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Author Topic: Josh's New Home  (Read 17028 times)

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sissy marci

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Re: Josh's New Home
« Reply #14 on: November 30, 2023, 07:36:36 PM »
Lovely story, Josh is such a lucky sissy. Thank you

sweet baby katie

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Re: Josh's New Home
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2023, 04:00:37 AM »
Unable to reach physical satisfaction, Josh’s is left involuntarily in a state of perpetual desire;  a state that will overpower his superego and thereby will facilitate his acceptance of the realization of his deepest desires, desires that were manifest by his enjoyment of doll-play many years earlier with his aunt who correctly read the essential deeply feminine and infantile nature of her nephew (which is also why his father threw a fit about that play).  Joshy is indeed totally lucky and will be unable to resist his feminization and impending infantilization.  Please continue this most satisfying tale.

Diaper Prisoner

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Re: Josh's New Home
« Reply #16 on: December 05, 2023, 03:33:54 PM »
I like to think that the Vanessa who said Josh should be put back in diapers is the same Vanessa from "Jimmy's Return to Diapers", like Bobby's work is one big gigantic "Sissy Literature Universe" like the MCU.

Nice work as always.

Baby Bobby

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Re: Josh's New Home
« Reply #17 on: December 06, 2023, 10:33:23 AM »
Bending down to look me in the face from the side, my aunt was prompting me to agree with her but I couldn’t take anymore of this kind of attention. I abruptly wrenched my hands free and stormed off into the house, determined to tear up all the embarrassing sissy clothes I was wearing. Going through the living room, I threw the pink purse on the couch and ran into my bedroom, slamming the door behind me in an angry huff.
My face was still burning with shame and when I noticed my reflection in the full length mirror in my room, I nearly burst into tears. How would I ever live this down? How had I gotten myself into such a humiliating situation?
Looking at myself, I looked like a five year-old girl about to cry her little eyes out. My lower lip trembled and I fought the urge with all my twelve tears of experience, even as my vision became blurry with tears.
I was just about to strip off my top when the door suddenly opened and Aunt Emily’s friend Lauren strode into the room like she owned it. I was a little intimidated by her since she was much taller than I was and obviously, a lot older. For some reason, her big breasts also added to her very adult persona and I hesitated uncertainly before her.
She beamed down at me and shook her pretty head sympathetically.
“There-there,” she said as she swept over and hugged me to her soft, cushiony chest, “no one meant to hurt you Baby.”
I wanted to speak but a tear trickled down my cheek and my throat was choked with emotion.
“I-I was so--” I sobbed as my shoulders shook uncontrollably.
She stroked my head affectionately as I nuzzled blissfully against her exciting bosom.
Slowly, Lauren led me gently over to the bed where she sat down on it, taking me carefully and positioning me up onto her lap.
“Hey…shhh,” she whispered in a warm, consoling voice, “there, there…don’t cry, Joshy.”
Even though she seemed to mean well, her words and childish treatment of me only made me feel even more like a baby and another set of tears tumbled down my face before I could stop them. I was tired of people treating me like a girl and a sissy and no one wanted to give me the respect of the young man that I knew I was.
“Don’t be so sad, Joshy…” she comforted me, “You’re a cute little boy, you know.”
I sniffled and felt a least a little better about that remark. I liked the idea of her thinking of me as cute although I took issue with the ‘little boy’ part. I was almost a teenager, for crying out loud!
“How about if I gave you a little kiss—hmm?” she offered in a sweet voice.
I looked at her uncertainly, my face wet with tears as I sat in her lap like a child. She was very pretty and her full, luscious lips shined with a glossy, wine colored lipstick. Without a doubt, she was drop-dead gorgeous and I wasn’t about to turn her down.
Without waiting for an answer, she leaned forward and, closing her eyes briefly, kissing me gently on the lips.
Wow!! I couldn’t believe it! My first kiss and it was with a real knock-out!
