow a stark contrast to both the grey car seat and his faded dark red t-shirt.

“How’s it going back there?” His mom asked. “Diaper still dry?”

“Yes.” He replied through gritted teeth. He was sick and tired of being constantly reminded.

“We should reach the cabin in a few hours. If either of you wants to nap, I’ll be sure to wake you up when we get there.” Neither of them took her up on the offer. Jack tugged his t-shirt down over his diaper the best he could and stared out the window, trying to think of anything that would help him forget his predicament. In the rush to leave the house, he had forgotten to grab his music player out of his suitcase, which meant that it was stuck in the trunk.

“Mom?” He asked.

“Do you need a change?” His face turned red.

“No, I’m” He could not bring himself to finish the thought. “When we stop next, can I grab my music out of my suitcase?”

“I don’t think we’ll be stopping again, Jack. We’ll be to the cabin before you know it.” He sighed melodramatically.

“I wish I could have gone to camp this year.” He muttered. All of his friends had left the week before, but his mom had told him he can’t go because of their plan to go to this random cabin. He just knew he would not have anywhere near as much fun at a cabin with his mom and his goody-goody sister.

* * *

“Are we almost there?” Jack asked as he felt his bladder twinge again. He refused to wet his diaper again. It felt like it had been a month since they had stopped at Bouncy Burger.

“Soon.” His mom said simply.

“How’s your diaper?” Jessie asked.

“Don’t shout, Jessie. We’re all in the car.” Jack smirked, loving any time that Jessie got in trouble, but his mom then added “answer your sister, Jack.”

“It’s still dry.” Jack said, staring out the window.  Why was Jessie being so annoying? It would have been funny if their roles were reversed, but there was nothing funny about him being stuck in a diaper and frilly yellow plastic panties. That much was for sure.

Jack tried a few more times to get updates on their estimated time of arrival, but his mom continued to answer him vaguely. Soon, we’re getting there, she never seemed to give a solid, clear answer. Regardless, his resolve grew stronger and stronger that he would not wet his diaper again. He could, and would, make it.

Once again, it seemed as though the universe had other plans. The car hit a bump just as Jack’s bladder twinged again, causing him to lose control. Quickly regaining composure, he hoped that neither his mom nor his sister would realize what had happened. He sat as still as a statue, waiting for a snide comment from Jessie or a concerned comment from his mom. None came. He had gotten away with it, it seemed. He settled back in. Surely they must be nearly there. With any luck, he could slip away and take the diaper off with no one being the wiser. He returned to staring out the window, the wet diaper sticking to his skin. He hated to admit it even to himself, but the diapers really were not that bad when they were dry. Wet, however? He did not enjoy that one bit.

* * *

“We’re here!” His mom announced as she took the final turn and the cabin came into view. Even though she had kept calling it a cabin, it was more accurately a full-fledged house on a hill, behind which stood the splendor of Lake Vermillion. Tall pine trees stood around the property, providing a sense of tranquility and privacy. “Alright, kids. There’s a lot of groceries in the trunk, so let’s be sure to carry those in first.” Jack got out of the car and headed toward the cabin. He tried to hurry, his soggy diaper causing him to waddle even more than he had that morning.

“Jack, where are you going?”

“To change!”

“Let’s get everything inside. Your clothes are in the trunk too anyway.” He could not argue with her logic and waddled back over, trying to ignore Jessie’s half-hearted attempt at hiding her snickers at his expense.

Rushing, Jack tried to get everything inside as quickly as he could, but neither his mom nor his sister shared his desire for haste. At long last, all of the groceries and their luggage was inside.

“Where’s my room?” Jack asked, holding his suitcase.

“That’s the thing, Jack. Your sister and you are going to share a room.”


“There’s only two bedrooms upstairs.” His mom explained. "One for me, one for you and your sister."

“I’ll sleep on the couch or something.” He said, looking out of the kitchen into the living room. He saw a television that looked small, but only a year or two out of date, and a shelf of board games and books by a couch that looked nicer than the one they had at home.

“I’m pretty sure there’s a bunk bed in the room upstairs.” His mom replied. “It’s not like you two are going to have to share a bed or anything.” She eyed his diaper and lost her train of thought. “Jacob, how long have you been wet?” He felt like all the blood drained out of his face. Jessie giggled, but her mom gave her a sobering look. “Jessie, take your suitcase and your brother’s upstairs.” Jessie could tell that her mom was in no mood for arguing, so she obeyed silently. “Do you really not want to share a room with your sister?” It was not the question that Jack had expected.

