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Author Topic: Cucksat  (Read 40584 times)

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« on: January 21, 2011, 09:49:33 AM »
chapter 1
I was sitting cross legged on the floor of the living room watching the Barney DVD my wife had put on for me and making sure I followed her instruction to “behave and not make a sound”. I felt ludicrous, of course, dressed in the lemon frilled “little girl” style party dress with matching ruffled panties and white lace edged ankle socks. She had brought me back from the hair salon that morning where I’d had my hair permed and she’d placed a large yellow bow in my hair that matched exactly the colour of my dress. To complete the picture, and to ensure my silence, around my neck was a yellow ribbon and secured to the end was a large pacifier that had been placed in my mouth with the terse instructions to “keep it there”. I knew what would happen if I didn’t. My wife Julie had already demonstrated her skills with a hairbrush and my red and swollen buttocks were proof of the fact.
How had I got into this position?
Well it hadn’t helped that there had been that silly escapade in college when we’d all run out of the Pizza Restaurant without paying and straight into the arms of the Police patrol outside. It was only meant to be a jape but it hadn’t seemed so funny when we all ended up in Court. Anyway it only meant a fine that was easily paid. Then, 2 years before I was married I had been caught up in a mess at work, where the warehouse guys were selling stock off at the back door cheap. I’d thought it was an easy way to get that TV I wanted and how was I to know the place was under cctv surveillance. I lost the job and got a conviction for handling stolen goods too! That was the past and I had forgotten all about it. I’d met and married Julie. She was all I sought in live, clever, beautiful, athletic and she knew her own mind. I didn’t tell her about my previous convictions – the opportunity didn’t really arise and anyway, they were in the past. There were other things I didn’t tell her either – well one thing in particular. I didn’t tell her about my fetish for women’s panties. It had been something I had been drawn to since I was a boy and whenever the opportunity would arise I would rifle through her lingerie drawer enjoying the thrill of their feel. I’ll admit to enjoying them after they had been worn too and would sometime lock myself in the bathroom for a sneaky session having removed a pair from the laundry basket. Neither were my practices confined to my wife’s panties. If we stayed overnight at her mother’s apartment I would often sneak off to examine her laundry. What can I say, I wasn’t exactly proud of myself. It wasn’t good, but I could control it. Well I could until Caroline moved in next door. She was in her mid 20’s and a trainee lawyer. Slim, blonde and very bubbly. Julie and I really got on well with her. She had a similar nature to Julie and I could tell she was a “get ahead” girl. Maybe it was her similarity to Julie, or maybe it was her conversations with Julie about lingerie, and her love of garter belts and stockings as opposed to pantyhose but I began to fixate on her lingerie collection.
Ok it was stupid. I can see that. But at the time I was so fixated I was thinking with my pen*s not my brain. Anyway I thought she was out at the time and didn’t realise that she was in her garage when I used the spare key she’d given us for emergencies to enter the house. I didn’t see it as breaking in – I had a key. And I wasn’t going to steal anything – well maybe only a pair of panties. To cut the story short, she found me in her bedroom going through her lingerie drawer . . with my pants round my ankles . . . sporting a small, but full erection. “What the  . .!” she screamed. She stood beside the alarm panic button on the bedroom wall and glared at me “You dirty pervert. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t push this – they’ll be a patrol car here in under 5 minutes”. It was at that stage that my previous involvement with the police came flooding back. Christ I thought – this will be my third strike! No, for god sake no. “Please” I begged, “please” and I explained to her just how much trouble I was in.
Now that I know that Caroline knew about my previous convictions. She’d researched them as lawyer when doing background checks on her neighbours. And Julie knew about my secret interest in panties too, she’d just not said anything. Caroline and Julie had laid a trap for me knowing that I’d take the bait, and I had. I didn’t know that at the time of course. Had I known, perhaps I would have run, or taken my chance with the Courts, but at that moment anything, anything other than the police seemed a good deal.
“Lets see what Julie has to say about her panty pervert husband” Caroline spat at me as she grabbed my arm, forced it up my back, and marched me over to our house, my pants still around my ankles.

