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Author Topic: Rings of Fate  (Read 7972 times)

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Rings of Fate
« on: August 04, 2014, 07:34:23 AM »
                      THE RINGS OF FATE

"David, I'm going to the mall, keep your eye on Susie?" mother called up
the stairs.

"O.K. mum," I called back, my heart rate picking up.

As soon as she was out the door I searched through her bedroom for the
rings that I'd seen her and dad use. Dad was an archaeologist, he had
obtained these rings from an Arabian associate, they were very, very

"Where are they?" I searched frantically until I came across the ornate
little wooden box in dad's bedside drawer. I felt elated. Now to
experience my fantasy. Ever since I can remember I have fantasised about
being her, well not EXACTLY her, as she was severely handicapped, she has
been born with a rare disease that had left her with the mind of an 18
month old baby, and a growth disorder, she, like me, was almost sixteen
years old, in fact we were twins, although you could never tell. Susie
looked much younger, she looked like she was still a baby and she still
spoke in baby words that no one could understand. She also had to wear
nappies twenty four hours a day.

To my immense embarrassment, I had always dreamed about was wearing the
frilly dresses and frilly baby knickers that mum always put her in.
Strange I know, but the thought of wearing those baby clothes turned me
on like nothing else. Now I had my chance. I slipped into Susie's
nursery. She was soundly asleep in her cot, I'd made sure she was
exhausted by playing with her all morning without a break. I smiled at
her babyish innocence as she laid on her side, suc-king her dummy in a
contented sleep, if she only knew what was going to happen next, I

She was wearing a very pretty dress and a very frilly pair of baby
panties covered her nappy. I had put them on her myself, it was my
favourite outfit of hers. As Susie slept a small thought crept into my
head as I wandered what it was like to be trapped in perpetual babyhood,
I discounted it immediately but shivered at the thought. It's a good job
she HAS got the mind of a baby I thought. Even though we were twins, her
mental state had not developed past infancy, in fact Mom and Dad had
insisted that we treat her like the baby she looked like, they recognised
that an growing mind trapped in a perpetual baby body would be a terrible
thing to bear.

Susie was as healthy as any other little girl in every way, except of
course Susie was 16 years old. Mother we had been told that Susie would
not grow any taller than the toddler size she was now, she would never be
able to speak and she would never develop breasts or have periods. Mother
was relieved, an adult sized baby having monthly periods was a little
more than she could handle, she would have preferred a normal daughter of
course, but she did breath a sigh of relief at that news.

Susie could walk although it was more like the first awkward steps a baby
would take, that's why she got exhausted so easily. She laughed and
giggled when you played with her, cried when you didn't, and she seemed
to love the frilly baby clothes mother kept her in. Mother did not bother
to put her in older girls clothes even though she was really sixteen,
toddler and baby clothes that were bought off the peg fitted her
perfectly well.

Susie was known to get into all kinds of trouble. She had the curiosity
of an infant, and if left unsupervised she would be in danger of hurting
herself, that's why she spent lots of time in her cot and playpen
specially built to keep her out of harms way, being a little taller and
more heavily built than other baby furniture. When she wasn't in these
she was usually securely strapped into her highchair or baby buggy, and
if she was allowed to get out and  walk which was not very often, she
always had baby reins tightly buckled to her. All our family, friends and
neighbours knew of Susie's condition, of course, they accepted that she
was a perpetual baby and treated her as such, Susie even spent three days
a week at the day-care centre with real babies for company. Susie loved
going there she would smile and gurgle when mum pinched her cheek and
told her she was going to play with all the other babies.

I did not envy Susie nursery lifestyle, trapped in permanent baby hood as
she was, but I did envy her clothes, and my heart beat rapidly as I
removed the gold rings from the box and slipped one on my finger. This
ring had a round red crystal set into it, this is the one I had seen dad
put on and rub when he and mother transferred minds. It was slightly too
big for my boyish hands but by squeezing my fingers together it stayed in
place. I reached through Susie's cot bars, I didn't want to risk
disturbing her by lowering the side, and any way it would spoil the baby
experience if I wasn't completely surrounded by bars. I gently pulled
back the thin sheet that mother had covered her with when she put her
down for her nap, Susie never moved.

Reaching through the bars again I slipped the other ring with the blue
stone on her finger, soon I would transfer minds with my babified sister,
my heart thumped wildly in my chest, my manhood throbbing in
anticipation. The ring was far too big for Susie's little forefinger, but
I managed to wedge it in place with her other fingers, carefully curling
them around the ring. Next I lay down on the floor making myself
comfortable, once we transferred minds, Susie's sleeping mind would be in
my body, I didn't want to wake her, so I layed in the same position.

As I laid there in a high state of excitement, I rubbed the red crystal
set in the ring, the transfer occurred almost instantly, there was a very
short interval while the whole room seemed to spin but it only lasted
seconds. I could feel Susie's dummy in my mouth, I could feel her thick
nappy between my legs, I could feel her long hair on my face. I turned my
head to see me sleeping soundly on the floor.

I smiled, I was Susie.

I sat up, I was wearing her dress. I looked over to the mirrored wardrobe
that ran the full length of Susie's nursery and saw me, the sixteen year
old boy, laying on the floor, sleeping like a baby while Susie, as I was
now, smiled at her reflection as she sat up in her cot. I stood up, I
wanted a full view of myself in Susie's pretty dress and frillies, I felt
the warm wetness between my legs. YUK Susie had wet her nappy, I shivered
at the feel.

"Oh well it could have been worse," I laughed to myself, much worse she
could have soiled it!!!!

I was enraptured by my reflection as I stood there, my little hands
clinging to the wooden cot bars. I made faces at myself, Susie's dummy
obscuring most of them. I turned so that I could get a better look at my
frilly panties sticking out beneath my dress, I wanted to see the rows
and rows of lace running across my be-nappied bottom, I reached down to
lift my dress to expose them all to the mirror.