My head was spinning and I felt that familiar pain starting to grow in my crotch as my wiener struggled to grow harder.
“You know,” she began, “you missed out on a nice lunch your aunt had planned for everyone. But don’t you worry, I’ve got something even better that I think you’ll like,” she said eagerly in that soft, conspiratorial voice of hers.
I was still staring at her enticing lips when she began stroking the plump mounds of her big breasts, caressing them with her sexy manicured hands. This was really something for me to watch and my heart skipped a beat as it raced into full speed ahead.
She slid me off her lap and then onto the bed face up so that I was now positioned directly in front of her massive bosom which was tightly stretching the fabric of her bikini top in the most erotic way.
“It just so happens that I’m lactating so I can promise you a nice full meal, Joshy,” she said, her voice getting thick with desire.
I was starting to get an idea where this was heading and suddenly I grew nervous, feeling like I was in over my head. At my age, I liked the idea of kissing girls and maybe an experimental fondle here and there, but I was totally unprepared for anything more. I swallowed hard as Lauren slowly unclipped the front of her straining bikini, releasing her huge melons from their smooth cups. I stared dumbfounded as she cupped the left one and brought it forward to position it before my face. I’d never seen a woman’s nipple in my life and here was one right in front of my face! It stuck out, about the thickness of my finger and I saw the tiny hole in which liquid was already seeping out.
“N-no, please--” I stammered, “I-I’m-not sure I--”
“Shhhhh,” she shushed me, “this is just what my little baby needs.” 
“Uh-uh,” I bleated and I shook my head no, trying to dissuade her but she only smiled down at me undaunted. Taking her big firm nipple between her slim finger and thumb, she gently squeezed it and I watched in awe as a small dribble of breast milk leaked out.
“Open up, Sissykins,” she insisted with a big smile.
 I struggled on her lap but she put her other hand behind my head and forced me to face her gigantic breast.
“No—p-please!” I whined pathetically but she only smiled and brought my head up to meet her nipple. I felt my lips brush against it and she rubbed it across from side to side, working it slowly inside.
“Take it in, baby Joshy,” she whispered softly.
With a sob of defeat, my mouth opened and her big nipple quickly filled my mouth. Instinctively, I began submissively nursing and I was quickly rewarded with a steady stream of warm, odd tasting milk.
“That’s a good boy…that’s my little baby,” she cooed softly to me.
I whimpered helplessly as I suc-ked like an infant from her tremendous, milk laden breast, feeling more babyish than ever.
Lauren’s hand shifted to pat my panty clad bottom in a soft, maternal gesture.
“You know, Vanessa was right,” she said, practically in a whisper, “I think you do belong in diapers and plastic panties.”
I tried to shake my head in disagreement but Lauren wouldn’t allow it.
“You just keep nursing, Baby,” she told me, “I’ll tell you when you’ve finished.”
Not wanting to cross her, I did as I was told, closing my eyes as I suc-ked mouthful after mouthful of warm breast milk. I was so absorbed by what I was doing that I failed to notice when Aunt Emily came into the room, unannounced.
“I think your baby here is going to need to be put into diapers before you lay him down for his nap,” Lauren said with a big smile.
I opened my eyes to see my aunt gazing down at me, my mouth full of Lauren’s plump boob, suc-king like a newborn infant.
“Well, if I had known my little sissy was a breast feeder, I would have put him into diapers a long time ago,” Aunt Emily remarked.
I mewled in protest but Lauren was making sure I couldn’t pull away from her massive breast.
“I came in here and the poor little sissy was crying his eyes out,” Lauren explained, “The only way I could get him to stop blubbering was to offer him some mother’s milk, straight from the source.”
“Is that so?” Aunt Emily mused.
“Oh yes, he really is a needy little child, but giving him a nipple to nurse from seemed to calm him down right away—isn’t that right, Sugarplum,” she said in a mocking voice used with toddlers.
I tried to shake my head no but Lauren was gripping my neck firmly from behind and I squealed ineffectually with my mouth full.
“Joshy, why didn’t you tell me you were still breast feeding? Were you too embarrassed?” Aunt Emily asked innocently.
I tried to speak to counter Lauren’s lies but I was hopelessly gagged.