“Um” he said, caught completely off-guard. “I mean, if I can just sleep on the couch?” His mom shook her head.

“Nope. Come on.” She led him into the living room and then turned left toward a closed door. What was this room, he wondered? And why had his mom had Jessie take his suitcase upstairs? She opened the door and his jaw dropped.

The room they stepped into was a pink and white nursery with all the furniture and accoutrements one would expect to see. A crib stood against one wall, a changing table against the opposite next to a little pink and white dresser. White lacy curtains allowed light in from a window. In one corner was a small collection of dolls in dresses near a bookshelf and a rocking chair. A door between the window and the crib, Jack figured, led to a closet, but he did not want to know what was inside there.

“Since you’re so against sharing a room, this one will be yours.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not? It’s just a room.”

“Where will I sleep?”

“In the crib, of course. We’ll leave the side down and all that, don’t worry.” He stared at her. This was a joke, right?

“Fine.” He said. “I’ll share a room with Jessie.” To his surprise, his mom shook her head.

“Nope. You said you didn’t want to and, frankly, someone who’s wet himself twice today would probably be more comfortable in here.” Grabbing his wrist, she yanked the waddling boy over to the crib. “Now, I think you could use a quick nap, don’t you?”

“Mom. I can’t sleep in here.”

“Sure you can.” She said. “My mind’s made up, Jacob.” She lowered the side of the crib and pulled back the blanket, revealing the pink sheets with fluffy white lambs and bunnies happily bounding along. “Into bed.” He did not move. “Jack, get into bed.”

“This is crazy, mom.” She looked him up and down, almost as if she was sizing him up. Jack took a slight step back, not in an attempt to escape, but just from his mom’s unnerving expression.

“Here’s the deal.” She said. “You can either willingly get into this crib or I can call Jessie down here to help me get you into it.” Jack sighed and reluctantly complied. She smiled and pulled the covers over him. “Since you were so argumentative, perhaps we should do this.” She raised the side of the crib, trapping him inside.


“Hush. I’ll come let you out in a little bit. If you need to go potty, just use your diaper.” With that, she left him in the nursery.

Jack glared up at the ceiling, seeing the pink and white nursery all around in his peripheral vision. He wiggled and squirmed until the blanket over him had loosened enough to let him sit up. The crib was built for someone of roughly his size, which was confusing for him at first, but it soon dawned on him just how planned all of this was. He had been manipulated into this situation, so now how would he be able to get out of it?

Moving around the crib, he examined the bars. They were too high for him to climb over, but maybe he could find a latch or some other way to lower the side so that he could escape. If he was quiet enough, he could sneak out of the room and find his clothes. He felt butterflies in his stomach as he remembered that his mom had had Jessie take them upstairs. He could not be sure, but he had a sneaking suspicion that Jessie was in on the plan. His chances of finding his clothes seemed to be slimmer now, but he remained determined to at the very least find his way out of this crib.

He reached through the bars and felt around the outside. There had to be a way to get out of here, he just knew it, but how? He sat down with a resigned sigh, which only reminded him of how soggy his diaper was. He looked down at the frilly yellow plastic panties. How had he forgotten about those? He refused to accept that he was getting used to wearing these girly diapers.

“Could I take them off?” He muttered to himself. They felt pretty wet and he did not want to know what would happen if he got pee on the mattress of the crib. He shrugged. “Guess I’ll just stay in them.” He muttered, putting his head back down on the pillow. Since he knew that his mom had planned all of this, the question on his mind was why was she doing this? Had he done something that pushed her to go to these lengths to punish him? He could not think of anything. Sure, he got in trouble every now and again, but Mrs. Axworthy had only sent a note home about him once, and that had been last winter.
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/ Re: Secluded Cabin Sissy
« Last post by krystalasbaby2017 on Yesterday at 10:46:09 PM »
Great start looking forward to the next chapter when you have time to do it.  Love that you cut it off just as he peed his diapers
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/ Re: ~Ruffled White Lace & Pink Satin Bows~
« Last post by krystalasbaby2017 on Yesterday at 10:32:22 PM »
oh a nice tease love to see where this goes
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/ Re: Secluded Cabin Sissy
« Last post by PervScenes11 on Yesterday at 10:13:42 PM »
Can't wait to read more! Really curious to see if/how Mom will talk Jack into a pacifier.
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