That is when disaster struck.

The ring on my finger began to slip as I reached down for the hem of my
dress. I watched in horror as the ring began to fall off. In desperation
I tried to catch it, almost succeeding, but instead it rolled along the
cot mattress, then through the bars onto the floor. I stared in disbelief
for a few seconds, panic began welling up inside me, I had to get that
ring back. I tried to climb out of the cot, I couldn't, the rails were
too high, I remembered. It had been specially built to keep Susie in.
Panic rose higher, I threw myself on to the mattress, I laid on my face,
feeling and hearing the protective rubber sheet, and reached through the
bars. I was just able to touch the carpet with my finger tips if I really
strained, relief washed over me, I felt the ring, but try as I might I
just I couldn't pick it up. Panic reared it's head once more, as soon as
I retrieved the ring I would rub it and get back inside my own body I
decided. I pulled the mattress back to give my small body more room and I
reached through the bars again to where I thought I felt the ring, my
hand frantically searched the floor.

"Come on, come on," I cried to myself, "where are you?"

"Is this what you're looking for David?" I heard myself say out loud.

I looked up in horror to see my former self standing there on the outside
of the cot, towering above me, holding the ring between my fingers.

"It feels kinda strange to be a boy," Susie yawned in my body.

"Y..y..you c..c..can t..t..talk....." I stuttered. "G..g..ga-ga-ga
g..g..goo-goo," actually came out of my mouth.

She could talk but I couldn't.

"OH NO," I cried. "GA GOO," I actually wailed and burst into tears.

My former self picked the dummy up that had fell from my mouth when I saw
myself standing in front of the cot, and pushed it in between my lips.

"Now where did you get these lovely rings from David?" Susie smiled
tossing the two rings in her hand.

I held out my small hands through the cot bars, pointing to my finger.

"Susie put the rings back on our fingers," I tried to demand, meaningless
baby gurglings gushed from my mouth.

"SUSIE COME BACK HERE NOW," I screamed as she turned and exited the
nursery, the room filling with my meaningless baby screams.

This was all going horribly wrong, panic and fear were causing feelings
of nausea to curse through my small body as I saw my former self leaving
the room with the only means of getting me back to normal. I frantically
threw myself at the cot bars, I could not climb over them, I could not
slip through them and I could not break them down, I cursed at their
ability to keep me effectively caged. Dejectedly I fell onto my frilly
bottom, tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Why, oh, why had I used the rings," I severely admonished myself, "why
didn't I lower the cot side to put the rings on Susie's finger, then I
would have been able to get out when I dropped it. YOU FOOL!!! YOU
FOOL!!!" I screamed to myself. "You're trapped inside Susie's body, you
absolute fool."

Susie walked back in the room in the shape of me, minus the rings. I
pulled myself up to a standing position.

baby talk.

She saw the pleading look in my tearful eyes.

"David. I'm never going back to being me again." She shrugged her now
boys shoulders. "It may be wrong, and I know how awful this must be for
you, but you were the one that wanted to swap places with me."

I could not believe she was saying this, she had to change us back, she
just had to, I didn't want to spend the rest of my life like this. The
absolute terror of my situation caused me to be sick, vomit spewed from
my mouth, covering the cot bedding, the dress that I was wearing, my legs
and my arms.

"Oh David!!!" Susie cried as she lowered the cot side. "Don't worry
you'll get taken care of," she smiled picking me out of my own mess.

She stripped me, put me into a dry nappy and cleaned me up, she put
another pair of frilly panties over the top of my nappy, then put me in
the playpen. I just had to get out of this situation, if I could just get
to those rings, I thought. I cursed the strength and height of the
playpen bars as I made a futile attempt to escape. Susie stripped the
cot, gathered up the clothes I had just ruined and turned to leave the

"suc-k your dummy David," she ordered, "it will make you feel a lot
better, it did me anyway."

She left.

Once again I felt waves of self pity cursing through me as I tried to
come to terms with my situation. I was trapped inside Susie's body, sat
in a playpen just four foot square, a baby prison made especially to keep
me inside, my freedom restricted to four square feet of padded plastic
that was the floor of the playpen.

"I am a 16 year old boy," I cried. "I can't spend my life in a playpen."

I was used to having my freedom, being able to go where I liked, when I
liked. At sixteen I was just making the transition to manhood, sixteen
years of growing up through all the stages of life. Being rewarded with a
little more independence at each stage, to the point where my parents now
treated me like a young adult, encouraging me to make my own decisions,
to forge my own destiny through life. That was all gone, in one moment of
sheer stupidity I had thrown my freedom and independence away, I was
right back at the beginning, I was a baby again, but this time there
would be no growing up.

I put Susie's dummy into my mouth, she was right I did get some solace
from suc-king it.

"Calm down, calm down," I kept telling myself. "Susie will see sense she
will change us back," I told myself unconvincingly.

I heard a car pull up outside and the front door opening .

"I'm home," mother's voice called out.

Hope surged through me; I crawled quickly to the playpen side and stood

"MOTHER," I shouted, unable to interpret the gurgles that came from my

"Hi mom," I heard Susie say in my voice.

"What's wrong with Susie?" mother asked.

"She's been sick. She woke up crying, she was real cranky, I tried to
comfort her, then she was sick," my old voice said. "I've stripped her
cot, changed her nappy and put her in clean baby knickers," it added.

"Thanks David you're a good boy for that, but I did tell you not to get
Susie as wound up as you did this morning, I knew something like this
would happen," mother sighed.

"Sorry mom," Susie apologised.

Mother strode into the nursery.


"Calm down baby." Mother smiled at my loud baby gabbling, picking me out
of the playpen and carrying me downstairs.

"NO.....NO.....NO.....MOTHER PLEASE YOU MUST LISTEN," I screamed.

