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Author Topic: Straighten that Bow Sailor By Mary Beth Sanford  (Read 3650 times)

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Straighten that Bow Sailor By Mary Beth Sanford
« on: September 06, 2014, 01:57:33 PM »
Straighten that Bow Sailor
By Mary Beth (Elisabeth) Sanford

The first thing I did when I got stationed in Taiwan was have a uniform made. Not the uniform that I'd stand inspections in but the one I'd wear on liberty. The one that hugged my chest and tapered to my waist closing on the side with a zipper with a pair of pants that highlighted a butt that hinted at no shorts. Not a regulation Navy uniform but definitely one that was perfect for picking up girls with. I was lean mean fighting machine and I wanted it to show.

Unfortunately Lt. Baker didn't like buff men or most men for that matter and she made a point of having the woman marine, assigned to her for the night, march me over to the Military Police jeep for a talk. "That a regulation uniform sailor?" She asked using her nightstick to poke at my tie.

"No ma'am." I said as politely as I could. The last thing I needed to happen was spend the night in the brig and cursed myself for wearing the nylon panties I'd purchased. It was the next best thing to going naked I'd been told by the tailor in broken english as he helped me into my new uniform and I'd laughed. I'd laughed but right after paying him I'd gone out and purchased a three pack of white panties. Women's panties and there I stood, fresh shaven and out of regulation inside and out standing in front of a woman Lieutenant that might not understand that bulky cotton shorts just didn't work with a uniform like this.

"Show me the edge sailor!" She said using her nightstick to lift my jumper an inch or so. "Show me the edge was slang for show me the hem of your shorts. The admiral had made it clear all the way down the chain of command that sailors would, without exception, wear what the Navy provided and the Navy's version of shorts were "Cotton, long, white, one each" and I could hardly move as my heart began to race as the Lieutenant added: "That's an order!"

It was going to be bad but disobeying an order even worse as I edged my jumper up and lowered the edge of my pants. "Good heavens! Are those panties? Are you wearing panties? You are a male aren't you? Not a wave?  I mean a man? Right?  A man? Those are panties are they not?" The Lieutenant said as the corporal began to snicker making the Lt. add: "As you were corporal. I'm sure there is a logical reason for this man here to be dressing as a woman. There is isn't there seamen?"

I was right when I had thought that she wouldn't understand and she was on the verge of snickering herself when my explanation ended and when it did I just stood there as she said: "So, you decided that wearing women's panties under those pants won't show and that is going to make you more desirable to the ladies in this port. Is that what I'm hearing? Is that really why your wearing white nylon panties that belong on a women? I mean hell, boy,  those are the same style panties I'm wearing!"

"Yes ma'am!" I said hoping this would end or that I'd die soon.

It didn't and I didn't and suddenly she says: "Well, it would seem to me that a sailor with your kind of desires should have the opportunity to satisfy them and I'm thinking that the corporal and I are just the women that can do that for you. Isn't that right corporal?"

"YES MA'AM. I'D LOVE TO MA'AM!" The female Marine corporal said snapping her heels together as she brought herself to attention.

"You ever handle a sissy before corporal?" The Lieutenant asked.

"No ma'am but I had two little sisters that liked being very prissy ma'am. That would be the same sort of thing wouldn't it ma'am?" The corporal asked.

"It would. It would indeed. Sissy boys and prissy little girls are very hard to tell apart corporal. So I'm sure this young man, if we stood him beside your two little sisters would blend right in don't you think?  Or could?" The Lieutenant asked.

"Begging the Lieutenant's pardon ma'am but I'm afraid you'd spot him between them two girls right off ma'am." The corporal said still standing at attention.

"Why's that corporal. He's wearing panties and your two little sisters wore panties, right?" The Lieutenant asked.

"Yes ma'am! At least they did. Pretty panties at that ma'am but they also had dresses on and this here sailor isn't wearing a dress ma'am." The corporal said.