“Don’t you worry, Honey, we’ll take care of all your little baby needs,” she said confidently, “From now on, you’ll be my little sweet toddler, and I’ll make sure you get all the breast milk you can handle. Fortunately for you, I’ve also got plenty of diapers and baby clothes that I know you’ll absolutely adore!”
Suddenly, I felt like I was falling slowly down a mine shaft, unable to stop my fall. Somehow, I knew intuitively that my aunt had plans to take my emasculation process further by treating me like a baby and I knew I had to stop her, and stop her right now!
I jerked my head away from Lauren’s breast and stumbled up awkwardly from the bed.
“No!” I shouted, “I’m not going to wear diapers and baby clothes!”
My aunt looked mildly surprised but not shocked as she crossed her slim arms over her big breasts.
“I’m tired of being treated like a girl and a sissy!” I continued my tirade, “From now on, I’m going to wear what I want to wear.”
For a moment, a tense silence filled the room with none of us speaking.
“All finished?” Aunt Emily asked curtly, an icy tone putting an edge to her voice, “Are you done with your little temper tantrum?”
Still simmering, I nodded sulkily but I looked away, unsure of just what I’d done.
“Good, because you’re coming with me, Little Boy,” she said and she reached down to snatch my wrist.
“Wha-where are we g-going?” I asked as she jerked me out unceremoniously into the hallway and down toward the bedrooms.
“I know you’ve just been dying to see what’s behind this door so now you’re going to find out,” she replied, her voice filled with determination, “Oh yes, you’ve had this coming and now you’re going to get it in spades.”
I pouted and whimpered as she opened the forbidden pink door and pulled me inside. As she flipped on the light, I saw a baby’s nursery that looked like it had been decorated for a toddler girl. Pink and white wallpaper patterned with playing animals covered the walls and a large crib dominated the room. Frilly pink curtains softened the sunlight coming into the room and a dresser, also in pink, stood next to the crib. On the floor was a low changing table, its padded surface covered with nursery print vinyl plastic and next to it were tall stacks of thick cloth diapers.
My stomach buzzed nervously as I took all this in but I didn’t have time to absorb it all before I saw Aunt Emily reach for a stout wooden paddle much like the one in the kitchen.
“I-I I didn’t mean to--” I babbled nonsensically.
I gulped in fear as she lowered the crib bars on one side and took a seat on the waterproof sheeted mattress.
“Its time for you to learn a little lesson in manners,” she said evenly as she pulled me over to her side. Wearing only my panties and the sissy top, I felt naked and defenseless as I trembled before her.
“No-no--” I stammered weakly as she wrestled me over her bare lap.
 I fell face forward and found myself staring at a diapered yellow teddy bear on the floor in front of me.
“Wait! Please! I’ll be good—honest!” I pleaded.
Aunt Emily moved her high-heeled feet slightly apart and rubbed the smooth paddle against my pantied bottom as I whimpered fearfully.
“Its time you learned who makes the rules in this house, Young Man,” she lectured me, “You need to learn that I know what’s best for you and if that means putting you back in diapers, that’s what’s going to happen.”
 “P-please Aunt Emily, please don’t sp-spank me,” I wailed piteously.
Ignoring my whining, she raised the paddle high up over her head and then brought it swooping down, to land with a deafening SMACK!! across both of my unprotected cheeks. I howled out and kicked my feet, just in time for her to grip my torso to hold me securely in place and prevent my escape.
“We both know you’re a little sissy who belongs in diapers and plastic pants and that’s just what you’ll wear from now on.” 
The paddle seared itself with a terrifying impact, flattening my round, youthful cheeks with impunity before they bounced back up in place, ready for another blistering swat. I immediately burst into tears, acutely aware that the door was open and everyone outside would be able to hear me. Here I was, a twelve year-old guy, being given a spanking over my aunt’s lap like an errant child and told that I’d have to wear diapers from now on. It was mortifying!
“You may have thought you were coming here to be able to wear panties but clearly, diapers are more appropriate for you.”
She delivered two stinging, punishing swats to each cheek.
“You’ll wear what I tell you and do it without question—do I make myself clear?”
Before I could reply, the hard wooden paddle came swooping down again, slapping my frilly pantied cheeks with angry, fierce determination.