"You ARE in a state with yourself young lady," mother smiled in the
comforting way she always used when Susie had been fractious in the past.

She placed me in Susie's playpen in the lounge.

"Here's Jemima," she sang handing me Susie's favourite dolly.

I threw it clear across the playpen with all my baby might, frustration
at not being able to communicate caused tears of anger to pour down my
cheeks. Susie walked into the room I pointed at her in my body and
gurgled my explanation for my frantic state.

"Yes honey, that's David your big brother, no he won't play with you
while you're like this, babies play with baby toys, you play with your
dolly," mother continued to smile, turning to face my former body.

"Aren't you getting ready to going out?" Mother asked Susie.

Susie did not know about my date with Jennifer, my girlfriend.

"You're seeing Jenny this afternoon aren't you?" she asked.

"Am I?" Susie creased her brow.

"Well that's what you told me, you said you were meeting at the cafe and
probably going to the cinema," mother informed her. "But remember to be
back by 7 pm, you know your father and I like to go out the night before
he goes back abroad."

"O.K. mum," Susie smiled. "I remember now, thanks."

"David doesn't seem to be himself today," Mother mused audibly as Susie
left the room. I gave my mother an imploring look, my eyes were all I had
to communicate with.

"What's the matter baby, do you want to go out too?" she smiled. "I know,
let's get some fresh air shall we?" She pulled me from the playpen.
"Mummy is going to buy her little girl a lovely ice-cream to cheer her
up," she informed me carrying me back to the nursery.

She felt inside my nappy, it was still dry, she congratulated me and
dumped me in the playpen. She took out a dress and bonnet from Susie's
wardrobe, a pair of frilly ankle socks from the set of drawers and picked
up Susie's black Mary Janes.

Just a short while ago I dreamed about wearing all the clothes she
carried over to the playpen. My dream was now a nightmare, if I didn't
get those rings and put one on both mine and Susie's fingers then I would
be wearing baby dresses for the rest of my life. Mother sat me on her
knee as she dressed me talking to me all the time, as she used to with
Susie, as if I were a baby. Tears flowed from my eyes as my baby gurgling
failed to make her understand that I was actually David her 16 year old

"You certainly are out of sorts today Susie, you don't seem your normal
happy baby self," she cooeeded feeling my forehead to test my temperature
prior to tying the frilly bonnet over my now long hair. "There you are as
pretty as a picture, is that what you wanted?" She gushed picking me up
and showing me off to the mirror. "You love wearing your pretty outfits
don't you?"

The feelings of excitement I felt when I first saw myself in the mirror
in Susie's body had long gone, I shivered with fear as I watched mother
bounce Susie up and down in her arms trying to amuse her, I saw that fear
in Susie's little tear stained eyes, my tear stained eyes.

Susie breezed into the room.

"You look smart, doesn't your big brother look smart Susie?" mother

Susie had put my light grey slacks on with my light blue polo shirt.

"Susie looks sweet," she remarked taking me from mother. "I just love her
cute little bonnet."

"I'll just get my purse, can you put her reins on for me."

"How are you coping in there David?" she whispered buckling the pink
leather baby reins around my chest as I sat on her grey trousered leg.
"You must be getting to realise how awful it was for me in that pathetic
little body." The leather straps were over my shoulders now. "At last I'm
free and there is no way I'm ever going back."

"Please, Susie," I gurgled giving her my most imploring look.

She just looked very guilty and shook her head.

"David have you been our bedroom?" mother brusquely entered the nursery
an accusing look on her face.

"Err...err...Yes," Susie admitted.

Then I noticed what mother had in her hand, it was the wooden box, she
had the rings in her hands. Waves of elation swept through me, she must
have realised that we had changed minds.

"Did you take this out of your fathers drawers?" she asked sternly.

I saw my former face blush red and recognised signs of panic in my old
eyes. Susie's game was up I thought confidently her masquerade as me
short lived, she would soon be back where she belonged in the body I now

"Errr....yes.....I.....errr...was....errr......looking for a.....a....a
pair of Dad's socks to go with these slacks," Susie lied.

"Do you know what is inside this box?" she asked.

"Errr.....No mum," Susie lied again, "I didn't open it, I just moved it."

Mother flipped the lid, the two gold rings shone in the afternoon light,
the red and blue crystals seemed to glow.

"MOTHER TAKE THE RINGS OUT, MAKE HER WEAR ONE," I gurgled loudly in baby
talk reaching out for the rings that would rectify this terrible

I felt Susie grip my reins tightly as I reached forward.

"No baby they're not toys to be played with," mother admonished me.

"WOW!!! Mum they look valuable," Susie said, her face flushed with guilt.

"They are very valuable David, they were loaned to your father by
Professor Achmed. Your father brought them home to show them at his
convention, they're from Ancient Egypt Mother," explained.

Now she will do it, now she will force Susie to return to her body and
allow me to get on with my life.

"Take a good look at them David, your father will be taking them back
with him to Egypt tomorrow," mother smiled letting David study them for a
while before closing the box lid.

I saw the look of utter relief on my former face as the feeling of nausea
surged through me again at mothers revelation that the rings were leaving
with Dad.

for the box tears streaming down my face.

"I said NO Susie, they are only to be handled by adults," mother snapped.

"She just likes the way they shine, she loves anything bright," Susie
smiled. I could see she had recovered her composure.

"Don't you think those rings should be in the safe if they're so
valuable, mum?" Susie suggested whilst she tried to get me to take my
dummy. "What if we were burgled or something? I'm surprised dad left them
in his bed side drawer."

Mother flushed this time.

"Yes you're right David, I'll put them away before we go out," she said.

"OH NO!!!" I sobbed if mother puts them in the safe I will never get to
them, Dad was leaving for Egypt tomorrow, I would never see them again, I
would be trapped like this forever, no one will know that I'm not Susie
the babified 16 year old girl, no one but the real Susie, who was looking
at me with a guilty smile, I cursed her.

