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Author Topic: David's Fateful Day by Susie Frillikins  (Read 3954 times)

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David's Fateful Day by Susie Frillikins
« on: April 27, 2018, 06:04:24 PM »
David's Fateful Day by Susie Frillikins (1999?)
This may have been one of the 1990s stories that the WebArchive/Wayback site lost when they started deleting our 1990s stuff. So I'm reposting it back here.

I could hardly contain myself, I kept breaking out in fits of giggles thinking about my plans to humiliate my step-brother David. He knew I was up to something and avoided me like the plague, he was used to me getting him into serious trouble with mother which always resulted in him getting punished as she always took my word against his.

"Caroline and Patricia are coming over this morning" I informed mother over breakfast "they are bringing their little sister Victoria."

"That will be nice" mother smiled. Caroline and Patricia were my best friends, their little sister Victoria was six year old.

David finished his breakfast quickly, he could hardly bring himself to look at me as I grinned at him trying to imagine what he was going to look like if everything went to plan. He rose from the table, removed the dirty breakfast dishes and took them into the kitchen. He returned carrying his frilly white pinafore which mother tied on him so he could start his chores for the day. He blushed when he looked at me, it caused him acute embarrasment wearing such a frilly, feminine item, any boy of sixteen would have the same reaction, but I had the added pleasure of knowing it was my suggestion to mother  that had resulted in him wearing his hated pinafore to do his work. I smiled at him, he definitely knew I was up to something, if he only knew what it was he would have died, I burst into a fit of giggles again.


         My friends arrived shortly after, they were all in on my plans, even little Victoria and the house was soon full of our laughter we could not contain ourselves as we went over our plans for the last time. It was a lovely summers day, so we went into the garden. Victoria had brought her doll as instructed, it was a baby doll, dressed in a pretty pink baby frock complete with nappies. The doll was sat in a push-chair and Victoria pretended the doll was her baby daughter, she was the doll's mummy. Caroline, Patricia and myself sat at the garden table and watched as she played mummy and baby with her doll, keeping one eye on the door for when David came out.

Eventually he appeared carrying a tray of drinks, he looked a picture of abject misery serving us giggling girls in his cute little apron.

"That is a very sweet pinny your wearing David" Caroline teased him "do you wear any other girl's things?"

"I don't wear any girl's clothes" he answered blushing.

 "Yes you do" Patricia laughed "that frilly pinny is definitely a girls apron, you should wear a dress too, a nice frilly one would definitely suit you," we all laughed.

"Mother makes me wear this apron to protect my clothes whilst I am doing my chores, I don't wear it all the time" he snapped "and I wouldn't be seen dead in a frilly dress" he placed our drinks on the table "I am a boy" he said proudly "dresses are for simpering girls" he sneered.

 He turned away looking pleased with himself as he thought he had put us right in our places. We all took our drinks, I nodded to Victoria and she acted her part beautifully. "Have you seen my dolly David" she said holding the doll up for him.

"Very nice" he said wanting to get back in the house as quick as possible, he knew his little victory would be short lived.

"She likes you David" Victoria giggled "she wants to give you a kiss." She handed him the doll. "Go on David, give Victoria's dolly a kiss" I said "or should I tell mother you have been horrible to little Victoria, you know she would give you a spanking in front of us don't you."

 He knew this was true so reluctantly he put his lips to the dolls plastic face while we watched in anticipation. The look of horror on his face was a picture as the dolls head fell off onto the floor. Victoria screamed as if her life was in danger, David stood there holding the headless doll in disbelief, he had hardly touched it, he realised immediately that we had prepared the doll so this would happen. Everything was going to plan.

         Mother came running up "What is going on" she shouted concerned for Victoria's safety having heared her screams from the house. Victoria had been attending acting school for almost a year now and she should have had an oscar for her performance as she burst into tears, it took mother several minutes to calm her down, David stood there looking terrified. "He broke my dolly, he broke my dolly" she sobbed.

Mother slapped his face as he tried to explain what had happened. "I saw it all mother" I spoke up "little Victoria gave him her doll to hold and he just snapped it's head off saying dolls were stupid things and  boys his age did not play with stupid dollies" I lied.

"It wasn't like that, it ju........." David began to say but was cut short by another good slap on his face.

"He told Victoria to stop being a silly little girl and to grow up and stop playing with dolls" I Iied again getting him further into trouble.