Well the truth came out. Julie told me that I had a choice – the Police were involved and that meant  jail – for a long, long time – or I did as she instructed.
That was a month ago. Since then I have had humiliation piled upon humiliation. Julie and Caroline decided that only Sissies like ladies panties and so I must be a Sissy. I have been regressed to the status of a 3 year old infant, paraded in front of Julie and Caroline’s friends and subjected to all sorts of humiliating and painful punishments.

So here I am watching the Barney DVD. Whilst my wife is in the bedroom – her bedroom now as I’ve been put in the spare room, or Nursery as its termed – preparing for a date. Yes, tonight I am graduating from a Sissy, to a Sissy Cuckold and the thought causes a hot tear to well up in my eye and roll down my cheek.
Just then the door bell rang.
“Answer the door “Sissy” Julie called from the bedroom, “Its Mummy, I’ve asked her to come and babysit you tonight”
My heart sank. My mother in law had always disliked me. Now she was to see me in all my sissy finery.
I opened the door to find her standing on the doorstep beaming at me. “Well what have we here” she laughed. “I’d been told about your new status sissy, but I really didn’t think you’d look that good. Well, what have you to say? Cat got your tongue?
As I blushed deeply I tried to stammer “Hello”
“Oh dear” my mother in law tut tutted. “That’s not really the way to greet me. I see I shall have to teach you how to curtsey” and with that she laughed. “Now take this” and she handed me a large heavy holdall “and show me inside”
As she followed me down the hallway I heard her snigger “I can see your panties sissy” which only served to deepen my blushes. But she continued “That’s fitting perhaps, as I know you have taken the liberty of inspecting my panties on occasions. We’ll we shall sort out some redress for that behaviour this evening shant we? I have brought a few things with me for the task.”
Just then my wife emerged from the bedroom, partially dressed in stockings and basque, her hair tied up and make up expertly applied “Hello Mummy” she called “I see you’ve met the new addition to the household.
“Yes indeed Julie” she replied “I think we’ll have some fun together tonight – nearly as much as you will!” and with that both women gave a distinctly throaty laugh.


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Chapter 2
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2012, 10:43:52 AM »
it has been over a year since I started this, and I had forgotten about it until I was looking for posts by baby_bobby2, whose work I admire so much. On finding it again, I thought it deserved to be taken forward. Further chapter too follow soon if this one is enjoyed. So please let me know, Feedback is so important.

Chapter 2
As my wife Julie returned to the bedroom to complete her preparations for her night out, my mother-in-law, Elizabeth fixed me with that “no nonsense” stare that let me know just how much she disapproved of me. “You know Sissy, I’ve always had a hunch about you, that’s why I’ve never liked you. I knew my daughter was too good for you, and now you’ve just gone and proved it. I hope she finds a real man tonight, someone who can giver her the care and attention she needs”.

I found the thought of Julie dating another guy distressing enough without being taunted about it. As I blushed deeply at my embarrassment I suddenly felt the urgent need to pee. “Please, Elizabeth” I said “I need the bathroom” knowing that I couldn’t just turn and walk away from her.

“Two things Sissy” she said sternly, “First, when you address me, you will call me Nana, not Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the name adults use when addressing me. You are no longer an adult. Secondly, in keeping with you’re status, the bathroom is off limits to you.”

I knew that the Nana thing was another way to humiliate me, but stared in disbelief at her not knowing what she meant about the bathroom being off limits. “But I need to pee Nana” I pleaded, hoping that my pleading would make her relent.

With a smirk on her face she walked over to her capacious bag, the one I had carried in, and removed from it a pink plastic potty. Holding it up and showing it to me she informed me that from now on, when ever I needed to go to the toilet I was to ask nicely for my pink potty.

This woman really knew how to embarrass me. I looked at her knowing the choice I had, I could do as she said, and ask for the potty, or I could try and contain the need to pee – something I new I couldn’t do for long. And then what? The choice would be to ask for the potty, or end up peeing my pants, and I really didn’t want to do that!
“Can I have the potty please?” I asked.

