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Author Topic: PETTICOATED!  (Read 367517 times)

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« Reply #217 on: May 12, 2018, 01:34:04 PM »
The delicate sissy male quickly helped himself to another glass of the sweet concoction the beautiful older Woman had called "Feminade." And despite what the sissy had been warned about its side effects, he simply couldn't resist another glass. In the corner of the TV screen monitor was a clock, the seconds ticking at 57 minutes and 44 seconds, Under the clock was the title "Panty Selection Time Remaining." And then the beautiful older Woman reappeared on the screen. "I am Madame Chadwick, Sissy Justine, the world's foremost authority in Petticoat Punishment and Sissification of Bad Little boys...much like yourself. I am proud to tell you that every single sissy who had been brought to me has had his masculinity...or what remained of it...crushed and extinguished. But I am highly selective in my choice of suitable candidates...and I am not cheap. But I am well worth it. My rules are simple: Strict obedience to ALL Women and Girls...NO exceptions. If you resist...even slightly, your punishment will be severe. My choice of switches usually is hickory. However, Celeste, your very own Personal Maid, prefers willow. Birch is another personal favorite of Mine. In the small greenhouse on our estate, all of our trees are grown here so that the switches can be freshly cut from a tree. Occasionally, you, my little sissy man, will be charged with cutting your own switch before it is used to 'redirect' your behavior. Now...for your selection of your Panties which you will be wearing at our delightful little tea party. Should you dare and choose the little sissy suit, pantaloons must be worn because your little sissy shorts are quite tight. On the other hand, should you choose a frilly party dress, my personal favorite, you should be wearing a gorgeous pair of rhumba style sissy panties. All of my sissy panties...or should I say your sissy panties...are cool dreamy satin, resplendent with row after row of ruffled pink and white lace and adorable pink bows...similar to the pink bows adorning Celeste's petticoat...the one She is wearing just for you. Satin sissy panties, as you already know, give sissies a certain "tingling' feeling when they experience the rustling of layers of stiff pettis against the cool satin. And, of course, when a sissy is properly frocked and you soon shall be, my dear, well, the sheer ecstasy a sissy feels...combined with that delicious Feminade...makes a sissy so adorably girly and vulnerable. That absolute submission to Women and Girls allows us so many opportunities to shame you as you are emasculated. may browse the channels with your very own pink Sissy Immersion Network channel guide for a few minutes. When you use the guide and browse the many wonderful channels we just know you are going to love, the Panty Selection clock freezes at its current time. However, you have only one hour to explore today. I wonder..." the beautifully mature Madame Chadwick laughed, "Which channels will you try first? Oh my, Sissy Justin. Decisions...decisions..."


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« Reply #218 on: May 13, 2018, 07:02:02 AM »
Thank you for the update, hoping he chooses a cute sissy panties so he is in a cute sissy dress.


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