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Author Topic: Wife Takes Charge  (Read 66714 times)

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Tiny Johnny

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Re: Wife Takes Charge
« Reply #35 on: April 11, 2018, 11:27:24 PM »
Part 34

Erica handed Katie her gifts one at a time so she could show them off while Erica read the cards aloud.  There were oohs and ahhs and giggles as she showed off skin care products, several revealing baby doll nighties and teddies, and numerous sex lotions and toys.  There were several gifts left when Erica got to Traci’s.

“To Katie, from Traci.  Hope these come in handy when you need them.”  Katie held up several pairs of crotchless  panties in varying bright colors.  As she went to get to the next gift Katie told her to hang on, there was something at the bottom of the box.  She handed Erica the card.

“To Miss Katie, from sissy john.  I wanted you to have this picture of me and mommy that i asked her to take for you.  I hope you will keep it in a place so that anyone that comes over to visit will see it.”

Katie opened the package to reveal an 8x10 framed picture of me that Traci had the photographer take for her.  She had a big toothy smile on her face while holding me on her lap in my diaper with my short pink satin party dress and petticoat on.

Katie covered her mouth and started to giggle as she passed around the picture.  “I know right where to put this sissy john.”  She got up from her chair when she got the picture back and put it on the end table in the foyer so that it was the first thing you saw when coming in the front door.

When I tried to beg her not to, all that you could hear were mumbles as the pacifier was secured in my mouth.   Traci noticed me.  “Are you getting sleepy baby?  It is still a couple hours until your regular nap time.  You can go beddy bye in the playpen if you need to.”

After they all had a good laugh at my expense, Katie opened her final gifts.  As soon as she was done, Erica told everyone to enjoy the hors d’ouerves and wine for a little bit before the fun begins.

Traci told me to be a good girl while she got something to eat and drink.  I sat in the playpen as she patted my head and then headed to the tables that were set up.  When she came back she had a large glass of wine and a plate with a couple of hot dogs, some Swedish meatballs with cream sauce, and a couple of cookies shaped like pen-ises.  All of the snacks were sexually oriented.

Traci ignored me for the most part except when she put things in her mouth.  She blew a kiss at me as she slowly put a hot dog between her lips and suc-ked it a bit before she bit it off sharply.  She put a meatball with cream sauce in her mouth and rolled it a round in there.  She opened her mouth at me to show me the ball between her teeth with all of the cream sauce suc-ked off of it.

This torment continued on and off as she chatted with the other women.  After they all got another glass of wine, the doorbell rang.  Erica opened it to let a couple of young large male strippers in.  When the ladies had all sat down, Erica turned on the boom box they had brought and they started to dance.

All the women were hooting, hollering and whistling as the men began to dance seductively while they stripped.  It took a full twenty minutes before they were down to their g-strings.  Both of them had huge bulges in front and you could see that they were very well endowed.  Each of them were taking time in front of the women to give them a closeup.

One came up to Traci and started twerking right in her face.  She started to scream at him “Take it off, take it off stud...Woo Hoo!”  When he thrust into her face, she pulled the front of his g-string down and his long, thick pen- is popped right out.  He wagged it right in front of her and she moved in closer so that it was smacking her in the face.

I could hardly take my eyes off of what was happening.  Across the room, Katie was bent over her chair with the other stripper pumping her from the rear as she moaned.    Traci heard her moaning and proceeded to yank down the g-string in front of her and got the stripper to step out of it.  She then took him in her mouth as she turned to look at me.

As he pumped her moving lips she raised her top and took off her bra so he could fondle her breasts.  The women that weren’t busy with Katie started cheering for Traci.  Within a couple of minutes she was on her back on the sofa staring at me as he was sliding in and out of her. 

She moaned and rolled her eyes as he rammed her.  Erica was standing next to her and was removing her own clothes.  “I’m next babe, save some for me Traci”. It was too late though as he quickly pulled out and moved toward her face. As he got there she smiled and took a huge facial, licking her lips and catching what she could in her mouth.  When he was finished, he moved over to Erica who was on her back next to Traci with her legs up and spread. 

Once Traci had stopped panting, she reached into my diaper bag and took out one of my full bottles.  She removed the top and opened her mouth to show me that she hadn’t swallowed.  She then let the contents of her mouth drain into my bottle.  When she was done, she put the bottle nipple up to her face and rubbed off what she could as she smiled at me and licked her lips.  She then put her skirt back on, but made sure to bend over in front of me so I got a nice view of her as she did.

