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Author Topic: Leslie Goes to Nursery School by deeplyf  (Read 9303 times)

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Leslie Goes to Nursery School by deeplyf
« on: November 24, 2014, 08:33:20 PM »
Reposted by request.

Leslie Goes to Nursery School by deeplyf

Part 1
"Now today you're going to be Mommy's perfect little angel, aren't you?" asked Mrs. Seldon of her fourteen-year-old son, Leslie.

"Oh, Mommy, can't I just stay home or go with you?" whined Leslie. "I'm old enough to be good at home. I promise to be good."

"No, no, no, little boy. We know exactly what you would get up to if you stayed home unsupervised. How would Mommy know that you wouldn't take off your diapers and play with your wee wee until you made spermie squirts? No indeed! Your behavior at the end of school brought all this supervision upon you. You acted like a little toddler who needed to be watched over and now that is just what is going to happen. Katie and Barbara are off on a summer holiday and I have to spend the day taking measurements and buying material for the wedding dress and all the attendants' dresses. I can't be slowed down wondering what mischef you're getting into, so you will spend the day at Mrs. Horner's nursery and that's final."

With this decided, Mrs. Seldon turned her back on her son. He was undergoing his summer holiday as a baby for the very reasons she had cited: unruly behavior at school and at home and continued careless masturbation in bed at night that had left bed and pijamas with sticky deposits. Katie, a sixteen-year-old neighbor girl and her cousin, Barbara, had babysat Leslie once summer began, but they were taking a holiday break at the beach. This meant Leslie was going to have to go to a children's nursery school for the day's supervision.

Mrs. Seldon had been dressing her son as a young child forever. The summer's babification had come as a last straw to his attempts at asserting himself. Leslie was subject to full-time diapering, bottle feedings, baby food and alternate little-boy, little-girl attire. What Mrs. Seldon did not know was that the two hired teenage babysitters had soon discovered that Leslie's budding sexuality could be used to keep him compliant and even willing to undergo the humiliation of being a teenage sissy boy/baby. The two girls had gradually built up a system of reward masturbation for Leslie's acceptance and cooperation with his treatment. He was learning that acting like a baby---having wet diapers, taking his bottle, being the baby for others---rewarded him with occasional sexual relief via their masturbating him, sometimes all the way to orgasm. Leslie was getting all mixed up with his yearning. He was coming to associate his diapered state and being a "good little boy" with being sexually aroused and satisfied.

Mrs. Seldon has left Leslie strapped around the waist and prone on a changing table. He is totally naked, completely shaved of any body hair and awaiting his diaper and whatever clothes his mommy chooses to put on him for his day at the nursery school. Mrs. Seldon earns her living as a seamress so she is quite adept at quickly sewing whatever childish or baby outfit she might wish her son to wear.

She returns first with two thick flannel diapers for Leslie. She rubs the baby oil all over Leslie's front. His ***** makes a slight jump when she covers his balls and *****. Unlike the two teenagers, Mrs. Seldon does not massage her son into an erection. Leslie has come to associate the smell of baby oil with being thusly stimulated so his ***** begins to react but he does not give himself over to the pleasure when Mommy puts on his diaper---no teenager want his mother to see him either naked or erect.

"Up with your legs, Honey Buns, so that we can protect our little tush from a bad ole diaper rash," ordered Mrs. Seldon. Leslie complies by raising and spreading his legs to lift his bottom off the changing table so Mommy can smooth the oil over his buns and position the double diapers under him. Leslie gives himself over to what is becoming a warm security: still-warm, fresh, clean, soft diapers right out of the dryer. Mrs. Seldon tightly pins them, placing diaper pins back where Leslie could not easily manidpulate them open should he ever even dare to think about removing them.

Then Mrs. Seldon removed the strap that secured Leslie to the table and soon had her son standing before her clothed only in two very bulky diapers. She went to his closet and returned with a pretty little-girl dress. But first Leslie needed a pair of plastic baby panties. He was growing increasingly concerned. He could see how much the diapers bulged and as his mommy had him step into the plastic pants, he knew the crinkling sound would announce their presence whenever he made the slightest movement. The baby panties were a pastel green color to match the green of his dress. The dress was a cotton knit. It was sleevless with a little ruffle collar. Down the front was a cute little green and white strip with false buttons and a pretty green bow where the clingy top portion met the green and white striped skirt part. The skirt length covered the matching pastel green panties but was not long enough to hide them from view should Leslie have to engage in any exercise or sit in any but the most demure fashion. Onto Leslie's feet Mrs. Seldon put cute little socks with an anklet ruffle and she produced a pair of girls' Keds tennis shoes whose canvas had been dyed a pale green to match.

Leslie continued to whine about having to go spend the day with a bunch of little kids. Mrs. Seldon put up with a bit of it but then cut him off short.

"Listen, little boy. You were the one who decided to act like such a child. Now you're finding out what it is to be treated just like a naughty little child has to be treated. You couldn't take responsility for your actions so now someone else is making decisions for you---just like they have to for a little baby who doesn't know any better. Now Mrs Horner will not take a fourteen-year-old teenage boy at her nursery school. She will take charge of a little baby for the day. So if you insist on going as a little boy, then you will have to go as a little baby boy who spends all day in a crib and bassinette. If you would prefer, I can dress you in a light terry cloth footed sleeper, tie on your pacifier, put you in your hand harness (Leslie had been fitted with a harness that kept him from touching himself when evidence of his ejaculations had been discovered. He now wore it every night and for his nap.) and let you wear a baby bonnet. I'm doing you a favor to let you pass yourself off as a slightly over-grown little five-year-old girl who will be more likely to obey Mrs. Horner and not cause her any additional problems. Now, you tell me what you choose: little boy or little girl?"

Part 2

Leslie realized that his mother made some good points. If he was dressed as a litle girl he might just be able to pass the day without attractin****due attention from this Mrs Horner. More importantly, he thought he could better blend in with the age of child who would be in attendance at such a nursery school. No one of any age could help but notice that a boy his age should not be dressed and treated like an infant. There was a chance, though, that he could get through the day as a girl without arousing the humiliation that had been heaped on him for his babyish attire and treatment on previous occasions. He admitted to Mommy that being Little Girl Leslie was what he would do.

His role for the day thus assured, Mrs. Seldon grabbed the previously-packed diaper bag and hustled Leslie to the car so that he wouldn't be late and she could make her appointment. They were met at the door of Mrs. Horner's nursery school by an attractive teenage girl not much older than Leslie. She gently told Mrs. Seldon that she would take Leslie's bag and escort him to "sharing circle", which was already in progress. Parents were not allowed to dawdle with their children lest the seperation anxiety make for a scene inside the school once they did take their leave. Mrs. Seldon's last touch before leaving the car had been to pin a note on Leslie's dress for Mrs. Horner. He had been told that Mrs. Horner would be expecting the note so Leslie was not to remove it under any circ-umstances. Leslie assumed it had to do with when he would be picked up and probably some mention of his being in a diaper and how Mrs. Horner should proceed given that fact.

The teenge helper introduced herself to Leslie as Miss Peggy and took Leslie by the hand like a small child to take him on into the school. She could sense Lelie was tense and was wondering to herself why such a big girl would be spending the day in a nursery school. She used her instincts to have Leslie do what the other little children did when Mommy or Daddy left them off the first few times.

"Wave bye-bye to Mommy, Leslie," she suggested. "Say "Bye-bye, Mommy" and wave. Don't worry. Mommy will be back after lunch to take her sweetheart home. Now wave before Mommy goes. Say 'Bye-bye'."

Leslie did not want to get off on the wrong foot and blow his cover with the first person of authority he had met. He especially did not want someone nearly his own age to know the truth about him so he slowly raised his hand, waved and said "Bye-bye, Mommy" as his mother walked back to the car. He had a real knot in his stomach from the uncertainty of what the day would bring.

Miss Peggy led Leslie down a hall and into a room where there were probably twelve four and five-year-olds sitting on little chairs in a circle with a woman in her thirties who must be Mrs. Horner. One of the children was sharing a catepiller that had spun a coccoon which she had in a jar. Miss Peggy stayed holding Leslie's hand until the little girl was finished.

Mrs. Horner thanked the little girl for bringing the coccoon to share and plied the children with questions to make sure that everyone understood that a butterfly would emerge. She was very good at holding the children's attention. When she concluded, Miss Peggy stepped forward with Leslie.

"Mrs. Horner, boys and girls, this is a new girl who is with us today. Her name is Leslie."

"Oh yes." said Mrs. Horner, "I've spoken with Leslie's mommy. Boys and girls, will you all say hello to Leslie this morning so that she will feel welcome to nursery school?"

There was a recited choral "Good morning, Leslie". Mrs Horner told one of the boys to bring Leslie another chair which she promptly placed next to her own in the circle. She took Leslie's hand from Miss Peggy and reached for Leslie's diaper bag as well.

"Leslie, we were just having sharing circle. I'm so glad that you have brought a whole big bag of things to share. But wait...I see Mommy has pinned a note on your pretty dress. Let me read it first."

Leslie was panicing. He knew the diaper bag would only contain what was needed to keep him in fresh diapers. Maybe there were changes of clothes, too. What really had him going was the simple fact that once the diaper bag was opened, he had absolutely no idea of exactly what his mother had packed into it. As the bag was set down in front of Mrs Horner he had already heard one little girl say to another, "Look, that's a diaper bag just like Mommy uses for my baby brother!"

Mrs. Horner was unpinning the note from Leslie's dress. When she had it off she opened the sealed envelope. Putting her free arm around Leslie's shoulders, she stood before the group of children and read the note out loud:

Dear Mrs Horner,
Leslie has promised to be a perfect little angel for you today. We have talked about how important it is to be
good today at nursery school. Leslie knows that when she misbehaves at home, she gets a good spanking on
her bare bottom. Recently Leslie has been spanked for being naughty. You may have my permission to put her
name on the Spanking Club list so that you may spank her when she needs to be disciplined.
I have sent along a diaper bag with all the things that Leslie will need during her day with you.
Thank you very much, Mrs. A. Seldon

When the other children heard the words "diaper bag" they all giggled. They were all intent on being "big kids" and that meant any mention of being a baby was to be ridiculed. Leslie himself had shuddered at the mention of exposing his bare bottom to being spanked and turned beet red when his diaper bag was mentioned in so public a fashion.

"Boys and girls," admonished Mrs. Horner, "you're not being very good to our new girl. Jimmy, will you go to the wall and bring the Spanking Club paddle, please?"

At the mere word "paddle" the giggling and fidgeting stopped. Leslie could see that all the children responded to the paddle's presence by putting on their best behavior. Mrs. Horner took the paddle in her hand.

"This is our Spanking Club paddle, Leslie. I will add your name to the Spanking Club list. These are the boys and girls that Mrs Horner can give a bare bottom spanking to when they are naughty. Mommy and Daddy give them spankings at home and they want the same punishment carried out here at nursery school. Would you like to bend over, Leslie, and pull down you panties so I can give you a swat to show you how it feels?"

"No, no," said Leslie as he started to prance in anxiety. "I'll be good. Don't spank me, please."