"It's true that's exactly what he said. I'm not a silly little girl, I love playing with dolls" Victoria sobbed "she was my best dolly, I could feed her and she even wet her nappy." What a little star.

"No you are not a silly little girl" Mother reassured her "It is him who is a silly little boy. Stop crying Victoria, he will be punished, I will spank him in front of you, and then he will apologise for upsetting you" she fumed pulling his trousers down.

"NO, NO..." he cried to no avail, she layed into his bare legs and scantily clad bottom until he burst into tears. He was a blubbering wreck by the time she had finished and he layed sobbing in front of us on the grass.

"Don't you think he is getting off lightly with just a spanking mother" I said putting phase two of my plan into action.

"What do you suggest?" she asked always ready to listen to my ideas when it came to David's punishments.

"Victoria was playing so nicely with her doll, now he has broken it she hasn't one to play with, it's hardly fair" I grinned "he should replace it"

"But he hasn't got any dolls, and all yours went  years ago" she said not understanding what I meant.

"No mother not replace it with another doll, HE should replace it, HE should be Victoria's dolly." My freinds loudly agreed that this was a fitting punishment, mother thought about it.

"Being a little girl's doll and having to do everything she told him to would certainly teach him a lesson" she mused "yes, why not" she laughed "get up David you are going to be Victoria's doll for the rest of the day" she hauled him to his feet.

"But my dolly was a baby girl" Victoria said on cue "she loved wearing her pretty frock and she also wore a nappy" she held up her headless doll for mother to see it's dolly baby clothes .

"That will not be a problem Victoria, Lesley has some old party frocks just like that and Ive got plenty of white towels that will serve as a nappy. He can wear them, it will serve him right for being such a naughty boy " she said "come along David let's get you dressed."

"Mother I'm a boy" he wept "I won't wear a dress"

"Oh won't you" Mother scowled "we'll see about that." We all laughed as he was dragged away crying that he did not want to be put into a dress and pinned into a nappy, but our hilarity was double when he was brought out a short time later.


     Mother had exceeded herself, I knew she would, once she was angry she was capable of anything. David was sat in my old pushchair, he was wearing one of my old pink party frocks that had puff sleeves, a lacy collar and a very short skirt. She had pinned him into a thick, white, bath towel which served as a nappy and could clearly be seen under his short frilly dress. His feet had been put into a pair of my old party socks, these had lace frills around the cuffs and a pair of my old Mary Jane shoes had been sqeezed onto his feet and buckled up. Mother wheeled him over grinning from ear to ear, David had streams of tears running down his cheeks. It must have been so humiliating for him, a grown boy to be shown off to us laughing girls wearing a little girls dress and  pinned into a nappy.

"Here is your replacement dolly Victoria" Mother said "now what have you got to say David" she snapped looking down at him in his pushchair.

David's bottom lip was trembling as he looked at Victoria, "I'm sorry I broke your doll miss Victoria" he croaked "please let me take it's place and be your baby dolly for the rest of the day."

Victoria clapped her hands with glee "You'll have to promise to be a good baby girl and do everything I tell you to" she laughed.

"I will be a good baby girl and do anything you tell me to do" he croaked.

"Promise you'll do absolutely anything" Victoria giggled.

He nodded. "I promise" he said in a whisper.

"And you see that you keep your promise or I'll make you wear your dress and a nappy for the rest of the school holidays" mother warned. She turned to Victoria "If he refuses to do anything you ask or is a naughty little baby, just come and tell me. He is your baby dolly now Victoria" then after giving David one more final warning she left him at our mercy.

       "So you wouldn't be seen dead in a dress David" Caroline howled reminding him of his earlier statement, "what is this your wearing, a suit." she scoffed flouncing up his pink puff sleeves. "I was right though wasn't I, didn't I tell you a dress would suit you and you look so pretty in your frock, you should wear wear one all the time you big fairy."

His face was crimson. "What else did you say David" Patricia joined in "only simpering girls wear dresses, wasn't it David" she sneered "by your own admission then, you must be a simpering girl, and as you are wearing a little girl's party frock, you must be a simpering little girl" she laughed. She raised his dress "and I suppose you still think it's so macho to be pinned up in a big nappy." "I wish I had my camera, I'd love to show all his freinds some pictures of him in his pretty dress and nappy."

Caroline laughed. "I've got something better" I told her producing my video camera and setting it up on a tri-pod. I pointed the camera at him and switched it on. "Now we will have a record of his day as a baby girl" I said. "Just wait until everyone sees it"

Caroline howled "he'll be the laughing stock of the school." He burst into a fresh bout of tears.