"Now that is stupid of me and here I am supposedly leading and teaching you and you catch the obvious. Well done corporal." The Lieutenant says.

"Thank you ma'am." The corporal says.

"Well now. This makes it a little confusing then. I mean I could write you up for wearing women's panties or let you off with just a little bit of a change. Which would you rather see corporal? I mean if you were a sissy boy and wearing panties what would you like to see happen?" The Lieutenant asked.

"Ma'am, it's hard to imagine what a sissy boy might like but if a sissy boy is like a prissy little girl then I'd guess that he'd rather be in a pretty little dress right now. I know for a fact that my sisters would rather be in dresses, ma'am." The corporal said.

"Exactly. Well done corporal. So, why don't we take our sissy boy off the streets before he gets into trouble with some macho man and find a safe place to help him. Think we can do that corporal?" The Lt. asked and then before the corporal could answer asked: "Now where in this town would prissy girls and sissy boys go to find those pretty little dresses at?"

"Ma'am, we could ask Madame Yu. Her girls all dress very prissy. Like little girls! The sailors like prissy little girls, ma'am." The corporal said.

"Your right again. Damn fine idea.  Corporal you just never cease to amaze me. Those girls look just like they stepped right out of a 1950's Wards catalog don't they. Surely anyone of them would know where to find a pretty little dress for our sissy here." The Lieutenant said nodding for me to get into their jeep. I did. It was a nightmare and it was just beginning but I got suddenly braver and said: "Ma'am, I have rights?"

The Lieutenant stopped the jeep, turned quickly back to me and said: "Your right about your rights. Now let me give you a choice: I can stop, write you up and take you straight to the brig. You'll be strip searched of course and everything you surrender would go on a list; or you can sit back there nice and quiet and do as I say. If you do that then by tomorrow this will all be just a bad dream. However, if I write you up then your nightmare is only beginning. Let's see, how would I word this? Oh yes, found sailor in non-regulation uniform. Questioned same. Sailor, upon further inspection, was also wearing a very pretty pair of white nylon panties for girls. Was cited and held till morning. Returned non-regulation girl's panties and uniform pending judicial review or captain's mass."

"Yes ma'am." I said and added: "I understand ma'am. I'd rather sit here nice and quiet ma'am."

"That's better." The Lieutenant said as she let the clutch out and jerked the jeep ahead.

"Madame Yu, how are you this fine lovely evening." The Lieutenant asked as we walked into the brothel.

"I'm not doing anything wrong. See?" The older woman said nervously.

"Of course not. I'm not here to bust you dear. I'm hear to ask a favor of you." The Lieutenant said.

"Favor, what kind of favor?" The woman said looking slightly confused.

"May we use your office for a moment?" The Lieutenant asked.

"Show her!" The Lieutenant said after she closed the door to the small office.

"He wearing panties. How come he's wearing girl's panties?" The woman said after I had let down my uniform.

"He's a sissy and that's the favor I need. He want's very badly to wear a dress. A dress like some of those you put on your girls here. Where do you get your dresses from?" The Lieutenant asked.

"I make them. I make everything. Pretty so girls look like little girls. Sailors like little girls. He want to be a girl? A little girl?  Why he want to be a girl?" Madame Yu asked.

"Because he's a sissy! I told you that. Anyway, perhaps he could borrow something from here?" The Lieutenant asked.

"I make him a girl. You want I make him a girl for you? He very pretty. I have lots of dresses." Madame Yu said hurriedly.

"Would you. Now that would be wonderful. Yes, yes I'd love for you to make him into a very pretty little girl. If you do that for me I'll leave you alone. Would you do that for me?" The Lieutenant asked.

Madame Yu nearly fell over her small coffee table rushing to me and with a slight bend was pulling my pants up and nodding and saying yes and calling out loudly in her native tongue to someone as she did so.