“Time for your baba john.  Make sure you drink the whole thing or mommy will spank you in front of all these nice ladies”. With that she got me out of the playpen and onto her lap, removed my pacifier and shoved the bottle into my mouth.  I had to suc-k it down as I watched Erica enjoying her turn.

Tiny Johnny

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Re: Wife Takes Charge
« Reply #36 on: June 09, 2018, 10:34:54 PM »
Part 35

When the fun was over and the ladies were finishing putting their clothes back on, Katie said that there was wine and snacks on the back patio for everyone.  "I will have the kids brought up and outside to play in the yard while we talk."

As the women were gathering their things, the kids ran up the stairs and outside, led by two teenage girls.  There were about nine girls and six boys that looked to be between three and seven.  Traci fastened my pacifier in my mouth, put my pink baby reigns on me and pulled me outside to the patio behind the rest of the group, making sure to shake the reigns so the little bells she had attached to them jingled the whole way.

Once outside, the ladies sat in various chairs around the patio while the kids all played in the yard with a variety of toys and games.  Traci looked down at me with a big broad smile.  "Did mommy's girl wet herself?  Do you want to have your pissy panties changed out here?"  I  shook my head no as Traci continued to smile down at me. "What's that?  oh, you do? Well good thing we brought your diaper bag out with us!"

Erica waved at her daughter Samantha who was helping watch the kids in the yard.  "Traci, let Samantha do that for you.  She is learning how to be a good babysitter and needs the practice."  "Ok Erica, I will help her if she needs it.  If she wants to, she can babysit for me on the weekends."

Traci moved the diaper bag next to me as Erica told Samantha to help out.  As Samantha started to remove my diaper, Traci started to lay out the oil, powder, wipes and new pink princess diaper for her.  "Make sure to use plenty of oil and powder on her Samantha as she loves it."  She had Samantha oil my bottom and my legs and powder me so thick it was like snow. 

When Samantha went to pin the new diaper on me, Traci told her to hold on for a second.  She then reached into the bag and took out a bottle of pills and a rubber glove. 

She had Samantha hold my legs up while she put the glove on and proceeded to push the suppository as far up my rear as her finger would go.  "Make sure to do this every time you change her for me so that she doesn't get constipated.  She doesn't mind at all.  When I started doing it she would push them out, but I just put them in her mouth until she stopped doing it, now she wants them there."

I could hear the ladies giggling as Traci took off the glove and had Samantha fasten my diaper as they all watched.  When she was finished, Traci gave her a couple of dollars as a reward, before she went off to watch the other kids.

"I am going to put sissy john to bed in her playpen, but I will be right back."  "Traci, you can use Stephanie's crib upstairs if you want.  It is quite large and then the breeze will blow in from the window.  Just put the baby monitor on and you will be able to hear her from back here."

Traci led me upstairs to Stephanie's room.  It was a bright pink with lace and frills all over.  There were ballerinas and fairies painted on the walls and door.  She made me get in the and tied my reigns to the bars so that I couldn't get out.  She opened the window so I could hear all that was going on outside that I would miss. 

After turning the baby monitor on she started talking in her condescending mommy voice at it."Now be a good girl john and take your nap.  Since you like Stephanie's room so much, mommy will have yours designed the same with all the pink ballerinas and fairies.  Oh what a nice big smile you have for that, don't you."

She closed the door as she left and I could hear her return to the party.  All the kids were laughing and playing while I lay in the crib waiting for the inevitable to happen.


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Re: Wife Takes Charge
« Reply #37 on: June 10, 2018, 06:43:54 AM »
Thank you for the update.  Can't wait till the sissy baby loads her nappy.  Maybe the newly appointed babysitter will get to change a big sissy baby's messy nappy...giggles.
Really do love your story.

Sissy Poopsie

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Re: Wife Takes Charge
« Reply #38 on: June 10, 2018, 03:09:06 PM »
I hope when mommy gets sissy's room decorated all pink and baby girly that the decorator is maybe some guy that sissy knows.

Imagine his humiliation sitting in his playpen in nappies as his former friend hits on sissy's mommy and mocks him for what he has become.

Just a wicked thought which came to me as I read the latest chapter which I loved.

Thank you for the update.