Mother led the way out of the nursery, Susie followed behind carrying me,
one hand behind my back the other under my nappied bottom, I could feel
her hand patting my frilly rear, as I used to do to her when I carried
her around.

"Well off you go then David, have a nice time," mother smiled holding her
arms out for me.

"It's all right mum, I'll strap her in her buggy, you put those rings in
the safe." Susie grinned carrying me over to her buggy.

"NO....NO......NO," I cried ejecting my dummy.

"She is really taken by the colour of those rings mum," Susie said as she
dropped me in her old baby buggy.

I watched in horror, mother swung back the large portrait of the family,
Dad and me, as I was, standing, smiling, Mum sat, Susie, as I am now, on
her knee.

She exposed the safe door.


I looked down to see Susie attach the first of my leather rein straps.

"This will ensure these rings don't fall into the wrong hands," Mother
said as she pushed the buttons on the combination pad. "Not only are they
valuable, they have special qualities too." The safe door swung open.
"Used by the wrong people and they could ruin lives." She placed the box
into the safe. "And we wouldn't want that to happen."


Susie attached my other rein strap at exactly the same time as mother
closed the safe door. Both made the same noise, one securing me in a baby
pushchair, the other in a babies body. I wailed in horror.

"Why don't you put her in the nursery, you know how she loves playing
with the real babies, that always cheers her up," Susan suggested her
grin growing wider.

"That's not a bad idea, she should be with the other babies, as you
should be with your friends too," mother said closing the portrait to
hide the safe.

I was doomed. Even if I could escape from the playpen or cot or highchair
or pushchair or whatever else I was imprisoned in, even if I could
manoeuvre a set of steps or something similar to allow my short frame to
reach up to the safe, there was no way I could open it, only mum and dad
knew the combination.

I was staring perpetual babyhood in the face, I knew it, Susie knew it
too, her confident smile told its own picture.

"Is dad really taking those rings back to Egypt?" Susie asked as she took
off the buggy brake.

"Sure is honey," mother smiled taking the pushchair from him, "he was
very lucky to get the chance to show them at all."

"Why?" Susan asked inquisitively.

"Well, they are from a very special collection, and as I just said they
have special qualities that make them a little dangerous so the Egyptian
government has decided that they should be kept in the government
vaults." I felt the buggy lurch forward. "Once those rings are back in
Egypt they will be locked away, never to see the light of day again."

I saw my former face positively beam at this revelation.

"Pity really," mother added wistfully.

I wailed in anguish.

I felt the warm summer breeze pick up my dress as mother pushed me along,
Susie had gone off in the other direction to meet my girlfriend, I
hammered my Mary Jane shoes on the buggy foot rest in a fit of utter
temper. Mother was used to the real Susie having these sort of fits, it
was fairly normal for children with the doctors had said, so she just
ignored my pleas to save me from my fate.

"Susie has no right to do this to me," I sobbed to myself in self pity,
"I should be meeting Jennifer not her, I shouldn't be strapped in a baby
buggy wearing a dress, frilly knickers and a nappy, I am a boy, a 16 year
old boy, I don't deserve this."

"It's your own fault," another voice sneered sarcastically, "if only you
hadn't used those rings, if only you had not let the ring slip off your
finger, if only you had lowered the cot side, if only Susie hadn't have
woke up inside your body."


The facts were I did use the rings, I did let it slip off my finger, I
didn't lower the cot side and Susie did wake up.

"You are trapped, you are going to be treated like a baby for the rest of
your life, there is no escape. The rings are safely locked away out of
your reach, tomorrow your father will take them with him to Egypt where
they will be locked away for ever," the voice got louder and louder as it
nagged away inside my brain.

It was right, I knew that I was condemned to life as Susie, a baby, there
was only one person in the whole world that could save me, and she was
the one with most to lose. She would never admit to us swapping minds,
she would never allow herself to be put back into her own body. It was
Susie that had convinced mother to lock the rings away, ensuring what
little chance I had of retrieving my situation was taken from me. Father
was leaving for Egypt tomorrow afternoon, in less than 24 hours the rings
would be gone, condemning me to a lifetime of restricted babyhood.

"IT ISN'T FAIR.......IT ISN'T FAIR!!!" I sobbed.

As waves of self pity washed over me I got an awful stomach cramp.

"NO.......NOT THAT," I wailed, trying to control my new body, to my utter
degradation I soiled and wet myself.

Soft excretia oozed from my bowels, squeezing between my legs, followed
by warm urine. It felt absolutely disgusting, my own mess trapped inside
my nappy. Now I would have to sit in it until mother decided to take my
dirty nappy off, only for her to put another one straight on me. The only
time Susie was not in nappies was when she was in the bath, I would be
treated exactly the same.

I was Susie.

Each time I moved, the mess in my nappy squished further between my legs
and around my front. I looked down expecting to see it covering my
clothes, but my nappy and frilly baby pants did their job, they kept all
my mess in next to my skin.

We finally reached the ice-cream store where mother bought me an ice-
cream cone. She produced a bib from her purse and tied it around my neck
before handing me the cornet. Ordinarily I would have welcomed the
confection, but in a fit of frustrated petulance I threw it on the floor.

"That's it young lady, I've had it with you," she said exasperated
turning the pushchair around and heading back home. "I just don't know
what's got into you today," she sighed. "It's a pity you cannot talk and
tell me exactly what's wrong."

"I wish I could talk too, I only needed to say a few words, it wasn't
much to ask for, just a few words like SUSIE STOLE MY LIFE," I cried, my
words meaningless baby gurgles.

Being unable to talk was the most frustrating thing I had ever known, no
matter how much I tried I couldn't say one single understandable word. I
looked up at mother as she walked me along.

