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Author Topic: The Academy by Rosieleigh  (Read 4814 times)

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The Academy by Rosieleigh
« on: November 23, 2014, 04:17:16 PM »
Reposted by request

The Academy by Rosieleigh

Part 1

Martin Guest sat next to his mother, he was nervous.
They sat in front of a large imposing desk, behind the desk sat Ms Priddy. Ms Priddy was Vice Principle of "L'Acadamie Swishe" an exclusive, private, very expensive boarding school.
"So, you wish to enrol your son into the acadamy?" said the fearsome Ms Priddy.
"Yes I'm at my wits end." said Martin's mother.
"well we find that a lot of exasperated parents use our acadamy as a final solution, we are pricey but, we do get results." Ms Priddy intoned menacingly. She opened a drawer
and removed some papers, sliding them across the desk she said, "If you are certain this is what you want then sign this enrolment form in the three places marked, then Martin will be ours for the next five years."
Martin felt very uncomfortable as he watched his mother sign the doc-ument.
Mrs Guest then pas-sed the enrolment forms back to the Vice Principle, "The deed is done." She said, smiling at her son.
"Excellent." Ms Priddy rubbed her hands together, "I see you've opted for grade three of our "Maximum Intensity" Curriculum, a personal favourite."
"Yes,I wanted guaranteed results." Mrs Guest replied.
"Well, you can be as-sured of that, the minimum and intermediary courses a perfectly fine for girls, but the maximum produces permanent results, especially for disruptive and disobediant boys like your son,"
Ms Priddy gave Martin a withering glance.
"I'm sure you've read our brochure, but I'll give you a brief outline of our schools background and philosophy. The school was founded thirty-five years ago by Mrs Henrietta Fossett, and our current principal is Ariadne Fossett the daughter of our founder who recently retired, and I'm pleased to say that Ariadne is continuing faithfully her mothers ideals. The school is primarily for girls, however
with your sons' enrolment there are now six boys and indeed our head prefect is one of those boys, but he will alas be leaving us soon as he will have reached his eighteenth birthday, he is going to take up a position with Lady Moorland as her personal as-sistant, lucky boy!"

"What about uniforms and things like that?" Martins mother asked.

"Uniforms are taylor-made and provided by us, the price is included in our fees, which I see you have already forwarded us. The uniform is identical for all students and is compulsory." Martin was growing ever more worried, "What is going on here," he thought.
"I take it you'd like to enrol Martin today?" Ms Priddy asked.
"If I may that would be excellent, I've brought a small case of things for him as you can see," she indicated the small suitcase at Martins' feet.
"Splendid, although he will not require any clothing as all will be provided by us,"
Martin was now really getting concerned.

"Let me tell you what will happen, new girls are admitted and taken straight to clas-ses, boys however, are are taken to what we quaintly call the "Infants", there they will spend two months then its on to the "Juniors" for a further three months and only then will they be admitted for clas-ses proper."
"And discipline?" said Mrs Guest.

"We are very strong on discipline, the school revolves around it, without it there would be no progress. Everyone is liable, if you break the rules you will be punished, from lowly new student all the way to head prefect nobody is exempt."
Mrs Guest smiled, this is what she wanted to hear.

"The maximum level of punishment lasts for one week," Ms Priddy continued, "and is carried out at one o'clock after lunch in front of the entire school of thirty five students and prefects."
The vice head looked at her watch,"Well its a quarter past one the school will soon resume for afternoon lessons so I think without further ado we will commence your education Master Guest." she reached forward and depressed a button on the intercom, "Miss Clyde please send in Head Prefect to collect our new recruit."

"Im sorry Ms Priddy but Andrew is on maximum punishment this week, Ill send him in as soon as he arrives."
"Of course, failing to wear regulation underwear and not having any regulation underwear clean, a very serious offence. Very well Miss Clyde, thank you." She clicked off the intercom.
Martin was at panic stations now he really did not like this one little bit.
"Mother I don't think I want to go to this school." said Martin.
"Silence. One more word from you and you will be across my knee, don't you ever dare speak out of turn."Ms Priddy fumed
There was a tap at the door, "Ah that will be Head Prefect,
Enter Please."
The door opened, the head prefect eentered.
Martins' heart skipped a beat and his jaw dropped.

Part 2

Martins' mother gasped then giggled and clapped her hands.
The head prefect stood in the doorway gently sniffing,
"Oh Andrew you've been undergoing punishment for four days now but this is the frst time you've got the sniffles, who is on punishment detail today?" Ms Priddy cooed.
"Gloria, miss." Andrew sqeaked. "Ah yes she is fairly athletic, never mind, dry yor eyes and say hello to our new recruit Martin." she indicated the seated boy.

The head prefect held out a small hand with exquisitely shaped and painted pink fingernails. Martin continued to gape, "But she said the head prefect was a boy," Martin thought completely bewildered.
"Martin don't be so rude, shake the head prefects' hand."
Ms Priddy ordered. Martin held out his hand, the hand that touched his was soft and smooth.
The head prefect was wearing the regulation Academy uniform of white satin high necked blouse with a pink bow at the neck, a short pink satin pleated skirt, and because he was being punished white lacy socks and black patent MaryJane shoes. Andrew was about five feet ten inches tall, slim with a very girlish figure.

"This can't be a boy thought Martin, why is he wearing these clothes and why is he wearing a bra!!??"
The lacy outline of the bra could be clearly seen through the satin blouse.
"Andrew its about time Martin was taken to the infants to begin his induction to his new school, take his case for him and I'll be along shortly to see that he is settling in." said Ms Priddy. "Very well Miss," Andrew breathed.

The prefect stepped forward and bent to pick up the case in front of Martin, there a foot in front of Martins face was the bottom of the head prefect, Andrew was wearing a nappy!!
A nappy with pink plastic pants, Martin could'nt believe his eyes, he stared at the nappy, the the smooth shapely hairless legs, his head swam.
"Oh yes, that is part of the punishment Andrew is taking this week, I told you, no-one is exempt." the vice principal
said as if reading Martins' mind.

Martin finally cracked, "NO, NO I won't go please mummy don't make me go!" he was practically screaming. Suddenly he felt himself being hauled through the air, his trousers and underpant were pulled down and he found himself across the knee of Ms Priddy. "I will not tolerate such disgraceful behaviour young man, let this be a lesson to you, I will have discipline!" with that she began spanking his bare bottom ferociously, after about a dozen hefty slaps she stopped and stood him up. "Pull your trousers up and go with Andrew now!" she bellowed. Martin was howling the place down as he dressed himself, when finished he felt Andrew grab his hand, and without a backward glance to his grinning mother he was dragged from the room, tears running down his face, to the "Infants".

Part 3

The door to Ms Priddys' office closed behind him, along with the thirteen previous years of young Martins' life.
"Come along," Andrew dragged the sobbing Martin along a long wood panelled corridor.

Every so often they pas-sed closed doors with lettered signs on them, fortunately for Martin he could'nt read them, his vision being blurred by the hot tears welling in his eyes. Apart from Martins' crying the only other sound to be heard was the clicking of Andrews' heels and the soft rustle of satin against his plastic pants.

They reached the end of the corridor, in font of them was a door marked in dicrete letters, "Infants Wing". Andrew opened it, they entered a small lobby, facing them was a sturdy pair of swing doors. Head prefect pushed through them dragging Martin with him. Martin, who had finally stopped crying, immediately noticed two things, the smell of disinfectant and the screaming of a child. A door next to them swung open and in the doorway stood a very tall girl/boy? Martin was'nt sure any more. "Hello, Gloria," said Andrew. "Hello Head Prefect," said the (definately) girl.

Behind Gloria Martin could hear the sound of sobbing, he peered round the towering girl, lying on a bed was a girl of about thirteen dressed in only a bra, she obviously had just received a severe spanking as her bottom was a vivid shade of red.

"Enjoying your work Gloria?" Andrew asked.
"Thank you yes, Andrew." she replied, "Is this Master Guest,the new boy?" she asked. "Indeed yes," Affirmed Andrew. "Excellent, I'll just finish up here and I'll pop along and give you a hand."
Gloria reentered the room and the screams reached new heights as the door closed.

The bewildered Martin was dragged along to a door marked "Changing Room". The head prefect opened the door, they entered a largish room, in the centre was a large table with a padded top, it was covered with a semi-transparent pink plastic sheet. Next to the table stood a short bespectacled woman in a white coat, in one hand she held a sheaf of papers, in the other, alarmingly, she held a large hypodermic needle.

"Doctor Post, how are you?" said Andrew.
"I'm well thank you," she looked at Martin, "Remove your clothes." she ordered. Martin stared blankly. "Take your clothes off,now." Martin seemed not to understand. "Head prefect, Martin needs some as-sistance." Within a minute Martin was stripped naked, his clothes thrown onto a nearby chair. Andrew pushed him forward and bent him over the table, "You'll feel a sting," said the doctor as she jabbed needle into Martins' bottom. "Ow," Martin sqealed.

"You will receive one of these injections once a week until the desired results are achieved," She turned to Andrew "You were a stage three maximum student were you not Andrew?"
"I was doctor." he replied.
"Well do you know, I do beleive our little friend here will be prettier than you." the doctor mused. Andrew blushed "I'm not that pretty," he said.

"Oh Andrew if only you knew, you are going to have such a lovely time working for Lady Moorland....but we digress, lets get this wretch dressed."

Andrew spun round, his skirt flaring, giving a generous display of his nappied bottom, and walked, with an extra wiggle of his hips after the doctors' flattery, towards one of the two large stainless steel cabinets in the room. He opened a drawer and removed a large fluffy double thickness terry towelling nappy, two safety pins and a pair of pink semi-transparent plastic pants with a cute pattern of farmyard animals. He returned to the table placing them next to Martin, who stared at them begining to panic.

"I don't need to wear those." he blurted, moving away from the table. "I don't wet the bed or anything, please don't make me wear them." The doctor grabbed him with a surprisingly strong grip as Andrew layed the nappy out on the table. "Up you get, lets not be difficult." said the doctor. "Nooo! please,please." Martin started to scream, a stinging slap to his face silenced him, he then burst into tears. At that moment the door swung open and in walked Gloria, she looked at Martin and sneered. She strode to the other cabinet and took a dummy from a drawer. Walking across the room to Martin she pushed the dummy into his mouth and tied it round the back of his head with the attached ribbons. Martins' crying became wet slurping sounds, then without warning Andrew and Gloria grabbed his arms and legs and lifted him onto the nappy. The doctor produced some anti-nappy rash cream and smeared it aound his genitals,

"Gloria, if you please?" she indicated Martins' legs. Gloria lifted them in the air, more cream was applied to his bottom, then the nappy was pulled through his legs and fastened at each side with the safety pins. Doctor Post picked up the plastic pants by the waist and shook them out, "These are sweet aren't they," she smiled, and without further ado slipped them over Martins' feet,up his legs and over the nappy. "There, that's nice and comfy isn't it?"

Martin blubbed and sqirmed on the table as Andrew fetched some clothing from a cabinet, Martin was dressed in a pink satin romper suit with short puffed sleeves and an attached pleated short skirt the bottom half of the suit was lined with transparent plastic and the leg openings were edged with lace. Martins' face was soaked with tears, he was exhausted from crying so much, and he just lay there as the poppers of the romper were snapped shut and pink padded satin bootees were fitted to his feet, his hands were covered in similar mittens.