A girl answered back also in their native tongue and there was an exchange between the two. It took several minutes and there was silence for a time before the light thin panel was slid open and standing there was two girls holding up four dresses. Each with a dress in either hand. All little girl styled party dresses and Madame Yu was smiling as she waved a hand at each while saying to the Lieutenant: "You pick. OK?"

The Lieutenant and corporal said that they would be back in an hour. Their duty would end then. The Lieutenant wanted me dressed when she returned and Madame Yu promised and the Lieutenant pinched my cheek before taking my ID card. The rest happened without a word being spoken to me or when it was I didn't have a clue what was being said. Although I didn't need to understand as one of the two girls began helping me out of my uniform. A giggle is a giggle in any languages and both spent most of their time giggling.

They even took my panties and those were the first things replaced and the ones I was stepping into were pink, ruffled and daintily laced. I'd seen those panties before since I'd been here before but now I was wearing them or about to. I was also going to be wearing a little girl's styled slip and oddly enough I did see a Ward's catalog sitting on the table where I was being dressed.

The slip fit like a silken glove and touched the panties hooking the ruffles at the back making it feel like a light touch of a hand. The dress itself looked like the slip only it had puffy sleeves and a sash and it's own layers of gathered material to stand the skirt out. That skirt puffing out was a good thing I thought feeling my face flush as the girls giggled me into my dress. My dress they said in very bad english. The little Mary Jane shoes went over lace socks and the worse thing of all was watching the madame chose my wig.

All blond of course and all of them curled in some way except for the ones that had pony tails. She picked the one that had the two pony tails and tied each into a wide ribbon she pulled form a box. There were two large bows when she finished and slid it over my short hair. I sported a bow at the back of the satiny pink sash, another at the bodice of the dress and those two now tied into my girlish hair.

"You like? You girl, no? You like being girl? You no like being boy?" Madame Yu asked never waiting for an answer as she fluffed the skirts on both the slip and dress. She was fusing over me like a mother might her daughter and that somehow made it worse standing there looking at myself wondering what that cigar smoking chief of mine would say if he could see me. I shuddered at the thought because I'd already seen how he looked at some of us.

The lipstick was a shade lighter than the ribbon but matched the dress perfectly as did the blush and shadow I stood silently for. You also didn't need to know what the other girls were saying since I stood their height and size and except for them being Asian nearly as pretty. The voice I heard just on the other side of the panel scared me on most days but hearing it then and there made me nearly wet. It was Chief Baker and he was as drunk as I'd ever seen him and I hadn't ever wanted to see Chief Baker drunk.

"Hey YOU! or YU or whatever the hell your name is. Where's the girls?" Chief Baker bellowed as his voice grew. Madame Yu threw her hands up, spoke in her native language again and two of the girls answered in their version of yes as they moved to the door. It opened as they reached it. Chief Baker looked like he'd fallen down some steps and landed in something and I was ready to bolt.

"Well hello Missy! Say you're not one of Madame Yu's girls are you? Madame Yu, you holding out on me or what?" The Chief said between a calm and a bellow.

"You can't have! He a boy. He a sailor. He belong to the Lieutenant policeman. He hers. I dress him for her. She coming back. You can't have him!" Madame Yu said hurriedly. She thought she was going to slow the chief down but I started feeling faint as his face clouded over.

"What the hell you mean boy? That's no boy. That can't be no sailor I've ever known. What the hells going on here?" He said staggering closer to peer into my face before adding: "Tell me you isn't no boy! Come on Missy, just who are you?"

He was too close and I was too scared and my world had ended and I was in hell as I started to speak. I could see his face trying to place the voice and suddenly it did. "Martin? Damn, you can't be Martin. Martin, is that you? Tell me that's not you?" He said staggering back a foot then coming forward again. The dress and slips came up before I could answer.

"Well I'll be damned!" The Chief said almost falling as he bent further down to look up the dress.