"Please look at me mum, please tell me you recognise me as your son,
please tell me you will change me back when you get me home," I sobbed.

She noticed me looking at her.

"Are you trying to tell me something Susie?" she asked.

"AT LAST!!!" I thought joy creeping into my heart.

"What is it baby?" she queried stopping the buggy, looking intently into
my tear stained eyes.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm......well don't worry Susie I'm going to change you just as
soon as we get home," she smiled.

"SHE KNEW!!!" Elation leapt through my heart. "SHE KNEW!!! I was saved,
oh, thank goodness."

"I knew there was something wrong with you, don't worry I'll soon have
you changed," mother smiled pushing the buggy on once more "and into a
clean nappy."

"NO...NO...NO..NOT THAT KIND OF CHANGE," I screamed.

Mother gave a great sigh as my screams rented the air, to quieten me she
pushed a pacifier into my mouth, she held it there for a while, I felt
the teat swelling. This was a pacifier developed for very fractious
babies, it could not be ejected. Now I couldn't even gurgle baby talk
with this baby comforter stuck between my lips.

Mother said very little as she pushed me home, I settled down a little as
I tried to form plans to get myself out of the predicament I had put
myself in. Each time I came up with an idea to get my mind back into my
real body, a voice in my head quickly shot it down and a wave of self
pity would wash over me.

"If I could just get hold of those rings," I thought, "just for a few
seconds then I could change back."

"The rings are in the safe, you are not allowed out of your playpen, you
cannot get to them," the voice stated the facts.

"But if mother did leave me alone in the lounge out of my playpen, just
for a few minutes," I argued.

"You are never going to be left out of your playpen, but even if you were
you cannot reach the safe," the voice of reason countered.

"I could climb up the furniture," I replied.

"The nearest piece of furniture is the sofa, you are too weak to move it,
look at yourself you are a baby, you are never going to move any
furniture," the voice scoffed.

"Mother may do it for me, she often moves the sofa around when she is
vacuuming the carpet," I suggested.

"Mother only vacuums once a week, that is on Mondays, today is Wednesday,
the furniture will not be moved for another five days, father goes to
Egypt tomorrow, the rings are going with him," the voice stated clearly.

I whimpered as I thought of father flying off with the rings leaving me
stuck in Susie's body forever.


"Perhaps I could spill something on the carpet, forcing mother to re-
arrange the furniture, that's what I'd do."

"Spill what?" the voice scoffed. "All Susie's drinks are either in a
babies bottle or a toddlers beaker, they are designed so that Susie can't
spill her drinks down herself or on the carpet."

"But it might happen," I cried, but knew in reality I was grabbing at

"All right then, it might happen, mother moves the furniture because for
some miraculous reason you have managed to spill the unspillable," the
voice humoured me. "And for the first time ever mother leaves the room
without putting you into your playpen, what then?"

"Then I climb the sofa and.....and....and......."

"And open the safe," the voice finished the sentence for me. "Face up to
the facts David, you will never be allowed to get to that safe, but even
if you were allowed, you couldn't open it, you do not know the

"YOU ARE TRAPPED!!! There is absolutely nothing you can do, you're as
helpless as a baby, and you are going to be a helpless baby for the rest
of your life," the voice sneered.


The voice returned, "Susie is the only one that knows about you being
trapped in her body. Susie is the only one that can reverse this
situation, Susie is the only one that can save you from permanent
babyhood, Susie is the one that persuaded mother to put the rings in the
safe. Susie will NEVER let you get your hands on them ever again," the
voice echoed the facts.

The stark facts were put before me, I needed two things to happen if I
was to get my life back, the first one was I needed the box containing
the rings, the second one was I needed Susie's co-operation in putting
them on hers and my fingers. Both these things were either out of my
capability or out of my influence. I couldn't reach the safe, even if I
could I didn't have the combination to open it so getting the rings was
totally out of the question, Susie had no intention of taking her
rightful place in her body, she was determined to enjoy her new found
status and freedom at my expense. I had absolutely no hope of getting her
to put the rings on our fingers to transfer us back to our original


I looked up at mother as she pushed me along. If only I could talk.
"MOTHER, MOTHER PLEASE SAVE ME," I mumbled from behind the pacifier.

"Oh what's the matter Susie?" a little girls voice broke my reverie.

Caroline and Samantha came running up to me, their mother Mrs. West
strode up behind them. They were our neighbours, Caroline and Samantha
were twins, they were six years old.

"Susie seems upset Sharon," Mrs. West said looking down at my red eyes
and tear stained cheeks.

"Yes I don't know what's wrong with her today. She was fine when I popped
to the mall, when I got back she had been sick all over her clothes and
cot, she was not the happy little baby I left David in charge of," Mother
informed her.

"Poor little thing," Mrs. West said sympathetically.

"Do you know David cleaned her up, he even put all the dirty clothes in
the washer for me," Mother carried on, glad of someone to talk to. "I
know it's hard to believe, usually David will not pick up his own
clothes, never mind Susie's."

"He's growing up that boy of your's, I hear he did particularly well at
school," Mrs. West commented.

"Yes we're very proud of him, he passed the entrance exam for the
University too, he's going to study Archaeology," mother told her

"Like father like son," Mrs. West nodded.

"Frank say's he's going to take him to Egypt during the summer holidays,
get him into an archaeology dig," mother announced something that was
even news to me.

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to follow in Dad's footsteps, my
bedroom is full of artefacts that he has brought back, for years he has
been promising to take me to Egypt with him, When your old enough son he
would say. Now I was old enough, only it wouldn't be me flying to foreign
lands with him, it would be Susie.

EGYPT," I screamed erupting into another fit of self pity my shoes
hammering on my buggy in utter frustration at being totally helpless to
prevent this course of events that I myself had started.

"Awwww. Don't cry Susie," Caroline cooeed.