"Has your baby got a name, Victoria" Patricia asked.

"Her name is Susie" Victoria giggled.

"What a pretty name for a pretty baby girl" Patricia congratulated her "but can't she talk, get her to tell us her name and tell us she is a pretty baby girl" "Go on Susie, tell the big girls your name and that you are pretty little baby girl" she instructed him precociously. David knew he was trapped, either he suffered all the humiliations I had planned for him or he would spend the rest of the school holidays, a whole six weeks, in a dress and pinned into a nappy. He knew from bitter experience that mother never made idle threats.

He gulped loudly "My name is Susie" he said in a hoarse whisper "I'm a pretty little baby girl."

We all fell about in a fit of hysterics. "Just wait until everyone sees you on film admitting you are a baby girl David, you'll be known as baby Susie for the rest of your life" Patricia laughed.

Caroline pinched his cheek "Who's a pwetty, wickle baby Susiekins then" she cooed as if she was talking to a real baby "who's going to be famous when everybody sees you in your pwetty dwess and nappy then when we show them your video" she lifted his dress to expose his nappied condition to the video camera, "smile baby Susie, let everyone see what a pretty baby girl you are in your party frock and your fluffy white nappy" she laughed wickedly.

"I thought I'd take the tape to the youth club tomorrow night" I said to Caroline making sure I got a good close up of his nappy and the pink headed nappy pins that held it on him, David spent a lot of time at the youth club and had quite a few freinds there "I thought all his freinds would like a good laugh. I wonder what they will think of him when they see him in his pushchair admitting he is a baby girl."

"Brilliant idea Lesley" my two freinds howled, "and we could also take a copy to school after the holidays, he'll be a complete laughing stock when they see it." they suggested, his face contorting in horror as the camera continued to record his humiliation.

"I think baby Susie could do with some make-up" Patricia announced "she`s gone rather pale." She opened her make-up bag, "It's a good job you told us that you are a little girl baby Susie" Patricia giggled applying thick black mascara to his eye lashes "I mean, if you was a boy every one would laugh at you because every one knows boy's don't wear make-up, but it's all right for girls to make them selves pretty, even baby girls like you Susie" We laughed at her hypocrisy, he would be laughed at whether she put make-up on him or not. She applied pink eye shadow to his lids

"You did say you where a girl didn't you baby Susie, it's just that you look so much like Lesley's step brother David. He is sixteen you know and he has told us he wouldn't be caught dead in a frilly dress. You can't blame him can you, after all he is a boy, he knows everyone would laugh at him if he wore a dress like yours. Only very little girls like you wear pretty party frocks like this, you look so cute in them. But you do bear an uncanny resemblance to him I must say,  but what am I saying, of course you must be a little girl your wearing a pretty dress and only simpering girls wear dresses don't they baby Susie" she mocked as she applied bright red lipstick on his pouting lips.

She stood back to admire her handy work and burst into hysrerical laughter again "he doesn't seem to need any blusher" she howled.


Again I made sure his make-over was caught on film."Here is babies dummy Victoria" I giggled handing her the big pink dummy I had purchased earlier in the week when I thought of my plan to get him into nappies, "make baby ask very politely for his dummy." I whispered in her ear.

Victoria loved this game, she held the dummy in front of his face "Does my baby girl want her dummy then" she cooeed. He nodded his head dumbly. "I am your mummy now" Victoria stated "ask me very nicely for your dummy baby Susie."

"May I have my dummy please mummy" he sobbed.

"Babies don't ask for dummies in such a grown up fashion Victoria" Caroline sneered "babies say "me a big baby mummy, me want my dum-dum, pweath mummy me want my dum-dum" she said in high pitched, lisping baby talk.

David gave her a look of pure hatred as Victoria insisted he should ask for his dummy in the same fashion. He cleared his throat "Me a big baby mummy, me want my dum-dum. Pweath mummy me want my dum-dum" he sqeaked.

We howled. "Oh Victoria your wickle baby-waby wants her dum-dum, you had better give her it before she bursts into tears" Caroline laughed.

"Open wide baby" Victoria laughed pushing it in. What a sight he looked, suc-king furtively on his dummy, in his pushchair, dressed like a baby girl and being laughed at by me and my friends.

"How old is your baby girl, Victoria?" Patricia asked.

Victoria thought for a second "18 months old, she is only a little baby girl" she giggled.

