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Author Topic: Ben's Predicament by lilsissydani  (Read 24487 times)

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Ben's Predicament by lilsissydani
« on: November 24, 2014, 07:58:17 PM »
Reposted by request.

Ben's Predicament by lilsissydani

Part 1

Ben was a fairly successful middle manager at a large company. He lived by himself in a two bedroom apartment. His life was pretty normal by most standards, except for one small little fetish that he had. Ben liked to wear diapers and fantasized about be treated like a small toddler.

Ben had felt this way for most of his life. When he was in high school he would try on the largest baby diapers that he could find, as an adult he had found that Walgreens sold adult diapers that looked and sounded just like their baby counterparts. He would buy and wear these on a regular basis. As his fetish had matured, Ben had actually regressed.

He now wore diapers to bed occasionally, and always had his pacifier handy. It was not uncommon to see Ben driving down the road with his pacifier in his mouth. He had started to get braver in his wearing diapers in public too. He had purchased a diaper bag and all the proper baby items to fill it. He had gone out several times in public wearing diapers and carrying his diaper bag. Usually he went to stores and bought other baby items while dressed this way. He had even changed himself in the mother’s room at Babies-R-Us one afternoon when he was wet. Ben was always hoping that he would run into the right person that would treat him just like a baby.

But it didn’t look like that was ever going to happen, So Ben had gone on-line and bought himself two big baby outfits. One was a boys outfit and the other was for a little girl. Ben had just gotten these outfits and was eager to try them out.

He lay down on his bed and pulled his disposable diaper up between his legs and securely fastened the tapes along the sides. He then sat up and looked at the outfit sitting next to him. There was no mistaking the fact that it looked like it belonged to an overgrown toddler. The shirt had pictures of little dinosaurs on it and there were snaps along the top of the shirt so it was easier to get on and off of baby. The pants were blue corduroy with snaps up the legs so baby could be changed easily. Ben sat up and looked at the clothes again. Once out in public wearing these clothes there would not be any way to hide his appearance. Always before he could hide his obvious baby items from view if he got scared. Once in public dressed this way there would be very little chance that he could avoid detection by anyone who saw him.

Ben put his new pants on and noticed that they were not tall enough to cover his entire diaper. The plastic around the diaper showed almost all the way around. Next he put the top on and snapped the snaps across the top. He tucked his shirt into his pants and walked over to his bedroom mirror.

Looking in the mirror Ben was shocked. He no longer saw the businessman that was wearing diapers, but instead he saw a baby boy that was trying to be big. He also noticed that it was not going to be easy keeping his shirt tucked in. In just the little walk over from the bed it has already untucked itself.

Ben walked back over to the bed and looked at the other outfit. A white dress with blue trim and little ducks on the front. There was also a matching set of rumba panties to go with this dress. Ben knew he would never go out in this outfit and decided that he would try it on after his little adventure that he had planned that afternoon.

Ben walked back over to the mirror and carefully clipped his binky to his shirt and placed it in his mouth. Then he went back over to the bed and started to go through his diaper bag making sure that it was ready for the trip. Car keys, wallet, diapers, baby wipes, bottle filled with formula, some jars of baby food. Most of these items , except for the diapers and wipes, were really just for show. He never had been able to get up the nerve to drink from the bottle or eat baby food in public. He quickly threw a couple of baby toys in the bag to finish his packing.

When he got to the door he stopped, suddenly realizing that once he walked out that door into the hallway of hi apartment building there was a chance that nothing would ever be the same here. He took the binky out of his mouth and off his shirt and headed out into the hallway. There was no one in the hall and he quickly went down the hall, ran down the steps and out the door. Walking quickly he went across the parking lot and got into his car. Phew… made it.

Part 2

Once out of the apartment building parking lot Ben put the pacifier back in his mouth and headed off across town for what he hoped was a very exciting experience. Little did he know just how life altering this innocent trip would be.

Ben drove down the freeway with his pacifier plainly visible for everyone to see. It always excited him when someone noticed and laughed. Today he was especially pleased because a car with several teenage girls had seen him and kept pulling alongside to look at him. One of then even took a picture.

He was so busy looking at them and showing of that he did not notice the middle aged woman that pulled along his other side and then settled in right behind him.

Ben pulled off the freeway and into the parking lot of a major mall. He pulled up to one of the outlying stores and turned the car off. The middle aged lady pulled in right across the aisle from him without even a look from Ben.

Ben got out of the car and grabbed his diaper bag out of the back seat. He put his keys in the outside pocket and headed for the door. The sign above the door proudly said Babies - R Us. Ben headed in the door and as he did almost every head turned and stared. Ben had seen this type of attention in the past, but no one had ever said anything to him. He headed to the baby toy aisle and was looking at some of the black and red toys that had rattles in them when he heard the voice over his shoulder.