“Well that wasn’t asking nicely was it?” she grinned at me.

“Please Nana, may I have the potty?” I tried again, this time trying to sound sweet.
“Well, sissy, it’s a pink potty, and you have to ask for that, or you don’t get it, understand sugar?” she laughed.

“Please Nana, can I have the pink potty please,” I asked, this time with a bit of telling desperation in my voice.

“Of course sugar plum” she replied with a smile and she placed it on the floor in front of her “Come here, and I’ll get you ready to sit on it”

I took a couple of steps forward and suddenly felt her hands under my dress, tugging at my lacy panties. Instinctively I put my hands down to stop her but she smacked my arms and told me to keep them up. When she had snaked the panties down my legs, and over the patent Mary Jane shoes she told me to sit on the potty.

“Now then, you can do your business, but you are not to get up until I tell you to. I want to make quite sure you are finished before you get up, we are not doing this every five minutes” and at that she looked at her watch.

It was quite uncomfortable. The potty was very low, and the plastic surround was hard. Perhaps it was the position I was in, but suddenly I didn’t feel like peeing although I knew I needed to.

I could here Elizabeth moving around behind me, humming to herself and unpacking her bag. I tried to concentrate on the job in hand, trying to relax muscles so that the flow would begin. Every so often I heard Elizabeth make a comment or other such as “Can’t here any tinkle” or “what’s the matter sugar, waterworks dried up?”
I was concentrating on trying to pee so much that I didn’t hear Julie come into the room. Well to be honest, I could smell her perfume before I saw her, and from my lowly seated position I could see a lot of her! She was dressed in a short pink ra-ra skirt, with black fishnets and black stiletto shoes. Her amble breasts were accentuated by an uplift bra over which she wore a tight white blouse, unbuttoned to show plenty of cleavage, and over that a short black bolero jacket. She was fully made up, her lips a shocking pink to match her skirt and her long painted finger nails.

I hadn’t seen Julie dressed like that since we had dated and it reminded me of the lust I’d felt then, and the hope and expectation of some hot action with her. Any idea that I might have harboured at engaging in any lustful behaviour with Julie was thwarted by her expression on seeing me on the potty.

“My goodness Mummy, he looks pathetic” she said barely able to contain a laugh. “Why are you making him use a potty?

“Because sissy asked to use it” her mother replied, and then looking at me she said “Didn’t you sissy? Tell mummy what you asked me?” and again she gave me the “no nonsense” look.

I knew better that to tell her that it was something her mother had insisted on. Meekly, and feeling the heat rise in my cheeks I replied “Please Nana, can I have the pink potty”.

This just set both women off laughing again and only served to increase my embarrassment.

When the laughing finished Julie told her mother that she was off for the evening but not to wait up for her, as she was bound to be late. They ignored me as they prattled on about where Julie was to go and how she hoped to get lucky. I found all this deeply hurtful and embarrassing and wished there was something I could do to prevent it, but I knew better than to put up any resistance. I think the worst bit was when her mother asked Julie if she was all right for condoms, and Julie said that she had them ready by the bed, that she would be bringing her date back for the night. And having said that she looked down at me and smiled and said in the way you’d address a baby “and so I’ll see you sweetie at breakfast tomorrow!” then she bent down and kissed me on the forehead before saying “Now you be a good sissy and do as Mummy tells you, otherwise Mummy will have to use the hairbrush on your botty. Understood sweetums?” I nodded my understanding. “Good” she said.

“Bye then mummy” and she turned and left. There was silence in the room as I heard her car start and glide out the drive.

Then my mother-in-law spoke, breaking the silence.
“So now its just the two of us” and I realised that I had been sitting on that darn pink potty for a while, and still hadn’t peed!


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« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2013, 08:20:46 AM »
This one is taking some time to write - be we are nearly at the conclusion.