"I am surprised she can talk as well as she can then, usually little babies of that age can only say things like ga-ga and goo-goo, so we big girls can't understand them" Patricia told her.

Victoria was a very bright little girl and knew immediately what Patricia wanted her to do. "She can't talk either, she can only say her name and ask for her precious dum-dum as she calls it" Victoria giggled "listen she can only say baby words" she said, turned to David "show the big girls that you can't say anything but baby talk."

"Goo-goo ga-ga-ga goo-goo" he gurgled through his dummy causing us to burst into another fit of hysterics.

"Oh, now I can tell she is only a tiny baby" Patricia howled "I hope she is going to talk like that for the rest of the day."

I took another purchase out of the bag under the table. "Here is a rattle for your baby to play with,Victoria" I said handing it to her "tell him to gurgle like a baby all the time or else you'll tell mother" I whispered to her again.

She shook the rattle in his face "Does baby want her rattle then?" she asked. "Ga goo-goo-goo" he mumbled taking it from her. "Well play with your rattle baby" she said angrily "and let me hear you talking like a baby all the time or else I'll tell your real mummy you have been a naughty baby." "Ga-ga-ga goo-goo-goo" he gurgled shaking the rattle to further howls of laughter.

"Look at him shaking his rattle and talking like a baby" howled Patricia in a fit of hysterics "how pathetic." I made sure all his baby actions were recorded on my camera. "I think it's about time baby was fed don't you, Victoria?" I asked winking at her. "Oh yes my baby is very hungry" she said "if she does not get fed soon she is sure to cry, aren't you baby" she said laughing at David as he continued to shake his rattle. "Goo-goo ga-ga-ga goo-goo" he gurgled for our amusement.

      I left David at their mercy and went to prepare his food. I spread two slices of bread with rasberry jam, making sure the jam was spread nice and thick. I cut a big slice of crumbly dark brown chocolate cake that had brown chocolate cream in the centre. Next I prepared a huge jug of baby milk, I added lots of sugar to make it sickly sweet and also added six heaped tablespoons of a very powerful laxative. I warmed the milk up in the micro-wave stirring in the sugar and powder, I tasted the spoon, "Yuk, how disgusting" I laughed to myself and then dropped a sleeping tablet into the liquid. I placed all the items on a tray and carried them outside. David was still in his pushchair, Victoria was teaching him his alphabet and he had to repeat each letter after she did. I laughed as I put the tray down.

"Fancy having a six year old in charge of you" I said "but then again you are only 18 months old baby Susie." I handed Victoria a bib, this had lace edging and the letters BABY embroidered in pink across it.

"Time for din-dins baby Susie" she giggled as she tied the bib around his neck. I gave her the plate with the bread and jam on it and whispered into her ear on how she should feed him, she burst into a fit of giggles and nodded. I started the video camera again and sat back to watch the fun. She pulled his dummy out, his lipstick had smeared around his lips, "Din-dins baby Susie" she sang offering a slice of bread to his bright red lips.

As soon as he had opened his mouth she shoved the whole slice in, smearing the jam around his cheeks and chin. David gagged as he tried to eat the food quickly, Victoria had the other slice ready and rammed that into his mouth, sticky red jam stuck to his face and his bib. "Time for pudding Baby" Victoria giggled shoving the cake into his mouth before he had finished chewing the bread. The brown crumbs and thick cream stuck to the jam, what a mess he was in by the time he had finished his cake.

"What a messy eater" Caroline laughed "it's a good job she has a bib or her pretty dress would be all messed up."

"All babies her age are the same" Patricia howled "aren't they baby Susie." His eyes filled with tears and we all laughed.

I filled a babies bottle full of the special milk I had made and gave it to Victoria, she pushed the teat into his pouty, messy mouth and he retched when the first drops of milk attacked his taste buds as he suc-ked on his bottle. "No, no baby Susie must drink her milk like a good baby" Victoria said as he tried to eject the baby bottle teat. She held it firmly against his lips "Mummy will be cross with baby Susie" she warned "baby Susie will get spanked."

"She will not grow up to be a big girl like you Victoria if she doesn't take her bottle" Caroline guffawed. I made sure the camera was directed at his face as Victoria fed him.


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Re: David's Fateful Day by Susie Frillikins
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2018, 06:10:42 PM »
David's Fateful Day by Susie Frillikins
Part 2

I whispered to Caroline and Patricia telling them the contents of the milk. "He's going to be desperate to use the toilet soon, but I am going to make sure he does it in his nappy'" I said quietly so he could not hear. "We can't wait" they laughed. His  look of relief when he had suc-ked the bottle dry was very short lived as I refilled the bottle from the jug.