“What do you think you are doing young man ” the voice boomed.

Ben was startled and suddenly scared. He turned around to find this lady standing behind him with a look on her face that only a mother could give. “Look at you”, she said. “I leave you alone for one minute and then I find you running off to the store. I have told you a million times, you are not a big boy anymore. Just look at you, your wearing clothes that only a toddler would wear, and standing here suc-king on your binky like a good little baby.” Ben realized just then that everyone around him was staring directly at this confrontation.

Ben had never seen this woman in his life and did not know what to do. He wanted to run. Looking around though he was sure that if he tried that he would be stopped by one of the people staring like a child would that was running away from his mother.

“What do you have to say for yourself.” The voice continued. Ben just looked at her and tears started to form. “That’s what I thought! Babies don’t talk do they”, the woman continued. She reached out her hand and grabbed the diaper bag off of Ben’s shoulder. That was when real panic set in. Now she had his life in her hands. His keys were neatly tucked into the pocket of the diaper bag, as was his wallet. Even if he could run away he would not make it very far dressed like he was. Ben just looked bag at the woman and started to cry.

“See, what have I told you, you are just like an infant still”, she said opening up the diaper bag. The woman looked through the bag and handed Ben a rattle. “ Here baby, play with this”, she said as she forced it into his hand. The woman then sniffed and said “are you poopy?” She turned Ben around and pulled his diaper away from his backside and looked in. “Nope, must just be gas”, she said. Ben was completely humiliated and confused by now.

The woman took Ben’s other hand and turned and started down the aisle, Ben’s diaper bag on her shoulder. She headed over to the baby safety aisle. She grabbed a package off the hook that contained what amounted to a leash for a child. Then she waked over to one of the employees of the store and explained “My child here keeps running off. Would it be a problem if I put this to use and then just paid for it when we leave?” The employee looked at Ben and the woman. “Sure”, she replied after a short pause. “Let me help you with that. The employee took the package and opened it. She placed one end around Bens wrist and then handed the woman the other end.

Ben had regained some of his senses by now and spit his pacifier out and started to talk. “Who are you?” He asked. The woman calmly turned around and grabbed the pacifier and shoved it back in Ben’s mouth. “I am your mommy silly. The better question might be whom do you think you are running around in a store dressed like that? Don’t answer that question either, we will had plenty of time to go over those things later. I want you to act your age now. Babies don’t talk. Now be a good little boy for mommy.” With that she grabbed the pacifier and stuck it back into Ben’s mouth.

Ben’s head was swimming. Here he was in Babies-R-Us being treated just like he had fantasized about, but there was a twist. Always in his dreams he was at least somewhat in control of the situation. He had no control right now and no idea who the person was that was now in charge.

Woman led him to the back of the store where the baby food was and picked up an entire case of the follow-up formula and headed to the checkout. On the way back up to the check out she again asked him if he was wet or dirty. Ben started to speak and found himself being swatted on the tail end. “I told you that you are not to talk. Do you understand this, or do I need to be more clear?” Ben nodded his head.

The woman leaned down close to Ben and said, “Babies are asked lots of questions people know they cannot respond to, it is like asking your car to get you home. Babies are objects that do not talk, but are talked to. Do you understand this?” Ben nodded again.

The woman then pulled his shirt up and once again checked to see if he was wet or poopy. “Nope, good little man she said.” With that she turned and headed up to the checkouts with Ben in tow. When they got to the checkouts the woman was told that she had a cute little boy. She replied “Most of the time, but today he has gotten himself into lots of trouble.”

As they left the store Ben tried to head to his car. He did not get very far though. The woman looked at him. “You just don’t get it do you? You are a baby. Babies do not do drive cars or do things that adults do. You will learn this quickly I am sure.”

With that the woman gave Ben a hard tug and dragged him over to her car. She opened the back door on the passenger side and said, “Get in little man”. Ben looked inside the car. His emotions were sending him reeling again. Part of him felt like this was his dream and another part of him knew that this was much more than he ever bargained for. Panic started setting in, who was this woman, where was she trying to take him, what would he do Monday morning on going to work, his mom and sister would be upset if he didn’t show up for dinner tomorrow afternoon. Ben tried to get away. He tried running but the strap attached to his wrist would not let him get very far. He started grasping at it

Pulling on it to get it loose when it happened. The woman grabbed him by the ear and yanked. The pain shot through him as he thought she had ripped his ear off. He started to cry out of reflex. “Get back over here young man”, was all that he heard. The woman pushed him into the back seat and put the seat belt on him. She reached down and flipped the child lock lever on the door. She shoved his pacifier back in his mouth and angrily shouted, “suc-k.” Out of fear Ben started suc-king on the binky.

“That’s my good little boy”, was the woman’s reply. She closed the door and got into the front seat.

