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Author Topic: Spencer's Day Out  (Read 6811 times)

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Spencer's Day Out
« on: October 27, 2014, 01:07:22 AM »
“I know, mom. I know we’ve got everything I‘d need.” Diane paused. “It’s just, I’m not sure. It seems like so much to ask.” Spencer sat in the stairwell, listening in. He wasn’t sure what his mom was talking about, but he knew that his grandmother wanted her to do something for Easter dinner tomorrow. Brushing his hair out of his face, he leaned closer to try and catch everything that was being said. His mom sighed. “You know what, mom? I’ll try, but I’m not promising anything.” She paused to listen to Spencer’s grandmother. “Yes, that is how I was going to go about it.” Another pause, this one fairly long. “If you say so, mom. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Spencer heard the phone hang up and quickly dashed upstairs to his bedroom. A few minutes later, his mom knocked on the door. “Are you getting ready for bed? We’ve got a big day tomorrow and I want you up early, okay?”
“Okay, mom.” Spencer said, rolling his eyes. “I’m twelve years old, for goodness sake.” He added under his breath as he dug his pajamas out of a drawer. He stripped down to his boxers and then put on his pajamas. Turning out the lamp next to his bed, he climbed under the covers and was asleep in a matter of minutes.

“Spencer! Get up this instant!” Spencer’s eyes flew open and he sat up in bed. His mother was standing right inside the door. “Your sister just finished her shower, so it’s your turn.” He got out of bed and headed over to his dresser, but his mother would have none of that. “Go shower! You can come back and dress!” She whacked him on the butt to get him to move faster. Spencer dashed into the bathroom, stripping as soon as he was inside. He showered as quickly as he could and returned to his room with a blue towel wrapped around his waist.
“Here!” His mother handed him two rolls of fabric, one plain white and one floral. Spencer unrolled the floral fabric, discovering that it was panties. The other roll, he soon discovered, was tights.
“Mom! These are Becky’s!” His mother frowned.
“No. Your grandmother bought them for you to wear. And you will.” Spencer was about to argue when he saw the no nonsense look on his mother’s face. He stared down at the panties. They felt soft in his hands. His mother reached and pulled the towel off his waist. “Now!” She said sternly. Setting the tights on his bed, Spencer quickly stepped into the panties and pulled them up over his waist. He picked up the tights and wasn’t sure exactly how to go about putting them on. His mother saw this. “Here, I’ll help you.” Her tone had softened somewhat, for which Spencer was glad. She sat him down on the bed and began to gently pull the tights up his legs. Spencer shivered as the tights tickled him. He stood up and his mother pulled them up to their full height, nearly up to his armpits.
“Are they supposed to go so high?” Spencer asked quietly. His mother nodded.
“Your grandmother had these specially made for you, dear.” She looked her son over. The panties and tights, along with his long hair and slender face, made him look like a girl.
“Can I get dressed now?” His mother smiled.
“Of course. The rest of the outfit grandma bought you is in Becký’s room.” Although confused, Spencer walked with his mom down the hall to his sister’s room. Becky was just coming out of her room, already wearing a light blue dress. She giggled as she saw her brother, older than her by a mere thirteen months, walking toward her in nothing but panties and tights. He ignored her, but as Becky’s mom walked past her, Diane whispered.
“Just wait until the final product.” She giggled and walked downstairs. Spencer’s mom walked into her daughter’s room and saw her son searching around for his outfit. She gently closed the door behind, suspecting that Spencer might try to run.


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Re: Spencer's Day Out
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2014, 01:09:47 AM »
“I can’t find it, mom!” He complained. His mother turned around and plucked a yellow dress from the back of the door.
“Here it is, silly girl!” Spencer stared at the dress with wide eyes.
“I can’t wear that!” He protested. She considered it.