"Do you want to come and play house with us Susie?" Samantha asked
brightly. "You can be our baby, you'd like that wouldn't you?"

The last thing in the world I would like is to be the real life baby doll
of two six year old little girls, but I knew if I wasn't turned back into
my real body by tomorrow that's one of the fates that awaited me. I felt
like a condemned prisoner whose execution was tomorrow afternoon, with no
chance of clemency. Tomorrow I would be executed, cut off from my real
life for ever, with no chance of reversing the life sentence I had
condemned myself too.

"I'm afraid Susie is far too cranky to play today girls, perhaps later in
the week when she's calmed down, besides she has a dirty nappy and needs
changing," mother informed them.

A paroxysm of shame ran through me as the girls looked at me and

"YUK!!!" Samantha grimaced. "I'm glad I don't have to wear nappies like

"Susie is just a baby," their mother smiled, "she can't help herself.
Come on girls, let Susie go and get her nappy changed."

"Byeeee Susie," they called as mother set off again.

Later, Mother picked me off the changing table and lowered me into the

"Let's see if a good sleep can straighten you out young lady," she smiled
pushing my dummy into my quivering lips. She raised the cot side
surrounding me with bars, she picked one of Susie's dolls from the
playpen and pushed her into my arms and without another word left the
room and closed the door after her.

So here I was back in the cot where my nightmare started just a few short
hours ago. Looking through the bars that I knew to my cost were strong
enough and high enough to keep me safely within their confines, my mind
started to drift back to when I first saw the rings that father had
brought home with him. I recalled the excitement I felt when I spied on
my unsuspecting parents as they slipped the rings on their fingers and
transferred minds. I heard my father telling my mother in her voice the
origins of the rings and how only a handful of people knew the real power
that they possessed. I slipped away as they held each other and began to
make love in each others body, and as they continued their lovemaking, I
lay in my bed formulating the plans that were going to condemn me to a
lifetime of babyhood, although I didn't know that at the time.

The feeling I got as I realised I now had the means to try Susie's
clothes to see how I looked in them and how it felt to wear them was a
distant memory, as was the orgasm I had when I thought of myself in
Susie's body.

I remembered clearly the plans I set for my experience of a lifetime,
which has now turned out to be an experience for a lifetime, I picked the
clothes Susie would wear today, I even dressed her in them, tingling in
nervous anticipation at the thought of actually wearing them myself, my
manhood stirring in my jeans. It was that rise in sexual feeling that
quelled the little voice in the back of my head that warned against this

"What if something goes wrong, what if Susie wakes up while she is in
your body, what will happen?"

"Nothing will happen," my sexual libido voice laughed as it grew stronger
pushing caution further back into the recess of my mind. "Susie will be
so tired she will be out for hours, you are only going to change places
with her for a few minutes, what can happen?"

"You could end up as Susie for the rest of your life," caution warned,
"that's what could happen."

"Impossible," Libido laughed. "Susie will be asleep, nothing can happen,
oh just think how you will look in that pretty dress. Go on David go and
get the rings," Libido urged. "Nothing will happen go on hurry, your
mother will be back and you'll never get the chance again."

"Go on David take the risk you know you really want to," Libido urged as
I set off on course to my own destruction. I could see myself now,
searching desperately for those rings, as if I was in a hurry to ruin my
life, I could see myself sneaking into the nursery, looking down into
this very cot, slipping the rings on my own and little Susie's fingers.
The change from boy to baby girl was fresh in my mind, as was the horror
of feeling the ring slip from my finger. I could clearly see the ring
slipping down in slow motion, the instinctive reaction to try to catch
it, the flash of gold as the ring spun in the air as it flipped off my
tiny hand, through the bars and onto the floor.

The fear of losing that precious ring still laid heavily on me, the panic
I felt as I realised the implications of not getting that ring back on my
finger welled up inside me again as I laid there. The look on my former
face as I stood before the cot will be with me for the rest of my life.
My former eyes lit up as Susie realised she was no longer surrounded by
bars, she was no longer wearing a dress or nappy, she was now a boy, me,
and the only thing that could make her go back to her former life was in
her possession.

It was the look of someone who had been given a life sentence in severely
restricted babyhood then being released 70 years early. I knew then that
my fate was sealed, I knew then that Susie would ever swap our minds
back, the unthinkable had happened I was a baby for the rest of my life.

"I DON'T WANT TO BE A BABY," I sobbed loudly in my baby talk.

TO ME!!!" Caution was back his voice loud and clear. "THERE IS NO WAY

I shut my eyes tightly forcing the tears to run onto my pillow. Sleep was
the only escape from these mocking voices. The sedative that mother had
put in my bottle was working, I felt myself drifting off to sleep.

Sometime later mother entered the room, she was all ready for her night
out with father, she looked curiously at me.

"David?" she said. As I began to wake up I realised she called me by my
real name. "David, why are you in Susie's cot? Why are you wearing
Susie's clothes?" she asked with a concerned look on her face.

I looked down at myself, my body was back to normal, I was the same tall
youth as I was before I had changed minds with Susie, but she was right I
was wearing Susie's dress, frilly knickers and even a nappy.

Mother was lowering the cot side. "Get out of there young man, that is a
babies cot, 16 year old boys do not sleep in cots," she said angrily.
"Now tell me why are you wearing Susie's clothes?"

"Please mum, I can explain," I said in surprise at hearing my own voice.
I could talk again, the elation at being able to communicate again was

"Please do young man," she spoke sternly.

"Well I just wanted to see how Susie's clothes looked on me and how it
felt to be surrounded by bars in her cot," I told her, my face blushing
with embarrassment at my confession.

"Is that so David, well come over here," mother ordered.

She produced a set of Susie's baby reins and fitted them to me, but
instead of buckling them on she fixed them in place with locks.