Ben wanted to escape. He started to unbuckle the seat belt. The woman turned around quickly and looked at him. “Don’t even try it. I have a black belt in Karate and a little wimp like you will not overpower me. Just sit back and be a good little baby. “

“That IS how you wanted to be treated wasn’t it. Look at how you are dressed. Most men your age do not wear diapers and little outfits with dinosaurs on them. They also don’t go traipsing around in Babies-R-Us suc-king on a pacifier.”

“I also saw you tooling down the freeway earlier flirting with those teenage girls. I could tell you just wanted one of them to treat you like the little one that you are. Do you deny any of this?”

Ben sat back and silently nodded. “That’s better”, the woman continued. She reached over to Ben’s diaper bag that was sitting on the floorboard and pulled out the baby bottle that was in there. “Hmm, looks like baby likes apple juice.” She turned around in the seat and pulled the pacifier out of Ben’s mouth and replaced it with the bottle. “Can baby hold his ba-ba?”, she asked. Ben took the bottle from her. “Now don’t put that down until its empty little boy”, she warned him. Ben looked around the parking lot. No one noticed him, or if they did they didn’t seem to care.

The woman started the car and started driving. Ben kept looking out the window, suc-king on the bottle. He had to admit, it tasted pretty good right now. They drove in silence for about five minutes.

As they got off the freeway Ben looked over and there was his boss driving right next to them. He immediately took the bottle out of his mouth. The woman noticed this immediately and told him to get it back in his mouth. Ben pointed out the window and said “Boss.” The woman cackled, “So that is my new babies boss. Does he know what a little baby he hired? I bet he doesn’t. Don’t you think he should know how you really want to be treated?” With that the woman honked the horn of the car twice. Ben’s boss looked over and only saw the woman in the front seat. She motioned to him to roll down his window. Ben looked the other way. He knew his boss would never turn down a pretty lady asking him to roll down his window.

Part 3

The two cars pulled into the parking lot and parked next to each other. The humiliation that followed was worse than Ben had ever imagined. The woman got out of the car and walked over to the back door and opened it. Ben’s boss got out of his car. Looking back at Ben and just laughing. The woman reached in and unbuckled the seat belt. Ben knew what was going to happen next, but he was still shocked when she grabbed his hand and pulled him from the car. “Come on out and say hi to the nice man”, the woman said. “Well I mean at least wave hi to him, you know babies like this one don’t talk much”, she continued.

At that point Ben’s boss completely lost it. Here he was looking at his most talkative employee standing before him dressed like a toddler, complete with a pacifier in his mouth. “Ben, is that really you? Or should I call you Benny?” His boss asked. Ben started to answer, but noticed the woman raise her hand to slap him. “So, that’s his name”, she said. “Time for a diaper check”, she continued.

With that she quickly grabbed Ben’s pants and pulled them down to his knees leaving his diaper completely showing. To Ben’s horror he looked down and noticed that he must have actually been so scared he had peed his pants. There it was a big wet spot on the front of the diaper.

“Oops, baby went wee wee”, the woman exclaimed. As she did this she pulled his pants back up and push him backwards toward the car. “Just lay down baby and mommy will change your wet diaper.”

She opened the front door and pulled the diaper bag out. Ben basically fell back into the back seat of the car. As he did the woman started unsnapping his pants and talking to his boss. “See I ran into Benny at Babies-R-Us today and he looked like he really needed a mommy, so I picked him up there.”

Ben’s boss just stared in amazement as the woman finished unsnapping Ben’s pants and started to untape the diaper. Ben was in shock. This morning he was a rising star in a good company and now, not more than four hours later he was spread on the back seat of a car with his boss watching him get his diaper changed.

The woman expertly removed his diaper and pulled a diaper wipe out of the diaper bag and wiped his privates down. She could not help but notice that Ben’s penius was rock hard even though it was small. “My, my!” She exclaimed. “Benny obviously likes his new found roll.” Ben’s boss finally spoke.

“I have not introduced myself, I am Ronald Wegner.”

“Pleased to meet you Ronald. I am Elaine Jenkins, pleased to meet you.” Elaine pulled out another baby wipe and wiped her hands. She then reached her hand out and shook Ronald’s hand. Then she turned back around and snapped Ben’s pants back together and pulled him back out of the car. There he stood. Dressed like an eighteen-month-old child in front of his boss. “Well, this certainly explains some things”, Ronald said. “My secretary swore she heard a diaper rustling in the office about a month ago. That was you, wasn’t it Benny.”

Ben stood there in shock. He had only worn diapers at the office twice and he was sure that he hadn’t been caught. Now it was obvious that he had been. Ben shook his head yes and started to sob. “That’s OK”, Elaine said. “Babies all wear diapers, they are not old enough to know when they need to use the potty.”