The three stood back and admired their handiwork, oohing and ahing. Gloria left the room returning a minute later pushing a large baby pushchair, Martin was lifted from the table and placed in the chair, strapped in and Andrew placed a friily pink bonnet on his head and tied it under his chin with a huge bow. "Lets take the baby out for some air." said Gloria. Martins' crying got worse...

Part 4

Martin was pushed from the room out into the hall of the infants wing, standing in the centre of the hall was Ms Priddy talking to another woman. They turned and looked towards Martin as he was pushed nearer, "Oh my! Master Guest," exclaimed Ms Priddy, "What a pretty baby you make, Andrew, Gloria, he looks divine." she gushed. "Martin please allow me to introduce Ariadne Fosset the esteemed principal of this fine academy." she gestured to Ms Fosset who smiled.

"Glub," said Martin through his tears, the two women gasped in unison. "You never utter a word to the principal especially as you are an infant, this misdemeanor is usually severely punished but as you are so new here we'll let it pas-s this one time, but ever again." Ms Priddy warned. She paused and peered at Andrew, "Andrew, turn round please," he frowned and looked worried, but he turned his back to the women, "Is that the label of your bras-siere I can see? I hope it isn't, that would be very scruffy,"

"I,I, I'm sure it isn't Ms Priddy," Andrew stuttered nervously. Martin looked on, his attention suddenly captured. Ms Priddy leant forward and gazed at Andrews' back, "Then why can I see the the words thirty-six D cup?" Andrew groaned, "I'm sorry Ms Priddy, Ms Fosset, it won't happen again."
"You are so right there, head prefect, it won't, Gloria, you know the drill."

Gloria pushed Andrew in the back forcing him into a bending position, she lifted his skirt and rested it on his back, then she puled down the plastic pants, unfastened the nappy and exposed his bare bottom, which was still red from its' earlier beating. Gloria looked around the room and spotted a hairbrush on a table, she quickly walked to it, picked up the brush and returned.

She looked at Ms Priddy, "How many?" she asked. "As Andrew is on maximum punishment this week this is now a fairly serious matter, so I think four will be in order."

Gloria raised the brush and brought it down with astonishing power, connecting with a loud crack on the head prefects' bottom. Andrew emitted a small sqeak through gritted teeth, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, Andrew was making mewling noises, he stood and was led by Gloria back into the changing room to have his nappy refitted. Ms Priddy looked down at Martin in his pushchair, "Discipline!" was all she said, and together with the principal turned stoney faced and left the wing.

The next two months were to be longest of his short life. Martin was not allowed to speak (babies can't speak) he was not allowed to walk (babies can't walk) he was kept in nappies twenty four hours a day (babies are not toilet trained). He was spoon fed baby food and all drinks were from a baby bottle. Twice he was taken into the local village to go shopping as a treat, where he was stared at and laughed at by the local children, but worst of all was when the telephone repairmen came to the academy to fix a fault.

Martin had been left in his pushchair outside on the gras-s next to the main door of the school, where as luck would have it was near where the main junction box for the telephone lines was sited. Martin had been at the academy for seven weeks by now and still could not believe his predicament, he was sitting firmly strapped into his chair mulling over his plight, (he would frequently be crying miserably) when he heard voices behind him, male voices! "Hey, what have we here," he heard footsteps approaching, "Well would you look at this, Jim, the biggest baby I've ever seen."

Two men appeared in front of him, "Eric, it looks like a baby girl, but I'm not sure that baby girls have boys' haircuts," The one called Eric approached, "I think you are a big baby boy," he laughed, "Lets have a little peek shall we?" He reach towards Martins' nappy, "Geck 'osh oo 'orong" Martin managed to blub through his dummied mouth. However, Gloria was just walking out to collect Martin when she heard the conversation, and more especially, she heard Martin speaking! a very serious crime. "You two men, shouldn't you be working?" they looked up suddenly. "Sorry miss, we were just joking." they moved away. "As for you, babies do not speak."

Gloria unstrapped Martin from the chair, pulled his plastic pants and nappy down around his ankles and laid him face down on the gras-s. Martin was to be spanked by Gloria. Six times her hand exploded on his bottom, Martin screamed, and howled like a banshee as Gloria re nappied him, the two men looked on laughing.

Eventually the two months were up, and Martin was told he would be joining the junior clas-ses, but not before visiting day, and visiting day coincided with Andrews' leaving day. There was to be a party....

Part 5

Martin was running towards the goal, the ball seemed to be glued to his feet, round one defender, round two Martin continued goalbound, he dummied the third defender and chipped the ball through a curling arc over the goalkeepers head and into the top left hand corner of the net. GOAL!! the crowd went wild he was a hero, in the dying seconds of the cup final he'd scored the winner. "Martin, MARTIN! wake up sleepy head, you've a big day today,"

Martin slowly became aware of his surroundings, the perfumed satin pillow his head was on, the bars of the crib he lay in, the smooth shapely legs of the prefect standing by the crib, the ever present dummy in his mouth and worse of all, the nappy he was wearing. The prunes he'd been fed for supper had done their work, his nappy was not only wet, it was very pooey and squishy.

"Oh Martin I think we'd better get you out of that nappy pronto before the whole infants wing smells."

The prefect was the newly appointed Richard, he was just sixteen, five feet eight inches tall, slim, fair and a bit shy, he was'nt always entirely happy with his feminized state and was often very self consious, especially when around the female students. "Lets just remove this," he untied the ubiquitous dummy and took it from Martins mouth, "How do you feel today Martin, you may answer, you are, as from today, a junior." Martin could think of nothing to say it had been so long, "OK," he managed to croak. "Good, lets get you to the bathroom," Richard helped Martin to his feet, he was to walk!!

He waddled on wobbly legs, due to the bulk of the full nappy, into the bathroom, Richard removed the soiled nappy, "Pooh, your bottom has had a busy night!" Richard remarked, dropping the offending article into a nearby nappy pail. "You just get yourself into the shower and you'll be much more nose friendly," Richard smiled.
The two months of (what Martin didn't know) female hormone injections, had started to have an effect, but Martin wasn't aware of this because every thing up til now had been done for him. He emerged from the shower clean and sweetly smelling, he towelled himself down while Richard fetched him a robe.

Martin glanced at himself in the tall mirror, he frowned. Something didn't seem right, his hips and thighs were plumper, his waist seemed narrower but worse, there were two small but noticable mounds on his chest. Richard returned with a pink satin robe, he didn't want wear it but Martin new better than to argue, Richard seemed nice, but he knew he'd be spanked if he argued with him. He donned the robe, it was cool and slippery against his skin, "Richard, what's happening to my body?" Martin asked. Nothing, silly, lets go and have some breakfast.

After eating breakfast like a normal person they returned to Martins bedroom where an unfamilliar woman was waiting, "Hello Martin, my name is Miss Welch." she said, "hello Maam," Martin replied, "Well done, and you've remembered that all prefects must be addressed as miss?" Martin was aghast, he'd forgotten his lessons of the previous day, "I'm sorry miss Richard," he was abject. "Its OK Martin it's your first day as a junior, I won't say anything if you don't. Just don't make it a habit." Richard looked stern. "Miss Welch will be your domestic science and needlework teacher when you start lessons, she is also a trained hairdresser and beautician, and it's those skills she will employ today, Miss Welch." he gestured.
"Sit here Martin," she indicated a chair. Martin sat. She placed a towel round his shoulders and started work on his hair. Martin was facing a blank wall so he couldn't see what was going on, behind him the bedroom door opened and one (or two) people came into the room, he heard strange rustling sounds, doors and drawers opening and closing, then they left.

After about an hour Miss Welch announced that she'd finished, "I'll just tidy your eyebrows a little before you see yourself." She stood in front of him, he felt little pricking sensations around his eyebrows. "There," she said, "That'll do." She turned him in the chair to face the mirror, Martin stared, his head was covered with little curls and his eyebrows were two fine lines. Tears filled his eyes, "Why have you done this?" he groaned. "To make you look pretty for your Mummys' visit and for the party, cheer up, you look very sweet." she smiled sweetly.

Martin did not want to look sweet, he wanted to be a boy. "Miss Welch looked at her watch, "It's half past ten, the guests will start arriving at twelve o' clock, so we'd better get you dressed." She walked to a cabinet and opened the bottom drawer, as she bent Martin couldn't help but notice that although no more than about twenty five years old, Miss Welch was wearing old fashioned seamed stockings!

His observation was shattered when she returned holding a bra!! "Stand up Martin," she ordered, "Remove the robe." Martin stood like a robot and took off the satin gown. He stood naked his hands clasped in front of his genitalia. Miss Welch held the bra between her hands and said, "Pop your arms through the straps and I'll fasten it for you," Martin stared at the garment unmoving. "I thought this might happen, GLORIA!!" she shouted, the door opened almost immediately, in walked the formidable Gloria.

 Martin thrust his arms through the straps of the bras-siere. "Thats better," the teacher cooed, she turned him round and fastened the bra, "Thirty four AA, that's your size, next," she went on, "You were to wear a lovely pair of satin panties, but it was decided that you had spent such a long time in nappies and it will be a long day, we'll just keep you in a nappy for the party, just in case."

Gloria had laid out a double thickness nappy on the bed, and was standing menacingly. "But I'm not a baby any more, you said," Martin was blubbing again. Gloria grabbed him and sat him on the nappy, "Huh, could have fooled me you sissy." Martin was wrapped in the nappy, a pair of white semi transparent plastic pants were pulled over it, and he was hauled back to his feet.

Miss Welch walked to a wardrobe opened it and took out a hugely boufant waist slip in organza and net, it rustled loudly. Martin stared, "NO! please, nooo11" he wailed, Gloria slapped him soundly on the back of his legs. "Behave!" she barked. Martin stood sobbing, his legs smarting as the slip was fitted round his waist, it came to just above his knees. The teacher again went to the wardrobe this time returning with a lemon yellow satin party frock adorned with little white satin bows and trimmed with white lace.

Martin cried and cried as the dress was placed over his head, down over the flared slip and zipped up the back. He was made to sit on his bed, the skirts billowing around him, white lacy ankle socks and black patent MaryJanes were fitted to his feet. Gloria pulled him to his feet, "What a picture of feminine loveliness." she grinned. "You look delightful," said Miss Welch, "Now, I've some news for you, your little sister is coming with your Mummy, and also two of your old friends, Peter and Bruce, Won't that be nice?" Martins heart skipped a beat, And he peed in his nappy, he wished he were dead...


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Re: The Academy by Rosieleigh
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2014, 04:22:07 PM »
The Academy by Rosieleigh

Part 6

Martin stood in the centre of his bedroom, his knees trembling. The prospect of facing his mother and sister dressed like a little girl was bad enough, but to have to meet two of his old school chums was a fate worse than death. Miss Welch took Martin by the hand and led him to his dressing table and sat him down, "Just a little finishing touch," she said, as she applied a little rouge to his cheeks, then as an after thought, she added some pale blue eye shadow. "There, you look gorgeous, your mummy won't recognise you,"

Martin stared at his reflection and thought "I feel like a fool dressed like this, what are they going to say?" He wondered if somehow he could run away and hide, just till the visitors had gone, he wondered if he could just run away, period. He was suddenly aware that Miss Welch was spraying him liberally with perfume, "Chanel number five sweetheart, only the best." she sqeezed his waist. "Come along dear, we've all to as-semble in the main hall, it'll give you a chance to meet some of your fellow students as well as the three other juniors."