Suddenly, I felt her long fingernail reach inside the waistband of my prissy undies and jerk them downwards, to frame my soft, bare buns for more of her harsh discipline.
I was sobbing like a baby as the paddle rained down again and again, slapping my exposed bottom with a terrible vengeance. I kicked frantically and pounded my bunched fists on the floor, wailing at the top of my lungs in anguish.
Being made of hard oak, the wooden paddle was uncompromising as it blistered my tender, round cheeks mercilessly. The hard, crisp swats filled the room like thunderclaps, mixed with the continuous sound of my crying unashamedly. There could be no mistaking the sound of a naughty little boy getting his bottom spanked, and spanked hard.
Lauren was avidly watching my punishment closely and a small smile had formed on her cute face, showing her obvious satisfaction at what was taking place. Occasionally, she’d nod in agreement as a particularly harsh slap caused me to buck and cry out louder.
I couldn’t believe how hard my aunt could spank and if her arm was tiring, she certainly didn’t show it. She was determined to teach me a lesson and my bottom was getting its full measure and then some.
At long last, my aunt stopped spanking me and she began rubbing my blazing, throbbing cheeks again with her paddle.
“Is baby Joshy ready to be put into his diapers?” she asked innocently.
I was too busy blubbering to make a coherent reply so I nodded my head and said the closest thing I could articulate to a yes.
“I didn’t hear you Joshy…are you ready to be a good little baby now?”
I cried out in pain and anguish, another set of fresh tears spilling down my face.
“Y-y-yes Ma’am!” I cried miserably.
“Good. That’s mommy’s little baby,” she said, apparently satisfied.
Setting the dreaded paddle on the crib mattress next to her, she reached down and helped me to stand, although I was a total wreck and I wavered before her on unsteady feet. I was too ashamed to look at her directly and I stared at the floor instead, crying openly like a little child. Being disciplined by my beautiful aunt was more than I could stand and I was mortified beyond belief. All my dreams and aspirations of being considered as an equal had gone up in a poof of smoke. All along, I had been fooling myself, believing that I was an adult on par with her. She had clearly established her absolute authority in the house and I felt chastened and defeated.
Aunt Emily took me in her arms and began patting me on the back, saying soft, soothing things in my ear.
“There, there Baby…it’s all over now,” she told me in her usual sultry voice, “Your spanking’s finished and everything’s going to be okay Sweety.”
I sobbed uncontrollably and my tears fell from my cheek to drop down onto her bare back.
“There, there Joshy,” she said cradling my head, “Shushhh….shush now. Mommy’s going to make everything all better.”
I wasn’t sure what to make of her assurances but I certainly wanted to be in her good graces again. I hugged her tightly and I could feel her big soft breasts pressing against my own chest. She waited a little while longer for my sobbing to subside before she began again.
“Joshy? Mommy needs to put you into your diapers now…but don’t worry Honey—I’ll make sure you have the cutest plastic panties on so you don’t have to be concerned about that—okay?”
Her voice was one of soothing comfort and I felt a strong sense of protection from her, like she was going to protect me from the rest of the world.
Gently, she pulled me away from her embrace and stood me before her, using her finger under my chin to make me look her in the eyes. Tears were still spilling down my cheeks and I had to wipe the goo dribbling from my nose.
“Joshy, I know you think you’re a big boy now but I’m a lot older and wiser than you are and I know you’re just not ready for big boy underwear yet. Maybe someday—but not yet. You need the safety and security of a nice thick diaper and waterproof panties. You can trust me because I love you—you know that don’t you? I love you very much and I know this is what’s best for you.”
I was ashamed to hear these words from my aunt--words that said I was nothing but a baby—and it only made me want to cry harder. Ironically, I also knew my crying was making me look even more childish but I couldn’t stop myself. Looking at her mature, pretty face, I knew she held all the cards and that I was a helpless pawn for her plans. Our relationship had undergone a huge and irrevocable power shift--she was in charge now and I had no choice but to follow her directions.