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Re: Wife Takes Charge
« Reply #39 on: July 20, 2018, 07:54:48 PM »
Please continue writing and don't give this one up. I hope you don't feel discouraged and find the time to keep at it. It truly is one the best I've read here and I appreciate your contributions to the community.

Tiny Johnny

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Re: Wife Takes Charge
« Reply #40 on: July 31, 2018, 03:09:14 AM »
Part 36

I spent most of the afternoon in a very messy diaper listening to all the ladies and kids having fun, while I lay in the crib upstairs.  I know they heard me when the suppository kicked in because I exploded into my diaper loudly. 

I heard everyone through the screened window laughing at the noise I made.  Traci let them know what she thought.  "Sounds like some naughty little baby girl has a big mess in her diaper." Erica asked her if she wanted to have Samantha help her up there to deal with me.  "No, john has been a bad little girl too many times and will just have to sit in her mess for the rest of the time we are here.  Luckily I have a bottle of perfume so if I let her come out, I will make sure she doesn't smell to bad to everyone else."  "That will teach her" "Good job Traci" "Why not keep her overnight in it" were just a few of the comments the other women made, then they turned back to their regular mom talk.

I was left in my mess to listen to all the fun they were having outside until I heard them start to clean up and get ready to call it a day.  "Ladies, before you go, I want to go get john and have her come down and say goodbye and apologize to each of you, so let me go get her and we will meet you at the front door with your children."

I could hear Traci running up the stairs to the room.  she opened the door and let out a loud "PU! some little girl was naughty.  Well mommy says let the punishment fit the crime, so no time to change you.  Luckily I have my flowery perfume for your bottom to get us by until we get home and you are in your playpen where you can sit in your own mess for the rest of the day."

Traci got me out of the crib and made me stand while she sprayed my bottom until the perfume somewhat covered the pungent smell of my full diaper.  It was so bad some had leaked onto my thighs and the back of my legs but she just left the brown streaks there.

When she finished spraying, she yanked me by the wrist and made me practice waddling a few steps so nothing else leaked.  When she felt like I had it down she yanked me out the door and down the stairs.

Needless to say, I was taunted and humiliated by all the other mothers.  "Well hello john, how is Traci's little princess?  Did she make poopoos?"  "Does anyone else smell something?  Smells like flowers and doo doo!" 

When one of the younger girls asked who made a mess, her mother pointed at me and told her "That is Miss Traci's baby girl john who messed her diapers."  Traci made sure to pull me out in front of her.  "Is she a naughty baby girl mommy?"  "Oh I'm sure she is and will be duly punished, won't she Miss Traci?"

After saying that she thought that it was long overdue, Traci sat on the sofa and put me over her knee in front of everyone.  She hiked up my dress and proceeded to paddle me with her hairbrush from her purse.  Soon she had me bawling and my mess was smashed all over my backside.  As I cried and kicked my legs, the punishment only got worse. 

Traci ignored my cries and talked very calmly to the other women about what they were up to next week as she paddled me good and hard.  the mothers told their children that that is what happens to naughty little girls that mess their diaper when they know better. 

When some of them said they had to leave, Traci said goodbye but kept on paddling.  Finally, when my nose was running into my mouth and my face was full of tears she stopped.  I was then made to stand by the door and curtsy and apologize to everyone by name as they left.  Traci took a piece of paper out of her purse and told me she had better hear me tell each person exactly what she wrote for me or I would be walking outside the van on the way home.

Just before we started Traci was handed a special goody bag just for me.  She went through the contents in front of everyone and made me thank our hostess for such thoughtful gifts for me.  Traci pulled each item from the bag to show it off and thank her as well.  there were two pink diapers, a package of wipes, a pacifier, a rattle, and a three piece puzzle of a bunny.  Traci chuckled as she showed off each item and oo'ed and ahh'd.

When she finished, I had to curtsy and address each girl or lady as Miss _____ inserting the appropriate first name if a girl or Mrs. _____ using their last name if an adult.  If it was a child I had to hand them a goodie bag.