The teacher took him by the hand again and led him from the room and into the corridor. As they walked along Martin could just discern the faint swishing of Miss Welches stockings, but only just! the noise of his own petticoats was absolutely alarming in comparison. He was aware of a slight discomfort from his nappy where he'd peed himself in fright earlier, he wondered if should mention it to anyone, but decided it would probably mean another spanking so he kept quiet. "Ah, here we are," said Miss Welch opening a large oak door marked HALL, they entered.

There were about thirty girls seated in front of a stage, all were wearing fancy party dresses like his own. Miss Welch led him to an empty chair between two very pretty girls of about his own age. "Sit here," said the teacher, "In a moment or two you'll be told what's to happen." Miss Welch left. "She's nice isn't she?" said the girl on his left, Martin blushed a charming beetroot shade, "I, er yes, I suppose," he managed, he felt totally ridiculous talking to a really fanciable girl dressed the way he was. "My name's Lucy, what's yours?" she asked. "Martin," he mumbled. "Sorry, I didn't quite catch that," Lucy replied.

Martin repeated his name with a resigned sigh, here comes the ridicule he thought. "OH, you must be the new junior," she said without ridicule. "You must be glad to be out of nappies," she smiled. "If only you knew" thought Martin. "Yes," he replied "Very glad."

"Philip, meet a fellow junior," Lucy spoke to the girl(?) on his right. "Martin, meet Philip" Lucy introduced them, Martin, stunned, held out his hand. Philip shook it, "Pleased to meet you, Martin." Martin stared at Philip, this is all wrong thought Martin, this boy is almost as pretty as Lucy!! Someone clapping broke Martins' thoughts, he looked up, Miss Priddy stood on the stage. "Pay attention please, we will all go outside now to meet our parents and friends,"

A member of staff Martin didn't recognise opened a pair of large French windows onto the gardens, "Thank you Mrs Wilberforce, now if you could all rise and go into the garden, you will find that most of your relatives are gathered in the marquis we've erected for the occasion." they all stood. The noise of so much taffetta rustling was nearly deafening! Martin felt sick, he'd never been so scared in all his life, he was about to meet his mother and sister AND Peter and Bruce, and he was dressed in a satin party frock and wearing a nappy. He saw his mother. His knees were trembling so much he could hardly walk. Lucy held his hand, "Nervous?" she asked, "Yes," he managed to sqeak, "It won't be as bad as you think," Oh yes it will he thought. Mrs Guest spotted Martin she frowned then her face broke into a huge grin, "Sally, boys, come and see," she called over her shoulder. Martin peed his nappy again...

Part 7

 "Well, you've been spotted, so I'll leave you now to find my own parents" Lucy let go of his hand and ran off. Martins knees nearly buckled. He stood rooted to the spot, his insides felt like a washing machine, and his knees were literally knocking. "Martin, you look so lovely," his mother simpered, she bent down and kissed his cheek, "Mmm, and you smell divine,"

Suddenly, his sister and his two friends came running up laughing, they saw Martin and were instantly silenced. "Sally, say hello to your brother," Sally stared. "Why are you dressed like that?" Bruced spoke for her. "Martin has been sent here to try to curtail his wildness," said his mother, then continued, "This is primarily a girls academy, but they do take in boy students, especially troublesome ones like Martin, however, all students have to abide by the schools' dress code, there are no exceptions, are there Martin?"

Martin was staring at the ground wishing it would swallow him, suddenly he burst into tears, "Mummy please take me home with you," he sobbed, the three children couldn't believe it, they'd never seen him cry like a little girl before. "Please, PLEASE! I don't like it here," he was almost hysterical. "Martin you know I can't take out of the school, I had a long chat with Ms Priddy, she said you'd be difficult today and if I allowed you to leave you'd revert to type within a month, so no, I can't take you home." she said with finality. "Mummy, PLEASE, I promise I'll be good for ever and ever,"

Martin was wailing like a two year old. Suddenly, he was being shaken, it was Mrs Wilberforce, the teacher he'd seen in the hall. "Be quiet, foolish child, you're an embarasment to yourself and to the school, and not least of all to your mother and your friends, any more of this and you'll be across my knee here and now, and get a spanking like you cannot imagine." she stared at him, "Y,yyes, maam," he stammered, sniffing through tears. "Good, now play with your friends, they've come a long way to see you and I'm sure you've all got plenty to say to each other." she finished. "I'm sorry about that," said Martins mother, "Any more outbursts like that and I'LL be spanking him." she added. "Well, that should be the end of it, my name's Wilberforce, Mrs Wilberforce, by the way, I'm the school PE teacher."

Martins mother was impressed, "Pleased to meet you." they shook hands, the PE teacher had a grip like a man. I bet she can deliver a mighty spanking, thought Martins mother. Mrs Wilberforce smiled and marched off towards the marquis, "YOU GIRLS, STOP THAT NOW." she bellowed. Martins mother turned to watch the huge woman depart, behind her she heard Sally squeal with delight, she turned back to see that Peter had lifted the back of Martins' frock without him being aware, there on full display was the nappy and plastic pants, surrounded by a huge froth of taffetta. "Martin wears a nappy, Martin wears a nappy," they sang. Martin spun, aghast.

The three children all grabbed the dress and lifted the skirt, laughing, "Martins' a sissy baby, Martins' a sissy baby," they choras-sed. "Stoppit, stoppit, don't, DON,T." Martin started crying again, desperately trying to push down his billowing dress. Mrs Wilberforce appeared from nowhere, She had spotted the tell tale yellow stain in Martins nappy from the marquis. "Martin Guest, how dare you run around in a soiled nappy in front of all these people." she sounded very cross!

The three children stepped back, this should be good thought Martins mother grinning. The PE teacher grabbed Martins wrist and dragged him off towards the school building, Martin made a strange stuccatto bleating sound as he trotted after her, his petticoats swishing from side to side. THe children skipped after them until they reach a door at the side of the hall, it led directly into the changing room. Once in the room Mrs Wilberforce lifted Martin effortlessly onto the changing table, his skirt and slip were lifted up around his neck, revealing the dirty nappy.

The teacher unceremoniously pulled the plastic pants down and dropped them into a nearby pail, then as the three children watched silently from the open door she unfastened the nappy and dropped that also into the pail. She then walked across the room to a steel cabinet opened a couple of drawers and returned to the sobbing Martin, arms full of clean babywear.

Unfastening a packet, she produced several baby wipes then lifted Martins legs in the air and proceeded to clean his bare bottom, when she was certain he was clean she said "Now I'm going to give you something to cry about!" She rolled Martin onto his front leaving his bottom exposed, then lifting her hand in the air brought it down with great force on the defenceless cheeks. WHACK!! again and again the blows came down. After about ten ear splitting cracks she stopped, Martin was sceaming enough to wake the dead. Mrs Wilberforce then calmly renappied and plastic panted Martin as though nothing had happened.

The watching children were mightily impressed. Martin was then lifted off the table patted gently on the rear, "Off you go and play with your friends, and remember, Andrews leaving ceremony is soon." Martin was gently pushed in the back towards the waiting children....

Part 8

The three children stepped back from the doorway as Martin approached. His progress was slow, his bottom was on fire from the ferocious spanking he'd just recieved, the soft terry towelling nappy felt like sandpaper, chaffeing with every step. He was sobbing noisily. When he reached the door his twelve year old sister took his hand, she seemed genuinely concerned. "Here Martin, take this," she said handing him her handkerchief. Martin took it and dried his eyes, his body shuddered. "There, there," Sally said soothingly, "It's all over now."

The two boys meanwhile were standing behind Martin sniggering, Bruce suddenly stepped in front of Martin and knocked the hanky from his hand, it landed at his feet. "Oops, sorry Martin," he said with a complete lack of conviction. Martin looked at the fallen hanky, "Aren't you going to pick it up then?" Peter joined. Martin bent to pick up the lacey item, when without warning Peter pushed him over. Martin fell sprawling on his side, he rolled over onto his back, legs flailing trying to get up. The two boys laughed uproariously, even Sally had to, he looked so funny.

Bruce then knelt down and grabbed Martins shoulders, to prevent him from standing, Martins petticoats were spread all around him like foam, swishing noisily against the plastic pants. Suddenly Bruce exclaimed, "He's wearing a bra!" as he held his shoulders he could feel the straps, he peered closer, he could see the lacey outline through the satin bodice of the dress. "Look, look you can see it." Martin groaned inwardly, Bruce sat him up, and felt his chest. "Oh my God, he's got boobs!!" he gasped.

They all knelt down to examine Martins chest, the boy they used to play football with was turning into a sissy girly. A sissy girly in a nappy. "Leave me alone, its not my fault," martin started crying again. "Martin, children, what are you doing?" It was Mrs Guest. "Get up now, rolling around the floor like that, its disgraceful." she said angrily. "Mummy, mummy,Martins got boobies!!" Sally blurted out. "Sally, really, what a thing to say, Martins a very special boy, he's going to grow up graceful and elegant like the head prefect of this fine school, whom I hope one day he'll emulate." she lectured. "Speaking of Andrew, his presentation to Lady Moorland is about to begin in the marquis, and I understand he's to be presented in the uniform Lady Moorland expects him to wear so come along and hurry up."

The children got to their feet and headed for the presentation. When they reached the tent, where the whole school, parents and friends were seated, they found they had seats reserved for them near the front. They all sat and faced a small stage, dark red curtains on each side. On the stage sat Ariadne Fossett, the principal and Ms priddy, the vice principal, they sat either side of a stern looking woman in a tweed suit, her hair was tied back in a tight bun, she wore a shirt and tie, seamed stockings and dark brown brogues, Lady Moorland, she didn't look like fun! Arianne Fossett stood, the audience fell silent.

I'd like to present our special guest, Lady Eunice Moorland a good friend of the school. The as-sembled mas-s clapped politely, Lady Moorland nodded. The principal continued, "Lady Moorland is here today to be presented to her new personal as-sistant and companion. None other than our own head prefect Andrew, who, incidently is wearing his new day uniform." She paused, there was movement behind one of the curtains, then onto the stage stepped Andrew.

The audience gasped as one. Andrew was wearing a pale blue French maids uniform, the skirt fell to about mid thigh and ballooned out over mas-ses of white organza petticoats, it had puffed short sleeves and a modest ring neck which still managed to show a generous amount of Andrews thirty six double D cleavage. He wore glossy white stockings and pale blue patent court shoes with a four inch heel.

The whole outfit was trimmed with white lace, his blonde hair was in a ponytail tied with pale blue satin ribbon which fell down his back. He walked daintily to Lady Moorland and curtsied, then bent to shake her hand, giving the entire gathering a glimpse of his stocking tops, suspenders and a gloriously frilly pair of white satin knickers. Lady Moorland stood and kissed Andrew on each of his rouged cheeks. She looked flushed.
For the next half an hour Lady Moorland and her new charge chit-chatted with various school dignitaries, all the time Her Ladyship kept touching Andrew, his arms, his waist, his pantied bottom and once, ever so discretely she put her arm round his waist and briefly squeezed one of his ample breasts! All the time Andrew had a sickly sort of smile on his prettily made-up face, Andrew was in for a torrid time!! Eventually they left in Lady Moorlands chaufeur driven Rolls Royce, they were given a rousing send off by all except Martin, who somehow knew, deep down, that he would be leaving this terrible school like Andrew....