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Re: Josh's New Home
« Reply #18 on: December 06, 2023, 06:20:19 PM »
Bobby, Bobby, Bobby great addition, but he didn't finish his nursing! Although I can't help feeling it might become a regular thing.

Now he's agreed to go back into nappies, he won't need his CB chastity device will he. I mean all his spurties will be soaked up in cotton towelling. Surely a bit of quid pro quo would be allowable?

Keep it up BB, looking forward to where this is going.


Baby Bobby

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Re: Josh's New Home
« Reply #19 on: December 07, 2023, 12:41:46 AM »
“Now…I know this is going to be hard for you, but the first step for you to take is to admit that you’re a sissy. It’ll make things go much easier from here on if you do. Understand Joshy? You and I both know it, but I think it would be best if you were to say it out loud.
“Can you do that for me Honey?” she asked in her sweetest voice.
My face was beet red and it was impossible for me to say the humiliating words, especially with Lauren standing right there, so instead, I just nodded my head.
“Go ahead, Joshy—tell us what you are,” her friend prompted me.
My bottom felt like someone was holding a red hot skillet to it and I was more than terrified of going back over Aunt Emily’s lap.
“I-I’m a s-sissy,” I mumbled, barely audible.
“You can do better than that, Joshy,” Aunt Emily chided me good-naturedly.
I cleared my throat.
“I’m a-a sissy,” I said with more authority and certainty.
“That’s better baby,” she said, obviously happier with my performance, “And now it’s time to put you into your new underwear. As you can see, I’ve got stacks and stacks of soft, cuddly diapers for you to wear and wet, and plenty of cute plastic panties in all sorts of colors. They’re just what every sissy needs to keep himself protected. And don’t worry Baby, before long--you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.
“So--we have a few new rules now--from now on, I want you to ask me to change you when you’re wet but since this is your first time, you can just ask to be put into your diapers—okay Joshy?”
My cheeks were buzzing with shame as I looked furtively at Lauren, hoping maybe she was making ready to leave. Unfortunately, she was still keenly interested in my situation and she was only too happy to see me humiliate myself.
“Go ahead, Honey, ask for your di-dees,” she said to me encouragingly.
Swallowing hard, I fidgeted nervously, shuffling my feet as I stalled. I didn’t want to be humiliated with wearing diapers but my bottom was burning like a furnace.
Aunt Emily reached down and brought my face back up to look her in the eyes again.
I cleared my throat again nervously.
“Will you p-please put me in my d-diapers, Aunt Emily?” I stammered, blushing furiously. I had never been so ashamed in my entire life.
Her pretty face broke into a ravishing grin.
“Well since you asked so nicely, how could I refuse such a request?
“Oh, and one more thing--I want you to start calling me ‘Mommy’ from now on, because I’m going to be your mommy from here on. No more ‘Aunt Emily’—its ‘Mommy’ for my little Diaperkins, okay?”
I blushed hotly and nodded my head in shameful agreement.
She led me over to the changing table and set me down on it carefully although despite the cool vinyl surface, it hurt terribly on my scorched, blazing backside. I let out a cry of pain and unsuccessfully fought back a pair of tears that trickled down my face.
“Poor little baby,” Aunt Emily said sympathetically, “I’ll rub some diaper rash ointment on your warm little fanny.”
True to her word, she squeezed a large handful of the creamy substance into the palm of her hand and began applying it across my hot, stinging cheeks. With one hand, she held my ankles up high, exposing my bright red bottom to Lauren as she slowly rubbed the soothing crème into my skin. I whimpered with pain and humiliation as she finished her task and then slid three thick diapers under my raised rump. With a deft movement, she tugged my yellow panties down my legs and threw them into the trash without a word. I was devastated to think that I’d never wear soft, silky panties again and I fought against the tears that threatened to spill down my cheeks anew.
Laying me down gently, she picked up the baby powder and began shaking it generously over my crotch and belly. Taking her time, she rubbed the sweetly scented powder all over, from my chest all the way down to between my legs. The familiar scent brought surprisingly strong memories of babyhood flooding back and I balled my fists in mute frustration. Softly rubbing the silky powder into my swollen, c-um-filled balls, she seemed to take an especially long amount of time and looking up at her big boobs barely contained in her top, my pen-is throbbed in futile frustration within its hard plastic prison.