The other children looked on in awe at how the threat of a spanking even reduced this big girl to near tears. Leslie was, of course, further inspired to beg like this to avoid having his diapers made known to everybody.

"Very well, Leslie. Mrs. Horner is glad that you don't want a spanking. That will keep you from being a naughty girl while you are here. Jimmy, you may take the paddle back to the wall."

She handed Jimmy the paddle and unconsciously gave Leslie several gentle pats on his bottom. Mrs. Seldon had already told her that Leslie was under diaper discipline but the pats reminded her when she felt the extreme bulk of the double diaper under the little skirt of Leslie's dress.

When Jimmy returned from replacing the paddle on its wall peg, Mrs. horner sat Leslie down on the little primary chair next to her regular-sized one. She kept his diaper bag in front of her.

Part 3

"Now, boys and girls, Leslie will share all the things she has in her diaper bag."

Here she was interrupted by little giggles and whispers because several of the children knew that no none as big as Leslie was, or even as small as they were, should be using a diaper bag. Mrs. Horner, having realized that Leslie was sitting right beside her that very moment with a diaper on and plastic baby pants that his posture on the low child's chair would make visible to anyone who looked, decided to see how much she could further embarrass this sissy-boy fourteen-year-old.

"Betty," she asked one girl whispering to her neighbor, "do you know what goes in a diaper bag already?"

Betty answered, "Well, Mrs. Horner, Mommy puts in diapers for my baby brother in case he wets his diaper while we're away from home. Sometimes she puts in baby bottles to give to Jeffie if he gets cranky or hungry and changes of clothes and stuff."

"Thank you, Betty, but Leslie is a big girl who is probably just using a diaper bag because it's big enough to carry all the things she wanted to share with us. Timmy, do you think that Leslie has baby things in her diaper bag?"

"No, Leslie is a big girl. Big girls don't wear diapers," said Timmy emphatically.

"No indeed," reinterated Mrs. Horner. "You don't wear diapers. do you, Leslie?"

Leslie was sick that the conversation was going this way but there was just no natural instinct that would have caused a fourteen-year-old to automatically share with a group of four and five-year-olds that he did wear diapers nor that in fact he had a diaper on at that very instant. So Leslie quickly answered, "No. I don't wear diapers."

"Of course you don't, honey pie," said Mrs. Horner with a lilting baby voice that had an edge to it. She unzipped the diaper bag and rummaged quickly through its contents and extracted Leslie's pink thong leotard. "What's this, then, Leslie?"

Leslie was relieved that it was the leotard. "Oh that. That's my play leotard. I guess Mommy put it in just in case we were going to do outside play today."

"It's very pretty. Isn't it a pretty pink, boys and girls? See how stretchy it must be? It seems so teeny but Leslie can fit into it even though she is a big girl. Let's see what's next." She set the pink leotard out on the floor in front of the bag. She knew that Leslie was lying and she planned to lay out each article so that all the children could see the physical evidence of a baby inspite of whatever excuse Leslie might be able to come up with to explain all the baby paraphernalia. By the time they had all the items spread out for viewing, she would make the connection for all the children and Leslie could be treated by all as the baby he really was.

Next she pulled out a plastic bag intended for holding any wet diapers. Leslie explained it was for his leotard in case it got wet when they ran in the sprinklers or went in a wading pool. Next came three of the large-size jars of baby food: strained peas, strained prunes and strained liver. Here one of the children asked point-blank why Leslie ate baby food. Leslie explained that he had been sick and this was the only kind of food he could eat without throwing up. He used allergies as an excuse for the cans of infant formula that were next out of the bag. He was getting more and more anxious with each item, though Mrs. Horner thought he was being quite inventive in his made-up excuses. Next out was a bottle of baby oil. Mrs. Horner plied the class with questions: Who has a baby at home? What did Mommy use baby oil for? Did any of the children ever use baby oil? Basically she set it up so that the only reason anyone would have for using baby oil was to keep from getting a diaper rash if that person was wetting a diaper. Here Leslie had to think fast. He remembered smelling baby oil around the pool when girls put it on for what he guessed was some kind of tanning oil. When Mrs. Horner asked him why such a big girl needed a bottle of baby oil to come to nursery school, Leslie's excuse was ready.

"Mommy thought I might be out in the sun today. She likes to put baby oil on me to keep my skin soft when I'm out in the sun."

Mrs. Horner again marvelled at Leslie's resourcefullness. She reached for the next item to see how he would handle it.. She pulled out the big plastic container of baby powder.

"My goodness, boys and girls, if I couldn't see that Leslie was such a big girl, I would say all these things would be just what we would find in a baby's diaper bag. What do you use baby powder for, darling?"

Again Leslie avoided detection by claiming that he chaffed easily. Since his mommy didn't know what they would be doing today, she put in the powder so he could put it on after they went swimming or whatever in the water.

Mrs. Horner just set the baby powder along side the other things. She selected the next item, not based on its ability to expose Leslie's secret, but with an eye to seeing how well he could make up an excuse to cover having it with him. From the few things left in the bag, such a choice was getting harder.

"Now why would such a big girl have this?" Mrs. Horner wondered out loud as she held up Leslie's pacifier for all to see.

Part 4

"It's a pacifier! It's a baby pacifier!" shouted out some of the children as they were more and more caught up in Mrs. Horner's little show-and-tell with Leslie's things. "Mommy uses a pacifier when Jeffie is crying. He thinks it's a bottle nipple and it makes him quiet down."

"Is this what Mommy uses when you start fussing, Leslie?" asked Mrs. Horner holding out the pink latex nipple and plug.

"No, no, no," argued back Leslie as he got more and more flustered. "This is for my bad tooth. Sometimes my bad tooth hurts and suc-king on a pacifier helps make it better."

"You mean you are teething?" questioned the little girl whose baby brother Jeffie seemed to make her such an inant -care specialist.

"No," said Leslie. "I have all my teeth but one has a cavity and can start to hurt and suc-king on a pacifier doesn't make it hurt so much."

"Here, then, take it in your mouth and show everone how you suc-k on it while I get the next thing to share. Don't take it out until I take it out. We don't want your tooth to hurt, do we, boys and girls?" And with this Mrs. Horner popped the pacifier into Leslie's mouth and everyone watched as he proceeded to suc-k it, moving it in and out just like an infant. One boy leaned to his neighbor and said loud enough for Leslie and Mrs. Horner to hear, "Leslie looks like a big baby now!"

Mrs. Horner next chose the bulkiest item in the diaper bag: the six extra diapers that Mrs. Seldon had included should Leslie need to have a change---as he surely would sooner or later.

"Oh my, what might these be? And there are how many, boys and girls. Let's count them. One, two, three, four, five, six. Very good. Six big fluffy pieces of cloth. Since Leslie can't talk because she's suc-king on her pacifier, what do all of you think these are for?"

"Maybe they're rags for cleaning up messes."

"They are towels for drying Leslie because she thought we were going swimming."

"They look like the big diapers Mommy put on my brother when he was three and started wetting the bed."

The children were all so taken with the idea of such a big girl being put in diapers that this last comment provoked quite a reaction. Soon several were chanting in the sing-song of little children, "Leslie wears diapers. Leslie wears diapers."

Leslie wanted to remove the pacifier instantly to counter the charges but he had been so well trained not to remove a pacifier once someone else had put it in his mouth that he merely turned to Mrs. Horner pleading with his eyes for her to remove it.

"Oh, does Leslie want to tell us about her diapers?" asked Mrs. Horner turning to Leslie's upraised face. "She can't talk with her pacifier now, can she? Let Mrs. Horner hold her paci while she shares all about her diapers then."

Scarely had Mrs. Horner removed the pacifier than Leslie blurted out---now practically crying---"They're not diapers. They are towels to dry off on if we went swimming. Quit teasing me. I don't wear diapers. You're all more babies than I am!"

Mrs. horner did not want the situation to get out of hand. She sharply clapped her hands together and the teasing stopped. "We don't make fun of the person sharing and you should all know that. Should I open up the Spanking Club to remind you what happens to naughty boys and girls?"

All the children sat up straight in their chairs and folded their hands in their laps. "Leslie says that they are towels so that's why they are here. Gracious me, though, there certainly are a lot of towels for one little girl. Maybe Mommy thought we were going to the beach today and her little girl would get all wet and get a bad rash. Just look at all the things she put in to keep her little girl all dry and comfy. We're almost done now and then we can sing some songs and play. Let's see what's next."

With her audience totally captivated with what the next item would be from this odd big girl's diaper bag full of seemingly baby things, everyone's eyes were on Mrs. Horner as she pulled out Leslie's baby bottle---a big one with a cap and nipple screwed right ready to use.

"It's a baby bottle!" shouted one girl in an effort to be the first to identify the object.

"Yes," said Mrs. Horner, now quick to be in control of the situation. She knew that Leslie's secret would be out with this or the next (and final) item. "Does little Leslie only take her baby formula from a baby bottle? Can't she drink from a cup yet?"

Leslie was beside himself trying to keep the excuses coming. He could think of no reason for him to have a baby bottle so he said, "Mommy made a mistake. She put in my special milk and thought it was for my baby brother. So she put in his bottle, too. Mommy just put the bottle in the wrong diaper bag. I can too drink out of a cup. I don't need a baby bottle."

"Well, I don't know, sweet'ums. If suc-king a pacifier makes your toothache all better, maybe we'll try you on suc-king your formula from baby brother's bottle later on. Won't that be nice? Would any of you children like to give baby---I mean, Leslie---her bottle?"

There was a sea of hands as all the children thought the idea of bottle feeding such a big girl would be a kick. Mrs. Horner promised that anybody who wanted to give "the baby" her bottle would get a chance and set the bottle down to join all the other baby items on the floor. Then she withdrew the last thing and set her mind to expose Leslie's baby status no matter what tale he would come up with.

Part 5

And the last thing was...Leslie's pink plastic rhumba baby pants. There was a chorus of "Baby pants, plastic panties!" Mrs. Horner shushed the children and held out the panties with both hands so they could see how big they were---way too big for a baby and too big for any of the four and five-year-olds at the school. Leslie had just offered up his baby brother as the bottle's owner. What a mistake! No one would believe that a baby boy would be put into the frilly ruffled pink pants that Mrs. Horner was holding up. Out of frustration for not thinking of anything, Leslie began to tear up and cry. Mrs. Horner stood up and took Leslie by the hands to draw him up, too. She gave him a hug and rocked him back and forth to calm him down. Then she sat back down and told Leslie to take hold of the hem of his playdress with both hands. Next she ordered him to lift up the skirt so that all the children could see his "special panties". Leslie was almost in shock and started blubbering again but did raise his skirt. "As high as it will go," encouraged Mrs. Horner. She waited until the puffy pastel green baby pants came into view. She reached in and patted at the ******, producing the crinkle, crinkle characteristic of plastic vinyl baby pants. "Now don't tell us that Mommy made a mistake and put on Baby Brother's green baby panties. Walk around the circle and show all the boys and girls what you're wearing. Let them feel your panties. Boys and girs, why are baby pants made out of plastic? Why not cloth like big boy and big girl underpants?"