"My turn" Caroline said dragging him from his baby carriage and putting him on her knee. She looked deep into his tearful eyes as she pushed the teat between his trembling lips "Who's a pretty baby girly-wirly then" she coeed "you'll have to call me Aunty Caroline now that you are my baby niece, even at school." He suc-ked furtively on his bottle and I filmed Caroline feeding him.

It was Patricia's turn next, her contempt for him knew no bounds "Fancy a grown boy of sixteen letting girls turn him into a baby" she sneered as he drank his third bottle "I'm going to tell everyone how I had you on my knee and fed you with a babies bottle like the big baby you are."

She passed him over to me and I looked down at him feeling so elated at getting him into this humiliating position, I felt under his dress, his stomach was quite bloated "Is baby Susie nice and full" I laughed knowing the laxative in his milk would soon take effect. Mother walked up as I was feeding him she laughed at him perched on my knee suc-king at his bottle.

"I've done some lunch" she told us.

"Baby Susie has had hers" Victoria told her giggling.

"I can see that" mother laughed "your baby is a very messy eater Victoria"

"She is only 18 months old" Victoria said innocently.

       Mother laughed at David as she put him  back into his pushchair, she wheeled him back into the house, we followed laughing. Victoria pushed his dummy back in as we sat at the table for our sandwiches and drinks, we all spoke quietly as we ate watching David as he began to doze, the sleeping pill taking effect. He suc-ked rythmically on his dummy and his black eye lashes drooped until he could fight it no longer, he fell into a drugged sleep. We all laughed, he looked so babyish sat there in his pushchair, the dummy causing him to dribble onto his bib, is frock riding up exposing his nappy.


We quickly finished our lunch and I put phase three of David's humiliation into action. I went to my bedroom and brought back a large bag, I took out a roll of wide parcel tape, Caroline held his arms as I wrapped his hands into two useless tape covered lumps. I pulled a pair of pink satin mittens over his taped up hands, tying the mittens on his wrists in a double knot then a big bow with the pink ribbon that was threaded through them. I pulled out a set of old fashioned leather baby reins, they were pink with little bells on the front. I knew they would be strong enough to hold David in his pushchair.

I had found the reins in a second-hand shop. It was these reins that inspired my plan to get David babyfied and I couldn't wait to get them buckled on him. Once the straps were secure at his back, I fixed the reins to the pushchair sides effectively trapping him in his baby carriage. Poor David, if he had been awake he would have surely rebelled against being strapped into his pushchair like this, even if it meant six weeks in nappies and baby clothes. Even he wouldn't have allowed us to put him in a position where he was completely at our mercy. I put a babies frilly white sun bonnet on his head, tying it under his chin in a big ribbon bow.

But the best was yet to come, we all had to stiffle our laughter as I pulled out a pair of very frilly drawers. They were white tennis knickers, they had rows of lace frills across the bottom and I had sewn into them a pair of plastic incontinence pants. They looked exactly like the frilly pants worn by baby girls, only much, much bigger. I held them open, Caroline guided his Mary Jane's into the leg holes, carefully I slid them up his bare legs, Patricia helped Caroline to lift him as I settled his frillies over his nappy. Finally we tied his feet to the pushchair foot rest with white ribbon, he would not be able to put his feet down to prevent us taking him any where we wanted, he was as helpless as any baby in it's pushchair. We congratulated each on our work "I can't wait to see his face when he wakes up" laughed Patricia. "Especially when he realises he's in the park"  They all clapped with glee at my plans to take him out in public.

      He was still sound asleep as we pushed him out of the house, down the garden path, out of the gate and down the street. I walked in front of them filming his outing. We could not wait to see his reaction when he woke up. We drew stares and laughter from the few people we passed as we walked him to the park. The park was almost a mile away from our house and we were exhausted by the time we got there "You`re going to have to put your baby on a diet Victoria" Caroline gasped.

We all laughed. It was such a nice day, the park was quite full, especially around the playground where little boys and girls played on the equipment under their mothers' watchful eyes. We took him over to the swings, everyone laughed at seeing a grown boy in a dress and frilly baby knickers. We explained why David was done up as a baby, I even rewound my video to show him voulenteering to be Victoria's baby doll, they agreed the punishment was appropriate and well deserved. The little boys and girls gathered around his pushchair laughing loudly as we showed off his frilly knickers.