As I heard Julie’s car pull out of the drive my mind returned to my predicament. I had managed to pee at last and my bottom was hurting from the hard edge of the potty. Elizabeth stood above me and looking down at me enquired if I was “all done”.
“Yes” I replied
“Yes, Nana” she corrected me.
“Yes Nana” I sheepishly parroted.
Elizabeth then told me to stand and she came over to inspect the contents of the potty.
“Well” she smirked “it looks like everything is in proportion – small dic-k, small bladder! I’ve seen dogs pee more than that!” and then amused at her own joke she laughed. “You really are one pathetic sissy, aren’t you”?
I just stood there, and looked at the floor, feeling as though my cheeks were burning.
She said “I’m talking to you sissy, I said, You really are one pathetic sissy, aren’t you, I do hope you are not being rude and ignoring me” her tone now quite threatening.
“No Nana” I stuttered.
“No, you’re not a pathetic Sissy? Are you arguing with me?” she said sharply, beginning to sound angry “Are you looking for a spanking sissy”
“No please Nana” I pleaded, “I am a pathetic sissy, I am Nana, I wasn’t ignoring you, please Nana don’t spank me!”
My mother-in-law just snorted and told me to empty the contents of the potty in the downstairs bathroom and return to her immediately.
I wandered down the corridor gingerly carrying the pink potty for fear of spilling its contents with what consequences I could only guess. I was still without my panties and as the short skirt swayed as I walked I found myself being unable to deal with the resultant swelling.
When I returned to the lounge my mother-in-law was holding my frilly rumba panties in her hand. She looked at me and announce “We’d better get you back into these”. Fearing the discovery of my semi-erect condition and the embarrassment it would cause me, I tried to take the panties from her in the hope she would let me put them on, and turn her attention elsewhere.
Unfortunately my mother-in-law’s attention was fully centred on me. She snatched the panties from my grasp and announced “Oh no, sissies aren’t allowed to dress themselves”. She held the panties open so I could step into them. I say step in – in fact, quite deliberately she held them just above my knee level so I had to “step up” into them. The movement was very embarrassing for me and she proceeded to lift my skirt and petticoats to pull the panties up my thighs she caught sight of my rigid member.
Before I knew what had happened she had slapped my face very hard and pushed me back onto the settee I had been standing in front of.
“You stay there you dirty little slut!” my mother-in-law commanded, glaring at me in a very menacing way “don’t you move one muscle” and with that she stormed out of the room.
I waited, quaking, for about 10 minutes. When she returned my mother-in-law appeared less angry but very determined.
“Stand” she commanded “and hold that skirt and petticoats up” She seated herself in the settee and quickly pulled me over her knee. Before I knew what was happening my right arm was being pulled back and pinioned over my back as she began her assault on my bared behind with her hairbrush.
“I will not” SMACK  “have you” SMACK getting excited “SMACK” in my presence” SMACK  “That is the behaviour” SMACK “of a selfish” SMACK “dirty” SMACK “disobedient” SMACK “sissy”.
The lecture and the smacking went on for quite some time. Well before it was over I was begging and pleading for her to stop. I was promising to be good and telling her how sorry I was. All the usual things that a good spanking brings out but it had no effect on her – if anything I think she was enjoying the humiliating state she had reduced me too.
Finally she stopped and released my arm and pushed me to the floor. I just lay there bawling my eyes out. I was on my back, my hands on my bottom trying to rub the pain away. I wasn’t concentrating too much on my mother-in-law who was standing over me fiddling with what looked like a small plastic ring and tube. If I hadn’t been in such a distressed and distracted state I might have been able to have done something – on the other hand maybe I wouldn’t have been able to, the woman had me where she wanted me. Anyway, I suddenly became aware that she was pulling the ring over my scrotum before swiftly inserting my now shrivelled member into the tube. Before I could say anything there was a click as she inserted a small lock into the mechanism and announced, “I think that will stop that happening again eh?”
To say I was in shock would be an understatement. I was powerless as my mother-in-law pulled me to my feet, pulled my panties into place and led me to the corner where she told me to “face the wall, stop your crying and reflect on what a silly sissy you are”.