Ronald looked at Ben. “Well, I don’t think I can have a sales manager waddling around the office in diapers and suc-king on a pacifier. Benny, you come back to see me when you grow up a little bit.” Elaine jumped in, “ that’s probably a good idea, I m sure that Benny here has some personal things at the office, I will come by there and pick them up.” “That would be fine”, Ronald said. “Why don’t you bring your little boy with you. I am sure all the girls at the office would love to see such a cute little baby.” With this last remark he laughed and turned around to leave.

“Wave bye-bye to the nice man”, Elaine instructed Ben. Ben looked at her and was sure that she was very serious. She grabbed his hand and waved it just like he had seen other mommies do with their infants.

Once Ronald drove away Elaine turned back to Ben. “So, our adult name was Ben. I think that Benny will be OK for now. Can you imagine this stroke of luck running into your boss like that? I bet that you had wanted to show off for him for ages.”

That was the furthest thing from his mind right now. He was trying to deal with the fact he had just lost his job. What would his mom and sister think when they heard tomorrow night? How was he going to get out of here and to their house anyway?

Elaine looked at Ben again. “Get back in the car honey. We have to go bye-bye.” Ben did as he was told this time and sat back into the car. He reached for the seatbelt and received a stinging slap to the hand. “Babies do not touch their seatbelt”, was Elaine’s quick reprimand. He placed the belt around him and closed the car door. Then she placed the diaper bag back in the front floorboard and got back into the car.

They drove off in silence for about another fifteen minutes. Elaine made two phone calls on the way, obviously thrilled about her new found baby. She was telling people all about how she found this new toddler. Ben figured by this time that Elaine had been down this road before. As they pulled into a driveway her phone rang again.

Part 4

It was obviously some girl friend of hers that wanted to come over that night. “No problem, the baby can just play by himself until bedtime, that is if he is not still in restraints.” With that last comment she laughed loudly.

Elaine did not pull into the garage after she opened the door. Instead she parked outside and came around the car to get Ben out of the back seat. “Come on Benny”, she said as she unbuckled him from the car.

There were kids playing outside as Ben got out of the car. He was sure that Elaine was going to draw attention to him. But she surprised him and ignored the other kids and pulled him into the house.

Once inside she kept a tight grip on Ben’s hand and led him to a room in the back corner. He could see the pink color of the room as he came around the corner. What he saw next just floored him.

Ben found himself standing in the middle of an adult baby nursery. It obviously had been built for a girl. Everything was pink and babyish. Ben had heard about big baby furniture, but had never seen any. There was a changing table, a crib and even an adult sized playpen.

Elaine led Ben over to the closet and opened he door. Inside he saw the restraints that he had overheard Elaine talking about on the phone. There were 4 shackles hanging from the wall. Elaine pushed him in face first to the closet. “My new little baby does not need to watch what I am doing right now.” She pulled his arm up and attached one of the shackles to his wrist. Then the other other wrist. Ben thought about resisting, but figured it was useless at this time. Next Elaine attached the cuffs to each leg. “Now just stay put little boy, I will be back in a little while. Remember you are wearing diapers so you don’t have any cares in the world.”

The room became quiet as Elaine left. “Now make sure that pacifier stays in your mouth while I am gone, or I will punish you when I get back. If you drop it you will not be able to get it back considering your current situation”, she laughed as she walked around the corner.

Ben stood there facing the wall thinking about his current situation. What a morning this had been. When he woke up this morning he was a 28 year old single successful male and now as he hung here he was an out of work eighteen-month-old baby. He had been completely humiliated by a woman that he didn’t even know. And his now ex-boss had seen him get a diaper change. As he contemplated these things he could hear Elaine.. If that was her real name moving things about the house. She had gone outside a couple of times. And was now behind him in the room. He started to peek and she said

“Don’t even think about it.”

As he was standing thee an urge to poop came over him. Ben knew what he should do. He had done it many times before, but never in front of someone who would for sure make a comment about it. He tried to hold it for a little while, but then decided it just was not worth it. He let go and filled his diaper with poop. He stood there smelling the poop and then Elaine walked back in. “Phew, someone is poopy”, she commented. Then she walked over and rubbed her hand against his bottom. Smashing the poop into his butt. “Well, well I see you are a quick learner. You might not need as much encouraging as I thought. I will be back in a little while. Enjoy the feeling and the smell.” She then slapped his rear two more times and left the room.

After what seemed like an eternity she came back into the room. She was carrying some papers and his wallet. She turned him around and put his hands back in the cuffs. Then she pushed him back against the wall and moved his bottom so the poop was smeared everywhere.

“Now I have found out a great deal about you in the last hour Benny. It’s ok if I call you that isn’t it?” Ben nodded. “Good, lets see, your name is Benjamin Jones and up until now you lived on the other side of this fair city. You keep your credit cards immaculately clean and have a sizable bank balance. That car you were driving is paid off and you are single. Am I right so far? You are also on a month-to-month lease as you would not renew for a year. Is that correct.” Ben nodded again.