“You’re right. You need a petticoat first!” She grabbed the petticoat that had been hanging behind the dress. “Put it on.” Spencer took the light petticoat, but wasn’t sure how exactly to obey. Taking note of this, his mother sighed. “Here.” She took it from him and pulled it over his head down the rest of his body. Spencer shivered again as the light material settled on his body. The skirt, with its three layers of ruffles, tickled his legs with even the slightest movement. He looked at himself in the full length mirror.
“Mom!” He whined. “I look like a girl!” His mother smiled coldly.
“If you had let me get your hair cut like I asked…” She patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. You know you’re a boy, and that’s all that matters.” She turned back to the door and grabbed the dress. Spencer stared at it with a mixture of fear and curiosity. The majority of the dress was made of shimmering yellow satin. The shoulders were puffed, the arm holes lined with white lace ruffles. Thicker layers of ruffles made a v-line along the hem of the skirt, showing ample amounts of white frills. The bodice had another v of lace that traveled from the shoulders to the navel area, a trio of white bows forming a vertical line in the center. There was a large white bow in the back as well. There was a zipper in the middle of the back, which Spencer’s mother unzipped. “Arms up.” She said simply. Spencer hesitated, not too thrilled about the idea. “Arms up!” She repeated more sternly.
“Mom.” Spencer whined.
“I don’t want to hear it. If you make us late, there will be hell to pay. Understand?” Spencer timidly raised his arms and was momentarily enveloped in a world of yellow satin and white lace. The instant his head and arms emerged in their respective holes, his mother zipped the dress up and buttoned the pearl button at the top. Spencer gulped, realizing that he was trapped in the dress until his mother let him out. She steered her son more closely to the mirror so that he could see himself more clearly. “See how your petticoat makes your dress stand out?” She said, placing a slight emphasis every time she said ‘your’, Spencer nodded timidly, clearly embarrassed. She grabbed a brush and began to brush his long blonde hair. “You look so pretty.” She mused.
“I’m a boy.” Spencer said quietly. “Boys can’t be pretty.” She smiled.
“You’re a boy and you look pretty, so boys can be pretty, right?” While he pondered this, she grabbed two pieces of yellow ribbon and tied his hair into pigtails. The reflection in the mirror was that of a six year old girl. The girl blushed and so did Spencer.
“Mommy.” He whined. “I look like a girl.” Diane smiled to herself. He hadn’t called her ‘mommy’ in years.
“You know you’re a boy and that’s all that matters.” She picked up a box that sat next to the door. “All that’s left is your shoes.” She revealed a pair of white Mary Janes. “Sit on the bed and I’ll put them on your cute little feet, okay, princess?” Spencer was very confused, so he just went with the flow, sitting on the edge of Becky’s bed and holding his feet out. The shoes fit perfectly, just as Diane knew they would. “Okay, let’s go downstairs and get on the road. Grandma’s waiting for us.” Spencer rose and followed his mom out of the room, catching one more glance of himself in the mirror. There was no sign of the boy he knew he was.
Becky was just coming up the stairs as they reached them. She squealed as she saw Spencer, quickly snapping a picture with her camera.
“He looks adorable!” She said. “I finally have a little sister!”


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Re: Spencer's Day Out
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2014, 01:15:21 AM »
“Now, Becky. Be nice to your little brother. He’s shy.” Spencer was about to correct his mother, but before he could, the clock in the hall chimed. “Oh, dear!” Diane exclaimed. “We have to go!” Grabbing Spencer by the hand, she dashed downstairs with Becky close behind. Before Spencer even knew it, they were outside.
“Mommy! Someone’s going to see me!” He whined.
“Why not? They’ll just see a little girl in her pretty new dress.” She pulled him toward the car. “Besides, lots of people will admire your new dress at the restaurant.” Spencer’s eyes practically bulged.
“Mommy! I don’t wanna wear this!” His mother sighed.
“We don’t have time for you to go inside and get a whole new outfit on. Get your behind in the car!” Spencer sighed and climbed in.
“I can see your panties!” Becky giggled. Spencer blushed.