David started to wake up as the commotion disturbed him, he slowly opened his made-up eyes not realising at first that he was not still in the garden. Then it hit him, he sat bolt upright, he would have fallen out of his pushchair if he wasn't wearing his reins. His mouth opened in horror causing his dummy to fall to the floor. I caught his look of absolute terror on film,

"It looks like baby Susie is awake" Patricia announced the obvious to the laughing crowd.

"Where am I ?" he shouted trying to get out of his baby carriage, his reins holding him tight, he tried to release the rein clips that held him secure, then he discovered that his hands were useless in his pink mittens. "LET ME OUT YOU HORRIBLE GIRLS" he yelled "LET ME OUT".

A large woman who had been enjoying the show stood up and smacked him across his face. "Do not use that language in front of these children" she snapped as he burst into tears,  she picked up his dummy and pushed it back into his protesting mouth "Little girl's should be seen and not heared" she stated.

He writhed in anger going red in the face from effort and embarresment. "Baby Susie is having a terrible temper tantrum" Patricia told the laughing children, he did look exactly like a baby throwing a babyish fit, and I had it all on tape. He suc-ked on his dummy as the crowd of little boys and girls jeered at him.

"Baby baby bunting" they sang. "Look he has even wearing a nappy" one little boy shouted as David's writhings had caused his dress to rise up exposing his nappied behind "I'm three, I'm a big boy, I don't wear nappies any more" he told Patricia. "That's right, only babies like him wear nappies" I laughed.

David's writhings began again "I need the toilet" he wailed spitting out his dummy, I realised the laxative was about to do it's job.

"What's the matter baby Susie do you need a poo-poo" Patricia laughed raising his dress and pressing hard against his tummy, to encourage his motions. His face turned purple as we heared him soil his nappy. "Oh dear baby Susie has poo-poed herself" Caroline howled.

He lowered his head in shame, betrayed by his own body as we all laughed at him now he had a dirty nappy. "I haven't got a clean nappy baby" I told him "so you'll just have to sit in your dirty nappy until we get you home" "He'll have a nice nappy rash by then" Caroline smiled "why don't we take him to the chemist to get some cream" she suggested. We all agreed that he would need some nappy cream and as the shops were close by we could call on the way home.

        We stayed at the park for about two hours David was laughed and jeered at by everyone that came, Victoria played on the swings and the round-a-bout with the other children telling them that David was her baby dolly and that she was his mummy, to prove it he had to tell her new freinds his baby name in his baby voice "Me a wittle baby, my name ith Thuthie" he lisped. He had to admit that Victoria was indeed his mummy, she even made him gurgle his baby talk for their amusement. At least five little girls held David's dummy against his lips and made him ask in his baby voice for his hated dud-dum. David's humiliation was working out much better than I hoped, he was weeping uncontrollably, heaving pitiful sobs when we finally left the park.

         As we made our way back via the chemist I spotted two boy's walking on the other side of the street. "Isn't that Pete Hargreves and Tony Patterson?" I asked Caroline "It certainly is" she confirmed. The two boys in question were in David's class at school, a look of pure horror crossed his face as he spotted them too.

I stopped the pushchair and looked down at my step-brother "Shall I call them over baby Susie" I grinned.

"No, please Lesley I am begging you don't let them see me like this" he whined, his dummy falling out yet again.

"Why should you be bothered if they see you baby Susie, you are only a baby, they are big boys and go to big boy's school. I could understand your concern if you were a boy too, but your not are you, you are a baby girl in your pushchair being taken for a walk by your mummy and aunties" Patricia laughed. I was in no mood to show David any mercy "And as a baby you have no say in who we talk to or who we show you off to" I sneered revelling in my power over him."Hi Pete, hi Tony" I called as they approached "come over and see who is in this pushchair".

They waved and crossed the road. "What the hell is he doing in a pushchair" Pete laughed as he recognised David.

"He's got a dress on" Tony laughed "and he's wearing a nappy, I don't beleive it"

"You big sissy!" Pete almost spat in his face.

"Tell the big boys your name and what you are baby" Caroline ordered.

"My name ith baby Thuthie. Me a pwetty wittle baby girl" he wailed bursting into a flood of tears before his class mates.

"Look at you, you`re pathetic" Tony sneered "you are a disgrace to the male gender, where is your pride?"