“OK, then. I have drawn up some papers for you to sign, but before you do I want you to know something about me. I am Elaine. You will only know me as mommy though even that will be more than your vocabulary will allow for a long time. I have been a professional adult sitter for many years as you may have guessed by now. I have always been looking for that right person to be my permanent little one. I think I have found that person in you. Now before we go on with things I want some pictures of you.”

She pulled out a digital camera and snapped a quick shot. Then she came over and removed the pacifier and took another. Then there was one with his pants at half-mast. And then finally he was turned back around for a shot of his poopy backside.

“Now, here is the deal. You have three choices. One, I let you go right now and you walk right out of here. I will not take you anywhere and you will not leave with your pants on. I also will not change that diaper before you leave. Two, you complain and whine and I just leave you hanging there until you make one of the other two choices. Or, three, you sign this paperwork and become my willing baby. This paperwork says that you have decided that adulthood is too much and that you wish to regress to the life of an infant. You name me as your parent and guardian and give me complete power of attorney until I see fit to relinquish it. I can tell you now it will be for quite a long time. It is obvious by your actions today that un-potty training you will be no problem and then we will start the potty training all over again when I see fit. It also states that you will submit to any punishment I deem necessary if you try to speak like an adult after signing this unless asked a direct question and given permission to answer. So, I am giving you your adult vocabulary back for right now. Do you have any qestions?”

Questions, boy did Ben have questions. His mind was racing at 100mph. What was going on here? How could he of let himself get into this position? What did this woman mean by a very long time? Ben hung there trying to compose his thoughts.

“Come on little one. Either speak up or I will answer for you”, Elaine snapped.

“So, I am going to live like a little baby?” Ben asked.

“Of course, that IS what you want isn’t it?” replied Elaine.

“Um…well, I…”

“Come on, your dressed like a little boy, running around Babies-R-Us, wearing and using diapers. What does that say?” Elaine quipped.

“Well I like wearing diapers, and I have dreamed about being treated like a baby, but this is just a lot to process so quickly.”

“Well let explain how life will be. You will become my little baby. You will be treated like about a 1-year-old 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You will not speak unless told that you can use your big boy voice. Any disobedience will be greeted with punishment. Now I need to know your decision. You stink and either I want you out of my house, or I want to get you changed. So, What is it?”
Ben just stared at Elaine. The options that he just gave him were horrific at best. He has seen the kids out playing and he could just imagine how long it would take to find someone to listen to him in this diaper. Hanging here was for the birds. So that left him only one option.

“Two more questions then you have to make a decision.”

“What will I tell my family? How will I deal with that?” Ben asked. “Two questions at once, not very smart. I noticed on your palm pilot that you had in your diaper bag that you are expected for dinner with your mother tomorrow. We will go there and explain things to her. Who cares how others find out. Babies are not concerned withose types of things. Do you think you have some kind of macho image to uphold"

With that last remark Elaine busted out laughing.

All of sudden Ben got scared again. His mom was going to find out. He wondered if she remembered finding diapers under his bed while he was in high school. He wondered how Elaine would tell her. Would his mom forgive him? What would his sister think? Would he have to face them?


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Re: Ben's Predicament by lilsissydani
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2014, 08:03:27 PM »
Ben's Predicament by lilsissydani

Part 5

“So it’s number two I suppose since you can’t seem to make up your mind.” Elaine said as she stood up to leave. “I have a girl friend coming over in a little while. I will come back after she leaves and see if you have made up your mind.” “3” Ben blurted out.

A big grin came over Elaine’s face. “I thought that you would submit easily. Now lets get you off the wall.” She came over and undid the cuffs and led him to the changing table. “Up Benny”, She said and Ben climbed up on the changing table and lay down. It was obvious that Elaine was good at diaper changing and he was in a dry diaper in no time. She led him to the kitchen table and told him to sit. Across the room he could not miss the oversized highchair.

Elaine set the papers in front of him and told him he could read them and then to sign. He read through he papers and they said just exactly what Elaine had described. He was giving up all his adult trappings to become a baby again. Ben signed the last page and Elaine quickly snatched the papers from him.

“Now Benny we need to go get your apartment taken care of. There is no reason for you to be paying for that. You will have plenty of other expenses keeping yourself in diapers, clothes and baby food.” She took him by the hand and headed back out to the garage. When they got to the car Benny noticed that there was an adult sized baby seat in the rear. Elaine opened the door and told him to get in. He did and she secured the straps around him. Finishing the job by sticking his pacifier back in his mouth.