“You have to sit more gracefully when wearing a dress like that, silly.” Diane said. “That is, unless you want everyone to see your pretty new panties.” Spencer shook his head, taking extra care not to flash anyone as he got in the backseat. Soon enough, they were off.
“My, what pretty girls I have!” Diane exclaimed a few minutes later.
“Mommy! I’m a boy!” Diane smiled. He sounded so much like a little girl. She dreaded him growing up.
“As long as you know it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, remember?” Spencer sighed and crossed his arms, looking for all the world like a six year old who hadn’t got her way.
By the time they were nearing the restaurant, Spencer was over his wardrobe and was watching the cars around them.
“Mommy! Look at that gigantic semi!” He exclaimed.
“Um-hmm.” Diane replied, as though she wasn’t really paying attention. In all actuality, she was paying a great deal of attention to her son and did not want to encourage any boyish behavior.
After driving for nearly two hours, they pulled into the restaurant parking lot and Diane helped Spencer out of the car, smoothing his dress out to make sure it was perfect. Her mother had encouraged her to go through with this, so she wanted to make sure she saw the best possible results. Taking her son by the hand, they walked into the restaurant, where Diane’s mother, Mary, was waiting.
“Oh my! Doesn’t she just look precious in her new dress?” She said, looking down at Spencer. Diane’s mother was nearly six feet tall and Spencer had always felt tiny in her presence, today more so than usually.
“Thank your grandmother.” Diane whispered, squeezing Spencer’s hand.
“Thank you, grandma.” Spencer said shyly.
“What do you think of your dress?” Mary asked pointedly.
“It’s pretty.” Mary smiled.
“And you look very pretty in it.” She then greeted Becky before turning to Diane. “Shall we go eat?” Diane nodded, so they walked to their table. The waitress immediately appeared.
“Hello! My name’s Jess and I’ll be your waitress today. Can I get you ladies some coffee to start things off?” Diane and Mary nodded. “And for you?” Jess said, pointing her pen at Becky.
“I’ll just have water for now.” Jess then turned her attention to Spencer.
“What about you, princess?” Spencer blushed bright red.
“She’s a little shy.” Diane explained. “You can bring her some apple juice.” Jess smiled and walked away.


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Re: Spencer's Day Out
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2014, 01:16:41 AM »
How was traffic?” Mary and Diane soon launched into conversation with Becky contributing every once in a while. Spencer just sat there, feeling entirely vulnerable. Jess soon returned with the drinks.
“Are we ready to order?” Diane and Mary both nodded. Spencer suddenly realized that he hadn’t decided yet.
“Mommy.” He said. “I don’t know what I want!” Diane smiled.
“Don’t worry, sweetie. Mommy’s decided for you.” She turned her attention to Jess. “I’ll have the bleu cheese chicken salad and my little girl will have the chicken fingers off of the kid’s meal.” Jess nodded and walked away again. Spencer took a sip of his apple juice and suddenly felt a twinge in his bladder.
“Mommy!” He whispered. “I need to go potty.” Diane rose.
“Come with me, sweetie.” Spencer rose and they walked to the back of the restaurant where the bathrooms were. Spencer naturally gravitated toward the men’s room, but an elderly man who emerged caught him.
“Whoops! A sweet little princess like you doesn’t belong in there!” He said with a chuckled. Diane smiled.
“Thank you. She tries so hard to be independent.” The man nodded knowingly.
“I raised three girls of my own. There were almost as pretty as you are.” He patted Spencer on the head and then walked away, shaking his head good-naturedly. Diane led Spencer through the ladies’ room and into a stall.
“Okay, sweetie. Let’s get your dress off first.” She turned Spencer around and began to release him from the dress. Once it was off, she carefully hanged it on the hook on the stall door. “Now just lift up your petticoat and I’ll pull down your tights and panties.” Spencer blushed deeply, but obeyed. “Now just sit and pee.” He obeyed again, greatly embarrassed as his mom stood there and watched. Once he was done, he stood back up and bent down to pull his panties back up, but his mother stopped him. “No, no, sweetie. You have to wipe yourself first. You don’t want a dark spot on your pretty panties, do you?” Spencer shyly grabbed some toilet paper and dabbed at his boyhood. “Good job, sweetie. Now you can get dressed.” In practically no time, Spencer was back in his dress and they were heading back to the table where Becky and Mary waited.
