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Author Topic: Diapers And Little Girls By Mary Beth Sanford  (Read 11549 times)

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Re: Diapers And Little Girls By Mary Beth Sanford
« Reply #7 on: September 05, 2014, 04:10:57 PM »
Both boys were in their triple diapers and adorable printed white plastic vinyl panties at almost the same time.  The plastic bloused nicely and shimmered cutely reflecting the light coming into their rooms.  It was like some kind of soft white liquid glass as the folds of their baby pants moved when they did, even slightly.  The baby panties also crinkled a bit which added a nice touch to the bulky look that the boys took on with no other clothing. 

"Go ahead and get into a tee-shirt,"  Rose said and added, "and your socks as well.  I'm going to call Helen."

"Socks?  For what,"  Jeff asked.  There was still the risk that Bobby might have confessed which was something Jeff thought of as well. 

"For your slippers or shoes.  Honey, Helen and I have talked this over.  While you're not terribly sick, you could be.  We just think it's going to be better that someone is with you at all times, but Helen and I still have to work.  Anyway, we're going to share baby sitting chores for the day.  Sorry about that!  I didn't mean it like you are a baby.  Just a term.  Bobby is coming over here when he's ready.  You two can do homework in the family room together, after lunch.  Remember, it's still a school day.

"Bobby is coming here,"  Jeff asked in a panic.

"Yes.  At least for some part of the day.  Helen's going to go into work then she'll come back and relieve me so I can go in and do the closing,"  Rose said as she stood and added, "come on and I'll start lunch for you two."

"Bobby is coming here,"  Jeff asked again in a panic and added, "mom, he's going to see me like this?"

"Obviously.  Honey, Bobby is coming here wearing the same exact things you're wearing!  Helen and I got the same exact things when we shopped!  Look, we did that on purpose so you both would be wearing the same stuff.  You're both wearing diapers and baby... I mean plastic panties.  No advantage or disadvantage.  That way neither of you can tease the other,"  Rose said.

"Where's my robe,"  Jeff asked in a renewed panic as he went to the back of his door.

"It's in the laundry being washed.  You'll be needing it for the next few days and it hasn't been washed since heaven knows when,"  Rose said.

"MOM!  Bobby is going to see me like this!"  Jeff said almost in tears.

"And you are going to see Bobby in the same exact things so stop your whining.  Maybe I should stop on the way home work tonight and pick up a pacifier,"  Rose said sounding suddenly angry.

Jeff closed his mouth.  There was no sense in pushing this any further than he had.  He was trapped and he knew it.  Rose picked up her cell phone after walking into the living room.  Jeff was in his room putting a tee-shirt and pair of socks on.  He was going to wear his tennis shoes and that was it for clothing.

"Helen!  It's me!  We're all set here!"  Rose said.

"How did it go,"  Helen asked.

"Are you kidding?  I nearly fainted when I pinned him into his diapers.  He looks so adorable!  How about Bobby,"  Rose asked.

"Same here.  Soaked him in baby lotion and I must have used a third of the baby powder already,"  Helen said happily.

"Excellent, me too on that baby powder.  He smells like a baby even from several feet away.  OK then, I'll see you in a couple of minutes.  Oh, does Bobby like Vegetable Beef or chicken noodle soup,"  Rose asked.

"Both, either,"  Helen said.

"Great.  I'm starting the soup now,"  Rose said changing her tone on the phone when Jeff came in and sat at the kitchen table.

Bobby too was looking for his robe.

"Oh hell!  That's right!  I forgot about the robe,"  Helen said when Bobby became alarmed that his robe was still in the wash.  She thought for a second and added, "well, for now grab that throw your grandmother knitted and put it around your shoulders.  It's big enough to cover your diapers and plastic pants! You're only going next door!"

Bobby gripped the blanket around himself for all of his worth as his mother opened the front door.  She had her pink gym bag now filled as Bobby's temporary diaper bag and had chosen that one on purpose.  There were the extra diapers, another pair of his baby pants, the powder, lotion and wipes.  She'd said each of them out loud as she put them into the pink bag.

"Ready,"  Helen asked.