The little girl with baby brother Jeffie was quick to answer, "Babies wear plastic pants so that their wet diapers don't leak and make wet spots all over."

"But Leslie told us that she didn't wear diapers. She said that all these were towels. What do you think, boys and girls?" inquired Mrs. Horner.

"She's wearing diapers. Her pants are all puffy like there are diapers underneath. She's lying about not being a baby. Leslie is a baby, Leslie is a baby. She wears baby diapers!" was the instant response.

"Let's pull down her pretty green panties and see. Afterall, she may have wet her diaper and need to be changed," said Mrs. Horner as she tugged the plastic pants down around Leslie's knees. Sure enough, the bulky double diapers were shown off for all to see. Little hands reached to pat and make sure that Leslie had not wet his diaper. Leslie stood immobilized by the pants around his knees and by his own hands occupied with holding up his skirt so all could see.

"Come on, pretty baby, off with your nice dress so that it stays all clean for later and let's take off these baby pants now that we're watching you and can tell right away if you wet your diapers. Boys and girls, you'll tell Mrs. Horner or Miss Peggy right away if Baby Leslie wets. won't you?"

There was a chorus of affirmation. Leslie's tight little dress was pulled over his head and the panties pulled down around his ankles where his feet could be carefully guided through the leg openings.

Mrs. Horner suggested that they all teach the baby their songs and the little routines that accompanied them. Leslie was sat on a low stool in the middle of the group sharing circle as all the children sang out their version of "Intsy Weensty Spider". Leslie gradually regained his composure---or as much as a fourteen-year-old boy could while seated in just diapers in front of a bunch of pre-schoolers who all thought he was a girl. When it came time for him to sing and do the gestures of the song, he mustered up the courage to refuse, stating he wasn't going to sing any "dumb little kids' song".

The kids fell silent at this brazen act of defiance right in front of Mrs. Horner. They knew that any boy or girl at Mrs. Horner's Nursery School had better do as he or she was told or suffer the consequences.

"I'm very sorry that the new girl doesn't want to join in our funtime. Here at nursery school we do as we are asked but if you have to join the Spanking Club in order to learn that, then so be it." Mrs Horner rose and walked to fetch the paddle from the wall. Leslie sat transfixed watching her approach the paddle. His escape was blocked by the ring of chairs surrounding him and the fact that clad as he was in only diapers, he really had nowhere to run away to. He continued his defiance.

"I didn't want to come to your dumb nursery school. I wanted to stay home, but Mommy wouldn't let me. Just leave me alone."

The children were stunned by such talk. Several had already learned the hard way that Mrs. Horner would not tolerate such a lack of cooperation. Mrs. Horner reentered the circle and took Leslie by the hand, pulling him over to where her big chair was.

"I'm sure Leslie will want to join us after she sees that belonging to the Spanking Club isn't very much fun. Now you just lie face down across my lap like the good little girl that you're going to be the rest of the day."

Leslie was in a semi-trance as he lowered himself across Mrs. Horner's lap. He vaguely felt her unpinning his diaper pins. He felt the cool air on his exposed bottom when she pulled his diapers down to uncover the site for his spanking. He felt his ***** and balls snuggle down into the soft layers of the diaper between himself and her legs. He gave a slight wiggle in response to the stimulation he felt between the sensitive tip of his ***** and the soft cloth. Was he even getting an erection right then when he was so exposed? If he was, it soon wilted when Mrs. Horner brought the paddle down for the first smack. Mrs Horner usually did not spank hard. The humiliation of being bare-bottomed across her lap---the spankings were always made in front of all the children as an object lesson---and the fear of the paddle were usually enough to make the point before the spanking even started. But Leslie was a big child. Reducing such a child to tears would solve that particular child's behavior problem and it would reduce the rebel's status in front of all the younger children at the same time. Had Leslie known this, he would not dared to disobey...but he didn't. After ten of Mrs. Horner's whacks, he was bawling like a baby, promising to be good and begging her to stop.


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Re: Leslie Goes to Nursery School by deeplyf
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2014, 08:39:59 PM »
Leslie Goes to Nursery School by deeplyf

Part 6

After the tenth spank Mrs. Horner set down the paddle and waited for Leslie to compose himself. When the worst of his crying was over, she told one of the girls to bring her Leslie's pacifier and the bottle of baby oil.

"Here you go, Baby, take your pacifier to suc-k on to help calm you down," she said inserting it into his mouth. Then she turned her attention to his reddened little buns by opening the baby oil and drizzling a stream back and forth across them. "You see...Mommy was right to put in your baby oil. You do need it to make your skin feel better. Doesn't that feel better already?" she asked as she gently smoothed the aromatic oil over and around Leslie's exposed rear end. Leslie, fearing the question was not rhetorical, nodded in agreement and tried to say "Yes" even with the pacifier in his mouth.

Mrs. Horner kept rubbing his bottom giving an occasional little pat as she extolled the virtue of being well-behaved and cooperative. He gave himself over to the pleasure of just lying there while she soothed him with her quiet words and gentle massaging. Her hands wandered down the rounded cheeks. She was maraveling at how smooth this young teenager's skin was. Why it didn't seem like he had a hair on his whole body. She gently slid her fingers down between his cheeks to see if he was hairless even in his most intimate places. As her fingers brushed his anus, Leslie was starting to relax. With his eyes closed he was no longer aware of the twelve little children intently staring at him. He was lost in the erotic pleasure that he now derived from his two teenage babysitters probing his rectum with soapy fingers when they gave him a bath or their slick vaselined fingers wiggling in his tight little hole when they had him strapped to the changing table to put on a fresh diaper.

His erection was returning when he began thrusting his bottom ever so slightly to meet Mrs. Horner's touch when her finger approached his little rosebud. The air was heavy with the baby oil smell, which was another reminder to Leslie of the aroma that always accompanied his masturbation rewards from"Auntie" Katie or "Auntie" Baba. Mrs. Horner could sense the slight change in Leslie's demeanor. Had the other children not been there, she would have loved to continue this little game that matched her dominance with Leslie's obvious desire to have her finger plunged right up his rear end. "What I couldn't do with my vibrator to this little tush," she thought as she felt her vagina start to moisten with excitement. This would have to be a treat for another time. Maybe she could arrange it with her friend, Mrs. Seldon. For now, she wanted to repin Baby Leslie's diapers while he was still across her lap. Sooner or later he would wet his diapers and that was when she planned to show everyone else that sweet little Leslie was really just a sissy baby boy. By that time she hoped to put the lad through a complete little girl play program so all the kids could see that the boy they discovered had loved spending the day pretending to be a girl. Leslie was glad when he felt her tugging the diaper back up between his legs without even turning him over. He had no idea if she knew his real gender---he underestimated the jabbing of his stiff ***** on her legs inspite of the diapers' bulk seperating them. He was glad not to have his maleness revealed to the other kids after the humiliation he had just suffered.

When he was all pinned up, Mrs. Horner helped him up and cuddled him right on her lap. She gently asked him if he was rady to learn all the children's songs now and when he nodded "yes", she let her hand fall right to Leslie's lap where she could feel his little boner jutting up through the diapers' layers. Leslie laid back against her and splayed out his legs so he could receive the full effect of this stimulation. She pretended to be keeping time to the music of the children's singing by patting and stroking Leslie's ******. None of the other kids paid the slightest attention as they were so wrapped up in thier songs. Besides, they had often occupied the same spot in her lap when they needed comforting or were being read a story.

Eventually Mrs. Horner removed Leslie's pacifier and made him sing along and then sing all the songs by himself. Leslie was embarrassed but noticed that, if he sang, Mrs. Horner would keep up her pats and strokes so the embarrassment was rewarded with stimulation and Leslie slid further along the path of being totally gratified by his baby treatment.

Part 7

After the little song fest broke up the children went about their morning play time. The boys generally went outside to rough house and do outdoor things. The girls liked to play house and school with the play environments available inside. Today they had Leslie to play real baby in their maternal games. They convinced Mrs. Horner to let them have unlimited quantities of juice and Leslie found himself laid down with his bottle jammed into his mouth. Yes, the little baby had to have her bottle and be the object of all the mothering the little girls could muster. In the play house one girl was the mother, another the older sister, another the grandmother, one the nextdoor neighbor, one the five-year-old sister and another the family friend. Leslie found himself the center of all their attention and they all smothered him, the little baby, with baby talk and little prods and tickles. Leslie was left in just his diaper, no plastic pants. Mrs. horner left the girls to monitor Baby's wetting with strict directions to let her know If Baby wet so she didn't make a mess. One of the naptime cots was set up as a baby bed and Leslie was essentially contained in it. None of the girls wanted to relinquish control of the bottle to Leslie---they so enjoyed being the mommy and holding the bottle to Leslie's mouth. Of course his diaper had to be checked frequently and soon Leslie found that there was hardly a moment that some little hand wasn't at his diaper. After his spanking and thorough humiliation, Leslie found comfort in his bottle and the constant mothering. To his amazement he found himself getting excited when one of the girls kept on about him being a "good little girl" while she patted his diaper and praised him for keeping dry. Her attentions had inadverently positioned his stiffening ***** between a fold in the diaper that stimulated its sensitive tip. When Mrs. Horner had repinned it she had not gotten it on as tightly as Mrs. Seldon had originally done. Now it moved back and forth and up and down. Leslie gave himself over to the pleasure. The pressure from his bladder also contributed. Wetting and c-umming, diaper stimulation and hand pats were getting all blurred together.

The little girl who had been such a baby expert because of her baby brother, Jeffie, noticed the bulge in Leslie's diaper. She had discovered that even her two-year-old brother got an erection. She noticed how much he seemed to enjoy having his stiff little wee-wee played with and tickled when he was being washed or diapered or even when he was just lying naked on the bed or floor. He seemed to go into a trance. He spread his legs wide open and suc-ked his thumb or sort of drooled like a little infant. The idea that this big girl was dressed as a baby was one thing, but that her mother had instead dressed up a boy like a girl with baby diapers was very exciting.

"Oh Leslie is being a good baby. Can she take her baba all by herself? Oh, big girl...she's holding her own baby bottle. Let Mommy check her diapers. Does she have a wet diaper? Let Mommy see. Can she open her legs so Mommy can feel? Oh, she's being a big girl and staying dry. Does she want big girl panties? Let Mommy check around the legs."