As they drove across town Elaine was on the phone talking to several people. Finally they got back to his apartment complex. Elaine pulled right up to the office and got out. Much to Ben’s chagrin she came around and got him out of the car. Elaine pulled the Tot-A-Long that she had purchased at the store and led Ben into the office on his little leash. When they got in there the two staff members both immediately started giggling. “Ben, I never knew that under that preppy jerk was a little baby”, the manager quipped. “And to think I actually was upset when you wouldn’t ask me out. I wasn’t good enough for you. Well, I sure am happy now. At least my boyfriend is a real man. Last time I checked he didn’t require his mommy to change his diapers.”

Elaine found this a great time to show Benny how life in public was going to be for her little baby. She took his hand and brought him close to her. “Let’s show the nice lady what a baby you are Benny.” With that she pulled down his pants revealing his diaper in plain sight. “Sit down now.” Elaine said. When Benny sat down Elaine finished removing his pants and took his leash off. “Now you crawl around on the floor for the nice lady. Benny just looked up at her, completely embarrassed by the fact that he was now sitting in the office of his apartment complex, dressed in a baby t-shirt and a diaper. “I said crawl baby”, Elaine continued. Tears started to come to Benny’s eyes as he realized that there was nothing he could do. So slowly he got himself on all fours and crawled over to the other side of the room. The manager squatted down. “Come here baby Benny”, she said. Benny looked over at Elaine. It was obvious by her look that he was to comply with the request. He crawled over to the manager. She stood up and picked up a package of cracker off her desk. “Can baby have a snacky” she quipped. “Sure”, said Elaine. Benny was handed the crackers and he sat there on the floor and started to eat them. Then before he knew it the manager was back down at his level again. This time she had her camera in her hand. “Smile, baby”, click, flash and the damage was done. Now yet another person had a picture of Benny in diapers.

Elaine presented them with a copy of his paperwork and told them that they would be getting a few of his things today and then they cold just dispose of the rest as they saw fit. Elaine reattached his leash and told him to stand up. He heard them giggling as Elaine led him back out the door.

This morning Benny had made it to his car without a soul seeing him, but this afternoon there were lots of people outside to see the spectacle of Benny being led across the parking lot dressed as he was. As they got to his apartment door Ben remembered the baby dress on the bed. What would Elaine do?

Part 6

They entered the apartment and Elaine led him inside. “Down!” Elaine said. Ben sat down. Elaine turned to him “Now let me explain something to you. Walking on two legs is a privilege. You will only do it when I say that you can. Otherwise you will crawl around like the infant that you really are. I will tell you when you can walk, talk, or even stand. Is that clear?” Benny look up at her and said “Yes.” That was a big mistake. Elaine grabbed his hand “Up! Now!” she said as she practically dragged him over to the couch. “I think that I have been clear. Babies don’t talk. Obviously you need a reminder of that.” With that remark she pulled him over her knee and pulled his diaper down and started to spank his bare bottom. She gave him 25 hard slaps on the bottom and Benny was bawling like a baby. As she pulled the diaper up and turned him around he realized and so did she that the front door to his apartment was still open. There were two young girls standing there giggling who apparently had seen the whole thing.

Benny knew who both of them were. They were the two college girls that lived next door. Benny had flirted with them every chance he got. One of them worked at the local Hooters and he had become a regular there just to flirt with her. Elaine took Benny’s binky and stuck it in his mouth. “Come in ladies” Elaine said. “Do you know Benny?”

“YES!” They said in unison. “He has been hitting on me every since I moved in here” one of them said. “I guess he was looking for a mommy!!!” she laughed. Benny just sat there sobbing in the middle of the floor dressed only in his diaper and t-shirt with a pacifier in his mouth. “Could you two girls be dolls and watch little Benny for me for a few minutes while I get a few things put together?” Elaine asked. “Sure” was the response. Elaine went into the other room. Susan (the one that Benny thought was the cutest and that worked at Hooters) bent down to him. “You make such a cute little baby Benny”. As she said this she reached down and pinched Benny on he cheek.

Elaine appeared around the corner carrying a box full of Benny’s baby toys. “Look what I found.” She walked over and dumped the box in front of Benny. Susan picked up the farm friends See And Say. He pulled the cord and held it up to Benny’s ear. “The cow goes MOOO.” The recording said. “Here Benny”, Susan said as she handed the toy to Benny. “You play with it.” Benny took the toy and looked up at Susan with the look of pity in his eyes. “Play with it baby” Susan continued. Benny looked up. He look in hs eyes was pleading for mercy. Susan took Benny’s hand and helped him pull the cord. “The chicken goes Cluck Cluck” the toy says. Susan just looked back at Benny and laughed.

Just then Elaine came back around the corner carrying the dress that Benny had left laying on his bed this morning. As Benny looked up his eyes got as big as they could get.

Part 7

Benny just sat there staring at the dress the Elaine held in her hand. He could feel his face turning bright red with embarrassment. He could only imagine what was going to happen.