 I squirmed in silence as she hummed a pleasant tune and finally pulled the soft, bulky cloth up between my legs, pinning either side around my hips with pink bunny-headed safety pins.
“That’s my little baby,” she said encouragingly as she beeped my wet nose.
My only consolation was that I hoped my new attire would remain a secret between these two women—I sure didn’t want anyone else finding about what had happened.
“Now—let’s pick out an extra special pair of plastic panties for our little princess,” she said gaily.
Opening up the dresser drawer, she sifted through stacks of neatly arranged plastic pants until she pulled out a white pair with pink polka dots. I saw that they had lilac lace around the legs with a single fancy bow on the waistband.
“Here you are, Joshy!” she exclaimed, “I think these will be just perfect for your first day in diapers.”   
She made it sound like a momentous occasion like I were heading off to grad school or something. Instead, she was putting the final touch on my transition to babyhood.
I cringed as she gathered the leg openings and began snaking them up over my ankles.
“These will make sure you don’t have any ‘accidents’ or wet the furniture,” she assured me with confidence.
I gulped as she pulled the noisy panties up my smooth legs and began working them over the embarrassing, fat diaper I was wearing. Tugging and using her fingernails, she worked the panties up and around, making sure she got a perfect fit around my hips and thighs.
“There!” she said happily, “You’re all diapered and ready for your nap!”
I really didn’t want to take a nap but I sure didn’t want to end up over her lap again. I whimpered and pouted, showing my displeasure not unlike many a toddler being sent to bed for his daily nap.
“Aww, mommy’s baby wants to stay up, does he?” she asked with mock concern, “Here you go Joshy, maybe this will make you feel better.”
She took a large pink rubber pacifier and pushed it against my lips, forcing it inside until I found myself passively suc-king on it. I felt so utterly babyish as I looked down at the shiny white and pink vinyl panties surrounding my bulging diapers while I suc-ked helplessly on the rubber nipple filling my mouth.
“We just need a comfy sleeper outfit for you and you’ll be all ready for your crib,” she informed me.       
Walking over to the closet, my aunt sorted through the various dresses and rompers until she found a soft, fuzzy Care Bears onesie, with ruffled sleeves and leg openings. Bringing it over, she helped me out of my sissy top and slipped the plush, cozy garment over my head. She pulled the stretchy fabric down over my chest and I noticed there was some sort of elastic in the waist that hugged me, yet allowed for freedom of movement and comfort. The bottom half was cut large enough to allow for a big, thirsty diaper, even one as over sized as mine was. Aunt Emily continued humming to herself as she drew the front and back sections together between my legs and secured the four snaps shut.
Even though it fit me remarkably well, I could still see glimpses of my shiny plastic panties underneath at the leg holes and the elastic waist ensured my bell shape would be unmistakable to anyone seeing me. It was obvious there would be no doubt that I was very well diapered underneath this babyish outfit.
“Stand up Joshy, so we can take a look at you,” Aunt Emily said enthusiastically.
With great reluctance, I got to my feet and soon realized I couldn’t stand in my normal fashion due to the thick, but soft bulk between my legs.
“Oh my!” Aunt Emily exclaimed as she put her slim hand in front of her mouth, “Aren’t you just the cutest thing in the world!”
I blushed anew and realized the rest of my look coincided perfectly with the onesie and diapers. My hair was still in pigtails, held up by the pink bow and my Keds with the white anklets added further to my babyish appearance.
“Come along now Joshy,” she said as she patted my fat diapered bottom, “Let’s go say goodbye to your guests and then its beddie-bye time for you.”
I shook my head anxiously and muffled a protest but the pacifier in my mouth prevented me from speaking clearly.
“Here you go Joshy—and here’s a cuddly teddy bear for my little princess to hold onto,” she said, placing the diapered bear in my arms like it was perfectly normal.
I pouted and sulked as she led me out of the nursery and back outside again where my aunt’s friends were talking amongst themselves. It was a strange and unfamiliar feeling as I waddled behind my aunt, the thick diaper rubbing softly between my thighs.
As we came out before her friends, my face and chest flashed crimson all over again as the women turned to face me in my most recent ensemble.
“Well, that’s quite an improvement,” Vanessa remarked dryly, “I see you put your sissy back into his diapers again.”


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Re: Josh's New Home
« Reply #20 on: December 07, 2023, 01:38:15 PM »
As usual, wonderful story. Looking forward to next chapter.


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