“Our food isn’t here yet?” Diane asked. Mary shook her head. “Well that’s good. I wouldn’t want it to get cold while I was helping a certain little princess use the potty.” Spencer’s ears turned bright red.
A few minutes later, Jess arrived with their food. She set the chicken fingers in front of Spencer and then reaching into her apron pocket, pulled out a square of white plastic.
“I brought you a bib, princess, so you don’t ruin your pretty dress.” She slipped it over Spencer’s head, making sure to situate his pigtails properly.
“Thank you so much.” Diane said sincerely. Jess smiled.
“It’s nothing, really.” She walked away to help another table. Spencer began to gulp down his food, extremely hungry despite being embarrassed.
“That’s not very ladylike.” Mary remarked with a sniff.
“She’s young.” Diane replied.
“Well, this is when you need to reinforce etiquette. Bad habits are made or broken at her age.” Diane sighed.
“Eat a bit more daintily, young lady.” She placed a little more emphasis on the ‘lady’. Spencer immediately slowed down, frightened of exactly what would happen if he were to disobey.
Once lunch was done, Spencer was allowed to remove the bib.


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Re: Spencer's Day Out
« Reply #4 on: October 27, 2014, 01:17:43 AM »
“Can we go home now, mommy?” Diane shook her head.
“Not yet, honey. We need to go to the mall first. Mommy needs a few things.” With that mission, they left and drove the short way to the mall. Diane and Becky got out of the car, but Spencer was far more reluctant. “Come along.” Diane said.
“Mommy. I don’t want to.” Diane frowned.
“I will not hesitate to spank you, young lady.” Spencer quickly leaped out of the car. Taking Diane’s hand, they walked into the mall. Diane didn’t actually need anything. This was just another method of Spencer’s embarrassment. He kept glancing around him, clearly terrified that someone would notice that he was actually a boy. Diane knew that there wasn’t any chance of this. In fact, if she hadn’t known it, she would have thought he was a girl.
As they walked around the mall, Diane began to notice that Spencer was getting tired, so they sat down at a bench. A few moments later, an old woman walked by.
“What a pretty dress, young man.” She said. Spencer looked like he was about to die.
“How’d you know?” Diane asked, surprised herself. The woman laughed.
“I’d know petticoat punishment anywhere!” She said dismissively. Diane smiled warmly.
“What do you say to the nice woman, Spencer?” Spencer stared down at his feet.
“Thank you.” He mumbled.
“I don’t believe she heard you.”
“Thank you.” He repeated. The woman smiled.
“You’re very welcome, sweetie.” She walked away.
“That was so kind of her.” Diane mused. Spencer looked somewhat less than pleased. They rose from the bench and continued walking through the mall. They were too far from home for anyone to recognize them, which disappointed Diane somewhat. After all, she wanted to prove to Spencer that even his own friends would fail to recognize him dressed as he was.
They stopped for a small snack in the food court as Diane had no plans of stopping for dinner on the way home, preferring to wait until they were home to cook dinner herself. She made sure that Spencer ate slowly with idle threats.
“If you get even the smallest crumb on your dress, I’ll take you to Jimmy’s house. I bet he would love to see his best friend’s new dress!” Spencer paled dramatically.
Once they finished their snack, it was time to return to the car. Spencer was probably the most excited he had been all day, and it showed as he practically leaped into the car, revealing his panties to the parking lot.
“My little sister has such cute panties!” Becky teased.
“Mommy!” Spencer whined.
“It’s true, sweetie, and you clearly think so yourself. Why else would you be so eager to show them off?”
“It was an accident.” Diane smiled.