"We'll make sure everyone in school hears about this" Pete guffawed "I'm a little girl my name is Susie" he mocked "make sure you`re wearing your pretty baby dress and your nappy when you turn up for school next week baby Susie."

I handed Tony David's dummy "Make him ask you for it Tony."

He dangled the dummy in front of David's face" "Does the big baby want it's dummy then" he laughed.

"Me want my dum-dum, pweath me want my dum-dum" he sobbed. Tony rammed it in.

"Here is your precious dum-dum baby" he mocked "and you will call me Uncle Tony from now on, especially at school. I'm going to have you stood up in front of the rest of the class and you can ask me for your dum-dum in front of every one" he said "and if you don't I will super-glue your dummy into your mouth."

"I'm afraid we will have to get going lad's baby Susie has poo-pooed her nappy and needs it changing" I informed them.

"Your kidding, surely he hasn't messed himself?" Tony asked incredulously. I pulled his frilly pants back and they reeled at the smell "What a pathetic sissy" he sneered "run along home baby Susie mummy is waiting to change your dirty nappy" he pinched his cheek viciously, David screamed "Oh I'm sorry did I hurt the lickle babykins then" he scowled pinching Davids cheek again even harder "Us big boys just don't know our own strength" he laughed.

We could still hear them laughing several yards away as we pushed on to the chemists. Caroline held the glass door open and we manouvered David inside. The assistants in the chemist were all young women, not much older than ourselves, in fact we knew two of them as they attended the same school before they left. David knew them too and he was beside himself with humiliation as we told everyone why David was in his pushchair dressed up as a baby girl. Again he found no sympathy as the women laughed at him for allowing himself to be put in such an embarrasing position.

"We need some nappy cream" I said at last "he poo-pooed his nappy some time ago, he's bound to have nappy rash." They couldn't beleive that a grown boy would actually use his nappy like a real baby would. I showed them his dirty nappy.

"Oh you are a baby aren't you" one of the assistants said "but your mummy should have you in disposable nappies, towelling ones are so old fashioned." She produced a large pack of disposable nappies which were for incontinent aduls, put them in a carrier from the baby section, this had a baby in a nappy printed on the side, and gave them to David "They should keep you going for a week or two baby" she laughed. We purchased his nappy rash cream, a large tin of baby formulae ans several tins of real baby food. "Bring baby Susie in any time, she is so cute" the women said as we left.


          We took our time wheeling David back home, we wanted as many people as possible to see him in his baby clothes. Mother had a good laugh as we told her where we had taken him. "Was he a good baby Victoria?" she asked.

"He was very naughty, he swore at us and a lady had to smack him" Victoria told her.

"Did he. Well I told you what I would do to you if you were naughty didn't I David" she stood over his pushchair glowering at him.

"Yes mother" he croaked.

"You could not take your punishment for the day even though you knew it meant spending the next six weeks in dresses and wearing a nappy" she said absolutely disgusted with him "did you think I was kidding, that I wouldn't put you in dresses and nappies?"

"No mother, I knew you would carry out your threat" he said in a whisper.

"And you still couldn't keep your promise to be a good baby, you deserve to be made to wear dresses all the time" mother said "from this day you will never wear trousers in this house ever again. Each time you come home from school you will change immediately into your pretty little baby dresses do you understand"

Yes mother" He bowed his head in shame. "Yes mummy" she corrected, "you are the baby of this house now."

"Yes mummy" he cried.

"You will wear nappies from now on" she said taking his bag of disposables from him, "even when you go to school you will be wearing a nappy and do not think you will be excused from games and things just because your in a nappy, because you won't."

"No mummy" he wailed.

"It is obvious to me that you want to be treated like a baby or you would have taken your punishment today." she said.

"We should decorate his room in pink with pretty nursery wallpaper if he wants to be a baby so much" I suggested.
"Isn't my old cot still in the attic?"

"Good idea Lesley, his stereo and computer that he loves so much can go, he can have a nursery lamp and a mobile that plays nursery rhymes instead" she said.

"Yes, I'll put it up in the spare bedroom, he can sleep in it tonight and we can start on his room tomorrow" mother laughed. David just cried. Patricia, Caroline and Victoria had to leave, although they promised to come the next day to help convert David's room into a pink nursery.

Victoria promised to dig out all her old baby toys "I'm a big girl now, I've grown out of them, but they will be ideal for you baby Susie" she giggled.

