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Author Topic: Happy New Year  (Read 1814 times)

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Mary Beth Sanford

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Happy New Year
« on: January 26, 2018, 06:07:58 PM »
"Hey Josh.  If you get this message within the next couple of hours call me back, if not have a great New Years.  Anyway,  I know it's pretty late in the season for bookings and I know you put this year on hold, but I just got a call from a woman that wants you specifically for the entire night on New Years for her party as the incoming New Years Eve baby.  I checked and she's legitimate and her deposit has been made if you decide to take the job. 

Only caveat is she wants you in an outfit she provides and the one you normally wear for the promotional pictures.  When I asked she said is wasn't... and I'm quoting here "cute enough" unquote.  Far as I can tell it's a cloth diaper, soaker diaper and under a pair of snap on plastic pants with maybe three or four changes.  I told her I'd get back to her.

Josh, she's paying five times our rate which, of course, is also five times your rate...  Do the math.  I've already told her you've decided to not book this year but I'd pass the message for her.  I've downloaded her address and particulars and emailed you a copy of the file.  Like I said, if you decide this is a no.  say it and so be it, then go have fun.  If you decide to do it, your portion of the deposit is already in your account ready for transfer.  Let me know either way. 

Meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!   Boss Becky"

Josh normally got 50 dollar an hour as he sat down and opened the file his boss pointed to on their web site.  He was in the middle of his Freshman year and was making fairly good money doing singing telegrams and being silly presenting people with flowers, candy and gifts from lovers friends and family.  He got premiums for his first New Year and on Valentines last year because.... to not put too fine a point on it.... he looked like a child. 

He spent his last New Years party trying to keep women from pushing twenty dollar bills down his diaper and fighting offers of being changed which only got worse on Valentines day.  This year he decided to pass on the diaper scene and spend his time on campus drinking beer and passing out later in the arms of someone with a nice set of breast and a desire to be nursed.

He nearly spit the soda he just took in...   If the pictures were accurate he'd wear a contoured cloth diaper pinned on with white tipped diaper pins in the shape of rabbits.  The diaper itself was cotton or appeared to be and inside, doubled was another also looking like cotton.  Over those he'd wear a pull on pair of plastic panties.  He would wear a baby's style tee shirt and bonnet with baby shoes and white socks.

He would be on a white baby blanket holding a large stuffed bear with Happy New Year on a sash and a baby's bottle filled he suspected with some kind of juice since he was only 18.  He smiled at the notion of spending the entire evening drinking from a baby's bottle and wearing a diaper but he'd be making the same as an attorney for the hour.  The e-mail gave an address and directions and a name.  The woman was clearly high society.

Josh could not say no to that amount of money and sent a message to his boss after transferring the advance from the companies account to his cash card.  It actually gave him enough money that he could take the balance of the year off or work till Summer and take Summer off.  He wasn't sure what he'd do but it was nice having options.  He tossed his wallet into his back pack, made his way to the street and hailed a cab.

"Penthouse.  Press the button, wait, tell the butler who you are and they let the elevator to the top,"  the doorman said paying the cab when Josh told him who he was.  The Email Josh read told him to talk the cab to the address on Park Avenue, tell the doorman who he was, he'd pay the cab and send him up.  Josh spoke into the speaker.

The door opened and a woman dressed in a maid's outfit brought him to a room, had him strip and wordlessly used several baby powder scented baby wipes on him before way too much powder.  His diaper, with the soaker was way too thick and the plastic panties as noisy as he'd imagined as the woman fused with his legs and waist.  Remarkably the shoes, shirt and diaper fit perfectly.  The woman asked him to taste his baby bottle before taking his hand to lead him out.

"It's fine,"  Josh said of the cold grape juice filling the baby bottle.

"She wants you sitting on that white baby blanket,"  the maid said holding the bear as Josh moved to the blanket and sat.  There was an odd feeling of deja vu.  He was trying to remember where he'd seen this last when a woman walk in and cleared her throat.

"You were ten, I was eighteen. I had never seen anything so adorable in my life.  Here was this boy.  A boy, literally, a boy, not a baby sitting there in a diaper and baby pants on a blanket holding a teddy bear drinking out of a baby's bottle.  I nearly wet myself.  When I was told I'd be watching a baby for New Years Eve I thought it was a real baby and not a ten year old being punished, but there you were,"  Gail said before added, "do you remember what I promised to make you stop crying?"

"Gail?  Oh my God?  Gail Penny?  Is that really you?  Of course I remember.  Gail, it's all I could think about.  It's all I ever think about on New Years.  It's my one and only fantasy,"  Josh said.

"It was Peabody, as in Peabody Shipping, for a time, but he passed leaving me very well off thank you very much...., Gail said.

"I can' believe this,"  Josh said.

"Well believe it?  Precious.  As for you, it's all I ever think about.  Come here precious and climb up on Gail's lap and let me show you the difference between that rubber nipple and mine and this time I'll rub the front of your diaper,"  Gail said patting her lap as she added, "took me forever to find you!  Do you know how many New Years Eve babies are out there?"


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Re: Happy New Year
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2018, 10:28:16 AM »
a very good start sweetie xx


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Re: Happy New Year
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2018, 04:06:54 PM »
A big thumbs up!

Mary Beth Sanford

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Re: Happy New Year
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2018, 12:02:16 PM »
Hugs back Teddi

sweet baby katie

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Re: Happy New Year
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2018, 09:28:20 PM »
The usual wonderful start.  Mary Beth never disappoints.  Thank you.


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