Leslie was going wild with excitement. These were baby games close to the humiliations that Katie and Barbara heaped on him when they were fondling him to orgasm. The girl's pats were taking the soft flannel back and forth across his erect *****. He was entralled that all this was happening while she thought and spoke to him as if he were a little girl. Visions of his dresses and rhumba ruffled panties danced in his head. He remembered the tug of the thong play leotard up his butt and his ***** feeling so exposed yet so contained by the filmy thin material and that fired his imagination. The images were coming faster and faster. Suddenly he went over the edge---boom! He exploded in a gusher of an orgasm. It came so fast that he barely flinched. His moan of pleasure was muffled by the nipple in his mouth. The little mommy had no concept of what had really happened but when she asked if Baby had wet her diapers, Leslie realized that she might feel the wet spot produced by his squirt. This snapped him out of his reverie. Mrs. Horner seemed too much like his mother to ever condone sticky c-um spots. The only way to cover such evidence was to wet until his diaper was soaked. His ejaculation had freed up his bladder. He needed little time to start a stream flowing. He hadn't made *** *** since the previous night when he had soaked his nighttime diapers as he had to every night when he was confined to his bed so early and not allowed to use his potty or the toilet. Once the stream started, there was no shutting it off. In many ways it was as pleasant as the orgasm he had just experienced. The pressure was relieved. The babification meant no consequences---some one else would clean him and oil him and put on a nice puffy, clean, dry diaper. He liked the feeling of the warm urine spreading around his loins. The difference this time was that he didn't have on his waterproof baby pants so the wetness just kept on going right onto the bedding. The spreading wet spot got the unknowing accomplice's attention, too. Mrs. Horner had said to look out for a wet diaper and here it had happened while she was in charge of the baby. She ran to tell.

Part 8

Mrs. Horner had been outside with some other children. When Janie told her about Leslie wetting, word spread quickly and everyone came in to see the big girl have her diapers changed. They surrounded Leslie as he lay on his back suc-king on his bottle.

"Janie says that Baby has a wet diaper. Did a big girl go *** *** in her didee? Oh yes, she certainly did! Oh, and she has soaked her bed, too. Does she want her baby panties back so she doesn't get everything else all wet? Well, come on, sweetie, spread your legs and we'll get you changed."

There was a flash of panic. Leslie had assumed that Mrs. Horner would take him into some seperate changing room. He hadn't counted on so public a diaper change. As soon as Mrs. Horner removed the two diaper pins she would pull the wet diaper down and his real secret would be out: Leslie was a boy being diapered and dressed like a little girl. Leslie's reflex to this reality was to close his legs.

"Oh no, no, no, Leslie," admonished Mrs. Horner. "Keep your legs spread very wide so we can take off a bad ole wet diaper and put you in a nice clean dry one. Miss Peggy, will you hold one of Leslie's legs up and out for me? Janie, since you've been such a big mommy, will you hold up the other one?"

So the two helpers now had Leslie's legs splayed out and held up. Leslie, of course, had never visited a gynocologist, but had he done so, he would have found himself in an equally exposed posture. All he could do was focus his attention on draining his bottle. In glancing around the circle of children, he noticed that none was looking at his face. Everyone's gaze was fixed on his pubic area and everyone reacted when Mrs. Horner pulled down the wet diaper. There was a moment of stunned silence, then shouts from everyone that Leslie was a boy, that "she" was a "he" and quizzing Mrs. Horner about why.

Mrs. Horner moved quickly to stay in control of the situation. She explained how sometimes little children got careless and wet their pants or beds and some mommies and daddies then put such children back into baby diapers to remind them that, if they acted like babies, then they would be dressed up like babies so they could *** *** and poo poo in their pants without getting everything else all messy. Most of the children were not so far away from having had such accidents themselves. Some still hd an occasional wet bed or daytime accident. The idea that their own parents might do to them what they were seeing in Leslie brought all the tumult to a sober halt. Knowing that they, too, were but one pant-wetting away from being put back into diapers was indeed cause for concern. Little children are so transparent that Mrs. Horner could see that it was a good opportunity to remind everyone of their responsibility when in the bathroom and of how each child should ask to go to the bathroom if ever they needed to.

Mrs. Horner's explanation of why a boy would be dressed as a girl also took a disciplinarian's spin. She expertly asked if anyone ever made Mommy or Daddy very mad. Always eager to participate, there were several little boys who voluntered that they had. Here Mrs. Horner deftly explained that sometimes it helped bad little boys to behave better if they were dressed up as little girls. Their parents could then expect them to act like nice little girls. She explained that no boy dressed as a girl would want anyone else to know about it, so most of the time they did act like little angels. Mrs. Horner then announced that she would be organizing a "Little Darling Club" to accompany the "Spanking Club". She would get permission from every boy's parents to take them out of their boy clothes and put them into delicate little girl panties, dresses, socks and shoes. She motioned to the totally-exposed Leslie as a fine exmple of just how effectively such treatment worked. She reminded everyone how no one had known that Leslie was wearing diapers nor that he was a little boy because he had tried so hard to, first, be the perfect little girl and, then, the perfect little baby girl so that no one would find out his secret. All the boys were so astonished by this development that it never occurred to them to ask about what would happen to a naughty little girl in Mrs. Horner's plan.

With the questions out of the way, Mrs. Horner proceeded to clean Leslie's ****** and ***** and baby-talk him through the joys of having a clean, puffy, dry diaper. She asked the children which pair of panties Baby Leslie shoud have to wear. The pink rhumba panties were the unanimous choice. Once they were carefully put over Leslie's shoes, he was told to stand up and pull them up over his diaper. Leslie had never had to pull up his own baby pants before. He found it to be even more humiliating than having someone else do it for him. Mrs. Horner had him check the leg and waist bands to make sure that his diaper was safely tucked in so that there wouldn't be any more wet messes like he had just made on the bed.

"Mommy obviously wants you in diapers or she would not have sent you here already pinned into them. And besides, there are no big-girl panties in your diaper bag. So here is the rule for the rest of the day for you, Baby Leslie: if you have to make *** *** or poo poo, you will have to go in your diaper like a baby does. But we don't want any more messy beds or puddles on the floor so I expect you to come running to me in time to announce that you need to make *** ***'s or poo poo's in your diaper. Can Leslie be a big enough girl to do that?"

When Leslie said that he would, Mrs. Horner said that he had better because another bare-bottom spanking awaited him if he did not. Then she announced that since Leslie ahd not had a chance to be a little boy yet, he would go out and play with the boys for awhile. Leslie balked for a moment and asked about wearing his dress to go outside. Mrs. Horner told him that his dress was too pretty for rough-housing outside so he would just be wearing his diaper and ruffled baby pants while outside.

So the boys gleefully led their litle charge out to the playground. First they made Leslie push and push and push everybody on the swings. Then they had him join them for a dodge ball game against the ball wall. Of course, they played tag, but first they got Mrs. Horner's teenage helper to blindfold Leslie because he was too fast. Actually Leslie was having a good time. Most of this was just physical exertion and once everyone got caught up in the activity, there wasn't much babying going on. Unfortunately, though, for Leslie, all the running around was more exercise that he usually got now that he was a little toddler for his usual babysitters. This meant that his diet-induced regualr late-morning bowel movement had been hastened along. When Leslie felt the need to do his poopie, he remembered Mrs. Horner's warning to let her know before any further wetting or soiling. As luck would have it, he was in the midst of being "it" at tag and had his blindfold in place. When he took it off so he could seek Mrs. Horner out and privately tell of his need, all the boys wailed that he was cheating. This brought Miss Peggy over to settle the dispute. He tried to quietly tell her his problem but Miss Peggy loved the idea of the teenage boy in diapers and decided this was a perfect chance to add some more shame to his circ-umstances.

Part 9

"Boys, boys," Miss Peggy clamoured over their protest, "Baby Leslie has to make a poopie in her diaper. Now let's just put her blindfold back on and lead her over to Mrs. Horner. Will one of you take his other hand?"

"I need to go bad," whimpered Leslie. "Can't you walk faster?"

"You had better hold it unless you want a spanking, little sissy," warned Miss Peggy. Leslie tried to take little scissor steps to preclude evacuating before Mrs. Horner was told. The bulky diaper made this difficult. Once inside, Miss Peggy got everyone's attention by announcing that Leslie had something to tell Mrs. Horner. All the children remembered the warning and supposed that Leslie had returned to say he had to wet. Many of them had been around a baby with a wet or messy diaper, but none had ever heard of a baby being able to tell his mommy before the fact. They were very curious to see if Mrs. Horner would put Leslie on a toilet or have him really use his diaper right there in front of everybody.

Mrs. Horner arrived in front of blindfolded Leslie---his hands still held by Miss Peggy and one of the five-year-old boys. She removed the blindfold and took Leslie's face in her hands.

"What does my little sugar plum want to tell Mrs. Horner?" she asked in her best little baby talk lilt.

"I have to go to the bathroom," replied Leslie quietly.

"Oh and don't we sound like a big girl saying it that way! But I bet Mommy has her little baby use baby words for going to the bathroom when Baby is in diapers and little ruffled panties. Now, tell us again...what does Baby have to do?"

By now Leslie was starting to wiggle and squirm to forestall releasing his BM before Mrs. Horner authorized it. So he was quick to repeat his need, "I need to poo poo, I need to poo poo right now!"

"That's a good girl to tell us. We'll tell Mommy that her little girl is showing signs of being ready to start potty training, but for today she's just a big baby who is going to do her poopie right in her diaper while all the boys and girls watch. Let's see you do a big grunt to get it all out. Come on...push your poopie."

Leslie, of course, didn't need to push very hard but he acted out his role in fear of a worse fate. The babification had him so confused that he didn't stop to think of what possibly scould be worse than grunting and straining to poop his own diaper while being watched by twelve four and five-year-olds. At any rate, he soon passed his usual big morning load. Mrs. Horner watched closely and asked if he was finished making a "poopie diaper". She told him to lower his panties to the floor so that she could check. When Leslie pulled the rhumba pants down to his ankles, Mrs. Horner told him to just stay bent over with his hands at his shoes.

"Now let's feel to see if Baby has done poo poo in her diapers," she said as she patted his diapered bottom for the tell-tale soft lump. She found it soon enough and proceeded to squash in onto Leslie's rear end with her hands. She asked the boys and girls if any of them had ever felt a baby's messy diaper. None had, but she told them that it would be a big help to Mommy if they were ever in charge of a toddler to be able to tell what Baby had done. So one by one the children patted around Leslie's diapered crotch. By now the lump was so plastered on Leslie's two cheeks that most of the kids couldn't feel anything, which meant they had to feel around all the more. This also broke up the poopie lump and sent it distinct odor out into the room. Soon the children were recoiling from the "stinky baby". Mrs. Horner said that the plastic baby pants kept wet diapers from leaking and helped keep poopie diapers from smelling. With that, she ordered Leslie to pull his panties back up over his diapers.

"Take care, little one, to get all of your diaper inside your pink baby pants. That's the legs and at the waist. Good girl! Now let's all play musical chairs so the baby won't forget that she pooped her diaper. Maybe that way she will want to be a big girl and use the potty sooner."

And so the musical chairs game commenced. Mrs. Horner told the "older" children that Baby :Leslie must always be allowed to find a chair. "Let the baby find a chair so that she doesn't get cranky at losing," warned Mrs. Horner. In this way, Leslie was forced to sit over and over in his own poop. By the conclusion of the game he feared that he would start to leak out of his tight leg bands because his morning load had been so squished as to render it practically a runny paste.