Part 9

The Rolls Royce carrying Lady Moorland and Andrew disapeared down the school driveway, its blacked out windows hiding from view the goings-on in the back. Andrew found himself wrestling with an octopus! Lady Moorland had one arm round Andrews waist groping his left breast, the other hand up his dress fumbling amongst his petticoats and her tongue in his ear moaning gently to herself. Andrew didn't know what to do, he really wasn't expecting anything like this!! The chauffeur shook his head and smiled, they'll be on the floor in a minute, he thought, as he drove them home...
Meanwhile, back at the school Martin found himself dragged into a game of leapfrog with his sister and his two buddies(?). The only reason for the game was so that the two boys could look at Martins nappied bottom as he bent over whilst waiting for the children to leap over him. Bruce especially worried him, instead of leaping over him he kept banging into him and pushing him to the floor in a heap of rustling organza, Bruce then would appologize, his hands groping all over Martins nappy and budding breasts, clearly getting quite excited.

This made him very uncomfortable, he was glad when his mother finally intervened, "Come along children its nearly time to go home," she said, "Say goodbye to Martin," she finished. Martin felt a lump come to his throat, despite everything he didn't want his mother to go. "Please mummy, can I come with you?" he tried again, "I really will be ever so good," he whined. "Really, Martin how many times, no you can't come home, you've been enrolled in the academy for five years and five years it will be, and thats final, I'll hear no more about it." she concluded, "If youre very good I might see if they'll let you come home for a visit at the end of term, thats the best I can offer."

Martin looked very miserable, he could feel the tears filling his eyes, the lump in his throat, he'd be blubbing again very soon. They walked to the gate, "Well goodbye for now Martin," said his mother kissing his cheek. "Bye, Martin," his sister said, also kissing his cheek. Peter looked scornful, "Bye sissy," he smirked. Bruce stepped forward and gave him a huge hug, and grabbed his nappied bottom, "See you Martin, see you at the a end of term." Bruce panted in his ear. Not if I can help it, thought Martin. He watched them walk away towards the car park and waved, sobbing freely now. Behind him stood Gloria, just in case Martin decided to make a bid to escape.
Gloria took him by the hand, "Come along child, Ms Priddy wants to see you." They walked to the vice principals office, knocked and entered. "Ah Martin, I've a little job for you," she said brightly. "You are going to accompany me and Miss Welch into town to collect some stationary we've ordered, you can do the carrying." Martin thought, this could be my chance to escape. Martin raised his hand, "You wish to speak?" Ms Priddy queried. "Please maam, does this mean I am to wear my own clothes," he asked hopefully. "Good lord no, we'll only be gone a short while, you can go as you are."

Martin was horrified, I've got to go into town dressed in a yellow satin party frock, everyone will know I'm a boy, he thought panicking. "But maam," he started. Ms Priddy glared, "Not another word, or you'll be over my knee." she threatened. Ms Priddy stood, "Come along Martin, we'll go now." They left the office and walked out to the side of the building where the staff parked their cars. They walked to a small red saloon, Miss Welch was already sitting behind the wheel. Gloria opened the rear door for Martin, he reluctantly got in. Ms Priddy got in the pas-senger seat at the front. "Seat belts Martin," she said. Martin fastened the belt, he heard the door lock beside him, no escaping the car then , he thought.Gloria waved as they drove off towards town.

Martin grew more and more nervous as they approached the town, finally he saw the main street ahead of them, he felt ill. They pulled up and parked outside a large general store, the two women got out, Miss Welch opened the door for Martin, "Out you get," she said. Martin took a deep breath and stepped out. Ms Priddy immediately grabbed his hand and led him into the store.....

Part 10

 Martin looked fearfully around to check on the number of people about, thankfully there didn't seem to be too many. "Come on Martin, stop dawdling," Ms priddy tugged Martins arm. Miss Welch pushed open the door to the store, and held it for Martin and the vice principal to enter. Martin was horrified there weren't too many people outside, because they all seemed to be in the store.

Martin was dragged towards the stationary section, a few people looked at him, but what they saw was a young girl in a very pretty party frock, of course Martin didn't realise that. He felt extremely conspicuous, he was flushed and hot and he wished he was elsewhere. "Here we are," said Ms Priddy, they approached a counter, "We've come to pick up some printer paper for 'The Academy', it was ordered earlier in the week." Ms Priddy addressed the young woman behind the counter. Martin stood behind the two teachers trying desperately to be invisible. The woman as-sistant was very pretty, "Ah yes," she said, "I remember, I'll just go and fetch it for you."

She was about to leave when Martins arm was grabbed by Miss Welch, "Go with the young lady and carry the paper for her." Martin was ordered. "Thats very kind of you," Said the girl, "Its this way," she gestured ahead. Martin was pushed forward, "Go with the lady, and hurry up about it," Ms Priddy tutted. The girl waited for Martin who by now was blushing crimson, "Thats a pretty dress, have you been to a party?" she asked, "Yes," Martin managed to croak. They reached a corridor of shelves all filled with reams of different types of paper.

The girl stopped and bent down in front of Martin, he couldn't help but look down the front of her thin blouse at her lacy bra and cleavage, he felt very hot. The girl looked up and noticed him noticing her, "Like what you see?" she smiled, Martin went the colour of port wine. She nudged him, "Just joking," she laughed, "Us girls have all got them, haven't we?" Martin smiled a sickly smile and nodded. "Well here's the paper," she picked up a box of inkjet printer paper and offered it to Martin, who took it in his arms. They turned and walked back to the two women. "Ah, excellent, I believe its to be charged to our account," said Ms Priddy. "Thats correct." the girl replied, "Well thank you, we'd better get going, goodbye 'til next time," Ms Priddy smiled. "Goodbye." said the girl. "Come along Martin, stop standing around boy." Ms Priddy said very loudly.

Martin couldn't believe his ears, he almost tripped over his own feet in his haste to get out of the store. The girl stare at Martins fast departing back, did she say boy! she shook her head, surely not, she thought. They emerged from the store, Martin was almost panicking, but calmed down when they reached the car. Miss Welch opened the back door, "Just put the box inside, Martin." he did as he was told and was about get in himself when Ms Priddy said, "Oh, look, the tea shop's open, lets all go and have a quick cup of tea." Martin was aghast, he looked at Ms Priddy, surely she doesn't mean me as well. "A treat for being such a good boy." Ms Welch took his hand and they all walked across the road to the tea shop.

The door opened with a 'DING' the shop was filled with mostly elderly women and just a few men and children. A waitress approached, "A table for three?" she asked, "Please," said Ms Priddy. They were led to a small round table with three seats. It was very quiet, the conversation a gentle murmur, Martins petticoats rustled noisily in the silence causing a number of heads to turn. Martin walked to the table, head bowed, avoiding eye contact, why is this happening to me, he thought, I'm sure they're only doing this to embaras-s me.

They sat, "A pot of tea for three please," Ms Priddy addressed the waitress, then looked at Martin, "Would you like a cake or something Martin?" she used his name again, Martin cringed, "No thank you, maam." he whispered. "Speak up boy, don't mumble," she said loud enough for a number of people to look in their direction. "No thank you, maam." Martin said clearly. The waitress gave Martin a strange look, then walked off to get the order. A number of people sitting near them started muttering animatedly and glancing at Martin, who by now was feeling awful, and was on the brink of tears again, he'd never felt so ashamed.

The waitress returned with the tea, the whole event seemed to last an eternity, but eventually the bill was paid and they made their way to the exit, Martin couldn't get there quick enough! As they reached the door Ms Priddy suddenly, without warning, lifted the skirt of Martins dress exposing his nappy, she stuck a finger under the plastic pants to feel the towelling. "Thats OK my boy then," she said, "You don't need changing yet." His hand was taken and he was led from the shop, the customers inside gaped in amazement, as they walked across the road to the car.

A boy in a party frock AND a nappy!! They'd be talking about this for some time! Martin felt such humiliation, all thoughts of escape were gone as he sat in the back of the car. At first gently, then louder and louder, he sobbed, all the way back to the academy. The two women smiled....


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Re: The Academy by Rosieleigh
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The Academy by Rosieleigh

Part 11

 For the next three months Martin was a junior, his uniform was like that of the seniors , but juniors could only wear ankle socks, not stockings. Martin was the only student in junior school as Philip the pretty boy he'd met at the parents day party had graduated to seniors on the same day Martin entered juniors. Ms Welch was his only teacher for the entire time. He had to learn by heart the names of all four prefects and all the teachers, he had to wash by hand the four prefects' underwear and iron their pleated satin skirts.

He had to learn all about the academy and its founder. He hated every minute of it, he hated the uniform, with its satin blouse and pink satin skirt, he hated the lace socks and Mary jane shoes. He hated the way his body seemed to be changing (he was still receiving his weekly shots of female hormones) He hated having to wear a bra, thirty four A now, and he hated wearing white frilly satin knickers. He cried himself to sleep almost every night wearing his pink satin baby doll nightie and matching panties.

For the first two months of juniors he was put to bed in a nappy and plastic pants, and was given so much cocoa to drink before bed he nearly always woke in a wet nappy. However, he was only spanked three times for 'naughtiness' and only had to wear a nappy during the day twice, for 'childish behaviour'. The last day of juniors coincided with the last day of term, Martin was to be allowed to go home for two weeks. On the day of his trip home Martin woke with a happy heart. His happiness was to be short lived! After breakfast he showered and returned to his room. Ms Welch was waiting for him. "I expect you're happy to be going home to see your mother and sister, and all your old friends," she said. "Yes maam I am, how am I to travel?" he asked. "You are very lucky, Ms Priddy lives very near to you, so she'll accompany you on the bus almost to your home." she said brightly.

Martin was dismayed, oh well at least she's not coming home with me, he thought with some degree of pleasure. "You won't be going anywhere if you don't get some clothes on." Ms Welch joked. Martin looked to the wardrobe to see if his boys clothes were hanging there, they weren't, but on the bed laid out for him was his school uniform!!

Martin stared in horror. "You can't expect me to travel in that." he said eyes wide. "Of course you'll be travelling in your uniform, you've worn it every day for the last three months, besides, your mother took all your other clothes back home with her when she realised that we provide everything for our students." she said reasonably. "Then I won't go." Martin said finally. "Don't be stupid the tickets are paid for and your mother is expecting you, so get dressed and don't be so silly, otherwise you'll be travelling home with a very sore bottom." Ms Welch sounded irritated, he'd never been spanked by her. "But I can't." Martin began, "Right thats it,"

Ms Welch stepped foward and sat on the bed, she grabbed Martins arm and pulled his dressing gown off, then forcing him across her knees she slapped him, HARD. Martin was shocked at the power of the young woman, he grabbed her stockinged ankles as she rained whacks down on his bare bottom. When she stopped after about a dozen hefty blows Martin was howling his eyes out. "Now, will you get dressed, or do I have to spank you some more?" Ms Welch threatened, she was quite formidable when angered.