Madame Yu slapped his hand down and the dress with it telling him I belonged to the Lieutenant policeman and all the while the Chief is looking right at me with a squint. That leer I'd seen only a couple of times came back on his face then and it changed only a little into a smile as he said: "How much?"

I was going to bolt when the Lieutenant's voice said: "How much what?"

"How much for the sissy?" The chief asked.

The Lieutenant's voice mixed with madame Yu's telling her she tried to tell the chief that I was her's and the Lieutenant trying to shut the chief and madame Yu up at the same time. She blew a whistle a second later bringing an instant silence to the room and causing a dozen or so male voices to match the scrambling that began with the whistle. Madame Yu went instantly to the door calling out a half dozen things before some of the men and their girls returned to their rooms.

"Chief you got about one minute before I bust your for being drunk and disorderly. You understand?" The Lieutenant asked drawing herself within inches of his face.

"That there sailor, your little sissy, works for me!" The chief said in a slightly shocked and confused voice.

"You got about twenty seconds left!" The Lieutenant said.

"Alright, alright keep your bra on. You can have the little sissy then!" The chief said throwing a massive arm up but turning around as he did so. He grabbed the two girls still standing at the door and asked as he ushered them out: "Your both girls right? I mean real girls?" They both giggled and I listened to the chief's mumbling taper off as they walked down the narrow hall.

The Lieutenant watched the door for another moment then turned back to me and frowned a second before letting herself smile and when she was smiling as broadly as she could she said: "Sweets, your about twice as cute as I expected and that's about the cutest little dress I've ever seen. You got your slip and panties on precious?"

I nodded and then stood silently as Madame Yu felt obligated to show her what I was wearing. The Lieutenant's smile continued but her eyes went from mine back to what Madame Yu was showing her and she nodded when Madame Yu made sure that she saw that I liked it as she said: "Obviously you have another reason for wearing women's panties!"

"Room?" The Lieutenant asked of Madame Yu and again until Madame Yu caught on to what the Lieutenant was asking. I followed the madame and the lieutenant followed me. They weren't really rooms per se but cubby holes with a bed, nightstand, and a lamp and the only good thing about the next half hour was that it wasn't the chief looking down at me. Actually that wasn't the only good thing but I was too scared and too nervous to fully enjoy the Lieutenant's advances and the rest of it. Almost.

"Where the hell were you?" The chief said coming up to me right after muster.

"When?" I asked feeling my legs turning to jelly.

"Last night!" He said.

"At the Enlisted Man's Club!" I said keeping my fingers crossed.

"All nigh?" He asked.

"Yes, why?" I asked on the defensive as I watched his face take on that confused look he often got.

"Well ... It's just that I ... I thought .... Never mind that. Get you butt in gear. We've got a whole car pool to get ready by eight bells." The chief said.

I could hardly walk towards the shop and the coffee cup I was holding lost half the coffee before I reached the door.

I was in my regulation uniform and shorts when the Lieutenant picked me up. She was off duty she told me and I "would" meet her when I got off. I did. She was silent till we reached Madam Yu's place. The Lieutenant picked from five different dresses this time and this time we didn't go to a room. This time she took the two dresses she settled on, a slip for each and two more pair of those ruffled panties like the pair I'd worn the night before.

The shoes and socks went into another bag and those bags went with me back to the jeep. "Can I ask where we are going?" I asked nervously and as submissively as I could.

"To my place. The one I keep in town here." The Lieutenant said.

I got a little anger then but tried not to sound like it as I asked: "Then what?"

"Then your going to take a nice hot bubble bath." The Lieutenant said.

"You told me that if I cooperated last night that would be that?" I said feeling the butterflies beginning again.

"Yes, I know. That was before I saw you that way." The Lieutenant said.

"So this is how it's going to be?  Nothing else, Just me, like this?" I said trying to decide if I was mad or not.

"No, don't be silly, we've got eat at some point don't we?" She said letting her voice trail off with a little laugh.

The End.


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