"No!" Bobby said standing at the door.  He felt like some kind of weird baby going off to the sitters with his mother holding a diaper bag of all things.  That damn PINK diaper bag he cursed under his breath and again when he felt the blanket move over the mound of baby pants and diaper he wore.  Every move he made, every step taken, there was that faint rustling whispering, "you're wearing baby pants little baby".

"Come on honey, and lets get this over with.  I should be back by three and then Jeff and you can come over here to play, if you're done with your studies that is,"  Helen said fighting the smile that was creeping up on her face.  She hadn't known how hard it would be to keep that smile off her face.

Bobby stepped out into the bright sun with the blanket almost down to his knees.  He was holding the blanket closed with one hand, his books in the other.  The blanket wrapped around him was like a skirt and every once in a while it moved.  He kept hoping that the breeze didn't raise the blanket past the edge of his plastic pants.  That would be a disaster if the neighbors were watching and he was sure everyone of them was. 

It was bad enough that the blanket poked out nearly as far as Jennifer's butt did when he stood at the door looking at the hallway mirror.   Jennifer, like her mother had an ample bottom and now so did Bobby.  Bobby moved faster than his mother toward Jeff's house, but slowed fearing he'd get there and the door wouldn't open.   He also didn't want to appear too healthy or happy.

Jeff, near the kitchen nodded at Bobby solemnly who nodded back silently, when Rose let him in.  Helen took the blanket Bobby had just after coming in so Bobby couldn't hide what he was wearing.  Jeff's bottom looked even bigger than Bobby's did.


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Re: Diapers And Little Girls By Mary Beth Sanford
« Reply #8 on: September 05, 2014, 04:15:09 PM »
Bobby waited for his mother Helen.  Both boys flushed nearly crimson seeing each other, and knowing that they both had on the same things.  Last thing Bobby wanted to do was take that blanket off but Jeff was already standing in just his diaper, baby pants and tee shirt.   

"Bobby honey, here, take the blanket from your mom and put it on the chair in the family room, and come have some lunch,"  Rose said.

Bobby did so, reluctantly, as Jeff stood there.  They both were wearing just their tee-shirts and their diapers under those bellowing plastic vinyl panties.  Those diapers were too thick for the shirts to hang loose and cover them.

"I've put together a DIAPER BAG for Bobby, and I've added the scale and note pad, Helen noted.

"Excellent.  Going to empty my gym bag for Jeff's DIAPER BAG as well.   I'll get to it so he has a DIAPER BAG when he goes over to your place.

"So, I'll see you at three then?"  Helen said giving Rose a quick friendly kiss on her cheek.  She bent and kissed Bobby as well, telling him to be good and not to hesitate to tell Rose if he needed to have his DIAPER CHANGED, because  she didn't want him getting a DIAPER RASH.  Bobby dropped his eyes, blushed and nodded.  Jeff didn't even look over at the bag, but he knew it was there.

Helen had almost told Bobby to be a good baby for Rose but caught herself, now as she headed for the door she was regretting she hadn't made it come out as another mistake she could apologized over.  She was positive she was reinforcing his regret and wanted to do more.

Bobby had asked about going to the bathroom when the urge hit since he could at least do that when he was awake.  Only his mother vetoed that idea by grabbing up a pad, pencil and the scale she used for packages.  She had said that the doctor suggested keeping track of what Bobby took in and what came out.  She wanted to make sure he was getting enough liquids she'd said.

It was crucial, she had said, that more stayed in so he didn't risk getting dehydrated.  Helen told Bobby that she had weighed his diaper dry along with his baby pants to be used as the base weight.  Bobby was going to have to use those diapers from now until three in the afternoon at least.  Bobby had almost cried over the thought of wetting into a diaper or being wiped and changed from a wet diaper.

"See you!"  Rose said at the stove.

"Oh, that's another thing Rose,  I've added the weight of his diaper dry and he's already had eight ounces of juice.  Make sure he takes another bottle...  Shoot!  I mean another make sure he gets another glass of juice now and eight ounces on the hour, every hour"  Helen said as she headed for the door.  She was luckier than Rose because in a moment she could let loose the laughter she'd been fighting back all morning.

"Got it,"  Rose said not daring to turn from the stove or else the boys would see her face as well.  When the soup was ready she called the boys in.

The boys ate their soup in silence.  Both boys saw what the other was wearing and each wondering if he looked as babyish as the other did.  They actually looked like boys trying to look like babies.