When the game concluded, Mrs. Horner announced that it was time for lunch. The children ran for their lunch bags and Leslie was left sitting in the last chair. When all the children had reassembled to eat at the little tables, Mrs. Horner asked Miss Peggy to get Leslie's pacifier. She spread a cloth on the floor and told Leslie to sit on it. Then. plugging in the pacifier, she told everyone that Baby Leslie would be fed her lunch when everyone else was finished. She explained how Leslie would suc-k on his pacifier to waylay his need for a bottle until the children had finished and were able to help in giving him one with his lunch. This, of course, made the little ones rush through their lunch so that they would be able to help feed the baby.

Mrs. Horner did not have a high chair since she didn't normally take in little babies, so she improvised. She got a stool and had Leslie sit on it. She told the boys and girls that babies often played with their food and made a big mess. She showed them that she would prevent Leslie from doing so by tying his hands under the stool so that all he could do was open wide and swallow whatever was spooned into his mouth. The children were quivering with excitment. They taunted Leslie with what a baby he was and how much he would like to get fed baby food with his own little spoon and then get to have his baby baba. Several inquired whether a little baby poopie pants wouldn't like to have a clean diaper when she was done eating.

Leslie was immobilized on the stool with his bound hands. His pacifier kept him from talking and he found that he was thankful for its presence: with it in his mouth, he didn't have to say anything. He just turned red in the face and started subconsciously suc-king on the pacifier so that it bobbed in and out of his mouth. Soon Mrs. Horner appeared with the first bowl of the baby food that Mrs. Seldon had put in the diaper bag.

"Can we be a big girl and open wide? The choo-choo train is coming down the tracks and there it goes into the station. Oh, now we're being alittle angel...just like Mommy wanted. Open wide for another big bite. There we go, isn't that good? Our little baby got pretty hungry playing with all the big kids at nursery school, didn't she? Here's another. Take it all with no dribbles because Mrs. Horner doesn't have a bib for our little one and Mommy didn't put one in Leslie's diaper bag. Is our little lamb a good eater at home, too? Maybe she's not a messy eater and doesn't need a baby bib. All gone. Baby has finished her first bowl of creamed peas. Weren't they yummy? Now which of my boys and girls would like to be a helper and feed the baby with a spoon?"

Several children leaped forward and soon Leslie was taking spoonful after spoonful of pureed liver. Each child mimed the baby talk they had heard their mother or some other adult use for this type of occasion. They were very excited with this situation of being able to humiliate a fourteen-year-old. The sheer improbability of the teenage boy dressed as a girl wearing diapers seemed to spur them on to their own little fantasies. Many wanted to see Leslie spanked again and made mention of how he would be is he didn't eat just like they had ordered him to. Leslie was made to ask for more and more food, to state that it was "yummy, yummy" and to say how much he liked being fed by someone else.

Before he was done with lunch, the morning's multiple bottles started to press on Leslie's bladder. Mrs. Horner---an expert at reading a child's body language---knew what the squirming and opening and closing of legs meant. She reminded Leslie to tell everyone that he had to pee-pee in his diaper. When she wrung this admission out of Baby Leslie, the other children's reaction was to the effect that babies wore diapers and just wet them whenever they had to go. They turned the situation around on Leslie and made him sound like a show-off who proudly was braodcasting his lack of potty control. They held up the feeding so Leslie could concentrate on wetting his diaper. They made him say "I pee-pee my didee" over and over whilde he was voiding.

Part 10

Then Mrs. Horner brought over five bananas for Leslie's dessert. Leslie eyed them with distaste. All five of the bananas were so ripe that they had turned black. Leslie hated overly sweet and squishy ripe bananas but he knew that Mrs. Horner would make him eat as many as she wanted.

Mrs. Horner told the little four and five-year-olds, "Look at what Baby Leslie is having for her dessert. And you get to feed them to the baby. Won't that be fun!"

The children all shouted with glee. Most of them knew that the bananas would be yucky. They also knew that Mrs. Horner was letting them force Leslie to swallow them all.

Mrs. Horner turned to Leslie. "Ask for your nanas, Baby. Tell the boys and girls, "I want my nana.""

Leslie balked at having to ask to be fed something he knew that he did not want so he remained silent. Mrs. Horner quickly reminded him of the Spanking Club. She said all the mommies sent yummy lunches for their children and all the children at nursery school were expected to eat everything that Mommy had sent for lunch. She stood waiting with the first blackened banana in her hand. And Leslie was forced to recite "I want my nana" to her. Mrs. Horner ***led back just enough to allow for one small bite. She wanted Leslie to get the full taste for as long as possible and make the embarrassing request as many times as possible.

Leslie grimmaced at the intense flavor and awful texture. Mrs. Horner made him say "Yummy nana, yummy" and ask for more. This time she ***led back a large section and held the banana close to his mouth. Leslie didn't want a large bite so he just bit off a smaller section. But when he closed his mouth to chew and swallow, Mrs. Horner jammed the uneaten section right into his closed mouth. The gooey banana smashed up into his nose and down on his chin. All the children laughed aand thought how they could both feed Leslie and smear more banana all over his face.

"Oh now you're being a messy eater, Leslie. Remember I told you that Mommy forgot to pack your bib? So don't be a messy eater. Take all the yummy food in so it doesn't dribble or Mrs. Horner will spank. Now, use your tongue to clean your face. Oh, that's my good girl."

Leslie strained to get the big chunks that might fall. Of course, since he was just using his tongue, he couldn't get everything and actually succeeded in spreading the goo around his face even farther. His exagerated efforts with his tongue just brought out more laughter and teasing from the children.

"Well?" asked Mrs. Horner when he was finished. "What do you say to get more yummy nana? Come on, Leslie, I don't want to have to prompt you everytime to ask. You ask Mrs. Horner and the boys and girls without us reminding you."

So Leslie again asked for "my yummy nana" and was rewarded with more bites. Some went in and some smeared. Mrs. Horner passed the next banana off to Janie, who had been such a good mommy earlier. Janie waited and Leslie found himself using baby-talk to ask a little girl not even half his age to feed him more of the yucky banana.

Janie had her own way of delivering humiliation. She hated this kind of banana, too, so she ***led back nearly two thirds of the ***l. Leslie feared a repeat of Mrs. Horner's smear trick so he kept his mouth wide open. Janie was ready for this and just jammed the whole two thirds into Leslie's mouth. Leslie sort of gagged and struggled to get all the banana down before any squirted out. Janie finished up and then held up two fingers that had gotten gooey banana on them. "Lick up all your yummy nana. Lick Mommy's fingers Clean it all up. Oh, good girl."

Then Mrs. Horner picked one of the boys. Leslie was getting sick of the bananas but could not refuse. He asked for and was fed the third banana. Then Mrs. Horner got a boy and a girl, handed each a banana and told them to feed Leslie quickly so she could get cleaned up and be put down for a nap before she got cranky. By now Leslie had started to cry over the total futility of his situation. Afraid not to, he continued with "I want my yummy nana" through his tears. Now tears streaked his face and his nose strted to run to add to the smeared banana mess already on his face. The last two charges followed Mrs. Horner's directions and forced Leslie to ask and eat at a pace that he could not keep up with. Cheeks bulging with ripe banana, he was forced to slow down and slowly swallow for fear of gagging and sending the whole soggy mess all over himself. At last all five bananas were gone. To wash everything down, Mrs. Horner opened one of the cans of concentrate formula. Without diluting it, she poured the whole thing into Leslie's bottle. Taunting the immobilized youth, she approached saying, "Will Baby tell us she wants a baba? Come on. Who wants her baba then?"

Leslie saw that by nursing this bottle he could end this ordeal so he quickly asked for his "baba" and, with his hands still tied under the stool, he could do nothing but take the nipple in his mouth and start nursing. He found the thick, cold formula much less palatible than when it was warmed and diluted but he could do nothing to stop his intake since Mrs. Horner kept the bottle right at his mouth. When he was finished, she patted him several times on the back and Leslie could not keep from burping, much to the amusement of all the little children.

Mrs. Horner then untied his hands and took one in hers to lead Leslie away. Two brown streaks ran down his inner thighs from the soggy load in his diaper. Mrs. Horner announced to everyone that Leslie needed a diaper change and her nap and that they, too, were now ready for their quiet time. She told them to tell Leslie "Beddy-bye, Baby", which they all did in a unified sing-song chorus. She raised Leslie's hand and holding it by the wrist waved it bye-bye back at them. She turned and led Leslie into her office/sitting room with instructions to Miss Peggy that she not be disturbed.

Leslie tried to keeep his legs apart so that the pastie poopie load would seem less noticeable to him. Actually the wet diapers were also sagging so he was able to follow Mrs. Horner easily. Once in her office, she guided him to an adjoining bathroom. It was fairly spacious with a toilet, sink top, cabinets and shower/tub combination. Mrs. Horner told Leslie to stand in the tub and pull his baby pants down to his ankles. She fetched a large plastic bag to put the drippy pants in. "What a shame," she thought since she was just like the children and thought the pink and the rhumba ruffles were a delightful effect for a fourteen-year-old boy to be forced to wear for all to see. But she had a nice new outfit in mind for Leslie that would maintain his sissy baby girl status just fine. Once the plastic pants were sealed up in a clear plastic, Mrs. Horner unpinned the smelly diaper and put in the toilet to soak. She told Leslie that he would rinse it out later. This left Leslie standing naked in the tub, his bottom and groin smeared with poop. Mrs. Horner got down a hand-held shower and adjusted the spray so that she could hose off the mess.

She directed the spray and told Leslie to hold his hands up out of the way. Slowly, the stream of water did the trick. Leslie was told to turn around and then spread his legs and bend over and down so that no trace of his poopie diaper mess was left. While he was still wet, Mrs. Horner shut off the shower and took a bar of fragrant soap and lathered up Leslie's naked, hairless body. She started at his feet, worked up to his groin, passed over it and finished his upper torso. Then Mrs. Horner lathered up Leslie's little buns and had him bend over so she could get his "little rosebud". Her soapy finger was all over his anus to make sure that Leslie was spic and span. When she gently shoved her finger into his tight rectum, Leslie felt the thrilling tingle that he always got when Auntie Katie or Auntie Baba similarly bathed him at home. He wished he could be on his hands and kness in the tub in the position that his two babysitters always made him assume for this part of his bath. That way he got to rock slightly back and forth and force whoever's finger to drive deeper until he got aroused. Both girls always baby-talked him through this, so he always assumed that they were unaware of the effect their little fingering had on him. This was, of course, untrue. Standing as he was, he could not really do much to force Mrs. Horner's finger deeper, but Mrs. Horner knew exactly the effect that her finger could have so she herself moved her finger back and forth, going a little deeper each time. This felt so good to Leslie that he merely enjoyed the mounting excitement that manifested itself in his stiffening *****. When Mrs. Horner removed her finger and had him turn around, it was a slightly erect ***** that she gently stroked with her one soapy hand while she cleaned his groin and pubic area with the other. Leslie closed his eyes in ecstasy but no sooner had he achieved a full-blown erection than Mrs. Horner stopped her soapy maessage and commented, "Oh my, my, Leslie, your wee wee is getting all stiff. Are you wanting to show Mrs. Horner that you can be a big boy?"