“Lookie what I found!”, Exclaimed Elaine. “It looks like our little baby really wants to be a baby girl. Is that what baby wants?” Benny looked up at her. “Go ahead answer me baby.” Benny replied to her “Not really.” “What do you mean not really. Was this for someone else?” “No”, was Benny’s reply. “So the fact of the matter is that you really do want to be a liitle baby girl. Susan and her roommate sat there giggling. “I think he would be a cute little girl”, Susan chimed in.

Elaine shoved Benny’s pacifier back in his mouth. “Girls, we have some work to get done. Do you happen to have some depilatory at home.” “Sure”, replied Susan. “Debbie, would you go grab that new bottle of Nair out of our closet?” Debbie giggled as she went out the door.

“Can you come help me?” Elaine asked Susan. “Sure, by the way my name is Susan”,she said as the two ladies walked around the corner. Benny saw his opening. He could here the two women talking and it was apparent that they were making plans; not only for him to wear that dress right now, but that it might be a long time before he saw any boy’s clothes at all. He just could not deal with the idea of being put into that dress. He was alone there in the living room. Slowly he stood up and walked over to the door. He was trying to be very quiet, but his diaper was still rustling under his little boys outfit.

He got over to the door and started to open it slowly. Just as he got the door open far enough to start to slip out he heard her voice. “STOP RIGHT THERE!” Elaine commanded. Benny, in a panic threw the door open and tried to run. The bulky diapers he was wearing slowed Benny down. He made it half way down the hall when Susan’s roommate stepped out of their apartment and right into his path. He ran right into her and they both fell to the ground. Elaine got there just as Benny started to get back up. “Not so fast little one. You can just crawl your tail end back into the apartment.” With that she shove Benny’s backside and pushed him back to the floor.

Benny noticed that several of the younger kids from the complex were watching this whole scene. He just wanted to shrivel up right there. He sat up and started to cry. Elaine shoved his pacifier back into his mouth. “Now lets go back inside baby. You should know that little ones like you are not allowed out on their own.” Benny just sat there. Three women standing over him and a group of young teenagers standing in one of the doorways laughing at him. He just sat there crying. Elaine pushed on his back again. “Come on baby, crawl back to the apartment.”

That was when it happened again. Benny had to go pee. It was like all of a sudden the urge just overtook him. As he turned over to crawl. He peed his diaper. Benny cried into his pacifier all the way back down the hall. Once they all got back into the apartment Elaine closed the door and locked it. Benny knew that he was in trouble. Elaine walked over to her purse and pulled out a hairbrush. “Crawl over here NOW!” Benny looked at her. HE knew what was to come and he could not see any way around it. There were three of them and only one of him.

There was no way that he could get away from them all. He crawled slowly over to the chair that Elaine sat in. “Lay down little one. We have to get that diaper off you for your spanking.” Benny laid on his back as told. Elaine reached down and pulled his shoes off and then pulled his pants down. That was when it became apparent that he had wet his pants. “Look girls, baby knows how to use his diapers.” Elaine pointed out. Everyone stood there laughing at him.

Elaine reached down and untapped his diaper from both sides. “Now get up here over my lap”, she demanded. Benny knew he did not have a choice. He knew that no matter how much he wanted to be treated like an adult that was not going to happen any time soon. He looked up at Elaine with tears in his eyes. “Don’t think that those baby blues are going to get you out of this one. You have misbehaved by trying to get away and you must be punished. If you do not get up here this instant I will add an additional 10 swats to your punishment.” Benny stood up and started to lay over her lap. “Stop”, She said. And grabbed a blanket from the back of the couch and put it over her lap. “Mommy needs some protection if you start going wee wee again. Now just lay down here.” Benny lay over her lap and started to cry softly into his pacifier. Elaine raised her brush and came down hard with the first swat.


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Re: Ben's Predicament by lilsissydani
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Ben's Predicament by lilsissydani

Part 8

Benny tried to be brave, but after the fifth swat he could not stand it anymore and the binky fell out of his mouth as has lay there crying like a baby. After 20 swats Elaine stopped and Benny just lay across he lap crying. He started thinking about his predicament. Here he was being spanked like a child by a woman that he had designated as his guardian, what could he do. Trying to get away was useless. He didn’t have his wallet or his car keys. Elaine had paperwork that proved that he had given himself to her. He decided right then that he was going to make the best of this situation, it was what he always dreamed about. As he made this determination Elaine stood him back up and led him into his bathroom.