"Hello,"  Rose asked picking up the phone and heading for the patio door and out before closing it.  Rose knew it was Helen even before she saw the caller ID.

"Hey, how's it going,"  Helen asked.

"Are you serious?  Helen, this has got to be their worse day ever and my best!  Believe it or not I've got them both laying on a large pink satin spread in the family room reading their History assignments.  Called the school and got their homework assignments over the phone.  I wish I had a camera but didn't dare,"  Rose said as she laughed and added,  "I told them that I put them on the floor because I was worried about having accidents so I put a plastic paint tarp down under the spread first.  It crinkles a lot when they move."

"They laying down or sitting,"  Helen asked.

"Laying down.  Both are on their stomachs.  Honestly, I wish you could see this.  They've got these two cute puffy white butts sticking up like little babies, but I think they thought it was better than me seeing the front,"  Rose said.

"You're kidding?  That's great!  Gosh I really do wish I was there to see that,"  Helen said and added, "got to figure out how to get pictures?  It would be wonderful to get a couple of pictures of those puffy bottoms.  Just had an idea!  Tell you what, before I call them over here, you know, when it's my turn, I'll set up the digital camera somewhere and just have it record continuously.  At least we'd have that DVD for some future use.  It's small enough to hide."

"Oh that would be perfect.  OK, so I'll see you at three then.  Just call when you are ready and I'll walk them both over,"  Rose said.

"Will do,"  Helen said hanging up the phone.

It was five minutes to three when Helen pulled into the driveway of her house.  Bobby and Jeff had been in their diapers and plastic pants since eleven.  Rose changed each boy individually on the living room floor giving each the opportunity to see the other getting his diaper changed.  She didn't use the lotion, but she did use the wipes and added lots of baby powder before putting them back into their fresh diapers and plastic panties.   She was very slow and very methodical.

Rose dutifully noted the weight of their diapers after putting each into a plastic bag first.  She did that little chore after she'd changed them and on the coffee table so both boys could see their wet diapers.   

Rose had also decided to forget to put Jeff's robe in the dryer and would apologize for that when the time came.  He hadn't asked about it after a while. Both boys were going to have to walk to Bobby's house with just their blankets again.

Meanwhile, Helen was putting the Digital camera on the shelf near the television.  She taped over the small red light showing it was recording so it wouldn't show.  She had two hours of memory and two more disk as she pressed the button and moved the books and plant back in place.  It was the clutter and small lens that would keep it hidden as she punched in Rose's number. 

"All set,"  Helen said after Rose answered.

Jeff was angry that his mother had forgotten to put his robe in the dryer, but there wasn't anything else to be done about it as he wrapped his own throw blanket around his shoulders.  He had suffered the indignity of being changed before watching his best friend get his diaper changed.  They had avoided eye contact with each other and went back to their homework in silence.


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Re: Diapers And Little Girls By Mary Beth Sanford
« Reply #9 on: September 05, 2014, 04:17:23 PM »
Rose justified another change by telling him that she knew he was dry, but that it still gets warm with those plastic panties on and that he'd feel better in a nice  fresh diaper with more sprinkles of baby powder.  He didn't.  Bobby and Jeff would get their diapers changed one more time.  Helen had promised Rose that.

"OK, I'm going to work!"  Rose said after both boys were again sitting on the large satin spread over that same thin plastic tarp that Rose carried in with her.  They were directly in front of the digital camera running silently a few feet away.  There was a speaker not too far away and Helen had put on what she called her background music tapes she enjoyed while reading.  It would mask what faint little noises the digital cam made and it would add music to the tape background that was recording the boys still doing their homework.

An Hour passed before Bobby was led to his room, then Jeff followed a few short minutes later.  Both boys had their diapers changed by both moms before they returned to the spread.  Helen was going to do this at least two more times before she diapered him for bed.  She had twelve diapers and four pair of plastic pants.  She would use ten diapers leaving her a set of two for tomorrow morning while she washed the ones he'd been in already.

This time Bobby's mother, as Bobby had feared,  used a baby wipe having Bobby hold his legs up with his hands while she wiped him.  She had him stay that way when she began using the baby lotion and finally after that she sprinkled his diaper liberally with baby powder before he rested his legs on the bed again before spreading them.  It was about the worse thing he'd ever had happen to him when he spread his legs wide once more.  It was second only to wetting his diaper and having to ask to be changed.