 "Dear Mith_____ My name is john and I am thorry I am such a big baby girl and methed my diaperth today.  I hope you had a good time while I was napping.  I am mommy'th pwinceth and tho proud to be her widdle girl.  Thhe is thuch a good mommy."  If it was an adult, I had to add "It wath my choithe to be tweated like thith.    Feel fwee to take pictureth and tell evewyone about me.  Maybe you can babythit me one night while mommy goeth out with a date."  "Thank wou fou coming"

When I made it through the whole group Traci made me thank our hostess and then volunteered me to help her clean up the whole place, while they sat and chatted and her children played outside.
None of them lifted a finger to help while I waddled around in my messy diaper until every dish was washed and put away and everything was cleaned up.

Traci then loaded me in the back of the van and took me home for more indignities.

Tiny Johnny

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Re: Wife Takes Charge
« Reply #41 on: August 04, 2018, 09:08:42 PM »
Part 37

Traci ran a couple of errands before we went home and left me sitting in my mess in the van while she did them.  She just went a long like I had a clean diaper except for a couple of times when she asked,"Is mommy's sissy enjoying sitting in her mess?"  or  "Is your little hinny nice and squishy.  I might have to get a diaper service for you."

After an hour of riding around, we finally got home.  Traci walked me inside and sat me down on the floor.  She tied one of my hands to the staircase railing right in front living room and then went about her business.

By the time she let me up, i had a crusty mess all over myself.  I was let up only briefly so that I could be fed my dinner.  She had made me pureed beets and spinach, along with runny cottage cheese and rusks while she made herself a nice salad and a glass of wine.

She then called an ex-girlfriend of mine who had a 2 month old.  "Hi Ashley, it's Traci.  How is the diaper service you have for Emily doing?  Well I'm glad to hear that.  Oh, nothing, I need to get one for john and knew you had one.  Yes, I put the sissy in diapers until she is potty trained.  I was thinking of getting her pink cloth diapers and using a service like yours."

"Oh that would be great.  Yes come over any time and we can share notes.  I'm sure she would love to see you and your husband too.  Just make sure it is before 7 pm when I put her to bed some nights.    See you then."

Traci finished her meal first and then fed me mine until my dish was clean.  By now, I knew that if I didn't cooperate things would be worse.  When I was finished, she brought me a small bowl of Cherrios with prunes all over the top of them. 

" Since you ate your whole dinner like a good girl, you get dessert!"  She poured all of the prune juice out of the jar on top of my dessert and proceeded to sit and watch to make sure I ate it all.

As I finished, the door bell rang.  Ashley and her husband and baby had come over.  She led them right into the kitchen so they could see me in my high chair with the prunes running off my chin.  Ashley was in great shape with a tight body.  They were dressed to go out and I had no doubt Ashley would draw a lot of attention in her tight minidress and heels.

"sissy john, you remember Miss Ashley, don't you?  She is married to Mr. Steve now.  This is their baby girl Abbie that is going to the sitters.  She is almost as old as you are and dressed just as pretty." 

Ashley and Steve looked like they were in shock before Ashley started to giggle and then openly laugh at me.  Traci came over and grabbed my wrist to make me give a baby wave and Ashley waved back mocking it.  Steve smirked and asked where the guy Ashley used to date was.  "She is right here Steve.  Wave to Mr. Steve little girl."  My wrist was shaken again.

Traci got out a bottle of wine and invited them in to the living room.  I was put in a playpen and Traci started talking with Ashley about the diaper service she used.  "  She is sitting in her mess from earlier today as punishment."  Ashley kept making silly faces at me and laughing in between conversation.  Steve had his hands all over her as they talked.

Traci wanted to know the cost and how often the service came and if they had different colored diapers.  "I think it's a great idea for her Traci, let me give you the phone number for them.  You will get one free service as will I for referring you."

"Ashley, we better get going honey.  We have to swing by the sitters before the party."  Traci told them she was just going to put me to bed so she wanted me to show them what she taught me and say good night to them first.

She had me stand in front of her and whispered in my ear that I was to sing the little teapot song and then say good night.  She began singing with me and started to pull me around to dance.  Steve and Ashley laughed and Traci didn't miss a beat. 

When it was over, they all clapped and laughed.  Traci made me curtsy really low and then she told me to say night night to Miss Ashley and Mr. Steve. When I didn't do it fast enough, she smacked my messy rear.  When I finished, she led me toward the stairs as Ashley and family headed toward the door. 

"Let me know if you ever need a sitter Traci.  I would be happy to watch her for you any time."  "Thanks Ashley, I'm sure she would love having you watch her."  Traci closed the door and headed me up the stairs.


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