Martin sobbed as he donned his bra and knickers, then the blouse and skirt, and finally his white lace anklets and MaryJanes. He stood sniffing as Ms Welch combed his now quite long fair hair and dabbed a little perfume behind each of his ears. "Come along, I'm to drive you both to the bus stop." she took his hand and led him out of the room, down stairs and out into the staff car park, where Ms Priddy was waiting by the little red car, suitcase at her feet. "Ah, here you are, have you been crying again Martin?" she noticed Martins tear drenched cheeks. "Yes, I'm afraid I had to discipline him for silliness." Ms Welch replied for him. "Well,well that must be the first time, lets hope it's the last, is that right Martin?" Martin nodded, he didn't wan't to be spanked by Ms Welch again in a hurry.

They all got in the car, and drove the short distance to the bus stop. As they pulled up Martin noticed there were several people at the stop, including a mother with two small children of about nine or ten years, a boy and a girl. Ms Priddy and Martin emerged from the car, a sudden gust of wind blew Martins skirt up and exposed his frilly satin knickers to all at the stop, he fought to hold the skirt down, blushing wildly. "Come on Martin, stop fooling around!!" Ms Priddy scolded, the people at the bus stop all turned and stared at him. He wanted the ground to open and swallow him....

Part 12

Martin eventually managed to control his errant skirt, and he and Ms Priddy joined the queue at the bus stop. Ms Welch tooted the car horn gaily as she drove off. Martin stood holding his skirt down in the stiff breeze, not knowing where to look, his expression one of embaras-sment and desperation. "Martin stop wriggling around and stand still." Ms Priddy ordered, "But the wind keeps blowing my skirt up maam." Martin said in a whisper, "Oh, don't be so silly, you're only a youngster, and besides you are wearing knickers aren't you?" "Yes, but its so embaras-sing," Martyin replied, "Enough, just stand still and behave." Ms Priddy glared. "Excuse me," said a small voice, Martin looked down to see the two small children standing before him, "Did that lady say your name was Martin?" said the little boy. A number of the people in the queue turned to look. "Yes," said Martin through gritted teeth, "Now go away." he urged, "But Martins a boys name, are you a boy?" the child persisted, "Yes of course he's a boy now go and join your mummy," Ms Priddy interjected.

The little boy turned to Ms Priddy, "Why is he wearing those clothes, they're girls clothes." he was quite tenacious. "These clothes are the uniform of the school he attends, now hurry along, the bus is coming." Martin felt ill with shame, some people in the queue were shaking their heads in disbelief others were laughing quite openly. The bus arrived and they boarded, Martin hurried as fast as he could to a window seat at the rear of the bus, away from as many people as possible. "Really Martin, sometimes your behaviour is ridiculous," said Ms Priddy sitting next to Martin.

The journey was uneventful after the trauma of the bus stop, and was fairly quick. "Well Martin, this is where I must get off," announced the vice principal, "You get off at the very next stop." Martin looked out of window he recognised his surroundings, he was nearly home. At last he'd be able to get out of these awful clothes. "Goodbye for now Martin, we'll see you in two weeks time," Ms Priddy rose to leave, "Goodbye maam." Martin said relieved to see her go.

The bus pulled away, And within a few minutes was slowing for his stop, Martin spotted his mother and sister at the bus stop waiting for him, thankfully they were alone. Martin stood when the bus stopped and walked down the aisle to the exit, "Bye Martin," a number of the pas-sengers grinned as he left the bus, "Have a nice time playing with your dollies," someone shouted as the doors closed behind him. "Hello, Martin," his mother was grinning widely, "I see you travelled in your uniform, by choice?" She asked smirking. "NO!" Martin replied indignantly.

They walked the short distance to the house, thankfully they lived in very quiet, middle clas-s area, so there were very few people about. As they walked down the path to the front door Martin spotted Mr.Davis, the nextdoor neighbour washing his car, he looked up and noticing them smiled, and then saw Martin, the smile froze on his face. He looked away, he seemed more embaras-sed than Martin.

Mrs guest unlocked the door and for the first time in five months Martin entered his own home and felt relaxed. It wouldn't last. "Well, I expect you'd like to get out of those clothes, I've laid some things out on your bed for you." Martins mother announced, joy to Martins ears, at last, he thought. He ran upstairs to his room and rushed through the door. He stopped dead. His room had been decorated while he was away. It was pink!! Walls, carpet, curtains, pink satin bed covers and sheets, he stood with his mouth open. Whats happened, he thought.

On the bed were his change of clothes, a white T shirt, red trousers (a relief) white socks, white underpants with lace trimmed legs(!?!) Martin stared, then rushed to a chest of drawers opened the top drawer, it was full of girls panties and bras. He opened his wardrobe, full of girls clothes, dresses, skirts, blouses he groaned, then he thought, perhaps they've changed the rooms round, this is really Sallys room now.

His mother entered the room, "What do you think?" she asked, "Is this my room?" "Of course, now get changed and you can tell us all about the Academy." she turned and left the room. Martin slumped onto his frilly pink bed, he slowly removed his uniform. He could not beleive this, he pulled on the panties and socks, pulled the T shirt over his head without even realising he'd kept his bra on, he'd been wearing one for so long. He picked up the trousers went to put them on, then realised that they zipped up at the back! girls trousers.

Under the bed was a pair of pink and white trainers, they'd have to do. He left the pink room and started back downstairs to whatever fate awaited him....

Part 13

As Martin reached the bottom of the stairs he caught sight of himself in the full length mirror in the hallway. He was shocked. The person reflected looked like a young girl, the panties he was wearing were quite tight, so his male bits were well flattened, which meant that the trousers fit like a glove.

Then he noticed he was still wearing the bra, as he turned to go back upstairs to remove it, his mother appeared, "Oh, Martin, you look lovely, come into the kitchen and have something to drink and a chat." she said. "But mum, I'm still wearing this," he snapped a strap of the bra through the T shirt. "Thats all right sweetheart, You'll be wearing one all the time now." she replied. "Come on," she took his hand and led him into the kitchen. Sally was sitting at the table with a bottle of coke, "Hi Martin, you look great, it's neat having a sister, we'll be able to go out together shopping and stuff."

Martin did not feel great, he felt miserable and uncomfortable in the girls clothes, what if someone comes round, I'll die of shame, he thought. Even as he thought it the doorbell rang, it was the Davis' son come round to collect his payment for cutting the lawn. Sally ran to the door to let him in, she had a bit of a crush on him even though he was sixteen to her twelve years. "Hi, Dave, come in for a bit, mum's in the kitchen with Martin," Martins knees nearly gave way when he heard his sister invite Dave in, he looked around for an escape route, the back door!

He rushed to it only to find it locked, as he grappled with the door knob Dave walked in. He looked at Martin, "Hi Mart, whats u!!" he stopped. Staring at Martin in the chest, at the clearly visible bra, his eyes tracked down to the zip at the rear of his trousers. "Long time no see," his voice petered out, Martin was beetroot red, "I, er, have to wear these things, because of school." he managed lamely. "I decided to send Martin to a special academy to cure him of his tearaway tendencies, he's home for an end of term break, and I thought it best if I kept up the dress regime of the school, lest Martin lapse into his old ways." Mrs Guest explained to Dave. "Wow, Mart, you don't mind this?" asked Dave incredulously, Martin shook his head despairingly, tears forming in his eyes. "Well anyway, David,"

Martins mother interjected "We're having a bit of a get together tonight, you're more than welcome to come round, then you can all chat some more," Dave took the cue and turned to leave, "Sure I might be able to make it." he said, thinking, wild horses couldn't drag me away!! "See ya later, Mart." he left grinning, This'll be someting to tell the gang, he thought. Martin looked watery eyed at his mother, "What do you mean, 'a bit of a get together'," he asked feeling worried. "OH, just a few people are coming round to say hi, you've been away for five months remember."
Martin spent the rest of the day moping in his room reading a book which he couldn't remember when he put it down. Martins mother shouted up the stairs, "Martin, its six o'clock, go and have a shower, our guests will be coming at about seven thirty," Martin shuffled miserably off to the shower, when he emerged wearing the pink satin robe his mother thoughtfully provided, the doorbell rang. Oh god, they're early, he thought. He returned to his room, two minutes later, his mother entered, "Someone you know came early to help prepare," she stepped back, in walked Gloria!! "Hello Martin, your mother invited me round to help get you ready for tonight, she thought you might be difficult!" Martin stared incredulous. "Lets get cracking shall we?" Gloria said in a businesslike voice.

Martins mother dissapeared, then seconds later returned carrying a peach coloured satin knee length party frock!! Martin squeaked in fright, "NO!" he backed away. "See, I told you he'd be tiresome," Martins mother looked at Gloria in a 'I told you so' kind of way. Drawers were opened, and various items of lingerie removed, "You can be grown up tonight," said Gloria, opening a pack of fully fashioned seamed stockings. Martin burst into tears, "NO,please, you can't do this, I'm on holiday, its not fair, I'm a boy, I WON'T wear these clothes!" he stamped his foot, it was pretty stupid he knew, but he couldn't think of anything else. Suddenly, he was lifted off his feet and thrown across Glorias knees, the pink robe raised, exposing a clean, fresh from the shower bottom. WHACK!! Glorias hand came down. Six times!!

Martin was helped up crying noisily. "Now where were we," she said nonchelantly. She held out a very lacy white satin bra, Martin sobbed, but allowed her to put it on him, next, matching high waist knickers and suspender belt. "Foot up!" she said, Martin raised a foot, she slid a stocking up his leg and fastened it to the suspender, "Next!" the other stocking was fitted. A hugely bouffant, organza and taffetta waist slip was produced,

Martin was forced to step into it, then over the top the frock. Martin stood there sniffing, he looked like a doll!! A boy doll in a party frock, every movement produced a loud rustling sound. Rouge was applied to his cheeks and perfume dabbed behind each ear. He was given a little white satin handbag containing a handkechief to hold, "There, pretty as a picture," Gloria and his mother smiled. The doorbell rang, Martin wanted to be sick....

Part 14

Martin stood in the centre of the room frantically thinking of some way out of his predicament, nothing would come. "Oh my!!" exclaimed his mother, "He can't go like that," a wave of relief swept over him, short lived! "He's got no shoes on," she opened a wardrobe a took out a pair of low healed court shoes, coveed in the same colour satin as the frock. "What pair of sillies we are!" she laughed, "Here, put these on dear," she offered the shoes to Martin who reluctantly donned them.

While this was happening the doorbell had rung several times, and Martin could here talking and laughter and music from downstairs. "I'll just pop down to see if we're ready for our guest of honour," Martins mother left the room. Gloria smirked at him, "You're going to have such fun this evening, aren't you, Martin dear." Martins knees were trembling, he rubbed them together. The nylon stockings swished and slid like teflon, if he hadn't been so scared Martin would have found the sensation quite interesting!

His mother returned, "Well I think we're ready now, dear." she held out her hand, "Come along." Martin had taken root. Gloria shoved him in the back, "Hurry up, your guests are waiting." Martin moved forward on stiff legs, his mother pulling him by the arm. They reached the stairs, "I need a wee, I do, honest mummy, please, I feel sick, I think I've got a temperature, I feel faint, I think I'd better go to bed, don't you, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, NOOO!! MUMMY, WAAAA!!" he started bawling like a frightened baby. His mother stopped, shook Martin by the shoulders, "Don't be so silly, these are all your friends, they all know you're going to look nice this evening, so whats the problem?" "I'm scared mummy, they'll all laugh and tease me, just like parents day at the school." he sniffled. "Nonsense, now come on." she was adamant.