It was agreed between Helen and Rose that they would do the same sort of thing tomorrow with Helen watching them till noon then Rose till four.  Saturday they'd watch the boys at home, individually, since both women were off.   It was then that they would spring the disposable Pampers on them.  Bobby was walked back into the family room after he'd been changed.   He was sullen as he sat back down on the satin spread and picked up his history book.

It was a fresh embarrassment on Bobby's face since his mother had used that baby wipe on him before the lotion and powder again... Way too much powder Bobby thought.  Jeff knew why Bobby's face was so red.  His had been that same color for the same reason.  Helen sat on the chair next to the couch with a book as Bobby went back down on the satin spread. 

It was hard not laughing as Helen moved the book to cover her face.  The too boys were facing the television doing homework with their large padded bottoms facing Helen.  Like two babies minus the baby toys.   It had been years since she'd had to sit for babies and she smiled again.  She smiled this time over the memories of Bobby, a bit smaller, but in that same spot almost looking identical to those times.

It was five after five when Rose walked over with Jeff's robe to bring him home.  Jeff, with a great deal of relief, slipped his robe on.  His relief didn't last given the size of his bottom as the robe flowed out and over the large mound under it.  It was the reason he hurried as they walked towards the house.   Jeff had suddenly seen Jennifer walking down towards them from the bus stop.

Bobby was changed right after his shower which he took just after Jeff left.  His double diapers were waiting for him on his bed when he walked into his room.  His robe, also now dry, hung over the back of his chair at his computer desk.  He flushed crimson once more as his mother poured baby lotion onto her hands.

"Bobby, I'm going to put you into double diapers for bed tonight but in the mean time I've purchased a package of Pamper's - Cruisers actually.  They are size 7 and should fit but I'd like to make sure,"  Helen said.

"Pampers?  Why.  I mean how come?  I'm already wearing diapers for heaven's sakes,"  Bobby said in utter frustration.  Pampers of all things and Cruisers no less.

"You may have to wear diapers to school.  I'm not sure yet and if you do then wearing the disposables will at least get you though to the next changes without having to pull your pants off," Helen said and added, "I thought you'd even prefer them over diapers and those baby pants."

Jeff too was changed on the family room floor after his mother spread the blanket out once again.  He felt like a baby in those moments as his mother teased the diaper left and right before laying it over him.  She took way too long, or it seemed like she did, in pinning it closed and just as agonizing long for his baby pants again.  Jeff also didn't like that pat he got either and his mother apologized.  It was a habit she had from years ago she said, from when he was a baby, she added.

Of that package of twelve diapers that both mom's brought home only two remained by the time the boys made it the safety of their rooms that night.  Each was on their computers almost instantly...

"This is too weird!"  Jeff typed.

"Bizarre!"  Bobby typed back.

"It's like I'm suddenly a baby!  I mean mom is beside herself over this.  Believe it or not, I think she is really enjoying this.  She keeps telling me how wonderful it is to sort of have those baby days back again,"  Jeff typed.

"That's nothing!  My mom used a big powder puff for the baby powder after my shower!  She was actually humming some kind of lullaby and she powdered me almost to my neck.  I don't think she was even aware she was doing it,"  Bobby typed.

"I know!  I smell like a baby.  I mean I really smell like a baby.  Mom must have used half the baby powder on me when she diapered me for bed,"  Jeff answered.

"Really.  Well, try this then...  Mom even sprinkled powder over my damn sheets!  Said it made my room smell... get this... 'baby fresh',"  Bobby noted.

"What are we going to do,"  Jeff wrote across Bobby's screen and added, "we've got a whole day of this again tomorrow and worse, this weekend besides!"

"Damned if I know?  I know we can't confess now.  They've spent a fortune on that stuff.  And there is one other thing I just thought about...,"  Bobby typed back.

"We can't wake up dry either,"  Jeff typed in before Bobby could finish his sentence.

"Exactly,"  Bobby wrote.

"I'd already thought about that.  Would look too odd both of us suddenly dry after all of this,"  Jeff noted.

"No choice... we wet into our diapers tonight,"  Bobby said.


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