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Re: Leslie Goes to Nursery School by deeplyf
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Leslie Goes to Nursery School by deeplyf

Part 11

Though Leslie paused, he had learned thus far in his day at nursery school that Mrs. Horner expected answers from him when she asked questions. Since he did not really know what kind of an answer she expected, all he could do was softly confirm, "Yes, Mrs. Horner. I'm a big boy."

"Well, my gracious," responded Mrs. Horner in mock surprise and she resumed her very slow but steady sudsing of his erection. "And does Mommy let you squirt, big boy?"

Leslie could not believe his ears. Why would Mrs. Horner be asking about that! She couldn't possibly be referring to him having an orgasm and c-umming, could she? Leslie was forced to inquire blankly,"Let me squirt? What do you mean?"

"Oh Mrs. Horner thinks the Sissy Lelsie know very well what she means. You've just told me that you are a big boy and look what happened to your wee-wee while I was rubbing it to get you all sparkling clean. I'm talking about squirting spermies. Does Mommy let you squirt spermies out of your little wee-wee?"

Leslie would have been embarras-sed, but Mrs. Horner's steady motion with her soapy hand up and down, un and down his stiff ***** had him practically hypnotized. Would he actually get to c-um again so soon after he had just done so? He finally gathered his thoughts and stated, "No. Mommy doesn't let me make spermies."

"No, no, that's not what I asked, Leslie. I didn't ask if YOU got to make your little wee-wee squirt. I asked If Mommy took care of it when she saw you with a little stiffie like you have now."

"No, she doesn't."

"So do you get to make the spermies squirt out, big boy?"

"Oh no, Mommy doesn't like it when I make messy spermies," answered the aroused boy.

"So have made your little wee-wee squirt and when it did, Mommy got mad. Did you make a wet sticky mess in your panties?"

Leslie did not even flinch at Mrs. Horner's presumption that he regularly wore little girl panties instead of the normal underwwear of a fourteen-year-old boy. He was more concerned with the humiliationg revelations about his masturbatory habits that she was so keen on hearing. He knew that there was no denying anything to her and that being silent now would probably only get him another sound spanking. And besides, her gentle caressing of his turgid member practically made him want to talk about playing with himself---if for no other reason than to keep her engaged in this slow stimulation.

"Yes, when I came in my pants, Mommy found sticky messes and she did not like having to wash them."

"And did you play with yourself anywhere else that made a mess that Mommy didn't like?"


"Come on, Leslie Honey, tell Mrs. Horner where it was and what you did. Come on..."

Leslie found again that he wanted to talk his masturbation in the same slow, methodical way Mrs. Horner was phrasing her questions and masturbating him while she spoke. "At my bed I used to rub my wee-wee until it made spermies because it felt so good but it always made a wet spot on my pijamas and that would soak through and get the sheets wet and stained so that when Mommy washed them she could see it. She said making stains in my bed was like baby did so she punished me by putting me in diapers and a baby harness so that i couldn't touch myself and she put a waterproof baby sheet on my bed so that it would get stained."

"Well, that's a good idea because little boys should not be playing with themselves even when they want to make spermies. When their wee-wee's get all hard like yours, then Mommy should supervise you while you squirt, just like she does if you are making *** *** or poopie on the potty. Let's get you rinsed off and then we'll have you make your little squirt without touching yourself and without making a mess that Mrs. Horner has to clean up."

Leslie couldn't believe his ears. Somehow Mrs. Horner was going to let him c-um. He was so excited that he practically started to prance in place and his erection did not subside when Mrs. Horner stopped rubbing and turned the hand shower back on to rinse him off. When he was told to step out of the tub, Mrs. Horner towelled him off and then left him standing naked and now unashamed of his fourteen-year-old boner standing at attention.

Mrs. Horner brought what looked like a rolled-up exercise mat that the children must have used for tumbling games. On top of this roll she draped a polyurethane pad---like a sleeping pad, only slick. Soft but water repellant. She returned to the bathroom and got a large bottle of baby oil and led Leslie out to her main room where this strange apparatus awaited him. She set down the oil and noted that Leslie's erection was starting to wane. "Oh, if your wee-wee is getting small again on its own, then we won't have to do this. Are you still a big boy, Leslie?"

Leslie panicked. If he lost his erection, he wasn't going to get to c-um. He responded quickly that he was still a big boy. Mrs. Horner just gave a knowing nod and turned to get something else out of the cupboard. Leslie did something that he had either been too afraid of or physically restrained from doing since his mother had put him back in diapers at the beginning of summer vacation: he touched himself while Mrs. Horner had her back turned. He had to keep his erection without bringing himself to orgasm---because then she would know, just like Mommy knew. He thought exciting, erotic thoughts and it didn't even strike him as unusual when the first fantasy that popped into his mind was lying on a diaper while one of his sixteen-year-old babysitters masturbated him with baby oil. It was working...his ***** stiffened anew by the time Mrs. Horner turned back around.

"Oh look here! Our Leslie is still being a big boy so we can let him squirt spermies our special way. Is a darling just all excited? Does 'ums little wee-wee feel good when it's all hard?"

"Yes, Mrs. Horner, my wee-wee feels good," replied Leslie anxiously. He stared at the apparatus Mrs. Horner carried in her hand. She walked to a jar of Vaseline and applied a thick coating to its smooth surface.

"Before we take care of your spermies, we want to make sure there are no more poopies making a mess. This is a poopie plug that we're going to have in our little bottom so that no messy poopies can come out. Now be a good little boy for me and squat and bend over so we can put it in."

Leslie was quick to obey. This plug didn't look big enough to hurt and he wouldn't mind not having to worry about having another bowel movement. With its thick lubricant, the plug slid right in. To Leslie it seemed just like the feeling he got when Auntie Katie or Auntie Baba inserted a finger in his anus during his bath. He liked that and this felt just the same. It went in a little deeper but it seemed to be filled with some kind of thick get that kept it from making any sharp jabs that would hurt. At its bse was a small pad that Mrs. Horner was fussing with. To the pad were attached two long strips. Leslie unconsciously began thrusting his bottom against the plug to attain the same stimulation he got when he did so against the inserted finger in his bathtub. The gentle prodding of his prostate was exciting him and with Mrs. Horner pushing against the little base pad with him bent over for maximum exosure, the plug found its mark. Mrs. Horner happily noted his response, but busied herself with securing two straps to the front and back. Once this was completed, she straightened Leslie up and adjusted both loops over his shoulders like a skinny pair of suspenders. Leslie noted that when he stood up, the two suspenders kept the poopie plug riding high but gentle in his rectum. Mrs. Horner fastened a cross strap that joined the two vertical straps at his back and then repeated this with another joining strap that went across his chest. Now the suspenders could not slide off either side. The poopie plug was in place. Next, Mrs. Horner had Leslie straddle the soft pad. Both his knees touched the floor but he still couldn't see how this was going to work.

Mrs. Horner again asked Leslie how his wee-wee felt when it was all stiff and Leslie confirmed, "My wee-wee feels good."

"No, no," admonished Mrs. Horner. "Say it like a little boy would. Say 'Wee-wee feel good, wee-wee feel good.'"

Leslie repeated this phrase several times. He didn't care how she wanted him to say it because the fact was that his wee-wee did feel extremely good! By sitting squarely on the poopie plug, he was eager to add to the excitement he was alredy feeling. His ***** was standing at full attention.

But Mrs. Horner had more questions. "Honey, what do little babies say when they are happy and having fun?"

"They say, 'Baby is happy and having fun'." guessed Leslie.

"No, silly, little babies can't talk. They go "Goo-goo, ga-ga" when they are happy little babies. And you're going to be a happy little boy baby while you make your spermie squirts. That is exactly what you're going to be saying the whole time you're working at making your little squirties. If you stop saying "Goo-goo, ga-ga, wee-wee feel good" over and over, then no spermie squirts for you, but a hard spanking instead."

Leslie knew exactly what that meant and he started to repeat the phrase out loud right away.

"What a good little boy Leslie is being. Now the only other thing I want you to say is 'I'm going to squirt, I'm going to squirt' right before your spermies come, OK?"

Lelsie nodded in agreement and Mrs. Horner brought over the baby oil and spread a slippery coating the length of his stiff *****. She spread a little pool on the polyurethane pad in front of Leslie. She left him straddling the pad and awaiting instructions while she wiped her hand clean and took up a mini camcorder.

"Now lie down on your tummy on the baby oil spot on the mat. Keep your hands on the floor and pump your wee-wee so that it rubs on the baby oil spot. Start saying what we practiced." Mrs Horner started a stop watch.

With Mrs. Horner's recorder whirring, Leslie repeated "Goo-goo, ga-ga, wee-wee feel good" to provide an audio background for the hands-off ejaculation he was about to enjoy. Mrs. Horner circled with her camera to catch every angle of him humping away on the slick mat. Her camera caught his straining face and he said the baby-talk words right at the lens. From behind, his spread cheeks exposed the poopie plug to the camera. With nothing to prevent it, Leslie's ***** occasionally slid out to the side. In such a position Leslie could produce no stimulating friction with his thrusts. He was forced to realign his ***** so that it would thrust straight ahead. He experimented with how to move and how tightly to grip the oiled pad. Visually, Leslie appeared somewhat like a male dog around a bitch in heat when he starts to mount in any way possible in order to get at the other dog. The series of false couplings requiring repeated adjustments and new maneuvers. This is how Leslie looked as he sought a way to attack the mat that would bring maximum stimulation. How he would have loved to just take his wee-wee in his hand, encircle it right at the sensitive points and masturbate himself to orgasm as he had been able to do in the past. The forced repetition of "Goo-goo, ga-ga, wee-wee feel good" was a distraction to Leslie. It didn't allow him to totally give himself over to the physical stimuli that coursed through his body. It prevented his mind from capturing erotic thoughts and visions and then holding them clear to savor. Instead there was a sort of blur of images and ideas that flipped through his mind's eye.

And then he hit it. He gripped tightly to the pad, pressing it with his thighs. He was catching the sensitive tip of his ***** perfectly. He was practically quivering from head to toe. "Goo-goo, ga-ga, wee-wee feel good" became the mental image as well as the sound that was coming out of his mouth. The pad he was pounding (with his legs trying to wrap around) became like a big, yeilding mas-s between his legs. It became a bulky diaper as Leslie gasped his final "Goo-goo, ga-ga, wee-wee feel good" and switched to "I'm c-umming, I'm c-umming, I'm c-umming!" and spilled his load onto the pad's slick surface. The aroma of the baby oil that had lubricated this wonderful opportunity turned Leslie's last mental image into the puffy folds of a white diaper into which he was pumping his semen or *** ***---it didn't matter. This time it was his orgasm---not one brought on by some babysitter or other girl who chose to allow him to c-um. Leslie felt like such a big boy inspite of the infantile images his circ-umstances had provided him. He did not find it odd that the last flash before he shot his load was of baby diapers, nor that all the while baby oil was as-saulting his nostrils and exciting him nor that he was hear and thinking "Goo-goo, ga-ga. wee-wee feel good". Who cared---it had been a wonderful orgasm and Leslie now lied straddling the slick pad, content to relax and savor the wonderful feeling. Mrs. Horner clicked off the stop watch.