Martin was led down the stairs, to ever louder voices and laughter. They reached the living room, the door was pushed open and Martins mother entered, she clapped her hands, "Here's who you've all been waiting for." she reached behind her and grabbed Martin, pulling him into the room. There were several gasps, and quite a few stifled laughs. Martin stood, arms buried in the voluminous skirts of his frock, his face drained of blood making the rouge even more noticeable, his bottom lip trembled, a single tear rolled down his cheek.

His sister stepped forward, "Come on, you look very nice, lets dance." she took him by the arms, and dragged him, rustling noisily into the centre of the room. "Turn the music up." she ordered, she held him round the waist and danced him round the room, his frock swinging and swishing wildly. All eyes were on his shapely, seamed stockings clad legs, hoping for a glimpse of more interesting stuff! Martins mother left the room to sort things out in the kitchen.

After several minutes pottering in there, she suddenly heard loud laughter and cheering, and Martin screaming wildly. She rushed to the living room, there in in the middle of the room was Martin on his back on the floor, his flailing legs were being held in the air by Bruce, spread around his petticoats billowed, and his frilly knickers were exposed for all to see,

Martins head was covered in the bouffant froth of his frock, his muffled cries ignored. "Stop that at once," Martins mother ordered, Bruce let go of Martins legs. He sat up, then stood, rustling noisily. "Really Martin you should be ashamed of yourself, most unruly behavior, I've a mind to spank you now in front of everybody." There were a number of expectant looks. "But I didn't do anything, they pushed me over, they wanted to see my underwear." Martin tried to explain. "I'm sure you must have encouraged them, they wouldn't do things like that normally, we've known them all a long time, they're good kids." Martin stared in disbelief. "I never encouraged them, honest." he whined. "Really Martin, thats the last straw, lying to your mother." with that she grabbed his arm, sat on a chair hand hauled him across her lap. "I'm sorry Martin, but it just won't do" she wrestled with the petticoats and managed to to lift them up and over his back. Then raising her hand began spanking Martins bottom through the filmy material of his panties.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! it seemed endless, Martin screamed like a girl, his bottom felt scorched from the spanking, then suddenly, Martin began to pee his panties. "OH MY GOOD GOD!!" Martins mother exclaimed, "Gloria, bring nappies, NOW!" she yelled. Gloria arrived within seconds, arms full. She spread a large terry towelling nappy out on the carpet. Martins mother removed his knickers, suspenders and stockings, "You won't need these," she dropped them to the floor, then laid Martin in the centre of the nappy. A number of people sniggered at the tiny size of his 'bits' (the hormones were doing their job).

The nappy was drawn through his legs and fastened with two pink safety pins, a pair of semi-transparent pink plastic pants were pulled up his legs and fitted snugly round the nappy. Martin was pulled to his feet sobbing, tears flowed and dripped from his chin. "I think you'd better say goodbye to your friends, before you disgrace yourself more," his mother scolded. Gloria bent to pick up the discarded underwear as Martin was dragged howling from the room....

Part 15

The laughter filled his head as Martin was ushered bawling up the stairs, his newly fitted nappy crackling and swishing under the petticoats. "Well, I am ashamed of you Martin, lying in front of all your friends like that." his mother admonished. "But I never," he sobbed, "It was Bruce, he wanted to see if I was wearing a nappy." Martin pleaded, "Thats it, lying to your own mother as well, for that you'll spend the entire two weeks in nappies, twenty four hours a day, you can forget about begging, my decision is final." Martins howling got worse.

They reentered his bedroom, his party clothes were removed. "You can go to bed early tonight, no more treats for you." Martins mother opened a drawer, and lifted out something pink and filmy, "Here, you can wear this nice summer weight romper to bed." she held out the item, it was frightening to Martin, it was made of semi-transparent chiffon with short puffed sleaves, rows of frills across the seat and edged generously in white lace. "Normally of course, there would be matching panties with this, but of course you won't be needing them." His mother lifted the romper over his head pushed is arms through and pulled it down over the nappy, snapping the poppers at the crotch. "There, that looks lovely."

Martin felt a fool. Some pink fluffy slippers were found for his feet, they had little blue rabbits embroidered on the front. Martins mother then hung a dummy on pink satin ribbon round his neck. She turned him to face the mirror, the nappy was clearly visible, as were his newly sprouting breasts, the nipples quite erect, his tear stained face was a picture of misery. "Come on, lets go down and say goodnight to your friends, it's only polite."

Martin couldn't believe his ears, he was going to be humiliated even further!! He was nudged gently in the back and coaxed down the stairs, they went into the lions den once more!! All heads in the room turned as one to face the ridiculous looking boy. Everyone a vision of barely contained mirth, "Oh, stop blubbing Martin," his mother stuck the dummy in his mouth, he slobbered. "Now, say goodnight everyone." she elbowed him, Martin managed, "Goognike effwy wun," through his dummy, his face bright red from the embaras-sment of it all. "GOODNIGHT BABY MARTIN!!" they all jeered then burst into uncontainable laughter.

Martins mother took his hand and led him back to his room. She turned back the pink satin covers and helped him into bed, he slid into the cool sheets. "Night,night dear, see you in the morning." she kissed his wet cheek, "Try to be a good boy tomorrow," she chided, then turned out the light and left the room. Muffled laughter and music filtered through the floor as Martin lay in bed, the familiar feeling of nappy filled him with misery, his bottom was still smarting from the spanking as he gradually fell asleep, the crying had exhausted him!
 Martin was awakened the next morning by his sister, "We're going shopping today," she excitedly exclaimed. Martin groaned, as she left the room skipping, to be replaced by his mother. "Come on sleepy head, lets get you up and dressed, we've a busy day today." she pulled back the sheets. Martin sat up, instantly realising his nappy was soaked. "I've wet my nappy," he whined. "Oh never mind dear we'll soon have you cleaned up and into a nice dry one, you've got two weeks of it remember!" Martin got out of bed and his mother removed the nappy for him, "There, now you go off and have a shower."
After the shower Martin returned to his room, on the bed was a clean fluffy terry towelling nappy and next to it a pair of plastic pants. His mother was collecting his out fit for the day from the wardrobe. "Sit yourself on the nappy, we'll have you pinned up in a jiffy." she said merrily. Martin shuffled like a zombie and sat on the nappy.

His mother pushed him gently back so that he was lying on the bed, then the nappy was pulled up through his legs and fastened at each side with pins, the milky white plastic pants were then pulled up and fitted snugly over the nappy, she lifted his legs and patted him playfully on his now well padded bottom. "Lets get you dressed and then we can have some breakfast, and then we're off to do some shopping, won't that be nice?" NO, it won't, thought Martin I can't believe they're going to force me to go out in a nappy!! "Wakey, wakey," his mother was holding out a bra for him, he resignedly allowed her to fit it and fasten it behind him, then a short white tight fitting T shirt was handed to him, he put it on.

 Then Martin fully expected a skirt, but no, a pair of pink capri pants instead. Martin donned them, they were stretchy which was just as a well! The bulge of his nappy was obvious, "I can't go out like this!!" he cried, "Everyone will see the nappy." Martin was aghast, he looked pleadingly at his mother. "What will they think?" he continued desperately. "They can think what they like, and if you start crying again I'll spank you." she dared him to start. "Now put your shoes on and come and have some breakfast," she left the room.

The last thing he wanted was food his appetite disappeared when he saw how stupid he looked, he stepped forward to pick up the pink trainers, the plastic pants crackled. The final straw. A silent tear rolled down his cheek.....


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Re: The Academy by Rosieleigh
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The Academy by Rosieleigh

Part 16

After breakfast, during which Sally kept squeezing his nappy to make it crackle, she seemed to find this enormously amusing, his mother found for him a pink satin blouson jacket to wear, it almost covered the nappy, but not quite. "Well, if we're all ready, lets go." said Mrs Guest merrily. They all trooped out of the house to the car, Sally got in the front with his mother, Martin in the back, they buckled their seat belts and off they went to town.

Martin was not happy. His stomach churned with nervousness the nearer they got. When at last they arrived, Martin was in such a state of panic that he peed his nappy, in fact he was so nervous that he was close to pooing as well. "Come on everybody, here we are." said his mother stating the obvious. Martin looked fearfully around as he climbed out of the car, there were people everywhere. He stepped on to the pavement pulling the jacket down as far as he could. "Stop doing that Martin you'll stretch it," Mrs Guest said loudly, Martin's head swung from side to side like a frightened animal hoping no-one heard.

Sally grabbed his hand "Lets look for some new frocks," she skipped off, Martin trotting miserably behind. He was dragged into the first girls clothes shop they came to, it was quiet with few people inside Martin was pleased to note. The shop was full of the sort of outfits that girls wore to weddings and special parties, everywhere satin and lace and big petticoats. "Oh, there are some lovely things in here," Martin's mother gushed. Two girls of about twelve years were standing behind Martin, when his mother suddenly said, "Come here Martin, look at this lovely dress."

Martin groaned inwardly and moved towards his mother who was fingering a white satin bridesmaid type confection. The nappy crackled noisily as he approached, the two girls stared at Martin and giggled. A boy in girls clothes and wearing a nappy, theres something you don't see every day!! After an embarras-sing few minutes having several frilly frocks pointed out to him, they left the shop and carried on down the street, the general bustle of people and traffic drowning the crackling of his nappy.

Martin tried to make himself as invisible as possible, not an easy task. He kept getting puzzled sidelong glances from pas-sers-by, he kept his eyes glued to the ground. A car back-fired making him look up, there directly oposite him on the other side of the road was Michelle! He looked down quickly.
 Michelle had been Martin's kind of girl friend the year before, they used to get up to all sorts of minor naughtiness, they were forever getting in trouble with their relative parents.

Then Michelle announced one day that her dad had got a new job and it meant they'd have to move away. Martin was devastated, but being only twelve years old at the time, he soon forgot her. Until now. "Look Martin, isn't that Michelle over there," his mother pointed. OH no, thought Martin."HI, MICHELLE," she shouted, Michelle looked across, she recognised Mrs Guest immediately, and dashed across the road dodging cars. "Hello, Mrs Guest, how are you," said the pretty dark haired girl. Martin was cowering behind his mother. "So, what brings you back to these parts," asked Martin's mother. "We've moved back, dad didn't like the new job and his old boss offered him his old job back with better pay, we're even living in the same street. Hi Sally, hows Martin?" she finished. "He's here," said his mother looking around and seeing Martin cringing behind her, she grabbed his hand and hauled him out to face Michelle.

Martin really and truly wanted to die, of all the awful things that had happened to him over the last few months this was by far the worst. Michelle stared at him, at the bra she could see through the T-shirt, the satin jacket, the pink trainers, the pink capri pants and the bulge around his hips, the bulge that could only be a nappy!! "Why are you dressed like this, why are you wearing a nappy?" she asked bewildered.

Martin flushed, his mouth opened and closed silently, he finally managed to squeak out, "They made me." a tear rolled down his cheek. Michelle gaped, she had never seen him cry. Rough, tough Martin looked like a pansy. "What Martin means is, I decided to take him in hand and cure him of his tearaway nature, I've sent him to a special academy where they treat difficult children like Martin, so far they've been very successful, have'nt they sweetheart." Martin's mother continued, "He's home from school for a couple of weeks, and in order to prevent backsliding I thought it best if we kept up the schools' regime, but Martin was very naughty yesterday, he lied to me, so I've put him back in nappies for the duration." she ruffled his hair playfully.