I stood there for what was probably half an hour, but seemed like hours, whilst my mother-in-law came and went. Occasionally she would make comments that deeply hurt me like “I wonder if Julie’s found a stud yet – maybe they are having sex already” causing me to start crying again, to which she’d say “you really are a cry baby sissy aren’t you? Maybe I should put you in diapers!”
It was maybe half an hour before I was allowed out of the corner. My mother-in-law then lectured me on how I could expect another visit over her knee if I ever disrespected her again. She told me that she knew I had been through her underwear drawer at her house when I’d visited with Julie and that she had brought a treat for me. She then pulled from her bag a pair of black satin and lace panties that I recognised from her drawer.
“I slept in these last night sissy – just for you.” Then she laughed, “now you are going to wear them” I looked at her somewhat confused and with that she pulled the panties over my head, placing the somewhat musky crotch over my nose and mouth.
“Isn’t Nana kind to you sissy, bringing you treats like this? I was obviously meant to say something but was too shocked to answer. A swift smack to my already sore bottom acted as a powerful reminder to what was required.
“Yes Nana, thank you Nana, thank you,” I blurted out.
“You’re learning sissy, you are learning. Slowly” she laughed.
“Now I think its bedtime for you young lady” she announced “lets get you upstairs and ready” and with that she led me by the arm, her panties still in place over my face, up the stairs.
First she supervised me washing myself and brushing myself. I looked longingly at the toiler, hoping I would be able to use it before I retired for the night, but Nana just tut tutted and asked did I want the potty. I nodded in silence but she merely said, “What does sissy want?” and I knew that I had to say “can I please have the pink potty Nana” which she then produced with a smile placing it on the floor before me.
 Ablutions complete I was led to my now feminised bedroom.
Laid out on the bed was a white satin baby doll nightie with matching frilly panties. Had I not now been imprisoned in the plastic chastity device I would have welcomed the thrill of their feel. I knew, however, that wearing them now would tantalise me without any hope of fulfilling the thrill they provoked. I am sure my mother-in-law was aware of my thoughts as she said “I don’t think sissy will be enjoying her nightwear as much in future, eh?” I wasn’t sure if she expected a reply, but fearful that she think I was being disrespectful I answered that I was not.
However there was a further surprise for me indicating a change in my nighttime routine as my mother-in-law produced an oversized cloth diaper and said, in a very matter of fact way “lets get you into this”.
At the risk of another spanking for challenging her authority I blurted out “Please Nana, do we have to? Please?”
She just laughed at me “You are a pathetic sissy wearing little girls dresses and panties, whose wife is out on a date, you have just be spanked by your mother-in-law and you are now wearing a chastity device. When you wake up you will be a cuckold. Nervous? I bet you are; I’d put money on you not being able to control your bladder tonight. I certainly do not want to spend the evening checking if you need the potty or you are dry. You are wearing this and if you can keep it dry all night we’ll see if I can’t find another pair of my panties as a treat for you. Now get on your back so I can get it pinned in place!”
I knew she was right – I was nervous. I was thinking about Julie and where she might be, and with who, and doing what. Maybe my mother-in-law was right. Maybe it would be better if I had the protection of the nappy. After all if in didn’t need it I would prove she was wrong.
I lay on my back as the nappy was pinned around me. Then came the crinkly plastic pants that she snaked up my legs and thighs before pulling into place. When she was satisfied that all was in place I was allowed to stand and put on the nightie and matching pants.
My mother-in-law pulled back the covers of my bed and I climbed in. She tucked the sheet in and kissed me gently on the forehead saying “goodnight sissy, remember, by morning you will be a cucky too! Sweet dreams” and with that she turned and walked away, turned off the light and closed the door.
It was still only 8.30 but I was tucked up in bed waiting to be cuckolded, my wife was out looking for studs and my mother-in-law was downstairs cucksitting. Everything was in place for the final humiliating instalment.