"There, now you won't be able to get your reins off, or your pretty
clothes David," she laughed. "If you want to wear Susie's clothes that's
fine by me. Now let's go downstairs, Jennifer is waiting."


She took no notice, she just laughed and dragged me downstairs, I
obviously hadn't regained my strength from being Susie as she easily
pulled me into the lounge.

"Look who I found sleeping in Susie's cot," mother laughed holding
tightly to my reins.

My father stood in front of me dressed in his suit ready to go out for
the evening, Susie was in her playpen and Jennifer was sat on the sofa.

"Why are you wearing baby girls clothes David?" father asked.

I was too ashamed to tell him, I just hung my head in shame.

"He said he wanted to know what it felt like to wear Susie's clothes,"
sneered mother. "He said he wanted to sleep in her cot. So I've put him
in reins and locked them on him, here are the keys Frank, put them in the
safe will you."

"OH NO!!!!" I cried now something else that was trapping me in baby
clothes was being locked away.

"Oh yes David," mother laughed. "If you want to be a baby then a baby you
will be."

"I thought you were growing into a man," father sneered. "Look at
yourself in a baby dress and wearing nappies, you don't deserve to come
to Cairo with me, in fact you won't be coming now, you can spend the
summer holidays in baby clothes instead," he laughed.


"Too late David, my mind is made up," he laughed.

"It seems you have two babies to mind Jennifer," mother said picking her
coat up.

"Yes it does, doesn't it," Jennifer giggled. "Do you think you could lock
him into Susie's buggy?" she asked father. "I think I'll take him to the
cafe to show him off in his pretty clothes."

"NO...NO...NO PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME," I wailed as father forced me
into Susie's buggy and locked me in with two large padlocks.

"There, now baby is all safe and sound in his buggy," Jennifer laughed.

me towards the door, Susie walking beside us giggling at me in her
clothes and in her buggy.

The first people we met were Mrs. West and the twins. How they howled at
me as I sat there looking up at them, strapped in like a baby.

"Can we play house with him?" giggled Samantha.

"He can be the baby," Caroline joined in.

"Yes girls you can, I'll bring him round tomorrow, don't forget to tell
all your friends to come and play too," Jennifer howled.

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS JENNIFER?" I whined loudly as we approached the
café. I could see it was full of all my friends from school.

"Why?" she sneered. "Do you think I want to date a boy that wants to
dress up as a baby girl?" she spat the words in my face. "Any 16 year old
boy that dresses in baby clothes deserves to be shown off to all his
friends in them. And remember David it was you that wanted to wear them."

"BUT NOT ALL THE TIME!!!" I shouted pathetically.

"You should have thought about that before you dressed up in Susie's
clothes. You knew the risks, you knew if you were caught you would be
humiliated for the rest of your life. You knew all of that yet you still
did it, just so you could play with yourself while wearing one of Susie's
nappies," she scoffed. "So don't blame me David, you wanted to play at
being Susie, I'm just making your dream come true," she howled as she
opened the cafe door.

Ignoring my protests she pushed me inside. I cursed the strength of these
baby reins as I struggled in vain to get out of Susie's pushchair. I
could not believe what was happening to me, Mother must have used the
rings while I slept, but she could have taken Susie's clothes off me,
instead she left me in her cot, now everyone I knew was going to see me
in a baby dress, I would never be able to hold my head up in public
again. I might have been better off staying in Susie's body, I had never
known such humiliating shame.

Everyone I knew seemed to be in the cafe, they all crowded around me
laughing and pointing at me calling me a baby.

"LEAVE ME ALONE I'M NOT A BABY," I screamed bursting into tears which
only served to increase their amusement.

"He's a cry baby, take him home and put him back in his cot," someone

Jennifer agreed that that was a good idea and with great delight she
wheeled me home.

"I'm going to suggest that you are kept in baby clothes for the rest of
your life David," Jennifer announced as she led me into the nursery. "I'm
sure your mother and father will agree."

BABY," I screamed.

She just laughed at me. "I think it would serve you right if you could
only talk like a baby," she grinned, "then you would sound like Susie and
we wouldn't have to put up with your pathetic voice."

"NO.......NO......I DO....GOO-GOO GA-GA GOO-GOO-GOO," I wailed as my
words turned to baby gurgle.

"That is much better SUSIE she mocked now here's your dummy," she laughed
pushing against my lips.

"GOO-GOO GA-GA," I gurgled loudly in protest, shaking my head refusing to
take my dummy.

"Come on Susie take your dummy.......Come on Susie take your dummy......"
Jennifer's voice was insistent and the latex teat pressed against my

"Come on Susie......" I opened my eyes to see Jennifer standing over me
trying to give me my dummy, she was huge.

"I AM BACK AS SUSIE," I screamed in terror, waking fully, the nightmare I
just had was just a bad dream, this was reality, mother hadn't changed me
back into my real body, I had dreamt the whole thing.

Jennifer lifted me up to comfort me.

"There there baby, Jennifer is here," she cooeed.

"Please Jennifer, you must realise it's me David," I sobbed in
unintelligible baby talk, my head on her shoulders.

Here I was in my girlfriends arms, but not as her boyfriend as I should
have been, but as my little sister Susie. Jennifer continued to pat my
frilly bottom and coo her soothing words. She walked around the nursery
for a while and I hugged her tightly my head swimming with the smell of
her sweet perfume.

"There, there, baby," she repeated over and over again, patting my frilly
padded bottom as she moved around the nursery. She laid me on the
changing table and proceeded to undress me. I felt a paroxysm of shame as
she removed my dress, I had had erotic dreams at the thought of Jennifer
seeing me in baby clothes, but this was anything but erotic, this was
humiliation in the extreme as my girlfriend removed every stitch of my

"You don't know how lucky you are Susie," she smiled as she slipped a
fresh soft nappy under my bottom.


She unwittingly answered my baby gurgled question.