A smile was begining to appear on the lips of Michelle, "I see, so whats with the bra?" she squeezed Martins' boobs. She pulled her hands away quickly when she realised that the sissy really needed the bra. Wow, she thought, this is really something. "I know," Martins mother said, "How would you like to come round for tea at some time, you must have plenty of things to catch up on." Michelle leapt at the chance, "I'd love to." she said enthusiastically, "I'm free any time." "Well, how about tonight, I've seen a smashing outfit for Martin, he could show it off specially for you tonight." said Martins' mother with equal enthusiasm. "Fantastic, I'll be there, about seven be all right?" Michelle was ecstatic, "Brilliant, seven it is then." Martins mother was delighted.

Michelle almost skipped off down the road she was so excited. "Come on dear, lets go and buy you some lovely new clothes, you are going to look so gorgeous," his mother took his hand and led him off to the shop. "What about me, what about me?" Sally moaned. "We'll see, my darling, we'll see." said Mrs Guest dragging the now blubbing Martin along, he no longer cared who saw him or his now very wet nappy, the meeting with Michelle had been too much for his bladder, and it just let go!!

They pas-sed a babywear shop, it triggered a thought in Martins mothers head, she stopped and put her hand down the front of his capris and felt the nappy, "Oh my, you ARE wet, come on," she pulled him into the babywear shop, and walked up to an as-sistant, "Have you changing facilities here?" she asked. "Of course madam, over there," she replied pointing to a door marked 'Nappy Changing'. "Thank you" Martin was led to the door and they entered, his sister waited outside.

There were padded benches around the walls, Martin was made to lay on an extra long one, fortunately there was nobody else in the room. His capri pants were removed and the plastic pants pulled down, "Its a good job I thought of this before I left, I brought a clean nappy and some pants," she removed the soggy nappy and placed it in a carrier bag and tied a knot in it.As his mother was wiping him dry, two young women with a baby and a five year old girl entered, Martin looked at the wall and started squirming, "Keep still, Martin," she lifted his legs in the air and slapped each buttock, it didn't hurt much, but the humiliation started him crying.

So the two women were treated to the sight of a thirteen year old boy in girls clothes having a nappy change, all the while the little girl kept asking why such a big person was wearing a nappy. Martin eventually was led blubbing out and off to buy his new outfit.
He wasn't alowed to see the new clothes, it was to be a special treat for the visit of Michelle. All the way home Martin cringed about the days events, this had to stop, he shouldn't have to put up with this treatment. But of course worse was to come....

Part 17

They finally got home at about four thirty in the afternoon, Martin was really pleased to see the house, security at last. They pulled up behind a small twelve seater bus, it was painted pink and had mirrored glas-s windows, Martin couldn't tell if anyone was in it or not, he felt unease at the sight of it. He got out of the car, his nappy crackled noisily (he couldn't believe plastic pants could be as loud as these, his mother must have got them specially made!) as he walked towards the front door he looked back at the bus, on its' side was the crest of 'Academie Swishe' Martins heart sank.

What do they want, he thought miserably. "Isn't that your school bus dear?" his mother asked, "Yes I think it is," said Martin gloomily, knowing full well that it was. "I wonder what its doing here?" They entered the house, within a minute the door bell rang, "Get that Martin dear," Martin opened the door gingerly poking only his head round it, his heart skipped a beat. It was doctor Post. "Hello Martin, you obviously didn't expect to see me did you?" Martin shook his head mutely."Who's that dear?" called his mother, "It's the school doctor," he replied nervously. What does she want, he thought apprehensively. "May I come in?" asked Dr. Post, Martin opened the door wider, she stepped in.

Martins mother appeared holding a pair of his plastic pants. "Hello, what can we do for you?" she looked at the pants in her hand, "Oh, excuse me, here, take these Martin and put them in your nappy cupboard." Martin flushed, but took them and rushed upstairs with a flurry of crackling. "Don't disappear young man I want to see you." called Dr. Post after him. She turned to his mother, "I'm sorry to intrude but Martin has to have his weekly special injection, it's part of the training schedule." Martins mother nodded , "Of course, I'd forgotten all about it, do carry on." she looked to the stairs, "Martin come down here straight away, Dr.Post wants to see you, now." Martin came back down the stairs slowly, "Yes?" he said timidly. "Come into the living room Martin," his mother told him. "If you please doctor," she gestured towards the room. Once in the room Dr.Post said, "Martin, remove your trousers and underwear,you've to have your regular injection."

Martin resignedly pulled the capri pants down revealing his nappy. Dotor Post looked askance, "Punishment!" explained his mother simply. "Ah, I see." Dr.Post seemed unsurprised. Martin removed the nappy, "Bend over!" ordered the doctor. Martin did as he was told without thought, this had happened so many times it was routine.

Dr. Post took from her coat pocket a small case, opened it and removed a syringe, she held it up and flicked it to remove air bubbles, then without further ado jabbed it in Martins bottom. He barely flinched. "There, all done" the doctor put the instrument back in its case and returned it to her pocket. "Well I'll be off then, I won't disturb you any longer," she started towards the door, "Allow me doctor," Martins mother rushed to the front door to open it for the doctor. "I'll see you same time next week?" she asked. "That would be splendid." the doctor replied. Mrs Guest closed the door with a final "Bye!" then went back to Martin. He was struggling with the nappy, "Oh leave that, just go and have a shower we havn't much time 'til Michelle arrives." he moped off, his bottom smarting from the jab.
  About an hour later Sally was dancing around on the upstairs landing full of joy. She was wearing a brand new party frock, it was lavender satin with white lace trim, it had a very full petticoat of white taffetta and net, and because of her exuberance, glimpses of her matching lavender satin panties could be seen. On her feet were white lace ankle socks and white patent Mary Janes. "Sally really, you must be more ladylike, showing your knickers like that, most unbecoming." Martins mother scolded, she was just about to get Martin dressed for the visit of Michelle.

She tapped on his door, "Ready?" she entered carrying a number of bags marked 'Pretty Miss' without waiting for a reply. Martin sat on the bed in a peach satin gown, his mother had made him for the first time shave his legs, (not that there was much to shave!) his legs slipped together like teflon and the satin robe kept sliding off. "Just for tonight I'm going to forego the nappy, so you'd better behave," Small relief, thought Martin. She opened a bag, "First things first," she removed a white satin and lace bra, "Up you get,"

Martin stood and removed the robe, his small breasts with their pert nipples were becoming quite pronounced, "Hmm, they are coming along nicely," Martin blushed as his mother admired the hated appendages. She fitted the bra, it gave him a noticeable cleavage. Next came a pair of white satin panties in a similar style to the bra, they were very frilly across the seat, then the suspender belt, again white satin, his mother pulled the suspenders through the legs of the panties, she then produced a packet containing a pair of white fully fashioned seamed stockings.

They were drawn up his smooth legs and attached to the belt tightly, Martin felt as though he wouldn't be able to bend his knees in them. "Now, you are going to love these next things." his mother gushed, Martin doubted it very much! She plled from a bag a hugely billowing taffetta waist slip in white, Martin groaned. The slip reached his knees and balloned out about a foot all the way round, it rustled loudly. Next came a blouse which made him shudder, it was white organza with white satin spots all over. It was virtually transparent.

It had a peter pan collar trimmed with lace and huge billowing sleeves, his bra was clearly visible. "Before you say anything, thats the reason for the pretty bras-siere." his mother read his mind. The skirt was a softly pleated pale blue satin affair with a darker blue wide satin belt. A pair of pale blue patent court shoes with one and a half inch heels were fitted to his feet to complete the outfit. "Sit!!"

Martin sat on the bed and was swamped in satin and taffetta. His mother applied a little blue eye shadow and rouge on his cheeks, then drew his growing hair back into a small ponytail a tied it with a length of blue satin ribbon to match his belt. "Stand up and lets look at you," his mother ordered. He stood swishing noisily, "Come and look at yourself in the mirror," she was clapping her hands gleefully. Martin walked to the mirror, the petticoats rustled, the stockings swished together, he looked at his reflection.

A single tear rolled down his cheek, he seemed to have lost all strength, why, why, why he thought in despair, he looked like a toy doll. "Sally, come and see," his mother called. Sally burst into the room swishing loudly, she stopped and stared at Martin, she squealed with delight and launched herself at him, "We're so pretty," she cried hugging him tightly, they both fell backwards onto the bed in a heap of rustling, billowing material, their legs tangled, showing flashes of pretty satin panties. The doorbell rang!!.....

Part 18

"Girls, girls," Mrs Guest began, then quickly corrected herself, "Er, Sally, Martin stop that now, Michelle's here, Sally go down and answer the door." Sally extricated herself from the rustling heap of satin and taffetta that was Martin, "Yes mummy, sorry," she turned to Martin, "You look super, Michelle will love you." Martin hauled himself off the bed and stood up his, mother fussed around him tucking his blouse in properly and straightening his skirt. He doubted very much if Michelle would love him, quite the reverse he imagined. Mrs guest quickly grabbed a perfume atomiser off the dresser and sprayed Martin generously with its contents, "The finishing touch I think, now lets go and see Michelle."
Downstairs, Sally was opening the front door, "Oh Sally you look so sweet, is that a new frock?" Michelle asked upon seeing her, "Yes, mummy bought it today, but you wait 'til you see my new sister, she looks so yummy and pretty!" Michelle was intrigued, 'new sister?' she thought, she must mean Martin, she smiled. Michelle was led into the living room by Sally, "Wait a sec and I'll see if they're ready," she said rushing from the room.

Michelle stood in the centre of the room looking very sophisticated in a white satin blouse and black satin wide legged trousers with a pair of black patent three and a half inch heeled court shoes on her feet, it made her look quite tall and very much older that her nearly fourteen years of age. She heard activity outside the room, and Martins' pleading voice "Mum please, can't I wear something else, can't I wear trousers PLEASE?" he was whining like a six year old. "No,no you mustn't," said Sally insistently.

Michelle was waiting expectantly, this should be excellent, she thought. The door opened slowly, there was an enormous amount of rustling, "No,no I can't please!" Martin whispered coarsely. Sally appeared, "COME ON!" she tugged an invisible arm. Then suddenly into the room burst two pretty little girls, except one one wasn't! Sally and Martin stood before Michelle. Sally was beaming delightedly, Martin was the colour of a tomato, beads of sweat on his brow, he gazed intently at the floor. "OH MY GOD!" Michelle exclaimed, she really was not prepared for this.

She stared at Martin, "Oh my God, is that you Martin?" she walked towards the now trembling boy, she lifted his chin with a hand and with the other slowly stroked down his arm to his waist, then over his satin skirted bottom. She walked slowly round him noting the pretty bra, the seamed stockings on smooth shapely legs, the billowing skirts, the high heels and the perfume and make-up! "My,my and what's under here then, she made as if to lift his skirt," Martin stepped sideways, "Please don't," he begged in a small voice. Michelle smirked, "Its all right sweety, don't worry," she said with a purr, "Come and sit next to me on the sofa and we can talk about the old days."