Part 12

Suddenly there was a tug at the back of his neck. Mrs. Horner had him by the hair and was pulling him back up on his knees. She maneouvered him off the pad and quickly pulled it off the rolled-up mat. This left it lying flat on the floor. The gob of semen (quite a bit, actually) rested in the middle of the mat.

"Now, Leslie, let's clean up this mess. We've had our little squirtums without using our hands, which Mommy didn't like. Now let's clean it up to get into the habit of cleaning up our squirties so Mommy won't find messy clothes and sheets. Mrs. Horner is going to count to ten and little Leslie is going to lick up every bit of his spermies before she gets to ten or she will get the Spanking Club paddle and show what happens to messy little boys."

This was such a shock to the post-orgasmic trance that Leslie was in that he could hardly believe his ears. When he heard Mrs. Horner say, "One", he jumped to get to the waiting puddle of sperm. He was so intent on avoiding another bare-bottom spanking that he did not even notice that Mrs. Horner was again recording every detail on her video camera. He also did not notice that baby oil pretty much tasted just like it smelled. Since his birthday when his girl clas-smates had made him shoot his sperm onto a plate and then fed him back all the semen by the spoonful, Leslie was not afraid of the taste of semen. All he was afraid of was the relentless count of Mrs. Horner, "" and that awful paddle. By "ten" the pad was clean except for a few drops that had oozed out of Leslie's ***** at the foot of the pad while he was focusing all his attention on licking up the middle. Mrs. Horner kept her camera on Leslie's face while she wiped up each little drop with her finger and presented it to Leslie to lick off on camera.

"All done, Sweetie? No more dribbles?" asked Mrs. Horner as she pointed he camera at Leslie's now shriveled *****.

Leslie waited and then answered, "The mat is all clean, Mrs. Horner."

"And did a little boy like playing on the mat?"


"Leslie's wee-wee felt good. What did he do on the mat while he was playing?"

"I squirted my spermies on the mat, Mrs. Horner."

And with this Mrs. Horner turned off the camcorder and prepared Leslie for the rest of the afternoon. Leslie had not noticed that Mrs. Horner had stopped the timing on the stopwatch and set it down on her desk.

Mrs. Horner had Leslie stand up. The little tug on the straps of his "poopie plug" made him reaware of its presence. With all the other sensations coursing through his mind and body while he pumped away on the mat, he had scarely noticed it. Now he felt it anew and twitched his little behind to heighten the feeling. Mrs. Horner approached with his pink thong leotard. Leslie remembered being put into the leotard before. The sheer material had made him feel as if he were wearing nothing at all. When he had gotten aroused, he remembered that his erect ***** showed clearly through the material. The thin strap that came up between his two bottom cheeks was so slight that it was as if there were nothing at all covering his behind. He almost wished to be put into a diaper first so that it would provide him some sort of modesty.

Mrs. Horner had him step into the two leg openings and drew the leotard up around his thighs. Then she stopped and went to a closet. From it she returned with the largest toddler-size Pamper disposable that she had been able to buy. She kept a bag of them in case any of her four-year-olds had a wetting accident. She placed the Pamper barely through Leslie's legs with most of the diaper going up Leslie's front and making a little pouch that encased his ***** and balls. She told Leslie to hold it in place and she raised the leotard up into position. The small, stretchy pink garment was much more narrow than the fanned-out disposable diaper but the V-shape that rose out of Leslie's ****** caught the Pamper in the middle while the thin strap through the crack of Leslie's rear firmly kept the back part of the diaper in place so that it would not ride up. This left Leslie's backside striped with the thong part of his leotard in the middle and the two retaining straps of his plug on either cheek. Instead of hiding his Pamper, the contrasting pink leotard made the white disposable practically scream out its presence. The edges of the Pamper sort of flared out beyond the confines of the leotard's V-front. Leslie was appalled that the young children would see him like this but remembered that Mrs. Horner had said that he would be taking a nap and so he hoped that this arrangement was only for his naptime.

Mrs. Horner brought in one of the cots her little charges could use for taking a nap. She told Leslie to lie face down on it. She then retrieved the length of cord she had used to tie his hands under the stool while he was being fed his lunch. She had Leslie dangle his hands on either side of the cot. She knotted one end of the cord around one wrist and brought the other end under the cot, behind the two front legs and tied it off to Leslie's other wrist. Though loose, Leslie did not have enough extra cord to get either hand back up to the cot. Leslie felt as helpless as a baby.

"Mommy doesn't want Baby Leslie playing with himself and especially not when he's in beddy-bye for his nappie. Remembe, Sweetie, to tell Mrs. Horner if you have to *** *** in your diaper. And then let's close our eyes and keep them closed until Mrs. Horner comes in to get us up to go out and play with the older boys and girls. They won't have to nap as long but I'll keep the door closed so our little honey can have sweet beddy-bye dreams. Mrs. Horner will spank if she sees Leslie trying to stay awake with his eyes open."

So Leslie shut his eyes tight and Mrs. Horner stayed watching him for a few minutes to make sure that they remained closed. Sunlight streamed through one of the office windows and fell right on Leslie's exposed little tush. He was not particularly sleepy but the forced prone position made him savor the pleasant experiences that had just befallen him. The poopie plug as-serted its presence and a slight pressure began to build on Leslie's bladder. He hoped that he would not be made to nap so long as to have to call out loud for Mrs. Horner to watch him wet his diaper. He shifted slightly and managed to make the straps of his plug pull tighter. He tried closing his spincter more tightly around the plug. It felt good and when he thought he heard Mrs. Horner leaving, he thrust more forcefully to try to maximize the sensation. This thrusting, of course, rubbed his ***** in its little Pamper pouch and soon Leslie was getting another erection. By keeping his eyes closed he could block out any visual stimulii. Having just ejaculated, he was not ready to frantically pound away for an orgasm like he had done on the slippery mat. He was more like a boy who finds pleasure in stimulating his ***** and absentmindedly rubs himself to do just that.

Leslie was so lost in his little reverie that he did not notice that Mrs. Horner had tiptoed back in and was standing watching as his bare cheeks bobbed up and down. He was jolted when Mrs. Horner asked, "Why are you being such a little squirmy? Do you need to do *** ***'s? I hope we haven't wet out diaper without telling! Just raise up your middle using your knees while I check."

Leslie brought his knees up and since he was unfettered save for his hands, he was soon presenting himself to Mrs. Horner's inspection with his bottom up in the air and his face down on the cot. Mrs. Horner's hand went instantly inside the Pamper and felt, not wetness, but Leslie's erection.

"Oh my goodness! Do we have another little boner already? Are we ready to be a big boy again so soon? Well, we'll just have to let you play on the mat again so you can squirt and get back to sweet little baby girl nappy time without ole Mister Stiffie bothering you."

With this she again set up the mat arrangement and untied the cord on Leslie's hands. With Leslie standing before her, she pulled the thong leotard down and removed the Pamper so that he was left with just the poopie plug straps and his nakedness. By now his erection was gone, but Mrs. Horner revived it with baby oil. She went to the desk where the stopwatch lay and brought it back.

"One minute and 48 seconds," she said holding the face of the watch for Leslie to see. "That's how long it took our little man to make squirties before and that's how long he has to make his spermies again. If being a big boy gets in the way of our nap, we want our big boy to finish his business quickly. This isn't's naptime. Let's get you kneeling over your play mat and I'll tell you when to start. If our big boy can't make his spermies in one minute and 48 seconds like before, Mrs. Horner will use her Spanking Club paddle to make a small wee-wee again."

Leslie was so surprised by the turn of events that he had neither the time to think about how wonderful it would be to get to have two orgasms so close together nor the ability to realize that he had never tried playing with himself back-to-back, as it were. He had always found having one to be so satisfying that he just savored that feeling. So engrossed had he always been with his post-orgasmic pleasure that it had gotten him into being diapered. At night he merely nodded off, leaving the gob of c-um to soak through his pijamas and stain the sheets. He was about to find out that the pas-sion he always found for a single ejaculation was not as easy to come by for two in a row.

"You may begin to play on the mat," said Mrs. Horner as started the stopwatch. "And don't forget what the baby says while he's having so much fun."

Leslie started pumping away searching for the spot that he could rub himself to ecstasy. He goo-gooed and ga-gaed and said "Wee-wee feel good", but could not exactly duplicate the sensations he had only just enjoyed. He shifted and ywitched to get his thrusts just right, but his ***** seemed somehow deadened. He vaguely heard Mrs. Horner's encouragement, "Come on, big boy, hurry and shoot your load or Mrs. Horner will spank."

Now in desperation he was thrusting wildly and not getting the contact between his stiff little wee-wee and the mat that he needed to make himself c-um.

"One forty-five, one forty-six, one forty-seven and one forty-eight," announced Mrs. Horner as she again grabbed him by the hair and raised him off the mat. Leslie kept bucking away at the mat but to no avail. "Have we made our little squirt, big boy? Oh no, I see that we have not. Maybe we're not as big a boy as we like to show. Well, Mrs. Horner is getting her paddle to teach our little man that, if he is going to get a big boy boner, then he's going to have to be able to make his spermies more quickly so he can get back to being our little babykins honey bunch right away."

Part 13

Mrs. Horner was now at a crossroads. Should she spank Leslie in a slow, soft way and have him hump away at the mat until he was able to have his little ejaculation? If he were to be a regular in her care, she was sure she could use this technique to creat a spanking dependancy in Leslie where the only way he could get sexually aroused would be to get spanked. But she did not know how frequently she would get to be in charge of the sissy boy. Her other option was to administer a sound spanking that would give Leslie second thoughts about having sexual pleasure as-sociated with humping the play mat. Getting Leslie to have his pleasure more quickly appealed to Mrs. Horner's sadistic side. Perhaps she could create a premature ejaculator in this fashion and there would go Leslie's future sexual pleasure. She would need to speak with Mrs. Seldon to see how often she could expect Leslie to spend the day. Lacking regular visits, at least she could inform Mrs. Seldon about the different ways little Leslie's rampant sexuality could be channeled.

Mrs. Horner finally decided to give Leslie a quick, sound spanking: one minute and forty-eight seconds worth. She wanted to implant that number in his mind. "We'll see how much pleasure our little masturbator can derive out of forcing himself to c-um quicker than he may be ready to," she chuckled to herself.

"OK, Leslie, let's go sideways across the play mat so our bottom is sticking up for Mrs. Horner's paddle. Our spanking will be just like our playtime for spermie squirts: one minute and forty-eight seconds. Now that didn't seem like very long at all, did it, Sweetie? In fact, it wasn't enough time to make the second stiffie go away, was it? I'll start the watch so we can tell the time exactly. Will you be a big helper and tell Mrs. Horner when the time is up?"

"Yes, Mrs. Horner," replied Leslie.

"Now after each spank I want you to promise Mrs. Horner out loud, 'Next time I'll squirt my spermies faster.' Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mrs. Horner."