“That’s why you have to be more careful, sweetie.” She pulled the car out and they began to head home.
Spencer was silent up until they reached their neighborhood. He desperately tried to sit as low down as he could, just in case a friend was around.
“Sit up straight, young lady.” Diane scolded. “If your dress gets wrinkled, it won’t be pleasant for you.” Spencer groaned, but obeyed.
As they pulled into their driveway, both Diane and Spencer were pleased to be home, albeit for very different reasons. Spencer quickly dashed into the house, clearly intent on changing his clothes.


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Re: Spencer's Day Out
« Reply #5 on: October 27, 2014, 01:20:26 AM »
“Where are you going?” Diane called sternly. Spencer stopped in his tracks, knowing full well not to argue with that tone.
“To change.” His tone implied that it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“Change? Becky and I aren’t going to change, are we?” Spencer began to pout.
“Mommy! I don’t want to wear this dress anymore!” Diane frowned.
“Well. You’re certainly not getting a whole new outfit dirty this late in the day and it’s too early to put on nightclothes.” Diane took his hand. “You can help me with dinner.” She led him into the kitchen and handed him an apron. “We don’t want your dress to get dirty, do we?” Spencer considered this and decided that she was right. After all, who knows what she might do to him if he got his dress dirty?
Mother and son cooked a simple dinner of pork chops and mashed potatoes and soon, they were setting the table. Just as they were about to eat, Diane looked up.
“Wait a second.” She said. “Something’s missing.” She disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a towel. She tied it around Spencer’s neck. “I don’t have time to dig out your old bibs, so this will have to work.” Spencer didn’t respond.
Diane and Becky chatted animatedly throughout dinner, but Spencer remained silent. He had been humiliated throughout the day and he wanted nothing more than for the day to be finally over.
“Spencer, sweetie. Would you mind clearing the table?” Spencer nodded, knowing better than to disobey his mother. He gathered the dishes and took them into the kitchen. “Does Becky wash?” He asked. Diane considered the question.
“Yes. It’s only fair, seeing as you and I cooked.” She was silent for a second and then added something else on. “You can dry, Spencer. I have something I need to do upstairs.” Diane disappeared upstairs.
“So, how do you like it?” Becky said after a moment.
“You know. The dress.”
“It’s humiliating! I feel like a sissy!”
“You look adorable!”
“You’re just saying that.” Becky looked at Spencer.
“No, I’m not. You really do.” They fell into silence until the dishes were done. Becky immediately disappeared up to her room, but Spencer walked up the stairs more slowly. He was about to go into his room when his mom suddenly walked out of the bathroom.
“Sweetie. Why don’t you come take a bath?”
“I took a shower just this morning.” His mother’s expression immediately quelled any rebellion. He padded down the hall and into the bathroom. The bathtub was completely full of pink bubbles. “A bubble bath?”
“What’s wrong with that?” Diane asked as she removed the ribbons from Spencer’s hair. Spencer was about to argue that he would smell like a girl, but being dressed as he was, the argument lost some of its strength.
Getting Spencer naked took a great deal of time. Both mother and son were somewhat relieved when he stood there in nothing but his skin, his hands held shyly over his privates.
“Climb in. I’ll go deal with all this.” Diane left, her arms full of Spencer’s outfit. He didn’t notice her leave the panties behind.
Spencer sat in the bath, the floral aroma filling his nostrils. He halfheartedly washed himself, still not understanding why he had to take a bath when he had showered that same day. His mother returned a short while later with a folded garment in her hands.
“What’s that?” Spencer asked.
“A nightgown, of course.” Spencer paled.
“Who for?” He already knew the answer.
“You.” He groaned.
“Hasn’t this gone on long enough?” Diane smiled.
“You spent the whole day as a girl. What’s a few more hours?” Spencer couldn’t think of an argument. “Now then. Climb out of the tub so you can get dried off and dressed.” Spencer obeyed, covering his privates again with his hands. Diane wrapped him in a towel and quickly rubbed him down. Then, she pointed to the panties sitting on the counter and Spencer timidly grabbed them and stepped into them.