She took his cold damp hand and led him to the sofa and gently pushed him down, his skirts billowed around him. "Oh dear, there's only just enough room for me to sit with all your pretty petticoats," she sqeezed in next to him, Martin clamped his legs together girlishly, his hands clasped together in his lap. "Now, what shall we talk about, my rough, tough boyfriend?" Sally sat next to Martin on the arm of the sofa and gazed lovingly at her new 'sister'. Martin began to cry.
The evening proved to be every bit as bad as Martin expected, in fact it was probably worse! At tea time Martin sat opposite Michelle at the table, his sister next to him. All the way through the meal Michelle tried to put her bare foot up Martins dress, Martin kept trying dicretely to push it away, Sally noticing this, held Martins hand to prevent him. "Martin, stop wriggling around like that, do you need the potty?" his mother asked more than once, embaras-sing him further. "No mother," he replied desperately. "Well if you do, and you're not telling me I'll be forced to put you into a nappy, so be warned." his mother threatened, causing Michelle to continue her probing with renewed vigour, much to Sallys' amusement.

Once, when Martins mother left the room briefly, Michelle dropped a fork on the floor and got under the table to look for it, at the same time she grabbed Martins knees and forced them apart and stuck her head up amongst his petticoats to try to get a glimps of his knickers! Martin was horrified, he leapt backwards causing the chair to scrape noisily on the floor, "What's going on in there?" Mrs Guest shouted from the kitchen, Michelle scrambled back to her seat, knocking her head on the edge of the table as she did so, causing both sally and herself to laugh hysterically. "I'm glad you are all having a lovely time," said Mrs Guest reentering the room. "Yes, Mrs guest, this is great," said Michelle, meaning it!!

Martin was not having a great time at all. "When we've finished tea I'm sure Martin will be glad to invite you up to his room to have a more interesting chat, away from his prying mother." Martins mum looked at Michelle and winked knowingly. Michelle looked at Martin, "That would be super, would'nt it Martin," Martin smiled a sickly smile, this is going from bad to worse, he thought. "Can I come too?" piped Sally, grabbing Martins arm and stroking it through the smooth filmy material of his blouse. "Why not, perhaps we could play some games, eh Martin?" Martin suddenly felt very unwell.....

Part 19

When they had finished tea, Martin and his sister had to clear the table, Martin tried to make it last as long as possible in the vain hope that they might forget about going up to his room. It didn't happen. "Come on you two, it must be time for some games," said Michelle impatiently. "Its not me, its Martin, he's taking ages." complained Sally. "Come on Martin, it must be all those petticoats slowing you down, perhaps we should take some off," Michelle tried to grab Martin as he walked past, he side-stepped neatly but nearly dropped a plate. He ran rustling into the kitchen. "Mummy, please can I take these clothes off, they're ever so annoying, this keeps getting in the way." Martin asked hopefully as he entered, fingering the skirt.

His mother turned from the washing-up, "No, don't be silly, you have to get used to wearing nice things, you'll just have to take into account the extra bulk of fine dresses and petticoats, and move accordingly." he mother replied reasonably. "But if we're going to be playing, surely it would be sensible to change into trousers, just in case I damage this, this, well this!" he flounced the skirt stiffly. "Martin don't be tiresome, now go and play with Michelle and Sally, and don't make too much noise!" his mother dismissed him, "I'll be up in a minute or two and bring you all some drinks." she called after the dejected Martin, he shrugged his shoulders.

 "Come on Martin, lets go!" Sally took his hand and hauled him off towards the stairs and up to his room. They burst through the door Sally squealing wildly, she let go his hand and threw herself onto the bed, her dress flew up her back giving Martin and Michelle a generous eyeful of her satin knickers. As Sally bounced around on the bed Michelle took in the room, a very girly room, she thought, very pink!

She looked at Martin, he looked back nervously eyes flicking side to side, as if looking for an escape route. There was none, he was trapped. "Well Martin, seeing as Sally has given us such a glorious display of her panties, I think it is probably your turn!" she smiled, "Don't you?" Martin backed away slowly. Sally stopped bouncing, "Come on Martin, show us your knickers!" she joined in this new game enthusiastically. Sally jumped off the bed, her dress parachuting around her, and landed next to Martin. She smiled sweetly. Martin smiled a sickly smile back, "Look, stop fooling around you two, we could watch some TV or a video, or something," Martin sounded desperate.

Michelle inched forward, "No, I think we'll examine your panties, don't you Sally?" "Yup!" said Sally grabbing Martin round the waist and forcing him towards the bed. "NO!" yelped Martin. Michelle lunged forward and helped Sally. Martin found himself lying on his back, Sally sat on his chest pinning his arms down, Michelle was on his legs.

She slowly ran her hands up from his ankles over his calves behind his knees and up his thighs, admiring the smoothness of the stockings and the smoothness of Martins' legs. She snapped one of the suspenders, Martin jumped, "Please Michelle, please, don't, I don't like it, its not my fault I have to wear this stuff, please," Martin started crying again. "Aah, poor Martin, poor little girlie boy doesn't like it!" Michelle teased, "What do you think Sally, should we stop?" "Nope!" Sally was disloyalty personified. "OK," said Michelle, and without further ado she lifted Martins' skirt and petticoat up exposing his stocking tops and suspenders and, more importantly, his pale blue frilly satin knickers. Martin bawled. "Oh, these are sooo pretty," she gently stroked the panties, noting that Martins 'bits' were very small indeed, much smaller than a boy of his age should be, she also noticed his smooth rounded thighs and hips.

She stepped off his legs, she may as well have been looking at a girl. Martin started kicking his legs around, he even did that like a girl, with knees together, she noticed. Michelle smirked, "OK, Sally you can get off your little sister now." Sally dismounted. Martin sat up quickly, tears running down his cheeks, "I'm NOT her sister I'm a boy!" he sniffed. Michelle started laughing, "Why are you dressed like that then MARTINE?!" Sally snorted. The two girls laughed louder.

Martin suddenly stepped forward and pushed Michelles' shoulder, not hard, but enough to over balance her. She sat down on the floor with a thump. Martins' mother opened the bedroom at precisely the same moment! "WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING?!" she yelled. Martin froze. Without waiting for an explanation she grabbed Martin, sat down on the bed and flung him across her knees. She lifted his skirts high up his back, pulled down the much admired panties and began spanking his bottom ferociously. "You never, never, ever strike young ladies ever!" each word emphasised with a blistering slap on his rapidly glowing bottom! Martin was screaming silently it hurt so much!

Mrs Guest finally ran out of energy. "Sally, get Martins' protective garments from the dressing table," "Yes, mummy," she rushed over and collected the clothes and handed them to her. "I thought you might be able to behave in a civilized manner this evening, obviously I was mistaken, I'm very disappointed in you Martin, you've a very long way to go yet" As Martins mother dressed him in his nappy and plastic pants Michelle and Sally were having a very hard time not rolling around the floor with laughter.

She finished dressing the still howling Martin and stood him up,"There, thats much more appropriate underwear for a little child." With that she turned and left the room carrying his satin knickers. "I think Michelle, you'd better say goodbye, Martin will spend the rest of the evening reflecting on his appalling behaviour." she said as she left. Michelle burst out laughing as the door closed, "Bye,bye my little girlyboybaby, perhaps we can do this again sometime, in fact I think its your birthday soon, I think I might invite you round to my house for a party, that would be nice, eh?" she pinched the snivvelling boys wet cheek, and planted a huge wet kiss on his trembling lips. She turned with Sally and left the room laughing....

Part 20

Michelle never did invite Martin around for a party, in fact Martin never saw her again. The rest of his time at home pas-sed relatively uneventfully, however, he was sent back to school in his uniform with a nice thick nappy underneath. The skirt being so short the nappy was clearly visible at all times, no matter how much Martin tried to pull it down. Every body that got on the bus could see quite clearly the nappy. Martin spent the entire journey squirming in embaras-sment.
  Now Martin found himself lying on his back in the school infirmary, years had pas-sed, it was shortly after his eighteenth birthday. He was reflecting groggily on the events that had led him there. Ms Priddy and doctor Post had decided that Martins chest development wasn't quite what it should be, so he was sent for some 'corrective' surgery, which included some fairly radical work which Martin was unaware of. He didn't know it but he'd been lying in bed for several weeks under sedation, until the effects of the operation had worn off, and today was the day for him to get up and greet the world.

The door to the infirmary opened and in walked Doctor Post with Ms Priddy, "Morning Martin, how are we today?" asked the doctor, "A bit dizzy, I feel a bit strange," Martin croaked. "That's understandable, you've had quite an operation, but you'll be fine from now on," the doctor pulled down the sheets, "Come on, lets get you on your feet, it shouldn't be too bad you've been getting plenty of physio. while you've been out," She put her arms round his shoulders and lifted him into a sitting position.

Martin looked down, he was wearing a pretty pink satin nightie. His chest had grown considerably. "What's happened?" he looked at Ms Priddy. "Aren't you lucky,you've gone from thirty six A to thirty six DD, something to get hold of now, eh?" she winked. Martin was horrified, "But they're gigantic," he held the soft warm mounds in each hand. "I can't walk around with these, they're so conspicuous, people will stare!" he shook his head. "Nonsense, they look super." Doctor Post insisted, she helped him off the bed, he stood swaying slightly, I don't feel as bad as I thought I would, he was surprised.

The doctor held him round the waist and walked him around the room, "Thats pretty good," she commented, "Would you like to get dressed?" she asked. "Yes I think I would, I feel as though I've been in bed for an eternity," he wasn't far wrong! He removed the nightie andstood naked in the centre of the room, his inhibitions over the years had decreased, at the same time his acceptance of his predicament had increased, but he still deep down was convinced of his maleness. Until now!!

Directly in front of him was a full length mirror. He stared at his reflection, he was so convinced that it wasn't him he looked over his shoulder. He turned back. The face looked right, but the body! A young woman stared back at him, a shapely thirty six, twenty three, thirty six. Large boobs and clean shaven! Where his bits should have been was nothing but a small slit in the middle of a V of flesh. Martin fainted.
"She's coming round," Martin gradually focussed on Doctor Post. He suddenly flailed around, "What have you done?" he nearly screamed. "It was for your own good, your genitals had atrophied so much we had little choice," the doctor replied calmly. "Just a small snip, you'll hardly notice the difference." Martin gasped, "A small snip, but I'm a boy, it's nearly time for me to leave this place, I could have gone back to being a boy again, what now?" he was in tears. "No Martin, or should I say Martine, when you leave here you will do as all our students do, you will go into the service of a specially selected lady of merit."

With those words ringing in his ears Martin fainted again.
 Martin stood in the corridor of the east wing of Lady Brackhams' mansion, he was very nervous. Lady Brackham was forty six years old, very attractive, and very rich. She had inherited the entire estate of her late husband, and she intended to enjoy it. Part of that enjoyment was to have in her service one of the famous graduates of 'L'Academie Swishe'. Which was why Martin was standing outside the bedroom of the mistress of the house.

 It was his first day. He was wearing his day uniform, a yellow satin French maids costume, huge petticoat, black seamed stockings and yellow satin covered four inch heeled court shoes. He tapped on the door. "Enter." He opened the door slowly. Lying on the bed was Lady Brackham, she was wearing nothing but a dark blue lace bra and matching panties. She was holding a large vibrator in one hand, with the other she patted the silk sheets, "Come, sit here!" she said huskily.....


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