And with that, Mrs. Horner gave Leslie a solid swat on his butt-plugged bottom. He gulped and made the promise required of him. This done, her paddle descended again. When Leslie didn't start his recitation instantly, Mrs. Horner warned him that she could start the stopwatch all over again. This spurred Leslie on to make his fast-squirt promise inspite of the pain the spanking produced. He wanted to stop and reach back to protect his now-red tushie, but fear that a whole new time clock would get him an even longer spanking kept him on Mrs. Horner's pace.

After a minute and forty-eight seconds, Mrs. Horner stood up a tearful little boy and held out the leg holes to his pink thong leotard so that he could get set to go back to his naptime. Once it was in place with the Pamper fanned out of the edges, she settled Leslie back down on the cot, secured his hands underneath and again ordered him to close his eyes for his nappie. She reminded him not to get a hard little wee-wee any more unless he was prepared for a double dose of playtime on the mat. With his two cheeks blazing red from her paddle, Leslie was not anxious to try to c-um on the slippery mat again. In fact he was mad at himself for having given in to the pleasure of being the master of his own orgasm when she had provided him the chance the first time. If he had taken the time to begin with, he would have been able to prolong the pleasant sensation of humping the oily mat and he would not now be gauged against his one minute forty-eight second performance. Mrs. Horner was just like his mother and two teenage babysitters: Leslie never seemed able to come out ahead of them no matter what he did to try to anticipate their actions or the consequences of his own. Leslie lay there with his eyes tightly shut waiting for his bottom to stop burning and daring not to move lest his ***** somehow be stimulated into yet another hard-on. Eventually the emotional drain of the day caught up with him and he fell sound asleep.

The morning's many bottle feedings ultimately made their presence felt and Leslie was awoken by his urge to make *** ***'s. He briefly opened his eyes and was momentarily confused by his surroundings. He remembered Mrs. Horner's admonitions to both keep his eyes closed and inform her or Miss Peggy if he had to either wet or make poopies in his diapers. Here again was a dilemna for Leslie. Should he dare go ahead and wet, pretending he had done so in his sleep, or should he call out to Mrs. Horner and risk all the little children also hearing him tell about his need to ****** in his diapers? He could feel himself starting to choke up with frustrated emotion. The pressure on his bladder forced him to literally cry out, voice cracking, "Mrs. Horner! Mrs. Horner! Mrs. Horner!"

But it was tenneage helper Miss Peggy who rushed in with three four-year-old girls ***king around from behind her. "What's the matter, Baby? Are we all wide awake and ready to come out and play with the big boys and girls? They have been up and playing already and wondering when their little baby Leslie would finally wake up from her nappie. Did our little sleepyhead just wear herself out trying to keep up with the big kids?"

Fearing that he would wet himself if he waited a moment longer, Leslie practically pleaded, "I have to go to the bathroom!"

Miss Peggy turned to one of the little girls and told her to run and tell Mrs. Horner that the baby was awake and had to make *** ***'s. The messanger dashed off with this important announcement. Mrs. Horner was not long in coming. No one had done a thing to change Leslie's position on the cot before she arrived. Thus it was that Mrs. Horner, Miss Peggy and now five or six little girls all gazed at Leslie face down on the cot with the thong back of his pink leotard nicely set off by the fanned-out Pamper.

"What is it, Baby? Are we all wide awake from our little nap?"

"Mrs. Horner, I need to go bad," whispered Leslie, not knowing how many other ears were hearing his declaration.

"Is it *** ***'s or poopies, Sweetie?" asked Mrs. Horner cloyingly.

"I have to do *** ***'s and I have to go right now!"

"Very well, then. Let's get you up and take you out into the other playroom. Just clamp down like a big girl until we get you where you can tinkle."

She undid the cord that kept Leslie's hands under the bed. She took Leslie by the hand and led him back out to the playroom where he had been humiliated earlier. The little circle of onlookers expanded as other little girls who had been plaing came over to see what this big girl baby would do next.

As Leslie did the little dance that all children do when they are desperate to hold back wetting, Mrs. Horner explained that the baby was showing herself to be almost ready to be placed on the potty like a big girl.

"She's old enough that she should already be using the potty, but she's still in diapers. Mommy puts her in a diaper because she must be careless about wetting and can't be trusted to always tell when she has to tinkle. We've already seen how she wet her diaper without telling, didn't we? Well. sometimes the best way to get a little girl who should know better to act like a really big girl about going to the potty is to shame her out of still acting like a baby and make fun of her when she insists on behaving like a baby does. So...Leslie, Mrs. Horner wants you to wet your diaper right here in front of all of us. And while you're filling your diaper, you are to tell us out loud, 'I like wetting my diapers because I'm a big baby.' Now do as I say or I'll have to go back to the Spanking Club paddle to remind you of what a bad little baby you have been for all the good boys and girls today."

Part 14

Leslie had no choice because he couldn't hold back his stream any longer. So, while he repeated "I like wetting my diapers because I'm a big baby", he let go and soaked his Pamper. Since he had to go so badly, the disposable could not soak up all his ***-*** and soon two little rivelets appeared at the ****** and ran down each of his inner legs. The girls were beside themselves with nervous energy. They had never seen a baby so big that it could be ordered to wet nor had they ever seen a baby wet so much that its diaper could not cantain it all. They were certain that Mrs. Horner would need to know and so they cried out that Baby's diaper was leaking and making a puddle on the floor.

When Leslie was done, he fell silent but Mrs. Horner was not going to let this situation end so abruptly. Since the Pamper extended beyond the leotard's thin thong, the pink leotard wasn't dampened in the least. She sent one of the little girls into her office with Miss Peggy to get another Pamper. Leslie was left to stand with his bare feet squarely in the middle of the yellow puddle. Soon the little girl was back announcing "Here's another diaper for Baby Leslie" and only then did Mrs. Horner lower his leotard. She instructed Miss Peggy to remove the wet diaper and give it to Leslie to hold on to. She then repostioned the new dry Pamper in the same fashion as the other. Of course, the girls behind Leslie could plainly see the poopie plug straps during this switch. In the irrepressible curiosity of pre-schoolers, they were soon peppering Mrs. Horner with questions about "those straps coming out of Baby's bottom". Mrs. Horner recalled Leslie's messy, smelly poop from lunch and how unpleasant it had been. She then used her baby-talk voice to explain away the poopie plug's function as if it were the most natural way to deal with big girls who still acted like babies and filled their diapers with smelly loads that made it stinky for everybody else.

With the wet Pamper changed, Mrs. Horner was able to leave Leslie standing embarrassed and ashamed while she went to get the means for cleaning up the mess. She returned with a bucket and a tiny swatch of cloth.

"Put your wet diaper in the pail, Baby Girl. Now since big girls should know better than to wet their panties, they are responsible for their messy wetties. So they have to clean them up. Mommy or Nanny can clean up a lettle baby when he wets, but older children need to be made aware that their actions cause extra clean-up. I want you to soak up all your ***-*** with the rag, wring it out in the pail and then soak more up again until the whole puddle is gone. Get down on your knees and don't get any ***-*** drips on your pretty leotard or Mrs. Horner will spank."

This was too much for two of the girls to stand. They bolted from the circle and dashed outside to tell the boys what had happened. Leslie could hear them yelling out the events that had befallen him as soon as they were out the door. This added shame was too much for Leslie and he started to cry as he kneeled to perform the job assigned him.

"Oh the baby is crying because she has to clean up her mess," teased one of the girls. Her bravery to confront this baby-wetting by such a big girl emboldened others to follow and once the boys scampered in, they, too, verbally joined in the humiliation of this big girl whose fanned-out Pamper proclamed her infantile status for all to see.

Leslie's job was not made quick by the small rag he had been given to mop up with. As the smell of his own urine wafted up to his nose (which was now running to join the tears streaking his face) he had to soak up and wring out the dainty rag over and over. When the puddle was finally gone, his knees, feet and hands were cleaned for him and new paper towels and disinfectant were issued so that all the "messy germs" could be removed from the linoleum surface. Finally, a big to-do was made of blowing his nose and wiping his face clean. Then one of the little girls held a bottle to his lips that he was forced to nurse "to calm her down" as Mrs. Horner explained. Then he was given his pacifier so that he wouldn't fuss anymore.

As a final humiliation before any of the children started to be picked up or before Mrs. Seldon herself arrived for Leslie, Mrs. Horner made a final set of demands of Leslie.

"Leslie, sweetheart, pretty soon Mommy will be comimg to pick you up. We want you to show her all the fun things that you did today at nursery school. Won't it be fun to sing all the songs you learned today and tell her what you did! And won't Mommy be proud when she learns that her little darling is getting so big that now she tells Mrs. Horner when she has to ****** in her diaper. We're all so proud that our big baby not only had fun today but that she's getting ready for potty training, too. Boys and girls, let's all clap for all the big-girl things that Leslie has learned today. And Leslie, to show Mommy that you're very excited, we want you to volunteer to tell her all these things without Mommy having to ask or any of us having to prompt you. Remember, you're an excited little toddler who got to play with big kids today. If you don't, then Mrs. Horner will also have to tell the naughty things you did---wet diapers, poopie diapers, messy bed and puddles on the floor and we'll have to get down the Spanking Club paddle and punish you in front of Mommy and everybody else. You'll have to go home with your little crybaby tears. And Mrs. Horner will insist that you come spend this weekend with me so Mommy will be free to work on sewing the clothes for the big wedding. Do you want to spend Friday night all the way through to Sunday with just Mrs. Horner at her house? No, of course not, Baby wants her mommy, doesn't she? Well, then, remember to do all those things. Will you sing all the songs for us now to practice? Give me your pacifier and you can show us you remember."

And so Leslie had to perform for the assembled group and do all the cute little mimes that accompanied the words. He wanted to make sure he had all the songs right. He was afraid that any mistakes would mean a very public spanking and a whole weekend with Mrs. Horner. He could only imagine what she would be capable of with himself as her only charge. Who knows what she might make him do or where she might make him go!

And sure enough, just a few minutes after his practice and while the instructions given to him were still fresh in all the children's mind and before any of them were picked up, in walked Mrs. Seldon to collect her Little Precious Pie. Mrs. Horner announced in a loud voice, "Leslie Honey, Mommy's here."

Most of the children heard the ringing voice and scampered over to see if this big baby girl would submit to this final humiliation.

Leslie heard, too, and bolted toward his mother oblivious of the other children and the exposed Pamper he wore under his leotard.

"Mommy, Mommy, it was so much fun! I was a good boy (whoops...but he didn't even notice in his rush to please) and I learned new songs and I ate all my lunch and I took a long nap and Mrs. Horner taught me to tell her when I have to wet my diapers."

"My, my," reacted Mrs. Seldon. "Why is my darling wearing a disposable diaper instead of her puffy cloth diapers?"

"Well, I...err...ahhh...I wet my diaper and Mrs. Horner put me into a Pamper for my nap. Let me sing all my songs for you. Mary had a little lamb, little lamb..."

Mrs. Horner's eyes met Miss Peggy's. They smiled at one another and turned to Mrs. Seldon who nodded her approval. All three of them knew Leslie would be coming back again...and again.

The End


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