She led him over to the tub/shower and ordered him to stand in it. Benny climbed in. Elaine told him to hold his arms out straight in front of him. She took the bottle of hair remover that Debbie was holding, took the cap off and poured some in her hand. “Now you see babies do not have hair anywhere but on their head little one, especially special little ones like you”, Elaine giggled as she rubbed the cream on his arms. She then had him hold his arms up over his head as she liberally rubbed the cream over the rest of his body. As she rubbed his tail end it really started to burn and try as he may Benny started to cry again. Debbie came over with his binky in her hand and placed it in his mouth. “Here you go little one”, she said.

After Elaine had coated him from top to bottom she looked at him and said “Now you stand there in just that position until we get back.” With that she pulled the curtain shut on the shower and the girls left the room giggling. Benny stood there for what seemed like an eternity. He could here the girls moving things around and they left the apartment a couple of times. Benny thought again of making a run for it, but now he was naked and covered in hair remover. Just about the time he thought he was going to collapse fro holding his arms over his head the girls reappeared. Elaine reached down to the cold faucet and turned it on. Then she pulled the diverter up and the shower started. The blast of cold water took Benny by surprise. “Turn around now. Rinse all the ugly hair off. You had better get used to this. We will clean you off at least twice a week. We can’t let our little one grow up too quickly.”

As he turned around he watched as all his body rinsed off his body. Benny was really suc-king on his pacifier now to keep from screaming. Finally Elaine turned the water off and had him step out of the shower. “Raise you hands up baby”, Elaine requested. Benny complied and the two girls quickly dryed off his now smooth body. “With a member like that it’s no wonder why he was looking to be a baby. I’ve seen larger on three-year-olds at work”, Debbie laughed.

Elaine led Benny by the hand into his bedroom. “See, Little on this is where big boys and girls sleep. Now lay down here so we can get you diapered and dressed, we’re all going out to dinner tonight together.” Elaine rubbed oil on Benny’s mid section and then applied baby powder. She lifted his legs back up over his head and slid a fresh diaper under his bottom. Debbie came back in the room carrying one of his baby rattles. “Here baby”, she said as she shoved the rattle into his hand. She then stepped back and took yet another picture of Benny in his helpless state.

After securely fastening Benny’s diaper Elaine reached over and grabbed the ruffled rumba panties that came with his little baby girls’ outfit. As she slid these on his legs she commented “this is going to make things so much easier. All I had at home was little girl clothes and I thought I was going to have to buy new clothes for you.” With this she finished bringing the panties up and grabbed Benny’s hand to sit him up. While holding him up she grabbed the dress pulled it over his head. Benny started to cry into is Binky. Elaine looked at him. “You see little one, mommy knows what is best for you and I know that this is really what you wanted. Susan came back in at that moment carrying a pair of white tights. “Don’t you think our little girl needs these”, she exclaimed.

“Why yes”, Elaine answered and pushed Benny back on his back. “lay back now there little girl. We need to put your tighties on.” She pulled the rumba panties back off and Susan slid the tights up his legs. Elaine then replaced the rumba panties. “Stand up here little girl.” Benny did as he was told. As he did he looked in the mirror on the closet door. He saw himself there, binky in his mouth and wearing this very pretty little baby girl’s dress that barely covered his tail end. Elaine instructed him to turn around and look in the mirror. As he looked back he could see he bottom of he rumba panties almost showing under the dress. It was SO obvious he was wearing diapers even without the distinctive rustle of the plastic.

Susan came back in the room carrying what looked like perfect little Mary Jane shoes. “Try these on, sweetie”, she said as she placed them at Benny’s feet. At this point he knew better than to argue. He dutifully stepped into the shoes one foot at a time. Surprisingly they fit him perfectly. “To, bad your not a big girl, we have the same shoe size”, Susan laughed. Debbie and Elaine joined it. “Maybe she can grow up someday and we can be girlfriends”, they laughed.

Elaine looked at Benny “Now, Benny is not a good name for my little princess is it? We need to come up with something more appropriate.” She paused and thought for a few seconds. “Christina Marie… That’s a good name. We can call you Crissy for short. What do you think girls?” Susan and Debbie both giggled and told Elaine they really liked that name.

“Now Crissy you just crawl around while I get us ready to go.” Crissy looked at the floor and got down on her knees. “NO! Stand back up. Babies don’t get down on their knees the way adults do.” Crissy stood back up. “Now bend your knees a little. Good girl. Now drop on your bottom.” Crissy plopped down like a toddler would. “Good little baby.” Elaine walked over and gave her a little pat on the cheek. “Now just play while we get ready to go.”

Elaine went around the apartment looking at things and collecting all the baby items that she could find. She put it all in two boxes and Susan and Debbie carried them out to the car.

When Debbie and Susan came back Crissy was sitting in the middle of the floor suc-king on her(J) binky. Elaine reached down and took her hand. She placed the tot-a-long around her wrist. “Let’s go little girl. I’m hungry. Let’s go out to eat tonight. Where should we go?” Debbie turned around and looked at Elaine. “I have an idea!” she said.


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