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« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2013, 10:47:18 AM »
The final installment.

I must have been asleep but I woke as I heard my bedroom door open. At first I was unsure where I was, but the cold clammy nappy clinging to my bottom and crotch soon reminded me of my situation. The room was dimly lit by the small pink fairy nightlight plugged into the socket on the far wall but I could make out the silhouette of my mother-in-law as she stood in the doorway. She was wearing a full length thin negligee and I could make out the contours of her matronly figure against the light in the hallway. I stared at her and blinked hoping that she had come to change my sadden nappy, and I started to move in anticipation.

She quickly came to my bedside. My dummy had fallen out and was hanging from the ribbon pinned to my chest. She knelt down beside me and I could see that she was excited and wearing a huge grin. Before I could say anything she had forced the dummy back into my mouth.

“Shhh” she said, “not a word, there is something I want to show you, but you have to be quiet, very, very quiet. Understand?”

I nodded my acceptance but was confused as to what it was that she had discovered to bring her such joy that she had to show me in the middle of the night.
She took my hand and helped me to my feet. She led me out into the corridor. I felt the thick pile carpet on my feet. I was conscious of my soaking nappy, how it clung to my body and sagged from its weight. She took my right hand in her right hand and placed her left hand under my left armpit, as though she was restraining me lest I try to move away. But I didn’t try, I was mesmerised by the situation, by her control over me. We moved slowly down the corridor and as we did I became aware of noises. Rhythmic noises. There was a creaking, and a moaning and a banging. We reached the end of the corridor, it was the entrance to the master bedroom. Until lately it had been my room that is until I was banished to the other end of the corridor where the nursery was. The noises were louder now.

My mother-in-law looked at me and smiled. She put her finger to her lips in a sign saying “quiet”. Then she positioned me so that I could see into the bedroom.
The sight that greeted me is one I will never forget – nor my reaction to it.
I could see my wife, lying on her back, her legs raised at the hips and wrapped around a muscular very dark skinned man. My wife’s arms were wrapped around his back. Her eyes were closed, but she was moaning and breathlessly moaning, “yes, yes, yes – that’s it – deeper – come on deeper – ah! Yes! Yes! That’s it.”
Meanwhile the man was rising and falling, causing the bed to creak and the headboard bang against the back wall.

As I watched this, my mother-in-law stood beside me and squeezed my hand as is to reassure me this was not a dream – not a nightmare – but reality. The only thing I could do was stand there, and suc-k furiously on my dummy whilst my bowels opened with the shock of it.

My mother-in-law must have become aware of my reaction as she turned to me and whispered “Oh no! you didn’t? Gosh you really are a big sissy baby aren’t you? I can’t wait to tell them at breakfast what you did!”
And with that she led me back to the nursery with her sniggering as we went.
I learnt then that no matter how much you wish it you cannot die of same, nor will the ground open and swallow you up.

I had expected that my nappy would be changed but to my shock and dismay my mother-in-law just told me to get back into bed and that I would be changed in the morning.

“You are a naughty sissy baby for doing that in your nappy!” she scolded me “you can just lay in them till morning a punishment”

She looked at me and moved her head close to mine and whispered in my ear “I’m too horny to change you know – wasn’t that so exciting? I just can’t wait to get back to my bed and play with myself at the thought of what my daughters doing!”
So there it was – everyone in the house was having an orgasm, whilst I was lying in a cold wet dirty smelly nappy with the humiliation of meeting my wife and her lover at breakfast tomorrow morning. There was only one thing to do – suc-k on my dummy and cry myself to sleep.


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Re: Cucksat
« Reply #4 on: September 29, 2014, 09:01:02 AM »
the final part - sorry for the delay

I am awoken from my deep sleep by my mother-in-law. The nursery nightlight dimly lights the room. My mother-in-law is dressed in a gossamer full-length nightie and negligee but the contours of her fulsome body are clear as she stands between the light and me.

“Come on Sissy, you need to come with me” she says as she leans over my cot. I ear her undo the lock on the side and slide the bars down so I can get out.

“Come on Sissy, I want you up now” she repeats. I am dazed and disorientated. I can feel that my nappy is wet and cold and it clings uncomfortably to my groin. Is she going to change me? A change is usually associated with a spanking and I really don’t want that. Fortunately that is not why I have been awoken.