Mother took David to the bathroom to clean him up whilst I laid the table for dinner. My plans to turn David into a baby had succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, I never thought that he would spend any longer than today in baby girls clothes, my mind was racing now that mother had decided to make him the baby of the family. I made my mind up to ensure David's regression would be permanent, in fact when he left school he could become a baby girl full time, I knew he harboured hopes of going to university, he was much cleverer than me, a fact that he never disguised. "So you think your more clever than me do you David" I said to myself "well once I get you into full time babyhood I will regress you so much that you will not be able to say the alphabet, or add up two and two or even speak properly and that is a promise step-brother."

When mother brought David in he stank of sweet perfume, she had put him in one of my baby doll nighties and he was wearing a disposable nappy. He suc-ked on his dummy and the way he was sobbing told me he had had a good spanking. She sat him at the table, put his bib back on him and retired to the kitchen to dish out the food.

"I've got you just where I want you baby brother" I laughed sitting next to him "starting tomorrow I'm going to take over your life, I'm going to teach you to talk like a baby, walk like a baby, act like a baby even think like a baby. And I'm going to make you look so pretty no one will believe that you are a boy, I'm going to dye your hair blonde and perm it into baby ringlets, I'm going to have your ears peirced and make you wear pretty little baby studs. I'm going to pluck your eyebrows until they are a girlish thin line and you will always wear make-up, even at school."

He sobbed, "That's right baby have a good cry, get used to tears stinging your eyes because by the time I am finished with you, you will burst into tears at the slightest thing just like a simpering little baby girl." Mother returned and placed the dinner plate in front of me, it was full of delicious smelling food.

She put a bowl of baby food in front of David and his bottle full of formulae. She laughed at the look on his face "You didn't think you were getting grown-up food did you baby" she laughed shoving a spoonfull of mush into his mouth "babies like you eat baby food, no more cooked dinners for you now your a baby, just luke warm foul tasting baby food to help you grow up big and strong." She scraped his dinner off his chin as he grimaced at the taste "You'll get used to it baby Susie, its all you'll be getting from now on."

"This is delicious mum" I giggled tucking in "what a pity baby Susie can't have any." He finished his baby food and mother gave him his bottle to hold himself while she got her dinner. "Now he is a baby, mother, he should be put to bed at a time more approriate to his status" I said.

"I agree, what do you suggest" she answered.

"I think five-o-clock would be ideal, babies need to be in bed so early otherwise they get so irritable" I giggled watching him nearly choke on his baby milk.

"Five-o-clock it is then. He will be put to bed at that time from now on no matter what." "So no more youth-club or going out with your freinds baby, you'll be safely tucked up in your cot instead" I laughed. "He will be able to see his friends at the weekend when they play football" mother smiled.

"But babies don't play football mother" I said concerned that she was going to allow David to take part in a normal boy's activity.

"Oh he won't be playing silly. He'll be watching," she laughed looking at David "I'll take him in his pushchair so he can cheer his freinds on."

David let out a squeal of anguish "No mummy please don't take me to the football matches" he begged.

"Oh don't worry David, I'll make sure your in your prettyest dress and you'll be in your nappy so it won't matter if you need to go to the toilet during the game"

"Please mummy say you won't take me, they will all laugh at me" he whined.

"Your'e going to the football David and that is a promise" mother snapped pushing his dummy in "Now do not let me hear you say another word" she warned.

"And he should only be allowed to watch baby programmes on t.v." I suggested.

"Quite right, babies don't watch things like sports, Tele-tubbies is more suitable, he can watch that" mother grinned. "Now take your big sisters hand, she can put you to bed, read you a nice story, afetr she's put you in a clean nappy of course" she said patting his benappied behind.

"Come on David time for beddy-byes" I sang "tomorrow will be your first full day as a baby girl, we don't want you waking up cranky do we" I laughed. David meekly took my hand, he was defeated, he knew there was no escape from his new life as a baby girl.

The end.....or is it just the beginning?

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Re: David's Fateful Day by Susie Frillikins
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2018, 03:00:19 PM »
This will always be the greatest story ever told. Believable and an absulte Nightmare that I would love to live though.

Was there a part 2 that I’m forgetting about? I remember it wasn’t as good as part one and David came to embrace and enjoy his sissy baby lifestyle. Maybe I’m making that up.


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Re: David's Fateful Day by Susie Frillikins
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2018, 06:05:33 PM »
Wow I have not read this story for such a long long time.  I adore it, love it. I wish I was Susie in another life!  Definitely in my top ten stories of all time x

Philipa x


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