“Stop looking so miserable. It’s just underwear!” She unfolded the nightgown and held it over Spencer’s head. “Arms up!” Spencer obeyed and she pulled it over his head. Spencer frowned at himself in the mirror as he first laid eyes on the enormous white pony on his chest.
“I look like a sissy.” Spencer whined.
“Are you a sissy?” Diane retorted as she put his hair back into pigtails. Spencer was starting to wonder, so he didn’t answer right away.
“No.” He said at least. Diane smiled.
“There, see?” She said cheerfully. “Now, let’s go downstairs and watch a little television, hmm?” Spencer nodded, grateful that this was at least restricted to the house.
Becky was already downstairs, dressed in yellow and green striped shorts and a white tanktop. Her eyes widened as she saw Spencer.
“Doesn’t she look precious?” Becky crooned. Spencer glared at her.
“Shut up!” Diane smacked Spencer’s head.
“Watch it!” She hissed. He immediately mellowed for fear of punishment. “The three of us are going to sit here and watch television without an incident, okay?” Both Becky and Spencer nodded obediently. Diane turned on the television and handed the remote to Becky. Spencer was clearly not thrilled about this, but he kept his mouth shut, so Diane decided not to draw any attention to it.
“I’m going to go change into my nightclothes and then I’ll be back.” Diane explained, her tone clearly implying her orders for her children to behave themselves. She disappeared upstairs.
“You look just precious.” Becky whispered. Spencer growled, but didn’t rise to the bait. She stood up and walked into the kitchen. She returned a moment later with her camera and before Spencer could react, she snapped a picture of him. “Now I’ve got pictures of both your cute little outfits. I’ll bet your friends would just love seeing them!”
“You can’t!” Spencer protested. Becky grinned wickedly.
“How can you stop me?”
“I’ll do anything!” Spencer whined, only afterward realizing what a mistake that could be. Becky’s grin widened.


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Re: Spencer's Day Out
« Reply #6 on: October 27, 2014, 01:24:19 AM »
“You heard me. Sing ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ with all the actions.” Spencer groaned, but stood up. Becky sat on the couch. “Make it good or we’ll just keep doing it until I’m pleased.” Spencer began to sing in a falsetto with as much energy as he could, desperate to get this over with.
“Tip me over and pour me out.”
“How adorable!” Becky said. Diane clapped from the stairs.
“I’m so glad I walked in just in time to see that sweet performance!” She exclaimed. She hurried across the floor and hugged Spencer tightly. “You were just the cutest little thing ever!”
“Thank you, mommy.” Spencer mumbled.
“But, it’s probably your bedtime.”
“Already? It’s eight o’clock.” Spencer whined.
“Do you need a spanking?” Spencer quickly shook his head. Diane followed him upstairs, knowing that her plans would be ruined if she didn’t play this perfectly. She followed Spencer into his room and pulled his covers back. “Climb in.”
“Dressed like this?”
“Of course, why not?” Spencer didn’t have a good answer for that, so he climbed in. Diane tucked him in and kissed his forehead. “Good night, sweetie. Tomorrow’s another day.” With that, she turned out the lights and closed the door. Tomorrow was another day, and that meant another dress for Spencer. As she sat on her bed, she recalled everything that had happened throughout the day. While Spencer had been in the shower that morning, Becky and she had gotten rid of all of his clothes, replacing them with the new clothes Diane and Mary had bought. His closet was full of pretty party dresses. His boxer drawer was now full of panties. His sock drawer now contained tights and stockings. The rest of his drawers were full of more dresses, nightgowns and even some swimming suits for the summer months. The bottommost drawer contained the new bedding that would be revealed tomorrow. Spencer would never again wear anything even remotely male. Diane smiled to herself. It was going to be rough for the first few days, but she was convinced that soon enough, Spencer would become the perfect little sissy.
The End?


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