"You get to wear these lovely frilly baby dresses, you get looked after
and loved by your family, you don't have to worry about anything. Growing
up, having periods, getting a job, getting pregnant, getting married you
are soooo lucky." She smiled pinning my nappy together. "Sometimes I wish
we could swap places."

"If she only knew," I thought, "she would never put herself in this

She pulled a pair of plain pink plastic baby pants over my nappy, then
began threading my feet into one of Susie's all-in-one bed time suits.
These were specially made for Susie and I had often wondered what it
would be like to wear one, now I was going to find out. The sleep suit
was made from soft fluffy pink cotton, the feet had little pads
underneath so the material wouldn't be damaged when Susie walked about in
it, it completely covered my legs in soft warm cotton. She pulled it over
my be-nappied bottom and threaded my hands into sleeves. At the end of
the sleeves were shapeless mittens that were elasticated at the wrist.
When Jennifer pushed my hand into them the elastic gripped my wrists
tightly, they had been made that way so Susie did not scratch her self
while she slept.

Jennifer turned me on my stomach and proceeded to fasten the row of
poppers running from my bottom to my neck. I was swaddled in thick fluffy
pink cotton, looking every inch an 18 month old baby. Jennifer picked me
up and carried me over to the mirror and I saw myself blush at my


She took my arm and forced me to wave at myself.

"Hewo baby-waby," she cooeed.

I burst into tears.

"Oh dear," she said in sympathy, carried me over to my cot, picked up my
dummy and pushed it in my mouth.

"There, there, baby," she comforted me.

I heaved great sobs as she took me out of the nursery and into my old
room trying to find Susie who was now her boyfriend. "Where's that big
brother of yours?" she asked. "He was in here a minute ago, look he's
left his computer on."


That was it, my computer, that was how I could tell Jennifer who I really
was. I looked around to see the computer, Susie had left it on a word
processing programme. My luck was turning, all I had to do was get to
that key board. I reached out for it and gurgled excitedly.

"Oh! Does baby want to play on the computer," she giggled taking me over
to it.

This was so easy, my nightmare would soon be over, just let me get to
those keys I gurgled reaching out for the keyboard as she sat at the
computer desk. She leant forward to allow me to reach, I smiled for the
first time since I had used the rings, I was saved.

"Go on Susie," she encouraged me by getting me as close to the keyboard
as she could. I studied the keys as I wrote, I had developed quite a fast
typing speed over the years, but only if I concentrated on the keys and
not the screen. Without looking up I began to type, I was going to put
who I really was, how I'd used the rings, how Susie was really ME and
finish with the sentence


Once she saw the words on the screen she would know that the toddler on
her knee had her boyfriends mind.

But to my absolute frustration and horror I found that as my be-mittened
hand tried to press the selected key, several others went down with it,
the mittens were so thick I could not press one key down at a time no
matter how slow I typed. I looked at the screen to see lines of gobbledy-

"OH NO PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN" I wailed hammering the keys in utter
frustration, once again a means of communication was denied me, this time
due to these thick baby mittens.

Instead of showing Jennifer that I was a grown boy trapped in a little
girls body, all I managed to do was give a show of childish petulance as
Jennifer took my frustrated actions as just another one of Susie's

"Don't cry Susie, here let me help," Jennifer smiled.

Jenniffer took each of my little mittened hands in hers.

"Now what shall we write?" she mused.

"M..Y..N..A..M..E.." she read each letter out aloud as she pushed her
fingers down on the keys, my hands forced to follow.
"I..S..S..U..S..I...E. My name is Susie," she read the sentence out.
"Who's a clever girl then."

Try as I might I could not release my hands, I had to try to write her a
rescue note somehow.

WHO I REALLY AM," I gurgled loudly.

"What's going on," I heard my former voice say. I turned sharply to see
Susie stood at the door, what used to be my face pale as Susie looked at
us as using my computer.

She knew that I could use it given the chance, and if I did her new found
freedom would be over.

"Look what Susie has written David," Jennifer called Susie over.

He was visibly shaking as he approached, expecting the worst.

"Isn't she a clever baby," Jennifer gushed showing him what she had
helped me to write.

"D....d....did she actually write that?" Susie stammered nervously.

"No stupid, how could she have written it, she's a baby, I wrote it. But
clever little Susie helped me didn't she?" Jennifer cooeed standing up,
to allow Susan to take our place, Jennifer taking me further from my
source of salvation.

"NO NO LET ME GO!!!" I screamed, writhing in her arms to try to break

"Shush, shush, baby," Jennifer bounced me up and down, holding me

"What's wrong David, you look rather pale?" Jennifer as he sat down.

"I thought you had deleted some of my files," Susie replied with a sickly

"We wouldn't do that would we Susie?" she cooeed. "We only wanted to
write your name didn't we baby? Are you sure that's all that's wrong
David? You still look very pale. I hope you're going to be all right for
later," she giggled.

"I'll be fine don't you worry." Susie recovered her composure and I
watched the computer screen went black as she pulled the plug and put it
out of my reach.

Once again my hopes were dashed. I buried my face into Jennifer's bosom
and broke my heart.

"She is out of sorts isn't she?" Jennifer addressed David.

"Yes she's been acting up all day, we just don't know what's wrong with
her," Susie lied, she knew exactly what was wrong with me.


"Mum thinks it's a virus or something, she's taking her to the doctor
tomorrow," Susie continued.


"Once we have seen Dad off at the airport," Susie finished.

Another wave of anguish washed over me at the reminder that Dad was
leaving the country with the rings.

"I hope it's nothing serious," Jennifer said in a concerned tone.


"Hopefully it will be all over tomorrow," suggested Susie, the double
meaning in the statement was lost on Jennifer.

Jennifer carried me downstairs into the kitchen, she placed me in Susie's
highchair, securely strapped me in,


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