“Come on, don’t dawdle – I have something to show you,” she whispers in my ear as she takes my arm in a vice like grip and leads me to the door.
We leave the nursery and she leads me along the corridor. I do not know what time it is but I guess it is late. I really don’t understand what is going on and why she has raised me.

“Nana?” I mutter.
 She turns to me and places her index finger against her lips indicating that I am to be quiet.

We continue down the corridor. I become aware of a rhythmic creaking sound. It is like someone is using a saw. As we approach the master bedroom I am aware that the light is on and the door half open.

My mother-in-law manoeuvres me to the door and whispers in my ear “now sissy if I hear one peep from you will be an extremely sorry little girl”. She turns me slightly and I see before me a full-length mirror strategically placed so that I can see into the bedroom.

The rhythmic sound continues but it is accompanied by another sound – a voice, and one I recognise as that of my wife. She is gently murmuring “yes, yes, deeper yes, ah! That’s it! Deeper, Oh my god!” And I can see the cause of her entreaties. On top of her is an incredibly muscular black man. Her legs are spread and he is between them, pumping up and down as she raises her knees to her hips and wraps her arms over his back pulling him into her.

I stand there mesmerised by the sight, my mother in law by my side. How long we watch I do not know. When I think about it later it seemed like hours but I doubt that it was no more than a minute if it was even that. I am transfixed to the spot but my mother-in-law leads me away.

“You are a cuckold sissy now” she smirks in a rather matter of fact way.
As we wander back down the corridor the enormity of what I have seen, of what I have become, strikes me resulting releasing another stream of liquid into the already wet nappy the only consolation being that it meant that my nappy did not feel as cold.
Before we reached the nursery my mother-in-law pulled me to her side and whispered, “I think there should be something to mark your new status – a little celebration”. I had no idea what she meant, but feared it would not be pleasant.
She did not return me to the “nursery” where I slept. Instead I was led into the guest room where, I knew, she was staying that night.

“We had better get you out of that wet nappy cucky, hadn’t we?” she grinned to me. I meekly nodded, fearing the inevitable spanking that accompanied a nappy change.
After she had spread the rubber changing mat on the floor I lay down on it on my back, knowing the procedure. She quickly pulled off my frilly rumbas and the plastic pants before unpinning the now heavy soaked cloth nappy. A few cold “wet ones” were used as a cursory wipe to my private regions before I was told to rise and fetch the hairbrush from the dressing table. As I did so, Mother-in-law placed the upright chair in the centre of the room and sat on it adjusting her negligee so that I caught a glimpse of her legs and thighs. She caught me looking and laughed
“Hahahaha cucky, don’t even think about it – this is reserved for real men – just like my daughter”. And with that she pointed to her knees indicating the position I was to assume.

As spanking from her went, it wasn’t the worst, but before long as usual I was bawling like a child and real tears were rolling down my cheeks. When she stopped I was a snivelling wretch. She unceremoniously dumped me on the floor and I was told to get over to get my nose into the corner and wait for my surprise.
I do not know if it was the cold, the spanking or the anticipation but I was shaking uncontrollably as I waited.
After what seemed an eternity my mother in law instructed me to turn round and face her.

She was naked now, except for a large black dil-do that was strapped to her by a leather harness. She was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“You’ve just heard what a woman sounds like when she’s getting a good seeing too. That was part of your education as a cucky sissy. Now I’m going to give you  good seeing to as well I want to hear you making the same noises”

With that she instructed me to get up on the bed on all fours.

Mother-in-law was not satisfied for a long time that I was being appreciative enough and making the right noises so I was there for quite some time. It was only the next morning at breakfast that I learnt, to my shame, that mother-in-law had left the door ajar so that my wife and her bull could take a peak at my humiliation much to there mirth. The most embarrassing part was probably when the bull asked me at breakfast if I’d had fun with Nana last night when she’d babysat me. I didn’t need to answer, my wife and her mother were laughing uncontrollably remembering the previous evening, and the Bull looked very pleased with himself.


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